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6/23 Hostile Environment Report
By Layy Goodman

NWA Anarchy’s Hostile Environment from the Gainesville Mountains Center will be remembered for its many spectacular moments, the unspeakable violence that is the War Games, and a level of effort from the entire roster that was beyond reproach.

The show drew 697 paid and there were well over 700 in the building. Not the 1000 many inside the company were hoping for, but the largest crowd in company history, more than Hermie Sadler’s UWF drew a few months back, and more than enough to break even. And the Anarchy hardcore fans showed up in force, so the reactions to the entrances were strong across the board, and generally strong for the matches themselves, although there are bound to be some lulls during any show lasting almost four hours. Overall, the heat was better at the Fright Night and Season Beating shows in Helen, because the venue was just the right size.

The production values were first rate for an indie show. The sound and lighting were far superior to the UWF event. The spotlights and entrance videos gave it a big league feel.

Here’s what went down…

Ring announcer Eddie Rich introduced NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer and Julie McMillans from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Palmer said the worst possible thing that could happen tonight was that money was going to be raised for a good cause (according to Palmer, somewhere between $1000 and $2000 will end up going to MDA). When the crowd chanted “thank you Jerry,” Palmer said it was the other way around. Palmer said the building was only half full, but he would take it. He promised the fans one whirlwind of a ride.

(1) Todd Sexton beat Salvatore Rinauro via submission with the figure four leglock in 10:52. Sexton had been left laying in the ring at the NWA Arena on two occasions during the month of June after Rinauro enlisted the help of Anger Alliance to take him out. The crowd gave Rinauro a mixed response. Sexton got a good pop, significantly better than he got last time in Cornelia. Sexton frustrated Rinauro’s attempt to school “the legend.” Rinauro used a pie face, and Sexton made him pay with armbar submissions. At the four minute mark, Rinauro crotched Sexton on the top rope and hit a top rope bulldog. Rinauro got heat with the swivel hips routine. Sexton ducked away from Rinauro’s turnbuckle-assisted Pele to start the comeback. He applied a crossface, but Rinauro made the ropes. Rinauro hit a jumping knee for a near fall. Rinauro pulled his kneepad down, but Sexton caught him with a dragon screw legwhip and worked over the knee to set up the figure four. Rinauro’s facial expressions as he limped to the back were awesome. I liked the match. A couple of minutes shorter would have been even better.

(2) Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) beat Sex & Money (Caleb Konley & Andrew Pendleton) & Derrick Driver & Steven Walters in 15:56. Alliance got heat for holding up the four fingers. The Alliance attacked. The faces cleared the ring but got no pop for doing so. They did a series of dives that didn’t get much response either, as if the crowd wasn’t taking them seriously. Driver did some flashy stuff. His style appears to be tailor-made for an X Division singles match. Alliance got false heat on Walters, who took a hell of a corkscrew bump on a missed enzuigiri. S & M doubled up on Matthews. Then it was bigtime heat on Konley, while the faces whined and complained. Roberts hit a big thump powerslam. The crowd started to get behind Konley, but Chase used a hammerlock slam and worked on the arm. Konley hit a double flying lariat and made the hot tag. Driver got off a hot counter move to Matthews reverse suplex. Matthews then pinned Driver after leveling him with The Lariat. S & M were unhappy with Driver and Walters for losing the fall. An Ok match, but in the big picture, it behooved them to accomplish the same thing in less time.

(3) Slim J defeated Patrick Bentley in 17:38 to win their best of five series 3-2. Although they entered the Mountain Center knotted up at two wins apiece, J had dominated Bentley with his ground and control offense throughout the series. Bentley was on the verge of a confidence melt down during match number four before managing to pull out a win. This match was different – back and forth, fast-paced, and wide open. The highlight of the opening minutes was a cool exchange of armdrags. Bentley hit a plancha to the floor, and you knew this was going to be balls to the wall. Bentley flew right into a lariat from J for a near fall. Bentley picked J off the top and flipped him from a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker. Bentley started working the back. J rallied with a brainbuster. He really thingyed that sucker. J got Bentley’s back for a choke submission, but couldn’t make it stick. They traded pin attempts. Bentley scored near falls with the Full Articulation, the Spring Action Kick and a top rope sitout face plant. Bentley blocked a huracanrana and countered with a stiff kick. J looked like he was in a daze. J countered a fisherman neckbreaker with a DDT. J took an amazing bump on a layout moonsault Bentley hit the fisherman neckbreaker for a near fall. J hit the package piledriver, but Bentley managed to roll out to the floor. J did a corkscrew dive off the ringpost. J was bleeding hardway from the mouth. J hit a super Side Effect for a near fall. J applied the Roach Clip. The crowd chanted for the tap out, but Bentley made the ropes. Bentley went for Anger Management, and J countered with the Canadian Destroyer. J spilled to the floor to buy time, and managed to kick out just before the three count. With Bentley on the top rope, J came underneath for Anger Management. Bentley fought it off, so J brought him off with a rolling prawn to score the pinfall. Without a doubt, this was the technical wrestling match of the night.

J said he had proved his point by bringing out the wrestler he knew was inside Bentley. The crowd popped in appreciation of what they had witnessed. J told Bentley he had his back, and it was all’s well that ends well. NOT. Bentley turned on J, laying him out with the Canadian Destroyer. Bentley’s face turned mean and ugly. “The Reverend” Dan Wilson appeared in the aisle motioning for Patrick to come to poppa. They hugged in the aisle and departed.

(4) Shadow Jackson (with Jerry Palmer) beat Mikki Free (with Al Getz & his masked bodyguard) in a Dog Collar Match (7:30). Getz reverted to his “Duke of New York” days in a prematch promo where he put over the Yankees and Hillary Clinton. You know that got heat. Jackson got the best entrance pop so far. Free decked Jackson before ref Harold James could get the collar on him. Jackson came right back with bionic elbows. Free tried to run, but that wasn’t happening with the chain. Jackson used the chain to run Free into the post. They both bled but not a lot Free took over after a missed elbow drop and went after Jackson’s eye. Getz raked Jackson’s head with the chain. The crowd was hot for Jackson’s comeback. Jackson hit a powerslam, but Free kicked out of his one arm cover. Free almost lost Jackson on a pumphandle slam. Jackson hit a spinebuster and it was suddenly over.

According to the stip, Palmer was to get five minutes with Getz. Getz tried to run, but Jackson hauled him back to the ring. Free clocked Palmer from behind to give Getz the advantage. Getz choked Palmer with the chain. Not for long, as Palmer decked him with a pair of lariats and put him out of his misery with a powerslam.

Palmer was getting ready to hang Getz, when the mystery masked person entered the ring to save his obnoxious Yankee ass. It was Melissa Coates (former OVW talent and the Bag Lady in Deep South Wrestling) under the hood. She loaded Getz onto her back and carried him out like it was nothing.

Nemesis made a triumphant return to reunite Urban Assault Squad and got a huge hug from Palmer.

(5) Jeremy Vain and Truitt Fields wrestled to a 10 minute draw. Vain retained the NWA Anarchy Television Title. This match provided a nice change of pace. The story coming in was Vain weaseling his way out of tight spots with Fields. Huge pop for Fields. For better or worse, he looks like what today’s fans expect from a big league wrestler. Vain used a variety of stalling techniques in an attempt to make Fields lose his temper. He succeeded. Vain bailed after absorbing a wicked pair of lariat. Fields no sold Vain’s chops and gave him an old style Beel throw. Fields uncorked his power game to full effect. At 5 minutes in, Vain moved and Fields speared the post. Vain followed with a slingshot legdrop to the outside. Fields was selling Vain’s chops now. The crowd got hot for the comeback. Vain asked the ref to check the time. Fields powered out of Vain’s DDT attempt. He hit a flying forearm, and Vain rolled a shoulder at 2.5. Fields hit a gorilla press slam for a near fall with one minute to go. They did a big collision spot. Fields hit the Truitt Slam (sitout uranage) as the time limit expired. Fields signaled for five more minutes, and the crowd was in favor, but Vain wasn’t down with that at all. These guys match up really well.

(6) Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) and Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins in a Ladder Match to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles (19:10). This was nuts. The belt was hung 15 feet above the ring. Three ladders of various sizes were ready and waiting. There was some comedy stuff early with the heel teams trying to get to the belt from an impossible distance below. Hawkins knocked Attraction off an 8 foot ladder with a springboard back elbow. That looked dumb. The action started to pick up. Alexander took a top rope bump onto the 6 foot ladder. Matthews ran up the ladder for a great dropkick on Creed. What followed were some of the most psychotic spots in Anarchy history. Two of them involved Young. From the top turnbuckle, he vaulted over the 8 foot ladder for a legdrop from the heavens onto Matthews. He topped himself by climbing to the top of the twelve foot ladder for a frogsplash onto Delay, who sold it like he was about to puke up a kidney. Delay launched a huracanrana off the 12 foot ladder onto Alexander, who was about halfway up the 8 foot ladder.Delay busted out the reverse 450 for a great crash and burn spot. Brunettes did the Sheeney Curse (double knee gutbuster/double stomp) off the ladder. Hawkins was the first to climb the 12 foot ladder and reach the belt, before getting knocked off. Matthew also got a touch. Matthews absolutely risked his life by taking a backdrop over the top of the 12 foot ladder onto a bridged ladder some 10 feet below. Creed appeared to have a clear path to the belt, but Delay whacked his ankle with a chair and climbed. Young slipped off the ropes on a springboard to the ladder ala Shelton Benjamin. Too bad. It would have made for a killer finish if he had hit it. Delay took a bump from near the top of the 12 footer and Young grabbed the gold. In victory, Young’s face showed his disappointment with missed spot. Creed was selling like his ankle was shot. All of the heels needed help from security to make it to the back. A jaw dropper of a match.

(7) Ace Rockwell beat Chad Parham via DQ at 10:15. Parham retained the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title. I felt for these guys. They had to follow an insane ladder match on a show that had gone over two and a half hours without an intermission. The match was fine, but the crowd was spent and couldn’t get up for it. It was also too similar to the story of the TV title match to garner maximum impact. As per usual, Parham got his personal security escort to the ring. Good pop for Rockwell but not what it normally would be. Rockwell took it Parham in the early and often. Parham wanted out. The turning point saw Rockwell chase Parham down on the ramp, only to take a devastating vertical suplex on the ramp from the champion. Parham dragged Rockwell back into the ring and made the cover. Rockwell got a shoulder up just before the three. Parham was Mr. Happy Go Lucky as he dished out the punishment. But Parham ate a spear as he flew from the top. Rockwell made a fiery comeback but the crowd energy was shot. Rockwell hit the spinebuster for a near fall. Rockwell ate the turnbuckle on a missed Stinger splash. Parham pounced on the opportunity with the senton backsplash for two. Rockwell came back with like a million blows to beat Parham down in the corner. Rockwell hit a bulldog for a near fall. Parham tried to run. Rockwell went for Aces High. Parham blocked and decked ref Brent Wiley for an intentional DQ. That got a reaction. But again, not what it would have under any other circumstances.

