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SHOW #65 






NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring…  

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey  

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn  

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey  

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, & Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES  

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480×360  


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NWA Anarchy
Episode 64
May 21, 2007

By Ca$hFlowX

– Last week, Slim J used a little chicanery and trickery to pull off the victory against Jeremy Vain in a match featuring two participants in the main event at Hardcore Hell.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Greg Hunter and John Johnson reminds use we are just two weeks away from the 11th Annual Hardcore Hell. Hunter recaps Slim J defeating Jeremy Vain and Chad Parham dousing Ace Rockwell’s face with a Starbucks latte. Johnson previews the Devil’s Rejects & NWA Elite 8 man tag match as they prepare for their Anarchy Rules match at Hardcore Hell and in the main event Justice Served defends the NWA Anarchy Tag Title against Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter.

1. Kyle Matthews w/Austin Alexander vs. Austin Creed w/Hayden Young
THE MATCH: Did you know Kyle Matthews is the man who made Brittany Spears go bald and enter rehab? I certainly didn’t, but that’s life according to John Johnson. Fernando informed us that Hayden Young is faking his shoulder injury due to some polygraph test he failed. Creed sends Matthews flying to the arena floor with a nice dropkick. After commercial, Matthews is in control and lands a flying forearm in the corner. Creed pulls some Japanese psychology by no selling and displays his pugilistic skills. Matthews drops Creed on the middle rope. Johnson calls Creed a bigger jerk than Hayden Young. Creed scores a two count with a cross bodyblock. Did you know the Brunettes were at Paris Hilton’s birthday party? You have to be real loser to hang with a bimbo like Paris. Creed counters a rana attempt with a huge powerbomb. Creed makes a big comeback. Alexander distracts Creed, but Young pulls him to the floor. Creed knocks out Matthews with the Monte Fisto. He applies a submission on Matthews, but releases the hold after Alexander clobbers Young. Matthews rolls up Creed for an extremely quick three count by the referee.
WINNER: Kyle Matthews
COMMENTS: This was your basic television match to advance the upcoming feud between both tag teams. It seemed Matthews was always in the right spot whenever Creed went high flying. Creed is improving every week and might be looking at a WWE developmental contract in the upcoming future. I wouldn’t have minded watching this go another five minutes.

2. The Devil’s Rejects (Azreal & Shaun Tempers & Tank & Iceberg) w/Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness vs. JT Talent & Caesar Chavez & Jeff Jameson & Billy Buck
THE MATCH: It’s time to bring out tonight’s enhancement talent. The only question that begs to be offered is just how much brutality and torture would the Rejects subject the poor hapless souls to? Azreal unleashes Holy Hell with a pair of massive chops to Talent. Tempers takes personal offense to Chavez having the same last name of a certain civil rights activist. Jameson & Buck attack Iceberg, but he blocks a double suplex and connects with one of his own. That was sick. Tank catches Jameson in the corner with a savage Bundy avalanche and rolling cannonball. He follows up with a long delayed vertical suplex that would send Chad Parham into a jealous. Azreal tags in to punt Jameson and tosses him with a loud thud to the floor. Wilson takes the opportunity to attack Jameson with the Staff on the outside. Azreal allows Jameson to tag Talent in to inflict more damage. The Rejects turn this into an 8 way brawl that falls in the favor of the heathens. Iceberg squashes Talent with the Ground Zero splash, but Wilson instructs him not to pin Talent yet. Wilson calls for another blast and Iceberg is happy to oblige with the Ground Zero Senton for the win. Wilson jabs his staff into his fallen foe and poses for all the haters.
WINNER: The Devil’s Rejects.
COMMENTS: This was a savagely and outlandishly fun squash. The only things missing were weapons and blood.

3. Patrick Bentley vs. Adam Roberts w/Don Matthews
THE MATCH: Patrick Bentley always mystifies Johnson when appears like a thief in the night. Bentley takes a leap of faith with a Sunset flip, but Roberts Alabama slams him on the turnbuckle. Roberts follows up with a powerslam for a two count. He tosses Bentley to the floor where Matthews brutalizes him. Johnson is disgusted with Matthews’s tobacco spitting habit, but not as disgusting as Bentley’s oil rich hair. Roberts brutalizes Bentley with a series of forearms in the corner and follows up with a dropkick for a two counter. Johnson insinuates Seth Delay always carried his team and its Bentley’s fault he’s getting stretched in the ropes. Bentley kicks Matthews away, but Roberts destroys him by spearing him to the floor. Johnson calls Roberts a pillar of society and would give him the Key to the State if he were the governor of Alabama. Bentley escapes the bearhug with ear claps and a nice German release. Bentley connects with a bulldog and a running knee. Bentley mounts the top turnbuckle for a senton. Matthews climbs on the apron to distract the referee. Adrian Hawkins distracts Bentley and Delay chairs him to allow Bentley the victory. Roberts, Matthews, Delay & Hawkins take turns high fiving to celebrate their victory.
WINNER: Adam Roberts.
COMMENTS: This match was much better than what the crowd reaction was. Roberts was great and Bentley taking the moves was just as good. I’ll be glad when this Bentley vs. Hawkins & Delay feud is over.

4. NWA Elite (Jeff Lewis & Kory Chavis & Abomination) w/Jeff G Bailey vs. Chris King & Sly Storm & Andrew Pendleton III & Kristian Hayme
PREMATCH: Jeff G Bailey wasn’t impressed with the Reject’s squash and promises to deliver a beating they will never forget.
THE MATCH: The NWA Elite obliterate their opponents early on. Bailey enters the ring to lead Abomination to his corner. Johnson calls the Elite’s opponents the biggest jerks he’s ever seen. If only you met New Jack’s head trainer Saje Hilton. Chavis connects with the Spine Splitta, but picks up Hayme at one. Lewis and Chavis continue to make sure Hayme is a blessed scapegoat. Johnson calls Bailey a more sickening man because he is college educated. Lewis delivers the Final Curtain to the King of Queens before tagging out to Abomination. Storm attempts to save Abomination, but he gets tree slammed on King for the win. Afterwards, all four mean make an example of Storm & King.
COMMENTS: This wasn’t as fun as the Reject’s squash, but Chavis was fun to watch as he brutalized Hayme.

5. NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles: Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) (ch.) with “Mr. Representation” Al Getz vs. Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter.
THE MATCH: The Marines dominates the early going by sending Justice Served to the floor. Fields wipes them out with a suicide senton. Back in the ring, Shatter catches Justice with a huge spinebuster. Shatter makes the cover, but Free makes the save. They take down Fields with a double slam. Fields tries to fight back, but JS teaches him a lesson by stiffing him at every occasion. After commercial, Fields buys himself time with a desperation tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep on Justice. Getz distracts the referee to disallow the hot tag. They wipe out Fields to retain the tag titles.
WINNERS: Justice Served
POSTMATCH: Getz berates Mary after forcing her to hold the ropes. Getz assaults her and Jerry Palmer heads in to receive a beating. However, the Urban Assault Squad make the save. You can tell it’s “Kill the Crackers” time because UAS have introduced the Hang the Crackers by Hanging Nooses of Doom. Eddie Rich heads to the ring and hands the microphone to Palmer. Palmer doesn’t appreciate the actions of Justice Served and Getz laying their grimy paws on such a beautiful woman. Palmer books a double hangman’s match at Hardcore Hell for the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles. Palmer will be in UAS’s corner.
COMMENTS: Maybe it’s just me, but it looked like both teams were rushing to get the match in because of time constraints. Fields’s tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep was nice. After UAS reintroduced the nooses, I’m looking for the “kill the cracker” chants to return.

– OVERALL: This week’s episode focused more on building storylines than actual wrestling. Next week is the legendary debate between Jeff G Bailey and Dan Wilson.
– DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.
– MORE TV & DVD REVIEWS: http://www.airplanespin.com/home.html



NWA: Main Event Wrestling
Saturday, May, 19, 2007
Freddie’s Auction House in Columbia, TN

Main Event
Brother vs Brother
Randy Whitehead def Cody Whitehead w/ Xstacy &
Avenger.  This main event match up got brutal as Cody
went to work on the injured leg of Randy.  Randy
turned the match around and go the pin with a spin out
DDT.  After the bell, Avenger hit the ring and helped
Cody beat down Randy’s injured leg with a chair and
the Impact Crowbar.  Randy Whitehead was left helpless
in the ring and the night drew to a close.
Open Challenge Match:
Mid American Heavy Weight Champion “Outlaw” Lee Condry
hit the ring with Pam Condry.  He said his opponent
for the evening was not able to be there so he was
issuing an open challenge to anyone in the locker room
who thought they could beat him for the Heavyweight
title.  Slade answered that challenge.
Mid American Heavy Weight Champion “Outlaw” Lee Condry
w/Pam Condry def Slade when Johnny DeMento hit the
ring and attacked Slade in the middle of him giving
Condry a F5.  Pam Condry had the ref distracted who
turned and counted the 1-2-3 for Condry who retained
the title because of DeMento’s interference.  A
furious Slade looked on as DeMento, Pam Condry, and
Outlaw Lee Condry walked to the back smiling.
D’Angelo w/ LA Player def “Mr. Impact” JT Quest
w/Xstacy via DQ when YT hit the ring and smacked
D’Angelo in the head with his briefcase.  Quest &
Xstacy argued with the ref that they had nothing to do
with YT’s attack. 
LA Player w/ D’Angelo def Karnage w/ YT via DQ.  This
match saw LA Player take control and YT saw enough.
He entered the ring and nailed LA Player with his
brief case.  The ref called for the bell ending the
Slade def Johnny DeMento via count out.  Slade had
DeMento up for a F5, but DeMento countered with a
backcracker on the hurting lower back of Slade.  Slade
regained control tossing DeMento over the ropes.
DeMento returned to the locker room and was counted
Brandon Stone def “The Ice Man” Chris Eckos with a
huge DDT off the top rope.
NihtWolf def Anthony Cain w/Chris Cash in a back and
forth match.  NightWolf hit a swanton bomb for the
Manga w/ Miss Opium def Two-Bit with a roll up and a
handful of tights for the pin.
Avenger def Antonio with a choke slam after working
Antonio’s injured back over and over.  As soon as the
match ended, a masked man entered the ring and nailed
Antonio with a couple huge moves, injuring the young
stars back even further.


Quick Results from NWA Upstate’s “Spring Spectacular”
from the Field House at Watkins Glen High School in
Watkins Glen, New York 5/12

The five-way free-for-all match between Ivan Radske,
Spazz, Maximo Suave, Brandon Thurston, and Derek
Duncam ended in a no-contest when Big Cat came in and
attacked all five wrestlers.

Main Show:
1. “The Boss” Hellcat & “The Master of the Setting
Sun” Gabe Saint (w/Star Rider) defeated Colin Olsen &
Chip Stetson

2. Sonjay Dutt defeated JD Michaels

3. April Hunter defeated Synndy

4. Shark Boy & Jimmy Olsen defeated NWA Upstate World
Champion “The Right Stuff” Brodie Lee & Sweet Lou

5. NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions Dunn & Marcos
defeated Rhythm & Booze

6. Doink The Clown defeated Big Cat (w/The Dewey Tonk


NWA Pro/ EWF Website,

May 25, 2007
Covina, CA

Dragon Yuki defeated Ray Kejimura

Mr. Nitro2Go defeated Jay Law

Hook Bomberry defeated Kagrra

Team Kobrick defeated Bino Gambino & Markus Riot

Angelas pinned Kid Karnage

“Iceman” Webster Dauphiney & Mikey Nicholls wrestled
to a Double Countout

EWF Tag Team Champions TNT defeated Midnight Dynamite
to retain their titles

EWF Heavyweight Champion Joey Harder defeated Joey
Ryan to retain his title 


NWA Pro East

On June 2nd, 2007 in Clifton, N.J. at the Italian
American Family Association, NWA Pro East and NWA
Shockwave once again team up to host a big television
taping. This event will feature not only the stars of
NWA Pro East and NWA Shockwave, but standout talent
from NWA Championship Wrestling from Virginia will be
appearing plus three legends of the squared circle
will be competing this night.

Matches already signed include:

Tag Team Main Event
The Legends of Lucha:
Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras
Northeast Indy Icons:
Reckless Youth & Don Montoya

NWA Championship Wrestling from VA
Alpha Championship Match:
Grail vs Lazarus

Singles Action:
“The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz takes on “Sure Thing”
Ryan Wing

The Tonga Kid returns to action in the state of New
Jersey . He may be best remembered as the young,
slender Samoan house of fire who took on Roddy Piper
defending Jimmy Snuka’s honor, but the Tonga Kid has
told NWA Pro East officials he is no longer that man.
Resembling Umaga physically these days Tonga Kid has
also stated he is just as mean and he plans on
pulverizing his prey on June 2nd. His opponent, who
voluntarily stepped up to take on the Samoan beast, is
none other than Judas Young. Young has an exceptional
4-1 singles record in NWA Pro East, but this match
could easily be the biggest test of his career.

Also on the bill in action on June 2nd:
“Ultrasexy” Joe So Delicious
“Simply the Best” Damian Dragon
Mac Daddy Flex
Fred Sampson
Remy Marcel
and many others!!!

