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8/4 NWA Anarchy Report By Larry Goodman


NWA Anarchy gave their fans another outstanding night of wrestling entertainment last night in Cornelia.

It was built around a Rumble match with 10 of Anarchy’s best competing to become the number one contender for Ace Rockwell’s Heavyweight Title, and another confrontation between the NWA Elite and Devil’s Rejects. They’ve moved on from pure annihilation as the motivating force. At least for now, it’s about who has the gold.

In my book, the shows since Hostile Environment have produced the best back-to-back television tapings in company history. The booking is firing on all cylinders. From the bottom of the card straight to the very top, every match has a story, and every program is over to a ridiculous level. Morale is at an all-time high. The in ring wrestling has matured without sacrificing creativity. Creative yet disciplined. No doing spots for the sake of a doing a spot. It’s all there for good reason.

The crowd of 180 wasn’t the least bit phased by the less-than-deal conditions inside the NWA Arena. (bell time temp close to 90). As wrestling fans go, some of these people are as rabid as they come. They were richly rewarded for their love of the product.

In a post on the Georgiawrestling.tk message board I stated that GCW could match NWA Anarchy for their level of talent. What I failed to mention is that Anarchy has in distinct advantage in depth. What had been one of Anarchy’s weaknesses has become a major strength. The combination of talent development and selective key additions has provided a major upgrade in the depth of the roster in recent months.

On to the show…

(1) World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) beat Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix with Adam Roberts) in 5:56. Chase and Roberts were having words as they entered outfitted in dress pants and button down shirts. Major babyface pop for World’s Prettiest. Chase was a big tease about taking off the trousers, to where Delay got fed up and pulled them down around the Stray Cat’s ankles. WP2T did one hell of a double arm wringer on Phoenix and turned it into a double monkey flip. But Delay’s arm slammed the post when Phoenix avoided his charge. The crowd got behind Delay pronto. He was dumped into the waiting arms of Roberts and subjected to further abuse. Back inside the ring, Chase tried to snap the arm off. Delay countered a Chase choke slam with a low blow. Phoenix’s interference backfired. Hot tag. Hawkins hit a springboard back elbow on Phoenix and Chase had to break up the pin. World’s Prettiest hit a double hotshot but Roberts made the save. They dispatched with Roberts, and Hawkins pinned Phoenix with the Unprettier. Double A was in disarray. Hour number one was off to a hot start.

Sexton lectured refs Brent Wiley and the Ken Wallace. I couldn’t make out the content here. He moved on console Wesley Grissom about getting pinned by Melissa Coates in his debut. Sexton told Grissom he had been placed in a no win situation. Tony Santaelli rudely interrupted. AGAIN. Sexton noted that Santarelli was in his gear. Santarelli said he came to the events dressed in business casual. “That’s how we do it in the E.” Santarelli was hamming it up great. He pleaded his case with Sexton. Sexton relented and gave Santarelli a match with Grissom. “Who the hell is Wesley?” said Santarelli. Sexton smartened Santarelli up. Santareill thanked Sexton profusely. Sexton tried to buoy Grissom’s spirits. “It only takes three seconds.”

Reverend Dan Wilson lead the Devil’s Rejects out and cut another great promo. The Rev commended Patrick Bentley on destroying Ace Rockwell’s knee and accused Slim J of stirring the pot. Wilson had ordained Iceberg, “wrestling’s only serial killer,” to be the winner of the Mega Rumble and it was Bentley’s job to pave the way. Bentley was hanging on every word, like he was under Wilson’s warped spell. Wilson called Azrael and Shaun Tempers the combined legacy of two great teams (Lost Boys and Pomp & Circumstance). Wilson decreed that none of the Anarchy titles were safe.

(2) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers with The Reverend Wilson) decimated Hustle Squad (Mike Pittman & Nick Halen) in 7:25. Hustle Squad was brought up from the farm system, so to speak. So was referee Wallace, who was making his Anarchy debut. They got an impressive pop for a jobber team making their second appearance in Anarchy. Rejects took them to the depths of hell for a savage beating. Pittman bumped too soon on an Azrael spinkick, but it should look OK from the hard camera angle. Azrael destroyed Pittman’s face with knees strikes. Tempers mowed Halen down with a double forearm to the chest. Halen did the double hiptoss-double uranage spot, and all I could think was what the f*** happened to Jay Fury. Azrael took Pittman’s head off with a running knee, but Halen made the save. Azrael turned Pittman inside out with a lariat. Rejects then spiked Pittman’s pointy skull into the mat with their new finisher, an assisted cutthroat reverse DDT. A great squash.