Palmer confronted Parham on the ramp. He said he was sick of the way Parham was representing the title and ordered no DQ-no count out rematch against Rockwell for the NWA Arena in Cornelia in two weeks. Furthermore, Palmer vowed to strip Parham if he laid hands on another Anarchy official.

(8) NWA Elite (Kory Chavis & Jeff Lewis & Phil Shatter & Abomination with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg & Shaun Tempers & Azrael & Tank with Reverend Dan Wilson) in the War Games when Iceberg submitted to Shatter (24:18). This was one hell of a cage: 14 feet high and 22 feet square, with barbed wire strung around the top and bottom. Chavis dominated Tempers for the first five minutes. At one point, Chavis hit the Spinesplitta and stared a hole through Wilson, the guy who called that move like nobody else could on Wildside TV for all those years. A section of the crowd chanted for blood. They wouldn’t have long to wait. Azrael (who defeated Chavis last week to give the Rejects the man advantage) entered. The Rejects tossed Chavis into the cage like a javelin. Chavis got great color. Lewis came out next, but in a nice touch of logic, Azrael held the door shut to keep him out of the cage. Never known as a high flier, Lewis scaled the cage and entered with a plancha off the top. Iceberg was next. He potatoed Lewis with a punch, chucked him into the cage, and took a fork to his forehead. Shatter’s entrance made a major impact. He tossed Tempers into the cage and he juiced. Then, Shatter hit a top rope fallaway slam on Azrael and gigged Iceberg with the barbed wire. Lewis used the fork on Tempers and licked it clean. The Elite had Rejects in a triple figure four when Tank made his return wearing a big grin on his face. He was back in his element. Wilson came in with him. Tank nailed Chavis with a chokebreaker. Meanwhile, Shatter was destroying Tempers ala Hernandez, with a powerbomb into the cage and then to the mat. Abomination announced his presence with a tree slam on Tempers and a powerslam on Iceberg. Bailey got in there as well, and it was THE MATCH BEYOND. Bailey stabbed Wilson with the veggie peeler and sawed on his forehead. Blood was pouring out of Wilson’s head. Bailey went for a dropkick. That was a sight. But Wilson hung Bailey out to dry and took a dagger to his forehead. Bailey was busted open. Dominous got involved. At some point, Azrael got tossed into cage and bit his tongue. He also had the barbed wire cutting his head and arm. Sick stuff. Iceberg went to the top rope and Bailey blinded him with the powder. Iceberg took unreal punishment for the rest of the match. Shatter brought Iceberg off the tope with an amazing superplex. Chavis put Berg through two tables with a top rope Spinesplitta and applied the Hillside Strangler, but he refused to tap. In the end, Shatter was digging a jagged shard of table into Iceberg’s throat. Iceberg was screaming bloody murder and was forced to tap out. This match made Shatter. He became the first man to make Iceberg tap out in Anarchy. He was already the first man to pin him. It wasn’t the bloodiest War Games they’ve done, but for danger and violence, it was near the top. As always, an incredible match.

NOTES: No word on Azrael’s condition as this time. He was the only competitor to suffer serious injury, which is pretty amazing in an of itself…NWA Anarchy returns the NWA Arena in Cornelia for their next television taping on 7/7 with Parham defending the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against Rockwell with No DQ and no count outs…GWP has a show the Waleska Ballfield on 6/30 with Shaun Tempers defending the GWP Title against Slim J in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Then, on 7/8 they have their big “Rage in the Cage” show featuring Demolition Ax…Chick Donovan is booked for 7/14…A. J. Styles put NWA Anarchy over strong during his appearance on the “Between the Ropes” radio show.





SHOW #69 






NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring…  

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey  

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn  

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey  

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, & Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES  

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480×360  


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NWA AnarchyReport by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 68
June 18, 2007

I apologize for the lateness of tonight’s report, but I couldn’t help pass up an opportunity to attend tonight’s RAW taping, especially when I received two comps. My friend & I laughed our posteriors off when John Cena rapped about pimps, prostitutes and male escorts. Why? Tonight’s show was three blocks from the heart of the ghetto. Even funnier, there’s a prositution free zone behind my house, I wonder how long the suburbanite could survive in my hood. Probably not long. Cena could be a huge celebrity if McMahon didn’t make it look like he was working for the Man. Cena is laughed at and hated throughout the hip hop community. One of the many reasons I don’t watch much WWE is because of McMahon’s insulting booking. Independent wrestling is where the heart and soul of professional wrestling lies. Yes, I had fun at RAW, but it just doesn’t compare to your local indy promotion.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Greg Hunter & John Johnson join us for another edition of NWA Anarchy. Johnson reflects upon Chad Parham choosing his opponent for his upcoming TV title defense. This week, Todd Sexton & Sal Rinauro face-off in a mystery partner match, Jeff G Bailey appears with Abomination and the Awesome Attraction battle Justice Served for the tag titles.

1. Steven Walters & Derek Driver vs. Brody Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix
THE MATCH: Johnson proclaims that Cornelia when undergo beautification when Chase & Phoenix embarrass Walters & Driver so bad that they will never show their face again in the NWA Arena. Phoenix takes a beating early on much to Johnson’s chagrin. Chase turns the tide when they double team Driver behind the referee’s back. Hunter proclaims that Chase has forgotten more about wrestling than a lot of people will ever know. Johnson takes exception to Hunter insinuating that he oozes Ben Gay and has Alzheimer’s. Phoenix counters a wheelbarrow with a faceplant. Chase celebrates after delivering a spinning neckbreaker. After commercial, Phoenix takes Driver over with an exploder. Phoenix distracts the referee so that Chase can drop Driver throat first on the guardrail. Johnson continues to admonish Hunter for calling the Stray Cat old and senile. Chase catches Driver with a pumphandle into an inverted neckbreaker for a near fall. Phoenix calls for the finish and Driver lifts his knees up when Phoenix dives off the middle rope. Walters receives the hot tag and goes Buck Wild on the rudos. Chase slaps Walters Silly and takes Driver down with an uranage. Phoenix finishes off Driver with the STO in this squash.
WINNER: Chase & Phoenix.
COMMENTS: This extended squash lasted about 3 minutes too long. It allowed Chase & Phoenix to showcase their move set and finisher without giving away too much. Vince Russo, Dutch Mantell and the rest of the TNA booking committee could learn how to book a TV show by watching how a good squash match can a personality over. As usual, Chase was fun in the ring with his facial expressions and power moves.

– Greg Hunter is prepared to pose the $64,000 question to Todd Sexton: Who is your mystery partner? Before Sexton can divulge the secret, Sal Rinauro is here to confront Sexton. Rinauro has no problem further injuring Todd and introduces the longest reigning junior heavyweight champion the NWA Arena has ever seen, Fast Eddie Vegas. Sexton is impressed, but he has a better partner… Masada. Rinauro looks behind him and has this look that he is going get his f**king head kicked in. I would, too if I had to face Masada.

2. Sal Rinauro & Fast Eddie Vegas vs. the Texas Death Club (Todd Sexton & Masada)
THE MATCH: Every time Hunter interviews someone, something bad happens. Tonight is no exception as Masada stiffs Vegas at ringside. Vegas & Masada battle in ring while Sexton battles Rinauro. Masada takes Vegas down with a knee and stiffs him with a punt. Masada follows up with a brainbuster that only Preston Quinn or thingy Murdoch could admire. Sexton demonstrates overcoming a concussion by turning Spoiler and wipes Vegas out with a legdrop to his arm. The heels take over when Rinauro clotheslines Sexton from the apron. Rinauro focuses on Sexton’s head while cutting the ring in half. Vegas connects with a vicious punt between the shoulder blades and a fisherman brainbuster across the knee for a two count. After commercial, Rinauro showboats, but Sexton catches him with a Sunset flip for a near fall. Sexton escapes a double suplex and Masada receives the hot tag. Masada executes a high backdrop on Rinauro and tilt-a-whirl guttbuster on Vegas. Vegas dropkicks Rinauro to backslide Masada for a two count. Rinauro catches Masada with an enziguri while in the High Rent District. Rinauro mounts Masada and he counters with a top rope inverted atomic drop and a powerbomb for a near fall. Vegas springboard dropkicks Sexton to the floor and displays a feat of strength with an inverted fireman’s character. Vegas sets Masada across his knee and Rinauro lands a moonsault for a near fall. Sexton struggles to mount the apron. Masada blocks a double clothesline attempt and Sexton gets the tag. Rinauro nails Sexton with a series of brutal knees to the head. Rinauro lowers his kneepad while Masada suplexes Vegas on the floor. Sexton capitalizes with the Gamebreaker and Masada follows suit with a running DVD. Sexton makes the cover, but pulls Rinauro up at 2. The Death Club lives up to their name with a devastating double team double underhook faceplant. Masada makes the cover, but decides Rinauro hasn’t received enough punishment. Rinauro receives another double underhook faceplant. Sexton makes the cover for the victory. Afterwards, Rinauro throws up the poison tacos that he refused to share with fans when they chanted for one earlier on.
WINNER: Texas Death Club
COMMENTS: Masada looked awesome by employing Japanese psychology when he no sold Vegas’ early on. If you don’t follow Japanese wrestling, when your opponent doesn’t sell, then you stiff him harder and harder until he/she is forced to sell. It makes for some brutally fun exchanges. The stiffness displayed in this contest is commonplace among the main eventers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. The match itself was fun and breathed life into Sexton. Also, it helped that Masada & Fast Eddie were booked in a meaningful match in a special appearance at the NWA Arena. Rinauro throwing up at the end added a nice touch of realism, whether it was intentional or not. Live, I questioned myself why did the Death Club continue to assault Rinauro, but upon reading Lance Goodman’s fun reports, I understand why the Death Club continued to administer punishment when Rinauro was finished.

– Agent/Attorney Jeff G Bailey is accompanied by Abomination. Bailey relishes in the complete and utter destruction of the Devil’s Rejects at Hardcore Hell. Yes, it was a blood splashing psychodrama, a real life slasher film that was at the expense of the Rejects. Blood poured from the foreheads of Iceberg, Azreal, Tempers and Tank. Poor Tank was covered in blood, glass, thumbtacks and his own urine. His worthless carcass was hauled off on a long board. It’s hard to believe the Rejects won, but they had the Elite outnumbered because that coward Onyx refused to show up. Bailey threatens that Onyx better never show his face again and calls him yellow. As soon as Bailey further threatens Onyx, guess who appears: Onyx. Bailey tells Onyx his sweater is the appropriate color, yellow for being a coward. Onyx assaults and manhandles Abomination. Abomination throws a temper tantrum, but Bailey holds his back and books a match between the two at the next Anarchy taping. Onyx celebrates with the crowd as Bailey retreats to the locker room.

3. NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles: Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) (ch.) with “Mr. Representation” Al Getz vs. the Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young)
THE MATCH: The Awesome Attraction is fresh off their victory against the Hollywood Brunettes at Hardcore Hell. The young females display their affection towards the Attraction as they dominate early on. Justice Served will have none of it and immediately take over. Creed finds himself flying over the top rope to the floor and Justice Served easily repel a springboard attempt by Young with a double chokeslam. JS treat Hayden like a pretty boy in jail and brutalize him. Young fights back with a head scissors takedown, but Justice decapitates him with a clothesline. JS continue the brutalization of Young for the next several moments. You can hear the young females in attendance screaming for Hayden to escape a legal assault and battery. The Urban Assault Squad answer the fans request and double chokeslam Free while Jerry Palmer distracts Al Getz. Creed wipes out Free & Getz with a top turnbuckle cross bodyblock and Young puts away Justice with the Flying Squirrel.
WINNER: Creed & Young capture NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles.
POSTMATCH: The Hollywood Brunettes seek to get the job done when they assault the Attraction. Johnson enjoys the carnage as the Brunettes display their titles.
COMMENTS: This is why you should attend the TV tapings because you never know when a major title change is going to occur. Creed & Young were over enough at this point to get the titles. Also, this provides the booking committee more options to look at regarding the tag title situation. At this point, the JS/UAS feud is so entrenching that the tag titles were becoming second fiddle (not for the promotion, just the feud itself.)

– OVERALL: I remember the second half of the 4/7 TV taping was much better than the first half. This week’s episode was well booked and followed up nicely from Hardcore Hell.


KWWF Cedar Rapids 6:00pm Sat
KWWF Cedar Rapids 5:30pm Sun
KCBU Provo/Salt Lake 5:00pm Sat
KDEV-LP Denver 5:00pm Sat

AMGTV, a new network officially launched on June 4. NWA ANARCHY is on the Network’s schedule late night Fridays at 2AM, and Saturdays at 10AM & 7PM (ET) Here are a list of AMGTV Affiliates. Rank DMA Rank DMA Rank DMA Rank
KHIZ 2 Los Angeles
WPHL 4 Philadelphia
WJAL 8 Washington, DC
WHRT 12 Tampa – St. Petersburg
KKAX 13 Phoenix (Prescott)
WIVM 17 Cleveland – Akron
WLCB 19 Orlando – Daytona Beach –
KNLC 21 St. Louis
WBGN 22 Pittsburgh, Pa
23 Portland, Or
KOXM 27 San Diego
WRNT 28 Hartford & New Haven
WLLP 30 Nashville
KCWE 31 Kansas City
WBQC 33 Cincinnati
WJJA 34 Milwaukee
KCSG 35 Salt Lake City
WHDT 38 West Palm Beach / Ft.
WLLA 39 Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo
WJXS 40 Birmingham [Anniston and
WGCB 41 Harrisburg / Lancaster /
KLAS 43 Las Vegas
WBII 44 Memphis
KWEM 45 Oklahoma City
KCHF 46 Albuquerque / Santa Fe
WGSR 47 Greensboro / High Point /
WBKI 48 Louisville, Ky
KAIL 55 Fresno – Visalia
KJLR 57 Little Rock / Pine Bluff, AR
WRCX 58 Dayton, OH
WMAK 60 Knoxville
KGEB 62 Tulsa
63 Lexington / Beattyville /
WNEM 66 Flint – Saginaw – Bay City
KCTU 67 Wichita / Hutchinson, KS
WDRG 68 Roanoke – Lynchburg
70 Tucson (Sierra Vista)
WMNT 71 Toledo
KHON 72 Honolulu
76 Springfield, MO
WBCF 84 Huntsville / Decatur /
WDBD 87 Jackson, MS
KBTR 93 Baton Rouge
KSCE 99 El Paso, TX / Las Cruces,
KSBN 102 Ft. Smith / Fayetteville /
WSOT 106 Ft. Wayne
WESA 109 Springfield, MA [Holyoke]
WBPI 114 Augusta
WKNI 117 Montgomery [Selma)
KNIN 118 Boise
KGEC 130 Chico – Redding
KEJB 135 Monroe [LA] / El Dorado,
KNLJ 139 Columbia – Jefferson City
KBSC 141 Medford – Klamath Falls
KTIV 143 Sioux City
KJPX 144 Joplin, MO / Pittsburg, KS
WBGR 152 Bangor
154 Anchorage
WISF 157 Binghamton
WKFK 160 Biloxi / Gulfport /
WYKE 162 Gainesville
170 Billings / Hardin
WTVY 172 Dothan, AL
KIDA 191 Twin Falls ID
KIDY 197 San Angelo
WCVI 500 Virgin Islands
National Wrestling Alliance presents:

Reclaiming the Glory Tour—August 12, 2007 in Charlotte, NC

In conjunction with the NWA Legends FanFest taking place the weekend
of August 10 to 12, 2007 at the Hilton University Place Hotel in
Charlotte, NC, the National Wrestling Alliance proudly presents the
following card of pro wrestling action:

Main Event: Semifinal match in “Reclaiming the Glory: The NWA World
Heavyweight Title Tournament”, featuring the winner of the Lou Thesz
bracket (Brent Albright or Fred Sampson) vs. the winner of the Terry
Funk bracket (Claudio Castignoli or Roughneck Ryan or Sicodelico,

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Sean Denny

NWA North American Tag Team Champions Scotty Blaze and Scotty Rocker
vs. The Old School Empire (Mike Booth and Preston Quinn)

“Mr. Mid-Atlantic” Damien Wayne vs. NWA Virginia Champion Pharoah –
non-title match

NWA National Champion Chance Prophet vs. Chris Escobar

NWA Senior Referee Jeff Capo

Plus more matches to come 



Over The Top
June 16, 2007
Hesperia High School
Hesperia, CA

Ironman” Mike Maze defeated Hook Bomberry

Scorpio Sky defeated Markus Riot with help from Sonny

T.J Perkins defeated Johnny Paradise via DQ

CK and Ronnie Tsunami (Killer Tsunami) and Mr. Instant
Replay defeated
Diablo, Ron Kilbourn and Antonio Mestre (Badd Company)

Slick Nick defeated “Sexy” Sonny Samson to retain the
HRW Championship

Diablo wins the “Over the Top” battle royal to earn a
shot at the HRW Championship at any given date.

After the show, Diablo made a challenge to Slick Nick
at Highway 2 Hell where Diablo would pick two partners
of his choosing and Nick would pick two of his
choosing. We later found out that Diablo would be
teaming up with Joey Ryan and Karl “Machine Gun”
Anderson and Nick would choose his tag team partner
Mr. Instant Replay and the Rocker Marty Jannetty! 


NWA Pro Wrestling Report for 6/21/2007

The groundbreaking decision by NWA Executive Director
Bob Trobich to strip the NWA World Heavyweight and NWA
World Tag Team Titles from TNA shook the wrestling
world to its foundation. The landmark 16-Man
tournament entitled “Reclaiming the Glory” that is
taking place throughout the continent has not failed
once to deliver the competitive action that the NWA is
known for! Six of the eight first round matches are in
the books. Here are the results:

June 2 – Cornelia, GA: “Technical Perfection” Chad Parham def. “Mr. Mid-Atlantic” Damian Wayne
June 2 – Salyersville, KY: “The Shooter” Brent
Albright def. Osamu Nishimura
June 2 – Clifton, NJ: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce def.
Aaron Aguilera
June 9 – Mesa, AZ: Fred Samson def. Glamour Boy Shane
June 16 – Surrey, BC, Canada: “American Dragon” Bryan
Danielson def. “Bomber” Nelson Creed
June 16 – Danvers, MA: Claudio Castagnoli def. Pepper
*June 30 – Lebanon, TN: Sicodelico, Jr. vs. Roughneck
*June 30 – Quincy, MA: Mikey Nicholls vs. Fergal

For more information on the tournament check out:

Second Round locations announced for two matches:
June 30 – Waggoner, OK: Fred Sampson vs. “The Shooter”
Brent Albright
July 13 – Covina, CA: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs.
Chad Parham

The hottest show in wrestling returns with four
announced dates and many more to come! The
international hybrid shows that have excited fans
across the country returns to Texas (including
Houston, the site of April’s much talked about fan
riot) and Las Vegas plus a first ever show just
outside Los Angeles! Lineups for the July 28th Long
, CA and August 12th Las Vegas, NV events will be
announced shortly. Here are the scheduled matches for
the first two Texas dates:

NWA Pro Wrestling Summit
Saturday July 7, 2007 7PM Belltime
LA Plaza de San Miguel, Houston, TX 1. Main Event: El Hijo del Santo y Rayo De Jalisco vs.
Blue Demon y Pentagon Black
2. NWA Heritage Title: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce© (w/C.
Edward Vander Pyle) vs. Sicodeloco Jr.
3. Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman & L.A. Park vs. Rob Conway
& Psicosis
4. Mexico vs. USA Steel Cage Revenge Match: Karl
“Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan vs. Los Luchas
( Phoenix Star y Zokre)
5. Cassandro y Incognito vs. Mango y Muneco Infernal
6. Ikuto Hidaka vs. T.J. Perkins
Plus the Mexican Minis and much more!

NWA Pro Wrestling Summit
Sunday July 8, 2007 3PM Belltime
Dodge Arena, McAllen, TX 1. Main Event: El Hijo del Santo y Rayo De Jalisco vs.
Blue Demon y Pentagon Black
2. Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman vs. Rob Conway
3. L.A. Park vs. Psicosis
4. 6-Man No DQ: Sicodelico Jr., Phoenix Star y Zokre
vs. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, Karl “Machine Gun”
Anderson & Joey Ryan (w/Vander Pyle)
5. Cassandro y Incognito vs. Mango y Muneco Infernal
6. Ikuto Hidaka vs. T.J. Perkins
Plus the Mexican Minis and much more!

Stay tuned to www.nwawrestling.com and
www.myspace.com/nwapro for all the latest info on the
return of the hottest show on canvass, the NWA Pro
Wresting Summit!