In Tag Team Action:
The NWA North American Tag Team Champions Scotty Blaze
& Scotty Rocker from Virginia will return to Clifton on June 2nd and they will be in tag team action.
Additionally The Devil’s Rejects (Paul E.
Normus/Sinister X) will be in tag team action that
night. The last time these two teams saw each other in
that building they got nose to nose and a near riot
almost broke out. What’s going to happen when both
teams again are in the same building and appear in
action that night?

Also on the bill will be newly crowned NWA Pro East
Television tag team champions The Playa’s Club.On May
12th in Levittown, PA The Playa’s Club defeated three
teams in one night to become the first tag champs.
One of those three teams were The Silver Bullets in
the finals, who coincidently, will also be seeing tag
team action on June 2nd. Will there be another
confrontation between these teams in addition to the
Scotty’s and the Rejects?

Tix are available by calling 201-370-8642 or visiting


NWA Empire

In This Issue:

1. NWA Empire One-Year Anniversary Show Results
2. NWA Empire Mailing List Contest
3. NWA Empire’s Next Show Date Announced
3. Pepper Parks on the Rise in the NWA

Last Saturday evening NWA Empire officially celebrated
its’ first anniversary of operations with a show at
St. Johnsburg Firehall in North Tonawanda, New York in
front of a very vocal and enthusiastic crowd of around
300 fans. Here are the results from the show:

Pre-show matches:

The Killer Steves (Steve Kruz & Steve McKenzie) beat
The McCloud Brothers not once, not twice, but three
times. The Steves beat the McClouds for the first
time in about 10 seconds. The McClouds stated that
they weren’t ready to begin the match and demanded
that the match be restarted. The Steves beat them
again, this time in around 30 seconds. The McClouds
said that the Steves got lucky the second time and
demanded a third match. The Steves won that match as
well. The McClouds had no excuses for the third loss
and simply returned to the dressing room.

Derek Duncum came out and stated that he was fed up
with the lack of respect he was getting from Empire
fans, calling the fans a bunch of losers. He also
said that he was a star and demanded to be treated
like one. NWA Empire Champion Hellcat came out and
told Duncum that the fans had supported the fed since
its inception and that he would not allow Duncum to
diss the fans. Hellcat told Duncum that if he wanted
to be a star, Hellcat would give him a chance to be
one, squaring off against The Boss (Hellcat) himself.

Hellcat defeated Derek Duncum when interference from
NWA Upstate Champion Brodie Lee backfired. Hellcat
had Duncum on the defensive when a masked Brodie Lee,
who Hellcat was to face later in the show in a title
vs title match, came to ringside with a chair and
tried to hit Hellcat with it. He missed and
accidentally hit Duncum, allowing Hellcat to score the
pin. After the match, hellcat got on the mic and said
that he would pay Brodie Lee back for the attempted
chairshot when they met later in their title vs title
match. The fans were solidly behind Hellcat, who
until that time had been quite hated by NWA Empire

Main show matches:

The All-Knighters (Kevin Grace & “Sexy Monkey” Robin
Knightwing) spoiled the debut of the New Wrestling
Inc. (Brandon Thurston & James Santelli) when Grace
pinned Thurston following a nasty looking bump by
Wrestling Inc.’s newest member (Santelli), who landed
hard on his head on the ring apron after being pushed
off the ropes by Knightwing while setting up for a
double-team move.

The Kovac Brothers (Matt & Michael) teamed up with
Ivan Radske to defeat the team of Tommy Mandrake,
Spazz, and Dewey Rhodes.

NWA Upstate Champion Brodie Lee defeated NWA Empire
Champion Hellcat. Hellcat came out for the match and
led the fans in a chant of “Brodie Sucks!” He then
told the fans they were going to see something special
as he shows them who the true champion is in WNY
wrestling. As they were about to hook up, Brodie Lee
gently shoved Hellcat, who quickly fell down and “laid
down” for Brodie. Referee Mo Mantha made the
three-count and awarded the NWA Empire Championship to
Brodie Lee. After the match, Brodie got on the mic
and said that he was going to be a fighting champion,
and offered a shot at the NWA Empire title to anyone
from the back, which brought out “The Amazing” Pepper
Parks to a HUGE pop from the crowd. Parks had to
fight three men in his impromptu match with new NWA
Empire Champion Brodie Lee. He not only had to battle
Brodie, but he had to contend with Hellcat’s
interference from the outside and with the shenanigans
of Hellcat’s hand-picked referee, Mo Mantha. As would
be expected, Mantha was far from impartial. In fact,
Pepper Parks had Brodie Lee beaten and pinned three
different times during the match, but each time
referee Mo Mantha showed his true colors. The first
time Parks had Brodie pinned, Mantha delivered a count
so slow fans could have gone to the snack bar and
ordered a slice of pizza before he got to “two.” The
second time Parks had Brodie pinned, Mantha made a
two-count, then feigned a shoulder injury making it
too painful to slap the mat for the third time. Parks
had Brodie pinned a third time, and this time Mantha
did not feign anything. He simply refused to get down
and make the count. By this time the fiery Parks had
had quite enough of Mo Mantha, and responded with a
vicious superkick that laid Mantha out cold to a huge
cheer from the fans. Parks and Brodie fought for
another 30 seconds or so, and Parks once again got
Brodie into a pinning situation. With referee…er make
that Hellcat stooge…Mo Mantha still out cold, referee
Cindy Synn ran in from the dressing room to make the
three-count, and award the title to Pepper Parks. Just
about everyone in the place was expecting Mo Mantha to
come to and DQ Pepper Parks for striking him, but that
didn’t happen. The decision was allowed to stand, and
Pepper Parks is your new NWA Empire Champion.

The Jump Off (Gabe Saint & Maximo Suave) defeated
Brett Mednik & J.P. Hawke, Cade Cassidy & Ice, and a
reunited Final Solution (Eric Everlast & Ron Falco) in
a four-way tag match. The match was supposed to be a
three-way match, but Saint and Suave issued a
challenge to anyone from the back to find a partner
and make it a four-corners match. Eric Everlast came
out and announced he had found a partner, and
introduced Ron Falco to a great response from the
crowd. The teaming of Falco and Everlast was
unexpected and received very well. They had been one
of the most dominant teams in ESW (the fed that NWA
Empire replaced last year) but had been feuding in NWA
Empire since last June. Eric has had his problems
with Falco and his manager Amanda Stroyer, but the
trio seemed to work well as a unit. Time will tell
whether this is a permanent reunion or just a one-time

In a match that many were surprised to see in NWA
Empire before being played out in an NWA Upstate ring,
Cheech defeated his former Up-in-Smoke partner Cloudy
in the first one-on-one encounter between them since
Cloudy turned on Cheech last December at NWA Upstate’s
Xmas Chaos show.