Dominous entered the ring and teased a choke slam on the jobbers. He was more agile than usual. But he goozled Azrael and Tempers instead. Wilson went crazy. Dominous finally released his grip, shoved Wilson down, and stalked out the front door.

(3) Tony Santarelli beat Wesley Grissom via submission in 6:37. Santarelli looks nothing like skinny kid that started in Wildside as Tony Stradlin, and he’s significantly larger than he was in Deep South Wrestling, but he still moves well. With all the negativity about DSW, one of the things that gets overlooked is the quality of the training for producing credible, precise execution in the ring. Santarelli’s work is a testament to that fact. The pop for Grissom was amazing. He generates as much empathy as any babyface this building has ever seen. Best heat so far and it’s not like the previous matches were lacking. Santarelli was a vision of supreme confidence. He lectured Grissom and patted him on the face. Santarelli let Grissom put him in a waistlock and escaped like the Houdini of the grappling world. Santarelli got on all fours and ordered Grissom to mount him. He kicked Santarelli in the ass instead. Santarelli attacked and it looked like a textbook case of child abuse. He tortured Grissom with an elevated leglock, and blasted him with shots to the kidneys. But there was no quit in Grissom, and the frustration was setting in. Santarelli crotched himself on the top rope after a missed high kick. Grissom hit the running SSP for a count of 2.5. Santarelli applied a wicked hammerlock/facelock combo for the tap out.

Santarelli humiliated Grissom in the postmatch and reapplied the submission. Sexton hit the ring. Santarelli ran away. The crowd popped as Sexton helped Grissom to the back. Security had to clean up a puddle of puke. I didn’t see it, but apparently Santarelli was the culprit.

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey lead the NWA Elite into the ring. He touted the Elite’s entry in the Rumble, “Universal Soldier’ Phil Shatter – “the one man walking genocide…the Aryan superman.” Bailey said Shatter would be tossing his opponents out like sacks of garbage. Bailey let Jeff Lewis know that his teammates were upset about his no show last time (Bailey explained that Abomination was away for the night taking care of Elite business.) Bailey told Lewis that the upcoming tag team title match was his shot at redemption, and it would be all good so long as he followed the lead of “Soul Assassin” Kory Chavis.

(4) Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat the NWA Elite (Jeff Lewis & Kory Chavis with Jeff G. Bailey) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 9:21. Creed has the star aura. He got an extended ear splitting pop that might have even outdone the ones Urban Assault Squad use to get. Any “Kory” chants with shouted down. It was Creed’s jabs vs. Chavis’ leg kicks until Creed trapped the leg and pounded Chavis in the face. Attraction doubled up on Lewis. He collided with Chavis. Young did his high elevation leaping leg drop on Lewis for a near fall. Attraction busted out a springboard elbow/reverse DDT combo. But Chavis was able to dump Creed and the Elite gave him a beating on the outside. Lewis went nuts with an aggressive attack on Creed. Chavis cut off Creed’s diving tag attempt with a corkscrew dropkick. That was sweet. Creed countered the Spinesplitta with a push up dropkick and made the hot tag. Young exploded on the Elite. He hit a flying bodypress on Lewis and Chavis saved. Bailey pulled out his ever-present vial of powder. But Young reversed the whip, and Lewis got powdered and pinned.

Bailey had heated words with Lewis after the match. Chavis played peacemaker.

(5) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & “The Wizard of Ahhhhs” Andrew Alexander) in 9:04 with a lovely assist from World’s Prettiest. Driver and Walters went right to work on Alexander’s arm. Matthews was in for the save after a slingshot elbow drop by Driver connected. The heat spot was seriously screwed up. It was the singular glaring glitch on the entire show. The Brunettes’ got things back on track with some spot on combo moves. Matthews got a pop with a stellar corner dropkick that snapped Walter’s head back. Alexander did the deal where he draped Walter’s arm over his own body to give him a two count. Driver was like a whirling dervish with the hot tag. Brunettes collided and he hit slingshot back suplex for a near fall. Then, he hit a killer swinging sitout face plant. It looked like it was over when Alexander rolled Driver up with a handful of tights, but he kicked out. Brunettes had Driver set up for the Sheeney Curse, but World’s Prettiest played spoilers. Driver rolled Alexander up for the three count. The fast and furious finishing sequence made the match.

On the WrestleVision screen, we saw Nemesis alerting Palmer that he had made it to the building after all. He asked for a spot in the Rumble. Palmer told Nemesis he would have been a lock if he had gotten there earlier, but it was no dice. Nemesis protested. Shadow Jackson entered to for a talk with his partner. Jackson asked Nemesis to accompany him to ringside for the match.