Every co-promotion throughout NWA Pro Wrestling is
heating up for the summer, even in Australia where it
is winter! Here are the updates from all our
co-promotions, including the announcement of a brand
new venture in Utah and an old friend joining the

**NWA Pro/UCW-Zero**
NWA Pro Wrestling is proud to announce a partnership
with Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero based in Salt
Lake City, UT. For several years the hottest wrestling
action in Utah and the surrounding areas has been
brought to the fans by UCW-Zero. Now, those fans will
also be able to see NWA superstars in action! Not only
will the UCW-Zero regulars such as Heavyweight
Champion Tristan Gallo, Derreck Jannetty, Jeff Orcut,
Validus etc. become NWA stars, but UCW-Zero CEO Stevie
Slick hopes to bring in several stars from across the
alliance. The first of these stars will be none other
than Joey “Kaos” Munoz! On June 29th at Centro Civico
Mexicano, Kaos will team with Khan Kussion to take on
Los Mochi Paco y Guerrero Azteca while Gallo defends
again Validus and much, much more! For more
information check out:

**NWA Pro/Viva La Lucha**
For several years NWA Pro Wrestling has relied on the
expert assistance of our good friend, promoter Ruben
Zamora, on all things lucha. Now, after 5 successful
years of running Viva La Lucha on his own, Ruben joins
the NWA Pro Wrestling family to help bring fans even
more exciting action. The first joint show will be
June 30th in Chula Vista, CA and will include lucha
stars Rey Misterio Sr, El Hijo de Rey Misterio,
Psicosis, Fobia, Cassandro, Black Tiger IV, Cobra II,
Nikki, Crybaby, X-Torm, TJ Boy and more! For more
information check out:

**NWA Pro/Alternative Wrestling Show**
Just in time for his upcoming Birthday Bash, AWS
Kingpin Bart Kapitzke has dusted off the AWS
Heavyweight Championship and a tournament to crown a
new champion begins this Friday at the AWS Shop in
City of Industry. Here is the scheduled card:

-AWS Light Heavyweight Championship: TJ Perkins© vs.
Lil’ Nate
-AWS Tag Team Championship (2 out of 3 falls): The
Young Bucks © (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Midnight
Dynamite (Charles Mercury & Johnny Paradise)
-8 First Round Matches: Bo Cooper vs. Tommy Wilson,
Kayam vs. Apollo Khan, Ronin vs. Scorpio Sky, Joey
Ryan vs. Johnny Paradise, Al Katrazz vs. Enigma de
Oro, Ryan Sakoda vs. Aaron Aguilera, Crayz vs. Mikey
Nicholls, Al Katrazz vs. Enigma de Oro & Peter Goodman
vs. Sonny Sampson
-Plus Nikki and the return of SoCal Val!

For more information check out:

**NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation**
EWF fans are anxiously awaiting the July 13th event
that will feature a match from the second round of the
NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament as “Scrap Iron”
Adam Pearce takes on Chad Parham. But before then,
they will get their fill of action and more this
Friday as EWF presents “Knock Down, Drag Out!” at the
Knights of Columbus Hall in Covina, CA. The show
features title defenses by EWF Champion Joey Harder as
he faces Dan “The Man” Kobrick, EWF American Champion
Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson who takes on Vizzion and
EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor who puts the
belt he has held for over a year on the line against
“Iceman” Webster Dauphiney. Also on the card Rey
Keijimura takes on Markus Riot and Bino Gambino and
Terex battle with No Countouts. All this and more this
Friday! For more information check out:

**NWA Pro/High Risk Wrestling**
Marty Jannetty is coming! Saturday August 4th High
Risk Wrestling presents its biggest show of the year
“Highway 2 Hell!” featuring an incredible main event
of The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) teaming with
WWE Legend Marty Jannetty to take on Karl “Machine
Gun” Anderson, Joey Ryan and “Diablo” Donnie Tsunami.
This match has additional intrigue as Diablo recently
won the “Over The Top” Battle Royal to earn a title
shot at any time against HRW Champion “Slick” Nick
Jackson. Also HRW High Desert Champion Johnny Paradise
continues his battle with TJ Perkins as the two will
battle on August 4th in a Street Fight! For more
information check out:

**NWA Pro Wrestling East**
A full schedule of events on the East Coast awaits
fans as NWA Pro Wrestling East will be making regular
stops in Levittown, PA plus Lodi, Clifton & Seaside,
NJ and more! Come and check out the action as Reckless
Youth, Don Montoya, Joe “So” Delicious, Remi Marcell,
Fred Sampson, Evan Myers, Nick Berk, Devon “Crowbar”
Storm, The Playaz Club and more take to the ring along
with frequent visitors like NWA North American Tag
Team Champions Scotty Rocker & Scotty Blaze, Chris
Escobar, Damian Wayne, Lazarus and more! For more
information check out:

**NWA Pro/Rising Phoenix Wrestling**
The great state of Arizona is still abuzz after the
incredible effort put forth by both Fred Sampson and
Glamour Boy Shane in their first round match in the
NWA World Title Tournament at the last Rising Phoenix
Wrestling event. The next RPW event promises to build
on their incredible momentum. The situation between
RPW Arizona Champion “Triple X” Lawrence Tyler and
“Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro continues to heat up as
Nitro’s T-N-T partner Johnny Dynamite and Tyler‘s
running buddy “Miracle” Mike James have gotten
involved in the feud. Also, after “Hawaiian Lion” John
Williams was declared winner over Black Metal when
Metal passed out in their I-Quit match, what will
become of these men? July 14th is the return date,
this time at a new building in Mesa, the Webster Gym &
. For more information check out:

**NWA Pro/EPW-Perth**
Many things in Australia are backwards from the way
they are in America: Water swirls the other way; their
winter is our summer; they drive on the other side of
the car and the road; and, believe it or not, they
love Bobby Jo Marshall! That was until the last
EPW-Perth event, where Bobby showed his true colors by
nailing former ally Shane Haste with a steel chair
preventing Haste from capturing the EPW Championship
from Jimmy Payne. Marshall now finds himself to be the
most hated man in Western Australia and on July 14th
at “Winter Warfare” Marshall better watch his back as
he and several other EPW stars compete in a #1
contenders rumble. For more information check out:

**NWA Pro/EPW-Adelaide**
It is unfortunate when a wrestler’s actions result in
bad press, but Hartley Jackson’s recent actions took
bad press to a new level. When top Australian TV
sports reporter Mark Aiston stopped by EPW-Adelaide’s
last event for a follow up on a very positive story
that he did on the group, Hartley Jackson took
exception to some of the things said and assaulted
Aiston. Down, but not out, Aiston would later
interrupt Jackson‘s main event match by clobbering the
mohawked Aussie with a chair. On June 30th Aiston will
take investigative reporting to a new level as he
steps in the ring for 8-man action! It will be Hartley
Jackson, Bruce “Havok” Mills, “Dirty” Dick Donovan &
Benny English against Damian Slater, “The Maniac”
Wayne Mattei, Jayson Cooper & live from Channel 10
News, Mark Aiston! For more information check out:

*****Full List of Upcoming Events*****
June 22 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Alternative Wrestling Show
@ AWS Shop, City of Industry, CA

June 22 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation
@ Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina, CA

June 23 2007 7:00P NWA Pro Wrestling East
@ Salvation Army Center, Levittown, PA

June 23 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/EPW-Perth
@ Dynamite Factory, Maddington, Western Australia

June 29 2007 7:00P NWA Pro/UCW-Zero
@ Centro Civico Mexicano, Salt Lake City, UT

June 30 2007 7:00P NWA Pro Wrestling East
@ TBA, Seaside, NJ

June 30 2007 7:30P NWA Pro/Viva La Lucha!
@ Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA

June 30 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/EPW-Adelaide
@ Cosgrove Hall, Clovelly Park, South Australia

July 7 2007 8:00P NWA Pro Wrestling Summit
@ Plaza de San Miguel, Houston, TX

July 8 2007 3:00P NWA Pro Wrestling Summit
@ McAllen Convention Center, McAllen, TX

July 13 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation
@ Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina, CA

July 13 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Alternative Wrestling Show
@ AWS Shop, City of Industry, CA

July 14 2007 7:00P NWA Pro Wrestling East
@ Knights of Columbus Hall, Lodi, NJ

July 14 2007 7:00P NWA Pro/EPW-Perth
@ Venville Rec Centre, Maylands, Western Australia

July 14 2007 7:00P NWA Pro/Rising Phoenix Wrestling
@ Webster Gym, Mesa, AZ

July 16 2007 7:00P NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation
@ Operation Phoenix HQ, San Bernardino, CA

July 21 2007 5:00P NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation
@ Operation Phoenix HQ, San Bernardino, CA

July 21 2007 7:00P NWA Pro Wrestling East
@ Salvation Army Center, Levittown, PA

July 27 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Alternative Wrestling Show
@ AWS Shop, City of Industry, CA

July 28 2007 7:00P NWA Pro Wrestling East
@ TBA, Seaside, NJ

July 28 2007 8:00P NWA Pro Wrestling Summit
@ Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA

Aug 4 2007 7:00P NWA Pro/High Risk Wrestling
@ Hesperia High School, Hesperia, CA

Aug 10 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation
@ Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina, CA

Aug 12 2007 3:00P NWA Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Summit
@ Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Aug 17 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Alternative Wrestling Show
@ AWS Shop, City of Industry, CA

Aug 24 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Empire Wrestling Federation
@ Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina, CA

Aug 25 2007 7:00P NWA Pro/EPW-Perth
@ Venville Rec Centre, Maylands, Western Australia

Aug 31 2007 8:00P NWA Pro/Alternative Wrestling Show
@ AWS Shop, City of Industry, CA

*****NWA Pro Wrestling School Going Strong*****
San Bernardino, CA is the new destination for top
level wrestling training as NWA Pro Wrestling
continues its work with the legendary School of Hard
Knocks. Special rates are available for existing NWA
wrestlers wishing to polish their skills with some of
the best trainers in wrestling. Contact your local NWA
member for information!

*****Stay Tuned For More*****
As summer heats up and news flows in, please be sure
to check out www.nwawrestling.com and
www.myspace.com/nwapro for all the latest and greatest
on the NWA World Title Tournament, the NWA Pro
Wrestling Summit Tour and all the action across the
globe! All cards subject to change without notice. 


NWA PRO EPW PERTHBrad West w/ Vin Penhero defeated Chase

“Psychofett” Ferguson Block defeated José Del Santo

James Street defeated Chris Vice

The European Union (Lord Jonathan Wimbledon, “The
Golden Greek” Marcius Pitsanopoulos and “The Don”
Micahael Morleone) defeated T’Emo (Justin Sane and Jay
Taylor) and Devlin Reeves

Bobby Marshall defeated Dan “The Beast” Moore

F.N Carnage defeted AZ Vegara 


NWA PRO/AWS Quick Results
Again, order might be off.

-Sexy Chino def. Ronnie Tsunami
(Bo flattened Chino as Chino danced)

-Apollo Kahn def. Kayam

-Joey Ryan def. Johnny Paradise (Chuck took a beating
downstairs after trying to set up for the Spike
Tombstone while Knox was taking a breather)

-Scorpio Sky w/SoCal Val def. Ronin
(Ronin appeared to have injured his arm during the
match, asked for ice afterwards. Hope he’s okay)

-Peter Goodman def. Sonny Samson (Goodman’s gonna need
new tights)

-Al Katrazz def. Enigma De Oro (Thanks to Vanderpyle)

-Aaron Aguilera “Hardkore Kidd” def. Ryu Sakoda via
Disqualification (After a wicked-bad Fireball shooting
out from Ryu’s hands! it sucks cause Aaron seemed to
get a lot of heat blast to his face, but… you
shoulda seen the angle from where I saw it… damn.)