Jimmy Olsen defeated “Fabulous” John McChesney with a
roll-up in what was arguably the match of the night.
This marks the third straight NWA Empire show that
McChesney has been in a match talked about as being a
match of the night candidate.

Rhythm & Booze (Buddy Delmar & Frank the Tank),
accompanied by their new manager Col. Johnny Kayfabe,
successfully defended the NWA Empire Tag Team
Championship against The Roadies (Sammy Dunn & Dave
Marcos). However, they needed help from Col. Kayfabe,
who distracted the referee, and one of the title
belts, which they used to knock Marcos silly with, to
win the match. It is doubtful that fans have seen the
last of this rivalry. R&B is the current top
contender to the NWA Upstate Tag Team Championship,
which The Roadies currently hold, and R&B would love
to defeat The Roadies and claim both titles. However,
The Roadies relish the opportunity to take the NWA
Empire straps away from R&B and claim both title,

Colin Olsen won the NWA Empire Lord of the Dance
(three-way) Championship, defeating the champion
“Mastiff” Will Christianson and “the Nemesis” Damien
Alexander. After the match, Mastiff sat in the ring
for close too a minute in disbelief that the title was
no longer his. The angry Mastiff then got up and
grabbed the title belt, refusing to allow the referee
to award it to Olsen. He finally relented, throwing
the belt at Olsen before storming angrily to the back.
This angry side of Mastiff has been seen more and
more over the past year.

Troy Buchanan won a six-man elimination match, last
eliminating “Inferno” Johnny Adams. The order of
elimination was D-to-the-Icky S-to-the-anchez, Chris
Cooper, Van Atlas, Ian Decay (by DQ), and Adams.
Buchanan and Decay form a tag team known as Spoiled
Rotten, and worked closely together until Decay was
disqualified when he refused to break a hold he had on
Johnny Adams by the referee’s five-count after Adams
had grabbed the ropes.

The main event of NWA Empire’s One-Year Anniversary
Show was a highly anticipated Loser Leaves New York State match that had been ordered by NWA Empire owner
Hellcat. Hellcat had ordered “The Suicide Messiah”
Marc Mandrake to face and take out popular Jonny Puma.
Mandrake and Puma have a history as friends that go
back to their days of training and breaking in to the
wrestling business together. However, leading up to
the match Mandrake claimed that he was driven by the
money that Hellcat was offering him to ride New York
of Jonny Puma, and stated that he was going to bloody
and batter Puma since that’s what Hellcat was paying
him to do.

The match was a brutal and bloody affair, with both
Puma and Mandrake busted open and bleeding quite a
bit. In the end, Mandrake attempted to hit Puma with
a barbed wire board, but Puma ducked the blow, and
Mandrake struck his wife Ferrari with the weapon
instead. Mandrake, upset and dismayed over his
mistake, fell victim to Puma putting him through a
table set up in a corner. Puma then covered Mandrake
for the three count.

After the match, Mandrake took the mic and had some
things to say to Puma. Jonny was at first wary, but
Mandrake simply wanted to congratulate Puma on the
victory, and tell him that there were no hard
feelings. Marc told the fans that he and Puma went
way back together, and that he loved Puma. Puma threw
his arms around Mandrake and the two embraced in a
very tender moment. Marc Mandrake then took the mic
again and thanked the local fans for supporting him
during his career. He told the fans to keep
supporting the local wrestling scene and in particular
NWA Empire. He left the ring to rousing chants of
“Thank you, Marc” from the fans.

NWA Empire management would like to congratulate
Michael Bailey, the latest winner of the NWA Empire
Mailing List contest. Mr. Bailey had his name drawn
at last Saturday’s NWA Empire show from a bucket
containing the name of all registered members of the
NWA Empire Mailing list, and will receive two free
admissions to the next NWA Empire show. Will your
name be the one that gets drawn at the next show? Be
there to find out, because you must be present at the
show in order to win.

The announced date for the next NWA Empire show is
Saturday night July 21, 2007. The show will be held
at St. Johnsburg Firehall at

7165 Ward Road

in North
, New York
. Details on matches signed for
the show will be sent out to members of the NWA Empire
Mailing List, and posted on the official NWA Empire
website (http://nwaempire.com) as it becomes

As you may know, two weeks ago the National Wrestling
Alliance (NWA) and TNA Wrestling ended a deal that had
given TNA Wrestling exclusive rights to the NWA world
and NWA tag team championships. On May 13th TNA
Wrestling retuned the NWA World Heavyweight and NWA
World Tag Team Championship belts to NWA officials.

Earlier this week, the NWA announced a tournament to
crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Partly on
the merit of his victory last Saturday over NWA Empire
Champion Brodie Lee, the NWA has granted a spot in
tournament to the new NWA Empire Champion Pepper
Parks. The field for the tournament is comprised of
16 men. Other competitors in the tournament are Bryan
Danielson, Nelson Creed, Fergal Devitt, Mikey
Nicholls, Adam Pearce, Damien Wayne, Chad Parham,
Sicodelico, Jr., Roughneck Ryan, Glamour Boy Shane,
Fred Sampson, Osamu Nishamura and Brent Albright.
Pepper Parks will be facing indy star Claudio
Castagnoli in the first round of the tournament.
Their first round match is scheduled for June 16th at
a New England Championship Wrestling show in Danvera,


NWA ECCW is in for trouble now, as Greatness On Demand has
been reborn in Surrey! As El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo
successfully defended the NWA/ECCW tag team
championship against Mikey Dasheezits & Volcano, they
were attacked by “Gorgeous” Michelle Starr, who has
been very vocal over the past few months about
wrestlers he feels don’t belong in ECCW! Disco Fury
ran to the ring, but not to help the masked men – but
to attack them as well, reuniting with his mentor and
former tag team partner!

The reunited duo nearly were able to take the NWA
Canadian heavyweight championship for Starr in a
three-way featuring Cole Bishop and titleholder Fast
Freddy Funk, but Phantasmo and Halo made sure it
wasn’t to be! Disco ran to the ring and walloped Funk
with a steel chair, allowing Starr to execute the
Falling Starr! But as Starr covered, Phantasmo and
Halo yanked him from the ring and restrained him from
reentering – as Bishop took advantage, splashing on
Funk from the top and covering to become the new NWA
Canadian heavyweight champion! Furious, Starr and
Disco have challenged the masked men to put their
NWA/ECCW tag team championship on the line on June
22nd in Surrey. We hope to have word later this week
if Phantasmo and Halo will accept!

Ladies Choice was finally stuck between a rock and a
hard place, as he had no choice but to face
arch-nemesis Aaron Idol one-on-one – and to
everybody’s surprise, LC stepped up to the plate and
gave Idol a fight to remember! It was a flashback to
the time where LC dominated ECCW as the NWA/ECCW
Champion, as LC threw powder in Idol’s eyes, causing
him to accidentally choke out the referee! LC even
went aerial with splashes and flying bodypresses, but
in the end, Idol took the win, forcing LC to submit.
Afterward, even Idol was impressed with Ladies Choice,
and shook the man’s hand in a show of respect not
often seen!