Former Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, Chad Parham informed Palmer it was his title and he was taking it. Parham wanted Palmer to confirm that he was getting the primo spot of entering the rumble last. Palmer said he liked the “numero uno” on Parham’s tights, so Parham was going to be first.

Bill Behrens read a certified letter from Al Getz. In the letter, Getz maintained Anarchy was being discriminatory by not including Melissa Coates in the Mega Rumble. Getz claimed the undefeated Coates was undefeated was being excluded from her rightful destiny. BB said Getz had enclosed a check to buy time on the show for Coates to display her physique.

Coates did a routine of body building poses. She was dressed in a bikini top, and an ultra short skirt with fishnet stockings. This was a surreal exhibition by one of the freakiest and most muscular women on the planet. The crowd chanted “she’s a man.” Coates responded by manhandling ring announcer Eddie Rich and laying out a security guy with her sitout facebuster. Palmer came out with reinforcements and surrounded Coates. Only then did she leave the ring.

(6) Iceberg won a 10 man Rumble to become the number one contender for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 21:34. Rules were over the top eliminations only with a fresh man entering every two minutes. The crowd heaped hate on Parham. Rinauro was the other starter. His babyface turn is taking bigtime. Rinauro has this great habit of keeping things interesting. They did a knuckle-lock lucha sequence, the highlight being Rinauro doing a sunset flip off of Parham’s shoulders. Parham yelled at Rinauro to slow it down. Rinauro did a running atomic drop, where Parham bumped over the top like he had springs implanted in his ass. Bentley entered the match with Wilson stationed at ringside. Parham took a breather and waited for a chance to jump Rinauro. Parham called for a Lost Boys spot, and Bentley joined him for a Time Warp on Rinauro. The entrance of Slim J got a huge pop. J pounded the bejeezus out of Bentley MMA style. Mr. Adonis entered as contestant number five for a 3 on 2 heel advantage. J took severe punishment here. Bentley gave him payback. Adonis pancaked him with a spinebuster. Jeremy Vain made it 4 against 2, and maximized the babyface sympathy for Rinauro and J. Wilson interfered to cut off Rinauro’s comeback attempt. Bentley hit the Dark Driver, and Rinauro was gone at the 10 minute mark as Truitt Fields entered. Fields clotheslined Adonis out at 10:34. J took Bentley over the top with a huracanrana and both were eliminated at 11 minutes. Parham and Vain worked together against Fields. Jackson entered to even the odds. He had the heels reeling. Vain tried to backdrop Jackson to the floor, but Jackson landed on the apron and eliminated Vain at 13:03. This set Parham up to be on the receiving end during the one and only time in the match that the babyface side had the numbers. Parham’s stinging chops had zero impact except to fire Jackson up. Bailey accompanied Shatter to the ring. Shatter powered former partner Fields out of the ring like he was a flyweight at 14:33. Bailey’s strategy called for Shatter to relax while his opponents beat each other senseless. Parham whined for Shatter to help him out against Jackson. Iceberg was the last man to enter. He went right at Shatter. Jackson hit a spinebuster slam on Parham and took him out with a lariat at 16:31. So it came down to Jackson against the twin forces of evil. Nemesis came out to second Jackson, who was going to need all the help he could get. Iceberg went on a rampage. Shatter and Jackson teamed up for a double suplex on Berg. The sense of cooperation was very short-lived. Shatter jumped Jackson. Nemesis was having his usual problems with impulse control and climbed up on the apron. He got heated with Wallace, who was telling him to get down. Nemesis did the right thing, but in the process, he pulled the ropes down spilling Jackson at 18:03. This was beautifully timed and left it totally ambiguous as to Nemesis’ true intentions. Rejects vs. Elite for the number one contendership. Cool. Shatter nailed Iceberg with a series high impact spots. Iceberg’s selling was awesome. Iceberg came back with a diving knee. Shatter did his signature fist drop. Shatter tried to dump Iceberg but couldn’t get it done. Shatter hit a rolling power slam. Shatter ended up on the apron. Iceberg clubbed him with a lariat and Shatter took a sick bump to end it. Iceberg’s “celebration” was cold and dark and bad ass. Shatter looked comatose. Bailey searched for signs of life. Shatter popped up with fire in eyes to where they had to hold him back. A masterful job of storytelling.