-Bo Cooper def. Tommy Wilson (one of the most wicked
spears ever)

-Crayz def. Mikey Nichols (shades of Eddie Guerrero,
chair fake-out. Nichols used the chair after the

-The Young Bucks def. Midnight Dynamite 2 falls to 1.
(They did their crazy rush finish to Chuck onto a
ladder. Paradise then kicked Chuck after having shook
hands with the Young Bucks. Paradise tombstoned Chuck
and was chased off by the Bucks. Chuck had to be
carried off on the ladder of all things.)

-TJ Perkins def. Lil’ Plague via Count-out. (The match
was originally slated to be a title match, but Lil’
Plague was JUST over the weight limit for TJ’s title.
Lil’ Plague failed to detach himself from the entire
ringside barricade before the 10 count)

I think that’s all… one of the BEST shows to date…

Biggest crowd reaction seemed to be the manly grunts
of anger directed at Ronin after he kicked his foot at
Val who was at ringside during the match. Dude, that
ain’t cool…

Got a polaroid with Val during intermission. That was

Happy Birthday, BART!!!! and THANK YOU!!!

Round 2 Contestants:
Apollo Kahn, Aaron Aguilera, Peter Goodman, Crayz, Al
Katrazz, Joey Ryan, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper, Scorpio Sky.
Bart will draw the pairings from a hat. Go, Bart!

Seriously… wicked-bad fire ball… from his hands!
(oh yeah, and the dude came out with a freakin’



(as of June 22, 2007)


1 Joey Harder
2 Hook Bomberry
3 Webster Dauphiney
4 Country Bear
5 Terex
6 Vizzion
7 Markus Riot
8 Angelas
9 Human Tornado
10 Bino Gambino 


NWA Pro/ EWF .

Check out the EWF store for 2 new DVDs on sale,
Foreign Exchange & The Covina Classic 2007!

Foreign Exchange featured many international
wrestlers, such as Dragon Yuki, Mikey Nicholls, Ray
Kejimura & Kagrra, as well as many current EWF
Superstars! Dragon Yuki faced Ray Kejimura and Hook
Bomberry took Kagrra to the limit! This show also
features the EWF return of Bino Gambino! Also
included, the main event in which Joey Harder puts the
EWF’s greatest prize on the line, the EWF Heavyweight
Championship, against Joey Ryan!

The Covina Classic 2007 showcases a EWF Match of the
Year candidate, Ryan Taylor vs Markus Riot for the EWF
Cruiserweight Championship! Also on the card, a
spectacular Triple Threat Match involving Mikey
Nicholls, Hook Bomberry and The Human Tornado, Bino
Gambino vs Terex, and EWF Heavyweight Champion Joey
Harder taking on Dan “The Man” Kobrick! 




June 22, 2007
Covina, CA

Markus Riot pinned Ray Kejimura

Featured Attraction (with Mad MacIntosh) defeated
Maximo & “Tough” Tony Raze

“Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro pinned Kid Karnage

Aggravated Assault defeated “Marvelous” Max Martin &
Dave The Bruiser

Terex pinned Bino Gambino in a No-Countout Match

Carla Jade pinned Candice LeRae

EWF American Champion Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson
defeated Vizzion by submission to retain his title

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated
“Iceman” Webster Dauphiney by submission to retain his

Dan “The Man” Kobrick pinned Joey Harder to win the
EWF Heavyweight Championship 



NWA PRO/RPWRising Phoenix Wrestling Announces Exciting Venue
Change for July 14 Show
Greg DeMarco, The Voice of RPW
[email protected]

On July 14, 2007, wrestling fans will once again be
treated to a night like no other in the state of
Arizona as the stars of Rising Phoenix Wrestling
return to the ring.

But according to RPW president Earnest Guill, this
event has become more special thanks to a change in
venue. Today, Guill contacted me to share the news
that RPW’s next show has been moved to the Boys &
Girls Club of the East Valley, in Mesa.

“The move to the Boys & Girls Club allows Rising
Phoenix Wrestling to make our family friendly
entertainment available to a wider variety of fans.
The success of Rising Phoenix Wrestling is solely
based on the unending support we’ve seen from the fans
in the area in which we hold our events. As part of
this move, RPW will be donating tickets to the Boys &
Girls Club so that many kids that normally wouldn’t
have the chance to see a live wrestling show can
attend the show for free. Changing our venue and
providing free tickets to families through the Boys &
Girls Club was the best way for RPW to say thank you
to the Mesa community.”

The official event information is as follows:
July 14, 2007
Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley

W. 6th Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Directions will be available online at

One thing that a change in venue does not mean is a
change in the amazing wrestling action that Rising
Phoenix Wrestling has become known for.

June 9th saw RPW provide a history making moment.
“Bonecrusher” Fred Sampson pinned
Glamour Boy Shane to advance past the first round of
the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

At that event fans also saw Brandon Nitro fall short
in his quest to capture the Arizona Heavyweight
Championship from “XXX” Lawrence Tyler, but not until
Tyler utilized the title belt to end Nitro’s efforts.

The Hawaiian Lion finally avenged the attacks of Black
Metal by making the big man pass out to win a brutal
“I-Quit” match.

On July 14, Arizona wrestling fans will once again
have the chance to see the biggest stars in Arizona
and the Southwest. Just take a look at the wrestlers
who promise to go all out in the no-limits style of

Arizona Heavyweight champion “XXX” Lawrence Tyler:
Since winning the championship last August, no one has
been able to unseat the champ. On June 9, Tyler
reaffirmed his relationship with Team POS partner
“Miracle” Mike James when both men took out their
aggressions on TNT.

TNT – “Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro and Operation Iraqi
Freedom veteran and Bronze Star Nominee Johnny
Dynamite: Since his debut in January, Brandon Nitro
has become the most prolific high-flyer in the state
of Arizona, thrilling fans with the Space Flying Tiger
Bomb and the 450 Splash. Military veteran Johnny
Dynamite has also shown tremendous athleticism in his
RPW outings, scoring a clean victory over Mike James
at the last show.

The Hawaiian Lion: One of Japan’s fastest rising stars
was haunted by the notorious Black Metal since
January. Lion was finally able to defeat the monster
in a one-on-one setting on June 9th. What does the
future hold for one of the hardest hitting men in all
of Arizona? We just might learn more on July 14th.

“Miracle” Mike James: the man hailing from “A Little
Known Place Called None of Your Damn Business” has
shown that his never ending talent will have to take a
back seat to the nefarious ways of Team POS in his
attempted attack on Brandon Nitro after the June 9th
title match.

You can also see RPW Arizona legend The Navajo
Warrior, RPW Commissioner JS Crock and the
international superstars of the National Wrestling

July 14, 2007 promises to be the next event in a long
line of great events promoted by Rising Phoenix
Wrestling, and it will be made even more special
thanks to the tickets donated to the host venue, the
Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley in Mesa. Stay
tuned to www.risingphoenixwrestling.com for more
details about the show and to purchase tickets for a
special discounted online rate. 



JULY 7, 2007

El Hijo del Santo/Rayo De Jalisco Vs.
Blue Demon/Pentagon Black

Sicodelico, Jr. Vs. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (C)

X-Pac/La Parka Vs. Rob Conway/Psicosis

Los Luchas Vs. Karl Anderson/Joey Ryan

Cassandro/Incognito Vs. Mango/Muneco Infernal

Ikuto Hidaka Vs. TJ Perkins

Plus The Mexican Minis & More! 


**NWA Pro/Viva La Lucha**
For several years NWA Pro Wrestling has relied on the
expert assistance of our good friend, promoter Ruben
Zamora, on all things lucha. Now, after 5 successful
years of running Viva La Lucha on his own, Ruben joins
the NWA Pro Wrestling family to help bring fans even
more exciting action. The first joint show will be
June 30th in Chula Vista, CA and will include lucha
stars Rey Misterio Sr, El Hijo de Rey Misterio,
Psicosis, Fobia, Cassandro, Black Tiger IV, Cobra II,
Nikki, Crybaby, X-Torm, TJ Boy and more! For more
information check out:



Junior Heavyweight Rankings1.  Krotch2.  Devil Kumura3.  Eddie Diamond4.  Fighty McIrish5.  Tony Kozina6.  Quickstyle
7.  El Sucio
8.  Mike Vuaghan
9.  Grail
10. Theodore Eacher


Here is the card for NWA-SPW show on July 7th:









NWA EAST presents: 