Two more competitors in the 2007 Pacific Cup are now
official, as Kyle O’Reilly won the junior heavyweight
scramble, pinning Ice to win the battle, also
featuring Disco Fury, Sid Sylum, Azeem The Dream and
the debuting Mike Santiago. After Ice’s superkick
downed his arch-rival Azeem, Santiago made his debut
memorable by scoring the pinfall over Disco Fury!
Sylum was able to pin Santiago after a Tombstone
piledriver, but ate a superkick from Ice as he tried
it on O’Reilly and was pinned. Having secured their
tournament spots, O’Reilly and Ice battled for pride,
a battle won by O’Reilly as he scored the pinfall over
the NWA Canadian junior heavyweight champion! Ice
raised the victorious O’Reilly’s hand.. and then
struck him dead center with a superkick! As the
catcalls rained down in the Bridgeview Hall, a bitter
Ice screamed about how no fans cared about him when he
suffered his quadricep injury, and how everybody
wanted to take the Canadian junior heavyweight title
away while he was injured! Ice will be in the Pacific
Cup, but may have to deal with what will certainly be
a furious Kyle O’Reilly!

Other results from the Bridgeview Hall:

“Tornado” Tony Kozina defeated “Brilliant” Billy Suede
in a wrestling clinic

DK Roc scored the win over Kaos in a hardcore bout
marred by constant interference by Azeem The Dream.
After the match, Cremator saved Kaos from a further
beating and stated that Chill Town should ALWAYS watch
their backs for the monster!

Seth Knight’s’s match with Kurt Sterling was called
off when Sterling was unable to attend the event, and
Knight insisted that he receive a championship match
in Surrey on June 22nd, no matter the opponent!

“The Bomber” Nelson Creed sent a message to “American
Dragon” Bryan Danielson by forcing Johnny Obsession to
submit to Danielson’s favorite hold, Cattle
Mutilation! Danielson will have to deal with a very
hungry Nelson Creed as they meet on June 16th in the
first round of the NWA World heavyweight championship


in association with the
presents “RING OF FIRE”on
Friday, June 1st- 7:30 pm  Belltime
at the

        The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Friday, June 1st at Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport, PA at 7:30pm.  Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission.  Kids age 12 and under are only $6.
 **************************************************************************************  AWC Survives War!!        Burgh Brawl 11, ‘Da Burgh Brawl To Settle It All’, is in the books as the AWC won the war between themselves and Pro Wrestling eXpress. As a result, PWX is gone and AWC lives!!          The unthinkable in Pittsburgh independent pro wrestling happened when the invading upstart faction, AWC, bested the longest running promotion in Pittsburgh history, PWX, and thus ended the existence of the 12 year old PWX. PWX wrestler Scottie Gash turned his back on his home promotion in the big match as he revealed his alliance to AWC after winning Burgh Brawl 11 when he last eliminated Quinn Magnum. Magnum and PWX had a plan that worked right up until Gash pulled the swerve that nobody saw coming.    AWC now has retained all of the assets and contracts of PWX and will run it’s first live sole showcase on Friday, June 1st at 7:30pm. PWX owner Jim Miller has vowed to revive his now-defunct organization and has stated that he will be in attendance at the showcase to recruit any PWX loyalists to his cause. AWC owner Paul Atlas will, in turn, address the entire roster at the beginning of the evening as the fallout continues to take place from the war both promotions have endured. ************************************************************************************* “Loser Must Quit Match”
Paul Atlas & Dirk Ciglar  v  Chris Taylor & Sam “The Hammer” Slej
             The match that was originally announced as an AWC Heavyweight Title Match as a result of Sam “The Hammer’ Slej’s accidental elimination of current champion Chris Taylor has been changed due to the fact that both Taylor and Hammer have refused to wrestle against one another as a rebellious stand against the AWC. This has to be viewed as a pro-PWX manuever as well as a slap in the face of Paul Atlas and Curtis Stevenson as both of these new ‘acquisitions’ into the AWC are showing that they can not be controlled so easily.

       Paul Atlas has acted quickly in the face of losing his main event for the first ever sole AWC Showcase. Paul has re-enlisted the help of Dirk Ciglar, who was thought to be gone from the AWC for good upon losing a “Loser Must Leave Match” against longtime foe Brandon K. However, it has been revealed that Atlas and Stevenson have found a loophole to this stipulat ion as the match was originally signed by Bigg to face Brandon K, so that gives Dirk the ability to return since he was not the man that signed the contract for that match.

        When asked about why he would put his or Dirk’s in-ring career’s in jeopardy yet again, Paul replied that he is here to weed out the remaining malcontents and underachievers  and the best way to do so is to put men’s careers on the line. Paul has indicated that this will not be the last time he will  invoke such a stipulation either.

      This match has now taken on a whole new identity as what was once a match between two men that respected one another for the top prize in AWC, has now become a match between four men that hate each other with one man’s in-ring career in AWC coming to an end. The stipulation for this match is that the man that is pinned or submits in this match will not only lose the match for his team, but will be the man that must quit wrestling in the AWC.

     AWC Champion Chris Taylor has gone through one challenger after another, including Paul Atlas himself, and has just recently bested former AWC Champion Crusher Hansen in a violent and grueling “Three Degrees Of Hell Match”. However, does this mean that Chris comes into this match riding a wave of momentum or is he finally going to show signs of weakness after having dug down deep more times than anyone can count to overcome the odds?

      Taylor‘s opponent turned partner Sam “The Hammer” Slej nearly was the turning point for PWX against AWC, but alas Scottie Gash’s unforeseen turning on PWX proved to be the deciding facotr in the war. Hammer is a man that spent nearly 8 months out of action as he was one of the first casualties in Paul Atlas’ AWC movement. Hammer returned with a vengeance in April and has now regained his status as an immediate threat to any title or aut hority figure in the AWC. Hammer is huge man weighing in at over 330lbs and he has a major score to finally settle with Paul Atlas and according to sources, it has been rumored that Chris Taylor has told Hammer that he will give him a title shot when it is on both men’s own terms and not Paul Atlas’.

     Paul Atlas is a man that has turned the Pittsburgh wrestling scene on it’s ear for the past year. He has successfully done what nobody else could do for over 12 years and that is put an end to Jim Miller and his beloved PWX. Atlas now has something else to prove as he must retain order within his ranks and have his wrestlers “fall in line” and what better way to do so than to make an example of his own heavyweight champion and the biggest man in the company?