NOTES: Rockwell returns to Anarchy on the 8/18 show facing #1 contender Iceberg for the Anarchy Title…J.T. Talent became the new Southern State Champion at the APW show Friday night by defeating Austin Creed with the use of a chain. Talent replaced Abomination in the Ty Cobb Street Fight. Jackson was successful in his first defense of the APW Heavyweight title beating Shatter. For 8/10, Talent defends the Southern States title and Friday Night Franchise gives Chris King & Billy Buck a tag title rematch…MAXW returns to the Municipal Center in Williamston, SC on 8/11 with Vain defending the heavyweight title against Jackson in a no DQ, falls count anywhere match…Also on 8/11, GWP is at Waleska Park with J and a mystery partner vs. Iceberg & Tempers with no DQ and no count outs. In a grudge match, Chavis faces a mystery opponent chosen by GWP Commissioner Palmer.

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Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, & Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

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NWA Anarchy by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 74
July 30, 2007

Welcome to another edition of the NWA Anarchy TV Report, “Independent wrestling’s only television report without meritt.”

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– John “the Body” Johnson gloats about Todd Sexton failing to leave the NWA Arena with TV gold and Chad Parham successfully defending the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title against Hayden Young. This week, Slim J vs. Patrick Bentley continues with their best of 5 challenge and Phil Shatter battles Iceberg.

1. Truitt Fields vs. “Where’s My Taco” Sal Rinauro
THE MATCH: Last week, Rinauro graced the NWA Arena with his presence when he cost Todd Sexton the NWA Anarchy TV Champion. Fields displays his power advantage early on by tossing Rinauro aside like paper Mache. Rinauro feigns a face slap and dropkicks Fields’ knee. Fields quickly regains momentum with an offensive flurry. Rinauro crumbles to the mat after taking a Stinger splash. Fields gorilla press drops Rinauro. Hunter states a fact about Rinauro’s huge nose. Rinauro outquicks Fields and takes over by ramming his arm on the turnbuckle and then the ring post. After commercial, Rinauro scores a pair of two counts. Fields lands a series of clotheslines and a high backdrop for a two count. He reverses a suplex with a small package for a two count. Rinauro ducks a clothesline and rolls through with a butterfly lock. This prompts Todd Sexton to distract Rinauro. Fields school boys Rinauro for a near fall. Rinauro takes exception and wipes out Fields with a dropkick to the head. Ouch, that hurt. Rinauro conversates with Sexton and Fields surprises him with a top rope shouldertackle for the win. Fields turns his back and Rinauro takes his frustrations out with another double underhook. Sexton makes the save, but TV Champ Jeremy Vain attacks him. Fields arises and aids Sexton is eliminating the heels.
WINNER: Truitt Fields.
COMMENTS: One of Fields’ first solo endeavors in Anarchy was quite successful. Rinauro and Fields put on a good match and let the story unfold at the end.

– Dan Wilson is pissed of at the “Empty Shell” Phil Shatter. The Reverend is unimpressed with Shatter’s murdering of sheepherders, women and infants. Tonight, he will face Wrestling’s Only Serial Killerâ„¢, the Being of Inconceivable Horrorâ„¢, Phil Shatter. Nobody can beat him, just like Jeff G Bailey, Abdullah the Butcher and Mr. Pogo have personally found out. What about Gypsy Joe? Iceberg pulls his mask off and reveals a topographical feature map upon his forehead.

2. Best of 5: Slim J vs. Patrick Bentley
THE MATCH: Johnson loathes sportsmanship and compares the love affair between Bentley & Slim J to his parents at Woodstock. Meanwhile, one female member of the cheering gallery screams bloody murder like Melina. It’s like she’s never seen such sculptured athletes in such provocative positions. Thank God for the invention of the mute button. After commercial, Slim slaps a pretzel hold on Bentley. Slim heads to the High Rent District and Bentley counters an inverted DDT attempt by kicking him in midair. Bentley goes to town with a pair of Polish Hammers. Slim cuts Bentley off at the pass as Melina continues to scream fire. Slim slams Bentley off the top rope for a near fall. Bentley scores a near fall after a pair of backbreaker variations on Slim. Bentley sets up for the Dirt Driver and transitions to a powerbomb, but Slim counters with a head scissors takedown. Slim takes Bentley down for a 2½ count. Again, Bentley sets up for the Dirt Driver, but Slim counters with a rollup for the win.
WINNER: Slim J ties the series 1 – 1.
COMMENTS: This match featured good counter wrestling and storytelling. At this juncture in time, the fans still had trouble getting into Bentley’s character. However, Bentley is gaining valuable experience by working with a great worker and the payoff should be good.