June 1st, 2007 Results
AWC presents Ring of Fire
Jacob Woll Pavilion @ Renzie Park – McKeesport, PAFormer multi-time heavyweight champion ‘Bad Boy’ Brian Anthony was named AWC Director Of Operations by owner Paul Atlas. 1. Chris LeRusso won a battle royal to become the new AWC Brass Knuckles Champion after last eliminating Blue Dragon. 2. AWC Brass Knuckles Champion Chris LeRusso def. Dash Bennett with help from Krystal Frost.3. AWC Tag Team Champions The Straight Jacket Mafia (“Syko” Sean Dahmer & Apollyon) def. James Ross & Guido Corleone after the PWX loyalist entourage made their presence felt. 4. AWC Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor def. “The Unholy One” Grail5. NWA Virginia Alpha Champion Lazarus def. Crusher Hansen via DQ after Hansen slapped senior official Shawn Patrick in the face. 6. Paul Atlas & Dirk Ciglar def. Chris Taylor & Sam “The Hammer” Slej in a “Loser Must Quit” Match after interference from Devil Bhudakahn. As a result of being pinned, Slej must leave AWC.7. Blue Dragon def. AWC Three Rivers Champion Devil Bhudakahn to win the title in an impromptu main event.************************************************************************************Friday, July 6th Early Preview:NWA NATIONAL TITLE MATCH:CHANCE PROPHET defends against ‘Spotlight’ SCOTTIE GASH     The war of words have begun between these two men as Chance Prophet brings his NWA National Title to Pittsburgh and the AWC. Prophet has been an extremely strong champion having defended against numerous top wrestlers around the country. Prophet fully realizes the warzone he is walking into as Paul Atlas and Brian Anthony are in the middle of establishing control over a promotion in utter chaos from the AWC/PWX war. Chance knows that the likelyhood is there for this match to become a statement by both the AWC powers at hand as well as the PWX loyalist movement, so he will have to be looking over his shoulder the entire time he is here.     On the other hand, Scottie Gash is the handpicked wrestler by Director Of Operations Brian Anthony and AWC owner Paul Atlas. Gash has been awarded this match as part of his reward package for turning his back on PWX and helping AWC win the war. Former PWX owner Jim Miller originally booked the champion for his PWX without naming an opponent and after PWX lost their bid to remain in business, Paul Atlas quickly moved to secure Mr. Gash in this spot.     Politics aside, both Gash and Prophet are well-crafted wrestlers who have similiar in-ring styles that should nmake for a dynamic matchup. For Prophet, it will be another chance to successfully defend his nationally recognized title and continue his impressive title reign. For Gash, this is the biggest match of his career as he will have the chance to win a title that will put him into the national spotlight, so to speak. Gash knows that with a title comes bigger paydays, more bookings, exposure, and notoriety. All of which he craves to the utmost.    Can Gash win the big one? Is Prophet walking into a trap? Will the PWX entourage make their presence felt in this match? Or will Paul Atlas and Brian Anthony help Gash bring the title to AWC? Come find out on Friday, July 6th!!! AWC Heavyweight Title Match:   CHRIS TAYLOR defends against DEVIL BHUDAKAHN        The two hottest wrestlers in the promotion over the last several months will lock horns over the biggest prize in the area on July 6th. Champion Chris Taylor has signed on to face former Three Rivers Champion Devil Bhudakahn only after Devil agreed to defend his Three Rivers Title against a man he had been having trouble with for awhile in The Blue Dragon. Devil came up on the short end of that match as he lost his title that he had a death grip on since February, but has secured a shot at winning his first heavyweight title in his career.      Devil has rarely been seen without a title around his waist for the last 10 months as he reigned as Tag-Team Champions from August 2006 until the end of the year. He then went on to win the Three Rivers Title in February 2007 and held it until he last AWC Showcase. Devil has been described as very underrated by many people in recent months and will look to seize the chance to show everyone why so many people feel that way. Devil is primed and ready for this title match and it has to be known that he is more than willing to sink to any depths to get what he wants.    Champion Chris Taylor may be the only man that has been any hotter than Devil. Taylor has enjoyed a very lengthy title reign after winning the title in October 2006. Taylor has lived up to his word of being a fighting champion as he has faced anyone thrown in his way from inside or outside the promotion and has walked away with the still around his waist every time. Taylor is well aware of what Devil is capable of and will be on guard and ready for anything. This particular match has great interest for Chris because if he is able to successfully defend his title, he will become the longest reigning heavyweight champion in the long lineage of champions in AWC/PWX history. Not bad for a guy that some now departed veterans declared was too small and a joke as heavyweight champion. Chris Taylor has always thrived on what people would tell him he could not do. AWC Three Rivers Title Match:THE BLUE DRAGON makes his first title defense against GUIDO CORLEONE     The Blue Dragon has proven that hard work and persistence can pay off in the end as he was able to capture his first title at the last AWC Showcase in the form of the prestigious Three Rivers Championship. Dragon has gone from a sideshow act with Kid Cupid to a champion in just over a year and now has the attention of every wrestler in AWC. His first test will come against Guido Corleone. Guido already has reason to be looking for revenge after The Blue Dragon and the rest of the PWX Loyalist Movement cost Guido and James Ross a shot at winning the AWC Tag-Team Titles at the last show with Dragon being directly responsible for Guido’s demise in that match.      Guido has informed everyone that would listen that he will win back the title that he was never beat for after he suffered a major back injury 5 years ago as Three Rivers Champion. Since his return, Guido has been a man possessed running through competition like a runaway freight train. Guido is once again looking to be in top ring shape and a true contender for any title he sets his sights on. Guido will prove to be a big time test for the new champion as Guido is clearly back and just as good as ever.    However, The Blue Dragon has seen and heard all of this before from other wrestlers and still has dug down deep to pull out one win after another. Dragon will have Guido well scouted and will look to strike and move knowing that if he gets within Guido’s grip, he wont be long as a champion. Dragon also will have the crowd clearly behind him as he has become one of the most popular wrestlers in AWC. The Blue Dragon knows exactly what lies ahead of him and will continue to work hard and move forward just as has done very successfully in the recent past.       Will Guido be able to win back the title he never lost? Can Blue Dragon take out yet another top veteran and keep his title? Will James Ross be looking for revenge from being jumped by Guido and Paul Atlas last show? Will PWX be in full force to make sure Dragon is fighting on a level playing field? CRUSHER HANSEN w/ Benjamin C. Steele  versus ‘Dirty’ DON MONTOYA     Crusher Hansen has been boasting for months that he is the undisputed ‘King Of Pittsburgh Wrestling’ after taking offense to that claim being thrust upon both Brandon K and Sterling James Keenan prior to their big matchup. Now, Crusher will look to prove his claim as he will take on a man of high notoriety in Don Montoya.     Crusher actually has a valid argument in his claim as he has reigned as AWC Heavyweight Champion recently and nearly won the NWA Virginia Alpha Title at the last AWC Showcase if it wasnt for his temper control issues. Now Crusher will have the chance to take on a man that once was considered one of the best in Pittsburgh as well as many other promotions. A win here for Crusher will certainly move him a few steps closer to his claim and the heavyweight title that he still craves greatly. Crusher also has an ace in the hole in BC Steele. Steele, though very effeminate, has proven to be a great asset in times of cheating and underhanded tactics.     Don Montoya now calls the NWA Black and Blue across the state his home base, but is looking to make a triumph return to his old stomping grounds in Pittsburgh. Montoya has held titles in many promotions in and out of Pittsburgh and now will look to jump right into the title picture in AWC with a win against a former champion in Crusher Hansen. It has been several years since Montoya has wrestled in a ring in Pittsburgh, but on Friday, July 6th, he will step into the squared circle against one of the best Pittsburgh has seen over the course of the last decade.**********************************************************************AWC TOP TEN RANKINGS:AWC Heavyweight Champion: Chris Taylor1. The Blue Dragon (Three Rivers Champion)2. Crusher Hansen3. Devil Bhudakahn4. Chris LeRusso (Brass Knuckles Champion)5. Scottie Gash6. Paul Atlas7. Brandon K8. Dash Bennett9. Guido Corleone10. The MantisThe AWC website has been moved to a new location. It now can be found at:                        www.pwx-online.org  

National Wrestling Alliance & NWA Quebec proudly
presents Professional Wrestling June 30th @ the
Recreatheque 900 Cure-Labelle in Chomedey Laval.

The Main Event

NWA North American Wrestling Champion Dru Onyx makes
his return to his hometown tagging with “The Greek War
Machine” Tank against the 3rd ranked NWA World Tag
Team Contenders the Twin Terrors

Semi Main Event Champion vs. Champion
NWA Quebec Heavyweight Wrestling Champion “Paranoid”
Jake Matthews vs. Rage Wrestling Entertainment
Heavyweight Champion, Ontario’s Drake Styles

Featured NWA Junior Heavyweight Bout
Excess 69 vs. “The Pride Of Italy” Dan Paysan

NWA Canadian Tag Team Title Defense!
Newly crowned champions Trauma Unit Antonio Corsi &
Stew Mandan will make there first Canadian title
defense against one of Quebec’s top tag teams Shane
Matthews & Jagged known as 2.0

Special Ladies Match
L’Association de Lutte Feminine Champion Stefany “The
Striker” St. Claire will defend her championship
against 21st Century Fox

Heavyweight match Contenders Match
2) Michael Von Payton vs. Damien Styles

Junior Heavyweight Contenders Match
1) Justin White vs. Superstar Shane Hawke 


Congratulations to Kyle O’Reilly who won the 7th Annual Pacific Cup Tournament in Vancouver this past Saturday evening. …..Another congratulations goes out to “Amercian” Dragon Bryan Danielson for willing his NWA Heavyweight Title opening match against “Bomber” Nelson Creed this past Saturday.  Daneilson had a lot to say after his match – for a YouTube video…..SuperGirls Wrestling has been airing on the Fight Network for the last five weeks.  You can catch all the action several times on Friday and Saturday night visit www.TheFightNetwork.com for schedules…Speaking of SuperGirls Wrestling, the next shows are September 28th in Surrey and September 29th in Vancouver – announcements of the talent coming in for the shows will be released over the summer…..NWA/ECCW will be part of the VIX in Nanaimo during August…Our new training centre, Slam Academy will hold an Open House on Sunday, July 15th from 2pm and 4pm.  Join the wrestlers and trainers in a fun filled afternoon of an open workout, a short show and some great food.  …..Finally, it was great seeing former NWA/ECCW wrestler Paul “Leviathan” Lazenby backstage at the Pacific Cup.  Paul has moved on to be the colour commentator for BoDog Fight and writer of his own humourous / touching / interesting blog at www.PaulLazenby.com.  Hopefully he – and other former wrestlers – will feel free to join us at anytime.  06/22 NWA ECCW Results
Surrey, BC

History was made in Surrey on June 22nd, 2007, as
Aaron Idol finally fulfilled his destiny, defeating
“Rocket” Randy Tyler inside of a steel cage to finally
win the NWA/ECCW Championship! Tyler thought he had an
ace up his sleeve, in the returning Sweet Daddy
Devastation – but as Tyler was about to leave the
cage, Sweet Daddy slammed the door into Tyler’s head,
as revenge for Tyler’s chicanery over eighteen months
ago! As Idol climbed the cage, Tyler recovered and
actually superkicked Idol off the cage! As Tyler was
about to leave the cage, Idol made one last ditch
effort, diving through the open cage door and slamming
himself onto the floor to win! The nearly
seventeen-month reign of “Rocket” Randy Tyler has come
to an end, and the reign of Aaron Idol has begun in

Other results from a wild night in Surrey:

Chill Town members DK Roc & Azeem The Dream defeated
“The Greaser” Ronnie Angel & Kellen Raeth

In an intergender match, Sid Sylum & Nikki Matthews
defeated “Brilliant” Billy Suede & Veronika Vice when
Sylum lariated the SuperGirls champion and scored the

Fast Freddy Funk pinned Mikey Dasheezits, thanks
partly to a distraction by “Vicious” Verne Siebert,
who tried to introduce a chair into the match – but as
the referee blocked that interference, Freddy
shockingly produced a chain from his boot and knocked
Dasheezits out with it!

NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion Ice
successfully defended the title against “Tornado” Tony

ECCW Hardcore Champion Scotty Mac can thank his fellow
Chill Town members, as a pileon by Scotty, DK Roc and
Azeem The Dream allowed the pinfall on Cremator!

2007 Pacific Cup champion Kyle O’Reilly used a
brainbuster to put away La Sombra – after the match,
O’Reilly and Ice stared each other down, as O’Reilly
wants a shot at the NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight

In what can be considered an upset, The Masked Dudes
of Doom defeated Greatness On Demand thanks to the
interference of a large masked man, much to the
chagrin of “Gorgeous” Michelle Starr and new GOD
manager “Loverboy” Johnny Canuck!

NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion Cole Bishop defeated Memphis with a one-armed powerbomb and a big boot to
the head. 