    Dirk Ciglar has been a wildly successful wrestler in the Pittsburgh area for years having held numerous titles in many different promotions, including PWX. Ciglar was a surp rise replacement for Bigg at Burgh Brawl and now, thanks to a loophole, will get a chance to redeem himself in AWC. Ciglar is very unpredictable and extremely accomplished which makes him a very hard man to beat on any given day. Ciglar will be looking to make a name for himself once again and what better way than to help the owner of the promotion put his subjects in order?

NWA Virginia Alpha Title Match:Crusher Hansen w/ Benjamin C. Steele  v   Lazarus              The AWC has wasted no time in reestablishing contact with other NWA promotions as this title match indicates. NWA Virginia owner Rick O’Brien has struck a deal for his Alpha Champion(the NWA Virginia’s equivalent to the NWA-AWC Three Rivers Title) to defend his title against former AWC Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen. O’ Brien will also be sending up former 3 time NWA Virginia Jr. Heavyweight Champion Grail in another match.

        Word has it that Crusher is being rewarded by Paul Atlas and Curtis Stevenson for his loyalty and commitment to the AWC cause. It has been confirmed that if Crusher does win the title that he will be able to defend the title in both AWC and at NWA Virginia.

       Crusher has proven time and time again that he can wrestle anyone with any style and beat them at their own game. Add in the BC Steele factor and it becomes virtually i mpossible to beat Crusher. Hansen has held every title the former PWX had to offer and has held the top prize in AWC and has even wrestled for the NWA North American Title on several occasions. It would not be a surprise at all if Crusher was able to come away with soutern gold around his waist.

         Lazarus is the current NWA VA Alpha Champion and is one of the top men within NWA Virginia. He is a man that has very short fuse and loves to get violent in a hurry. Lazarus’ style matches up well with the bigger Hansen as his strengths are also Crusher’s strengths which should place the two men on a level playing field. Lazarus gives away some size to Hansen but he also possesses some of the same skills as Chris Taylor does, which anyone in AWC knows could spell disaster for Crusher.

         This match could get very violent in a hurry as both men like to use anything and everything they can get their hands on on their opponents. 

      AWC Showcase Match: NWA Virgnia’s Grail  v Brandon K
             NWA Virginia’s Grail task is a simple one: defeat and humiliate Brandon K and receive a contract to wrestle in the AWC fulltime.

          This showcase match features a new wrestler to the promotion looking to get in fulltime as Grail will have his hands full with the red hot Brandon K. Grail is no stranger to success as he is a former 3 time NWA Virginia Jr. Heavyweight Champion and has been a top contender for every title within the NWA VA for years now. Grail is well aware of his task at hand and has said that he will be more than up to the challenge as he will take great pleasure in laying waste to the so-called “King Of Pittsburgh Wrestling” and thus propelling him right into the contender’s mix in a second NWA promotion.

        Brandon K has been red hot over the last few months as he has managed to run Bigg out of wrestling totally and h as defeated the 6’6 monster Christian Faith, ruined the returns Dirk Ciglar and Brian O, and pinned the man that many considered the best in the area in Sterling James Keenan. In fact,  Brandon has once again become the measuring stick as even Paul Atlas acknowledges this by placing Grail in the ring with him. In reality, Paul hopes that Grail can do exactly what he says he can do, but Paul also knows that he has one of the best wrestlers in the area on his roster.

        Can Grail defeat K and get his contract for AWC? Or will he be yet another notch in Brandon K’s belt?   AWC Tag-Team Title Match:Apollyon & ‘Syko’ Sean Dahmer  v  James Ross & Guido Corleone          The other title match signed is for the AWC Tag Team Titles. The AWC Tag Team Champions “Syko” Sean Dahmer & Apollyon, collectively known as the Straight Jacket Mafia, will be defending their titles against the men who eliminated them from Burgh Brawl. They just happen to be one of the teams Dahmer & Apollyon defeated to win the titles: James Ross & Guido Corleone. Ross & Corleone have sworn not to allow Dahmer & Apollyon to defeat them again, and have been heard telling everybody that they will become the Tag Team Champions come June 1st!        Dahmer and Apollyon are a true underdog duo that have captured the fan’s cheers. The champions have proven to be quite capable as well as very unpredictable while exuding more and more confidence with each successful title defense.        Ross has proven to be a diamond in the rough as the rookie upstart has impressed everyone with his array of daredevil flying and devastating power moves. Meanwhile, the grizzled veteran Corleone has shown virtually no ring rust at all after a 5 year layoff. Corleone is still a big man that pounds opponents into the mat with his extraordinary strength. This duo has come very close to capturing the tag titles and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal.  Brass Knuckles Title Match???Dash Bennett  v  Chris LeRusso w/ Krystal Frost           The other match set for June 1st’s “Ring of Fire” is Dash Bennett taking on “Chaotic” Chris LeRusso. Bennett is adamant in the match being made into a Brass Knuckles Title Match. But as fans may know, AWC officials haven’t recognized the Brass Knuckles Title as an official AWC championship. Because of their lack to acknowledge a former PWX title, Dash Bennett has been belligerent towards AWC officials and has been disciplined because of it. Will this be another way for AWC to try and break Dash?        Dash Bennett was eliminated by Chris LeRusso in Burgh Brawl 11 and as a result LeRusso has demanded that this match be signed, sealed, and delivered on the off-chance that AWC officials do indeed decide to retain the Brass Knuckles Title as a sanctioned AWC championship. Bennett has signed on the dotted line as well as he is anxious to defend his title and if the title is not recognized, then he has said that he will use the match as a stepping stone into other title contention.   The Mantis  v  Nick Paradise
         Both of these men are new acquisitions to the AWC as they were members of the former PWX’s roster. These two men have been put in the ring together in what amounts to be another showcase match for the AWC as both of these young lions will have alot to prove to their new company.

        Mantis has shown flashes of brilliance in the ring as the youngster has made waves in the former PWX with his quick, highflying style as well as his non compliance with the rules. Mantis will look to establish himself right away in AWC as will look to do so against the bigger and stronger Nick Paradise. Mantis will rely on his highflying skills and his agility to perform hit and run tactics to wear his bigger opponent down and eventually take hi off of his feet.

       Nick Paradise impressed immediately upon his debut in PWX and now will have to do so once again in AWC. Paradise has pr oven to be quite the tough competitor as he nearly was able to capture the prized Three Rivers Title in his debut match here. He has not looked back since as he quickly moved up the rankings in PWX and should be able to convert that into the same result in AWC. This match will be a good test for Paradise as he will have the chance to display his power on the much smaller Mantis, but Paradise will need to be at his best endurancewise as Mantis will look to wear him down. Look for Paradise to try and end this one quickly.     Defunct PWX Owner Jim Miller To Create A Stir?!?!            The owner of the now-defunct PWX has stated that he will be in the building of the first AWC Showcase and that he will recruit any PWX loyalist wrestlers to begin a rebellion of sorts and thus create havoc within the AWC.            It should be very interesting to see who will align with Miller as each man should know that by doing so, they will be wearing a huge target on their back as well as jeopardize their wrestling careers. Miller says that he indeed has talked to people and that some were ready to join his cause.            This should make for a very tense situation as it now appears that a whole new war is beginning to take shape!!! ************************************************************ Quick Match Recap: ‘Loser Must Quit Match’:   Paul Atlas & Dirk Ciglar  v  Chris Taylor & Sam “The Hammer” SlejNWA-Virginia Alpha Title Match:   Lazarus  v  Crusher HansenAWC Tag-Team Title Match:  Apollyon & Sean Dahmer  v  James Ross & Guido CorleoneBrandon K  v  NWA VA‘s GrailThe Mantis  v  Nick ParadiseDash Bennett  v  Chris LeRusso******************************************************************PLUS MUCH MORE!!! (Card Subject To Change)      Renzie Park is located adjacent to McKeesport High School. The Main Park Pavilion is located on

Renzie Park Rd

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From an Italian Magazine. 

22Luglio 2007INTERVISTA A CHANCE PROPHETIl detentore del “National Title” della NWA si racconta e annuncia: “Il titolo mondiale NWA sarà mio!”. Intanto i 16 più forti del mondo se lo contendono in un torneo itinerante che sta abbracciando USA e Canada.Chance Prophet e il NWA National Titleil 5 maggio scorso.Il national title è stato creato nel 1980 e il primo campione fu Jack Brisco.(in basso), Chance Prophet in posaDi Gianluca PireddaNei suoi quasi settant’anni di storia, la NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) ha abituato i suoi fans a cambiamenti che, di solito, cambiano radicalmente la storia del wrestling. Cambiamenti sempre segnati da una separazione più o meno dolorosa: a partire dal 1962, quando il promoter Vince McMahon sr. lascia l’alleanza e fonda la WWWF (oggi WWE), per poi tornare all’ovile a fine anni sessanta. A questo punto la WWF, che aveva abbandonato una “W” qualche anno prima, lascia definitivamente la NWA agli inizi degli anni settanta. La separazione porta il nome di Vince Mc­Mahon jr, poco prima di dare vita a Wrestlemania, simbolo dello “sport-en­tertainment”. Nel 1993 la anche WCW (world championship wrestling) abbandona la NWA e decidere di correre da sola. Stessa decisione anche per la ECW che, durante un torneo per incoronare il nuovo campione mondiale decide di salutare l’alleanza e di creare un nuovo polo di disturbo per l’allora WWF. E lo fa nella maniera più plateale possibile: Shane Douglas, vincitore del titolo, butta pubblicamente la cintura NWA in un cestino e ne decreta la morte. Ma la NWA era più viva che mai e, nonostante, qualche anno di difficoltà negli Stati Uniti, grazie all’aiuto di Antonio Inoki il nome della National Wrestling Alliance ha continuato a significare qualcosa per i fans giapponesi della Zero-One e della NJPW.Nel 2002 il risveglio definitivo: Jeff Jarrett si sposa con la NWA e lancia la sua TNA. Un sodalizio durato cinque anni, sino alla rottura avvenuta a maggio. Rottura che ha portato la NWA a spogliare Christian Cage poco prima di un match contro Kurt Angle in PPV, e a mettere su un torneo che coinvolge tutte le promotion mondiali affiliate alla federazione e che si sta svolgendo in Canada e Stati Uniti. Lottatori 16 dall’Europa, Giappone, Canada, USA, Messico che si danno battaglia per conquistare il titolo più prestigioso della storia, una cintura che in cento anni è passata in mano ai migliori wres­tler del globo. Grande escluso: Chance Prophet, l’attuale National Champion della NWA.C’è stata qualche polemica per via della tua esclusione dal torneo per il titolo mondiale NWA, soprattutto da parte dei fans. Come ti senti ora?Sarò onesto: sono contento di non essere stato inserito nella rosa di nomi partecipanti al torneo. Al momento ho molto lavoro da fare all’interno della NWA. Riportare il titolo NWA National agli antichi splendori è una delle mie mete. Avrò la mia occasione per indossare la cintura da cam­pione del mondo, e dimostrerò alla NWA e al mondo che me la sono meritata.Quando parli di National Title ne parli con orgoglio. Cosa rappresenta per te questo ti­tolo che negli ultimi anni, era diventato quasi una specie di titolo di Serie B?Il National Title, per me, è sempre stato un titolo autorevole quanto il titolo mondiale e il TV title. Mi ricordo an­cora quando guardavo in televisione le grandi battaglie per contender­selo. L’ho sempre visto come un titolo che veniva indossato da quei lot­tatori destinati a qualcosa di grande in questo sport. Quando penso ai nomi associati a quel titolo, mi vengono in mente personaggi come Nikita Koloff, Tully Blanchard, Magnum TA. Questo mi rende fiero di detenere la cintura e di avere la possibilità di poterlo far tornare al lustro di un tempoDi certo il tuo è un titolo che fa gola a molti… hai già ricevuto qualche sfida “difficile”, im­portante?Si, e alla fine di giugno (questa intervista è sta­ta redatta ai primi di giugno, ndr) incontrerò Christian York. È uno dei più grandi wrestler che abbia mai incontrato sul ring e nel mondo del wrestling indipendente è uno dei più grandi. Sarà un onore trovarmi sul quadrato di gara con luiIl torneo per il titolo mondiale è iniziato da poco. Per chi tifi?Tutti tifano per Bryan Danielson per lo più per­ché aveva già lanciato la sua sfida prima del tor­neo (aveva sfidato Christian Cage, ndr). Bryan sarebbe un ottimo campione, ma io tipo per Brent Albright. La sua famiglia è stata parte del­la NWA e ha grandi credenziali. Penso sia uno dei lottatori migliori al mondo e merita il titolo mondiale.Pensi di poter avere qualche possibilità contro di lui, in un match per il titolo?Un vecchio detto recita: “Un uomo può essere sconfitto ogni maledetta notte”, ma ti posso ga­rantire che avrei buone possibilità per il semplice fatto che ho fame di competizione. Voglio af­frontare i migliori al mondo, non gli scartiOra che Mike Quackenbush ha riportato il titolo mondiale NWA, categoria Junior in America, battendo Tiger Mask IV (Giappone), potresti essere interessato anche a quel titolo? Non so il tuo peso, ma ad occhio penso che tu possa competere anche in quella categoria. Un “borderline”, insomma, come AJ Styles. Che ne pensi del nuovo campione?Dovrei perdere qualche chilo per poter gareggi­are in quella categoria, ma sarei anche disposto a farlo per guadagnare un altro oro della NWA, e il conseguente rispetto della federazione. Più titoli porto a casa, e più sono contento. Quackenbush è uno scienziato del wrestling. Quell’uomo è incredibile e riesce a mescolare così tanti tipi di lotta e a non annoiare il pubbli­co. Sono fiero di avere lui in federazione incoro­nato NWA world jr. heavyweight champion. Forse non così fiero per il modo in cui ha vinto il titolo, ma come diceva un altro Italiano, “Il fine giustifica i mezzi”. (dopo la vittoria, Quack­enbush ha strappato la maschera all’ “Uomo Tigre” numero 4, mostrando il suo volto. Snob­bato dalle federazioni del Sol Levante, Quacken­bush ha mostrato la maschera alla telecamera e ha detto: “Giappone, spero che ora ti accorgerai anche ti me”. ndr) Sono certo che anche lui farà onore alla NWA.Secondo alcuni la NWA è finita, senza la TNA. “Se la NWA senza TNA non è niente, allora perché hanno usato il nostro titolo mondiale per farsi notare?”