RESULTS: ECCW Rocks Kelowna!
June 23, 2007

Sid Sylum pinned Mike Freeman after a diving headbutt

Mikey Dasheezits scored an upset win over Disco Fury
with a sunset flip

Scotty Mac retained the ECCW Hardcore championship
over “Tornado” Tony Kozina after a superbomb through a

Suman defeated “Rocket” Randy Tyler by
disqualification; Tyler originally pinned Suman, but
referee Mike Sweetser reversed the decision due to
Tyler’s feet being on the ropes

Cole Bishop defeated “Gorgeous” Michelle Starr to
retain the NWA Canadian heavyweight championship;
Starr and Bishop both locked in testicular claws, but
Bishop was able to survive three arm drops by the
official, while Starr did not.

In a mixed tag team match, Veronika Vice and Mike
Freeman picked up the victory over Sid Sylum and Disco

NWA All Star Wrestling presents an event on Sunday
night at Barriere Elementary School in Barriere, BC,
headlined by Cole Bishop defending the NWA Canadian
heavyweight championship against Scotty Mac! Tickets
are on sale now! 


UPCOMING SHOWSSaturday, July 14th – Port Coquitlam, BC – 8pmSaturday, July 21st – Vancouver, BC – 8pmFriday, September 28th – Surrey, BC – 8pm – SUPERGIRLS WRESTLINGSaturday, September 29th – Vancouver, BC – 8pm – SUPERGIRLS WRESTLING 



NWA Empire

In this Issue:

1. Partial Card Announced for NWA Empire Red, White,
and Bruised

2. Troubling Times for Tag Champs R&B?

3. Full Info for Red, White & Bruised

4. Parks Falls in NWA Tournament

5. NWA Upstate Goes to the Fair

The official website of NWA Empire
(http://nwaempire.com) was recently updated with a
partial card for the fed’s July show, Red, White &
Bruised, which is being held Saturday night July 21,
2007 at St. Johnsburg Firehall located at 7165 Ward
Road (Route NY-429) in North Tonawanda, New York..
NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks, who won
the title at the last show in an impromptu match with
Brodie Lee after Hellcat had laid down for Brodie
(giving Brodie the honor of holding the record for the
shortest NWA Empire Heavyweight Championship rein on
record, will be on hand to defend the title. His
opponent will not be a push over, though. He’s drawn
the assignment of wrestling The Master of the Setting
Sun himself, Gabe Saint. That should be on heck of a
match, and a definite candidate for Match of the

The reunited Final Solution (“Exceptional Icon” Eric
Everlast & Ron Falco, accompanied by the lovely Amanda
Stroyer) draws an ever tougher assignment at Red,
White & Bruised. Ron & Eric square off with one of
the roughest and cleverest teams in Western New York wrestling, Spoiled Rotten. Consisting of Western New
’s hardcore wrestling legend Ian Decay, and the
wily Troy Buchannan, Spoiled Rotten has made a major
impact recently in NWA Empire, and look to derail the
reunion of Final Solution before that freight train
can gain speed.

NWA Empire Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze are
splitting up! For one night anyway! The champs Buddy
Delmar and Frank the Tank, fresh from some recent
personal turmoil (more about that under the heading
Troubling Times for Tag Champs R&B?) are both in
singles action at Red, White & Bruised. They will be
taking on their #1 nemesis’ The Roadies in singles
action. Delmar will be facing “Diamond” Dave Marcos
while Frank the Tank battles “I Can’t Drive 55” Sammy

Some of NWA Empire’s other tag teams will be showcased
in a special


Tag Team Turmoil match. The
teams scheduled to compete in the match are The
All-Knighters (“Amazing” Kevin Grace & “Sexy Monkey”
Robin Knightwing), Wrestling, Inc. (Brandon Thurston &
James Santelli), The Kovac Brothers (Matt & Michael),
and The McCloud Brothers (Kyle & Evan). This should
be a fast paced and exciting match as all these teams
attempt to put their best foot forward to show NWA
management that they deserve future consideration for
a shot at the NWA Empire Tag Team Championship
currently held by Rhythm & Booze..

Jonny Puma has asked for mic time at Red, White &
Bruised to address the NWA Empire fans. One can only
guess what the man who made ESW famous will have to
say. Will he issue a challenge to Hellcat for that
long awaited one-on-one match? Will he announce his
retirement, which has been rumored for almost a year?
Will he, taking the lead from Final Solution reunion,
announce the reformation of Club Elite? Only Jonny
Puma knows for sure what’s on his mind. Be there at
NWA Empire Red, White & Bruised on July 21st to get
the word directly from the man himself.


Rumors have been swirling for the past week about an
incident or incidents that has/have allegedly taken
place involving NWA Empire Tag Team Champions Rhythm &
Booze (Buddy Delmar & Frank the Tank). There were
rumors of an automobile accident, an arrest at a
Rochester tavern, and even domestic violence. What’s
truth and what’s fiction has yet to be ferreted out.
Some of the rumors involved the death of R&B’s bass
player Leroy Hunter. R&B’s manger Col. Johnny Kayfabe
posted this official comment on the NWA Empire/NWA
Upstate message board
after the first rumors (of an automobile accident)
began surfacing, in which he acknowledges the death of
Leroy Hunter:

“From the Desk of Col. Kayfabe,

Those of us at Championship Vinyl have no comment at
this time. There WAS an incident in Rochester over
this past weekend involving the two, but with legal
matters still pending we cannot issue a statement at
this time. Frank and Buddy had only recently inked a 2
year deal with our label and began production on their
newest album “All Roads Lead to Brown Town“, but at
this point production has halted. We will have more
information on this before the Monroe County Fair show
for NWA Upstate on Friday, July 13th.

But on sad note, we must report that Buddy’s cousin
and Rhythm and Booze Bassist, Leroy Hunter (1982-
2007) has passed as result of the incident. He will
remain in our thoughts. “

As more and more rumors began to surface and swirl,
NWA Empire/NWA Upstate owner Hellcat issued and
official statement from NWA Empire/NWA Upstate
management regarding the R&B rumors:

“At this time the Front office of NWA Empire & Upstate
are trying to find out more facts as they become
available on this developing situation. I can say at
this time (that) there has been a death and there are
several charges pending on this situation. The future
of Rhythm & Booze and the Empire Tag Team titles are
unclear at this time.”

What can all this mean to the NWA Empire tag team
scene. The Boss (Hellcat) himself seems unclean on
what all this is going to mean. To keep up-to-date on
the R&B situation, keep checking the NWA Empire/NWA
Upstate message board
where updated information will be posted by management
as it becomes available.

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc., in sanction with the
National Wrestling Alliance, presents:

Date: Saturday July 21st, 2007
Place: St. Johnsburg Fire Hall –
7165 Ward Road,
North Tonawanda, NY
Time: Doors Open at 5:30 PM – Pre-show: 6:00 PM –
Main Show: 6:30 PM
Admission: Pre-sale $10 – Adults (day of the show)
$12 – Kids (9 and under) $5
For pre-sale ticket information, call 585-621-4293

Pepper Parks (C) vs. Gabe Saint

The Reunited Final Solution (“Exceptional Icon” Eric
Everlast & Ron Falco) vs Spoiled Rotten (Ian Decay &
Troy “The Boy” Buchanan)

R&B’s Frank the Tank vs. The Roadies Sammy Dunn

R&B’s Buddy Delmar vs The Roadies “Diamond” Dave

The All Knighters (Kevin Grace & “Sexy Monkey” Robin
Knightwing vs Wrestling Inc. (Brandon Thurston &
James Santell) vs The Kovac Brothers (Matt &
Michael) vs The McCloud Brothers (Evan & Kyle)

NWA Empire’s favorite son Jonny Puma has asked for mic
time at Red, White & Bruised to address the fans.
What will he have to say? Be there to find out

Plus the debut of STARGAZER!

Fans of NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks
will undoubtedly be saddened to hear that Pepper lost
his first round match in the tournament to crown a new
NWA World Heavyweight Champion. But they should be
happy to hear that Pepper put out a fabulous effort,
coming up just short in the match.

As most of you may know, TNA Wrestling and the NWA
ended their five-year relationship in May, with TNA
management returning all NWA titles belts to the NWA.
Subsequently, NWA management announced a 16-man
tournament to crown a new NWA World Heavyweight
Champion. On the strength of his victory over Brodie
Lee to win the NWA Empire Heavyweight title at NWA
Empire’s May show, the NWA added Pepper Parks to the
tournament, placing him in the tournament’s Terry Funk
Bracket. Parks drew a first round match against the
bracket’s number one seed, Claudio Castignoli.

Pepper and Claudio met in their first round match last
Saturday (June 16) at a New England Championship
Wrestling show in Danvers, Massachusetts. According
to fans in attendance Pepper put out a great effort,
calling the match “very competitive,” before finally
falling to Castignoli. Castignoli now moves on to the
second round against the winner of a match pitting
Roughneck Ryan against Sicodelico, Jr., which will be
fought June 30th at an NWA Top Rope Wrestling show at
the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Tennessee.

I’m sure all NWA Empire fans are united in
congratulating NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper
Parks for not only representing NWA Empire in the NWA
World Heavyweight Championship tournament, but also
for putting out such a great effort in the match with
Claudio Castignoli.

For the second year in a row, NWA Empire’s sister fed
NWA will be part of the Monroe County Fair. The fair
runs from Wednesday July 11 to Sunday July 15, 2007 in Henrietta, New York. NWA Upstate’s show will be held
at fair’s the Wegman’s music stage on Friday night
July 13th as part of a double-header of entertainment
that also includes a concert by renown AC/DC tribute
band Ball Breaker. Both the NWA Upstate show and the
concert are free with general admission to the fair,
which is $4 for adults, $3 for teens, $2 for seniors
(60 and over) and free for kids (12 and under). NWA
Upstate will be showcasing the best in WNY indy
wrestling at 7:30 PM, followed by the Ball Breaker
concert at 9:30 PM. Come put early to get a great
seat for this 1-2 punch of inexpensive entertainment.

To stay abreast of all the latest NWA Empire news,
keep checking the official NWA Empire website at

To stay abreast of all the latest NWA upstate news,
keep checking the official NWA Upstate website at

To join in discussions about the latest news and
happenings in both NWA Empire and NWA Upstate, join
the official message board of both feds by going to


NWA MID-WEST/IWA Mid-South 6/22

Jim Fannin starts the night off by announcing that
there will be no traditional group picture this year
due to the fact that most of the lockerroom want the
Deep-South guys dead.

First round match: Mickie Knuckles vs Tank – Barbwire
ropes, Barbwire bat

Tank jumps Mickie before the introductions are done.
They start out brawling and now Mickie has the upper
hand, grinding a barbwire bat into Tank’s head. Mickie
is biting the bloody forehead of Tank! Tank bails to
the outside and Mickie pursues him. Now the entire
crowd has gathering around Mickie and Tank as they
continue beating the hell out of eachother on the
outside. Sounds like they’re exchanging headbutts. Now
I hear chairshots. They’re starting to move back
toward the ring now and the crowd is returning to
their seats.

Both Mickie and Tank are a bloody mess. Mickie gets
whipped into the barbwire ropes hard. Low blow to
Tank! Mickie whips Tank into the corner through a
barbwire board! Crowd is chanting “Mickie, Mickie.”
Nasty barbwire bat shot to the head of Mickie Knuckles
and now Tank is standing over Mickie as he rakes away
at Mickie’s head with the barbwire bat. Mickie comes
back with some hard strikes and now it looks like
she’s wrapped barbwire around her legs! Lungblower to
the chest of Tank with barbwire around Mickie’s legs.
Tank is bringing up the barbwire bat but Mickie hits
the shining kawada, kicking the barbwire bat back into
Tank’s face! Mickie goes for the pin….1, 2 3! Mickie
advances to round two!

A familiar entrance music begins playing in Plainfield: “Ghetto Superstar” by ODB……ROLLIN’
HARD is back in the IWA!

First round match: Rollin’ Hard vs Necro Butcher – Tai
Pei Death, Barbwire Madness

Gypsy Joe hasn’t been heard from all day….Rollin’
Hard came along with Mitch Page, so Rollin’ will be
taking Gypsy Joe’s spot in the KOTDM.

Both men are circling the ring, waiting for the other
to make the first move. In almost no time at all, both
men are busted open from the glass covered fists both
men are wielding. Rollin’ Hard has the advantage now,
clubbing away the head and face area of the Necro
Butcher. Necro is coming back now and has back Rollin’
into a corner, just laying into the Necro Butcher!
Rollin’ comes back by punching Necro on his bare foot!
Rollin’ tucks Necro’s foot into his own shirt now and
has a HANDS-FREE SUBMISSION! Necro refuses to give up.
ASIATIC SPIKE out of nowhere!!! Rollin’ Hard’s hand
drops three times and the Necro Butcher advances to
round two!

And now, mousetraps, cacti, christmas tree balls, and
a barbwire board are being set up!

First round match: Scotty Vortekz vs Mad Man Pondo –
Four Corners of Pain, Staple Gun

#16 is revealed to be Indianapolis‘ own Scotty
Vortekz! A test of strength to start off? Pondo kicks
Vortekz in the gut and promptly puts three staples
into Vortekz! Make that four. Irish whip and Pondo
hits a side slam on Vortekz! Pondo remarks that he
just hit a wrestling move! And now he’s putting the
mousetrap box into the ring….Vortekz hits a twisting
headscissors on Pondo right into the mousetraps!

They go to the outside and Vortekz goes for a
moonsault off the apron…but he misses and goes into
barbwire! Pondo sets up the barbwire board inside the
ring and Vortekz is leaning against the apron on the
outside…baseball dropkick by Pondo, sending the
barbwire into Vortekz’s face! Pondo slams Vortekz into
the barbwire in the ring for a near fall. And now we
have the Christmas balls…beautifully arranged to
spell “I W A.” Vorktekz hits a HURRACANRANA from the
top onto Pondo, exploding through the Christmas balls!
Vortekz is going back up top….DOUBLE KNEES to the
chest of Pondo for another near fall! Vortekz has set
up the cactus pit onto two chairs in the
corner…Vortekz is cut off by Pondo with a backbody
drop into the Christmas ball glass! Pondo puts Vortekz
on the top rope…..DDT FROM THE TOP ROPE INTO THE
CACTUS!!!! Pondo advances to tomorrow night.

Up next, Drake Younger vs Fukimoto for the IWA
Deathmatch Title…THOUSANDS of thumbtacks have been
spread out in the center of the ring!

First round match: Fukimoto vs Drake Younger –
Thumbtack Insanity/Barbwire Madness for the IWA
Deathmatch Title

Both men start off swinging thumbtack bats and now
Drake has a “One Way” sign set up in the corner with a
thumbtack bat on top…hiptoss onto Fukimoto onto the
sign! NASTY thumbtack chair-shot onto Drake Younger by
the representative from F.U.C.K.! Drake responds with
a spinebuster into the mass of tacks!

Chops in the corner by Drake, whips Fukimoto into the
opposite corner…Fukimoto catches Drake with a big
boot and big dropkick from the top rope, sending Drake
into the tacks! Drake with a T-Bone on Fukimoto into
the tacks! And now, Drake is going for the Drake’s
Landing…Fukimoto counters and Drake turns around
into the GREEN MIST by Fukimoto! Fukimoto with a
disgusting powerbomb right onto Drake’s head! Drake
kicks out at two! Drake has Fukimoto up….DRAKE’S
LANDING into the tacks! 1, 2, 3! Drake Younger
advances to the next round and retains the IWA
Deathmatch Title!

We are now at intermission to clean up the mess and
set up a barbwire cage for the next match.

First round match: Danny Havoc vs Dysfunction – Double
TLC: Tables, Lighttubes, Ladder, chairs & Barbwire

Havoc whips Dys into the cage immediately but Dys
returns the favor by whipping Havoc into the barbwire
portion of the cage. Dys with a belly to belly suplex
on Havoc onto the barbwire ladder…and then a
Michinoku Driver onto the ladder. Dys lays in several
chops on Havoc and smashes a light tubes across his
back…Dys assaults Havoc with a series of vicious
kicks for a near fall…Dysfunction straight kicks
Danny Havoc in the balls as he’s caught in the
barbwire….Dys slams Havoc into the barbwire, into a
fallaway slam.

Dys gets his arm caught in the barbwire and Havoc
nails a running yakuza kick to Dysfunction’s elbow!
Havoc with a lighttube assisted legdrop from the top
rope! Havoc is now setting up a table. Dys turns it
around quickly and legdrops Danny Havoc through the
table, from the top rope! German suplex attempt
blocked by Havoc, who turns around nails a Dragon
suplex into broken glass on Dysfunction. Havoc with a
baseball-swing-like lighttube shot to a seated
Dysfunction. Danny Havoc is now constructing a
monstrosity of chairs and a ladder….now he has
Dysfunction layed across the ladder and stacks light
tubes on top of him! Havoc is going up to the top of
the cage! Dys is up! He grabs Havoc and slams him
through the ladder/chair concoction and follows up
with a double-stomp from the second rope!!!
Dysfunction picks up the win and advances! Crowd is
chanting for both Dysfunction and Danny Havoc as we
get ready to clean up the huge mess…

First round match: Freakshow vs “Mean” Mitch Page –
Homerun Derby match (Thumbtack bats, lighttube bats,
barbwire bats, carpet strip bats, and more)

Jim Fannin gives a scathing introduction to Freakshow,
saying he is from the “Untrained, undeserving,
backyard called the Land of Blood and Guts….the man
that didn’t earn his spot in the KOTDM…Freakshow).
Your referee is John “PeeWee
Moore. Mitch Page goes right to work on Freakshow
before he can even be introduced. A snap-pop bat is
used, a thick plastic bat, and a sandpaper bat are
used. They go to the outside and Page hits Freakshow
with another STIFF batshot. Mitch Page with a
lighttube bat shot to Freakshow and he grinds the
broken end into his skull. Page is absolutely
dominating Freakshow, who is a bloody mess. Freakshow
has blood and glass all over his back, and has now
taken control over Page…back in the ring, Freakshow
just hammered Mitch Page in the head with the dreaded
water-jug bat. Freakshow has the SPIKE! He’s stabbing
away at Mitch Page’s head! Freakshow has been gouging
at the face of Mitch Page for well over 2-3 minutes
and now the fans are chanting for someone to “Kill the
ref,” who has repeatedly threatened to stop the match
if Freakshow won’t stop…A WHITE TOWEL HAS BEEN
THROWN IN! Mitch Page’s best friend Rollin’ Hard has
thrown in the towel! This match is over and Freakshow
will advance to the next round. Rollin’ Hard is in the
ring checking on Mitch Page.

First round match: Insane Lane vs Brain Damage – Fans
Bring the


Insane Lane

is met with a loud chorus of boos as he
enters but it is the exact opposite for the returning
Brain Damage! Streamers are everywhere as the Hardcore
Terminator makes his way through the crowd and now

Insane Lane

is playing in the streamers as if they
were for him. “Welcome back” chant for Brain Damage.

Insane Lane

gets the same type of introduction from
Jim Fannin as Freakshow.

Both men exchanging shots in the middle of the ring

Insane Lane

is dropped after 3 shots! Lane goes
after Damage with a barbwire tennis racket and is
frantically breaking lighttubes over Brain Damage’s
back. Damage comes back and he now has a cheese
grater, slicing Lane up like sharp cheddar! VCR shot

Insane Lane

and now they’re on the outside! Brain
Damage hits atleast 50 consecutive headbutts as he

Insane Lane

through two rows of chairs. Damage
with a straight body slam onto the concrete floor on

Insane Lane

. Brain Damage has a lighttube board and

Insane Lane

through the glass (I don’t know how
due to the wall of people in front of me.

Now they’ve made their way to the bleachers and Brain
Damage falls straight on his back from the top.


has taken control of the match as both men (and
90% of the crowd) move to the opposite side of the Capitol Sports Center. Brain Damage destroys


with another lighttube bat.

And they’re back in the ring. The crowd scatters back
to their seats. Lane going for a powerbomb but Damage
blocks. Package piledriver onto

Insane Lane

! It’s
over! Brain Damage advances to the second round
tomorrow night!

It’s time for our last match of the evening!

First round match: Deranged vs Corporal Robinson –
Fans Bring the Weapons

Both men shake hands before they square off. Now
they’re exchanging some vicious blows and Deranged
eventually clotheslines Corporal over the top rope, to
the floor. The water jug bat has made its return in
this match! Corporal with a lighttube/thumbtack
chair-shot to Deranged. The sounds of glass breaking
and absolute pain can be heard, but not seen from our
post. Deranged regains control and is taking Corporal
through the fans, towards the sound table. I can’t see
from here very well but Joey Eastman on commentary
seems to be having a good time.

Deranged is setting up a lighttube contraption with a
plastic fork board on top. Corporal blocks a powerbomb
attempt and hits a BOOT CAMP BITCH onto the mess that
Deranged created! Deranged KICKS OUT! Deranged hits a
double-underhook suplex and calls for some chairs…he
sets up the chairs BACK to BACK and powerbombs Corp
right onto them! Kickout! Deranged hits a moonsault
onto Corp, who has lighttubes on his chest! He kicks
out AGAIN! Deranged is attempting to suplex Corporal
to the outside through lighttubes but Corporal
blocks…BOOT CAMP BITCH from the second rope on the
outside through lighttubes! Corporal gets the pin on
the floor! Corporal Robinson goes to the next round!

Ian announced the second round matches:

Brain Damage vs Mickie Knuckles
Corporal Robinson vs Mad Man Pondo
Drake Younger vs Dysfunction
Necro Butcher vs Freakshow 



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