23Luglio 2007Che ne pensi?Se la NWA senza TNA non è niente, allora per­ché hanno usato il nostro titolo mondiale per farsi notare?Tu hai lottato per la TNA. Come ti sei tro­vato?Mi piaceva l’atmosfera che si era creata a Nash­ville. Mi aveva dato l’impressione che potesse essere un posto per giovani talenti, senza che questi fossero costretti ad andare in WWE. Chiaramente queste speranze sono sparite una volta che la TNA ha iniziato a riciclare i licen­ziati della WWE. Tuttavia hanno grandi nomi come Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, e Low-Ki (Senshi), ma hanno anche troppa gente che ha fatto il suo tempo. Questa è una vergognaA proposito di critiche, molti hanno paura della scalata di David Marquez alla NWA. Molti hanno paura che acquisisca troppo potere all’interno della federa­zione. Che ne pensi?Dave Marquez sta facen­do del suo meglio per la NWA e sta cercando di riunire tutte le truppe e far in modo che la National Wrestling Alliance torni ad essere quello che era una volta. Sta producendo show di grande qualità e la compagnia sta riacquistan­do il prestigio che rischiava di perdere. Inoltre sta lavo­rando con i promoters di aree differenti, e di diverse parti del mondo con l’intento di portare il nos­tro wrestling sempre di più fuori da qui. Chi lo critica sono quelle persone che stavano affos­sando il nome della NWA con il solo scopo di lavorare per le loro tasche e arricchirsi.Il mondo del wrestling americano è in crisi come si legge in giro?Non credo che il pro-wrestling sia in crisi, ma penso che la gente sia stufa di avere solo uno show nella propria città: quello della WWE. È per questo che sta crescendo l’interesse per realtà come la TNA e la ROH (Ring of Honor). I fans sono stufi di non avere un’alternativa televisiva. Il pro-westling si basa sul supporto del pubblico e, personalmente, non penso che il loro prodot­to televisivo sia poi così apprezzato. I fans sono costretti ad apprezzare l’atleta che gli viene detto di apprezzare, senza avere scelta e senza poter esprimere il loro gradimento. Per esempio, alla “Ring of Honor” è il gradimento del pubblico che fa salire le quotazioni di un atleta e la sua scalata in classifica.Puoi raccontare I tuoi esordi?Ho iniziato in una piccola promotion del West Virginia. Ho speso un anno per completare la mia formazione e ho avuto l’opportunità di salire sul ring. L’unico problema è che in quella scuola non c’era una gran varietà di stili di lotta. Era per lo più old-school, o lo stile di lotta di Memphis. Quindi ho dovuto viaggiare in lungo e in largo per tutti gli Stati Uniti per imparare nuove tecniche e affrontare avversari differenti. Ora mi piacerebbe venire anche in Italia e difen­dere anche da voi il National Title della NWA. Sarebbe un onore lottare nella vostra nazioneInizialmente hai iniziato a lavorare mascher­ato, con un trucco che mi ricorda vagamente Sting. Come mai quella scelta? Era un omag­gio? Ho scelto di mascherarmi perché sono cresciuto guardando il wrestling e i miei eroi erano per­sonaggi come Road Warriors, Sting, The Great Muta ed altri. Avevano un certo appeal e no­nostante sapessi che sotto quel trucco c’era un uomo normale, quel trucco gli dava un qualcosa di magico, di misterioso. Una volta che ho deciso di dipingermi il viso, ho fatto dei bozzetti su carta, spesso quando avrei dovuto pren­dere appunti al College. Poi, li riproducevo sulla mia faccia. Ho poi aggi­unto un ideogramma giap­ponese sulla mia fronte, un simbolo che significa “Conquistatore” e che ho poi tatuato sul mio braccio sinistroIl mondo del wrestling è così sporco come lo si dipinge?Tutti gli ambienti hanno una doppia faccia. Sfor­tunatamente c’è una parte del wrestling business che non mi piace. Molti lottatori usano anti­dolorifici per alleviare i dolori dei loro infortuni dovuti alla disattenzione sul ring. Non abbiamo modo di fermarci, se non lottiamo non ci pa­gano. Quindi per andare avanti molti si imbot­tiscono di medicine. Io non le uso anche perché non potrei usarle. Poi c’è troppa politica e se ci stai ma pensare finisce tutta la magia. Quindi vado avanti per la mia strada, nella maniera più professionale che posso. Il lavoro duro penso che paghiE tu, hai mai avuto paura di farti male sul ring?Il farsi male è una delle caratteristiche di questo sport. Nei miei sette anni di carriera ho avuto un paio di brutti infortuni, ma questo non mi trattiene dal fare quello che amo. Quando tu permetti alla paura di prendere il sopravvento e ti preoccupi di cose come “cosa potrebbe succe­dere se questa mossa non andasse come vorrei”, o “cosa succederebbe se prendessi male quella caduta”, va a finire che ti fai male sul serio. Mi sono allenato il meglio che ho potuto, così ho fiducia delle mie abilità, ma spesso gli infortuni sono inevitabili e non ha senso stare ad averne paura.Vorrei salutare tutti I veri fans di italiani, che spendono i loro soldi per vedere il nostro sport e che non sopportano la soap opera che viene spacciata come wrestling tre volte la settimana. La NWA e il suo titolo “Nazionale” significano molto per me, e ce la metterò tutta per riportarli agli antichi splendoriChance Prophet è presente anche in rete sul suo sito ufficiale: www.chanceprophet.com e su myspace: www.myspace.com/chanceprophet“Ho scelto di mascherarmi in onore dei i miei eroi:personaggi come Road Warriors, Sting, The Great Muta”