– NWA Owner Jerry Palmer is accompanied to the ring by the Urban Assault Squad. Palmer talks about the game of one up manship between Justice Served and the Urban Assault Squad. Nemesis snatches the mike, but Shadow Jackson cuts him off. Shadow says he can still see clearly despite having bleach throw in his eyes. Jackson says they are a team and with the help of the fans, no one can stop them. Palmer reminisces about calling Jason Justice to help wipe out the Rejects and how their miserly tactics caused a bloodletting feud. Palmer admits to speaking with Justice despite his absence from the NWA Arena. Al Getz appears and lambastes Palmer for having false hopes and playing mind games. Getz promises more victories over UAS until it ain’t funny no more. Nemesis goes ballistic on Getz and wonders aloud if they (Justice Served) have ever played mind games with two mean asses.

3. Jeff Lewis without Jeff G Bailey vs. “the Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers w/Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness
THE MATCH: The crowd rallies behind Lewis early on this contest. Johnson professes his love for Bailey because he always bails him out of traffic violations. Tempers powerslams Lewis for a two count. Tempers uses blatant heel tactics to maintain control. Lewis makes a comeback with a suplex and a slingshot suplex. Lewis poses and nails Azreal for blatant interference. Lewis backdrops a charging Tempers to the floor. He mounts the top turnbuckle and wipes them out corkscrew style. Hector Garza Jr. would be proud if Alejandro hadn’t of planted the evidence. In ring, Azreal lands an enziguri when Lewis sets up for the Final Curtain. This prompts the referee to call for the automatic disqualification. The Rejects spike DDT Lewis to add insult to injury. Abomination heads out and destroys Tempers & Azreal with tree slams. Wilson & Dominous retreats as Abomination chases them out the NWA Arena.
WINNER: Jeff Lewis via DQ.
COMMENTS: The storyline and its execution were mere formalities considering what has been going on between the Rejects and the Elite.

4. “the Universal Soldier” & “Mr. Bustin’ Caps in Your Ass” Phil Shatter vs. “Professional Wrestling’s Only Serial Killer” and “the Inconceivable Being of Horror” Iceberg
THE MATCH: Johnson admires Shatter for dropping dead weight. Unfortunately, Alejandro ordered dust mats just in case Shatter is left like a squished pancake at IHOP. Shatter ignores Iceberg’s intimidation tactics. Iceberg challenges Shatter to a Test of Strength. Well, Shatter holds his own against Iceberg and knocks him down with a clothesline. Wilson finally makes it back to ringside and realizes Iceberg is in the match of his life. Wilson smashes Shatter with the Staff. Shatter grabs Wilson by the hair, but Iceberg clobbers the tattoo off his back. Iceberg Bubba splashes Shatter in the ropes. He demonstrates to the referee what a chokehold and a field goal are. Iceberg lands an elbow drop for a two count. After a slam, Iceberg lands a devastating legdrop. Shatter fires back, but Iceberg takes him down with an old Four Horsemen specialty, the gourdbuster. Nice. Dominous shows up at ringside with Abomination following suit. Dominous accidentally knocks down Wilson as he brawls with Abomination. Iceberg goes to the second rope and Jeff G Bailey shows up out of nowhere. Bailey baby powders Iceberg and Shatter shatters Iceberg’s no pinfall streak with a middle rope powerbomb. Nice. They embrace afterwards.
POSTMATCH: This interview with Bailey begins with a close up of Shatter’s tattooed back. Bailey has seen horrible things in his life as an attorney: crime scene photos of mutilated children, a man with no legs crawling down Peach Tree Street trying to die or get something to eat, a man have a heart attack and he died while Bailey looked at him. However, Shatter has scene the most unimaginable horrors a man could see. Wrestling’s Only Serial Killer paid the ultimate price. The Universal Soldier can murder an entire village while mortars are exploding around him. Now, the Rejects are his enemy. Bailey reminds Wilson he isn’t finished. Abomination murdered Tank’s career; he’s dead and irreplaceable. Every day from here on out, Wilson’s life will lie at the feet of the NWA Elite. Surprise #1 was awesome so don’t miss surprise #2.
WINNER: Phil Shatter
COMMENTS: The match was a fun southern style paced contest with a fun ending. Iceberg was awesome on offense and Shatter sold like a half million bucks. The ending featured a good payoff and good turning points towards the conclusion of the Elite vs. Rejects feud. It’s always great to have good wrestling mixed with good storytelling.

– OVERALL: This episode had major players putting on good matches and executing ongoing storylines. Things are shaping up nicely heading toward Hostile Environment.
– DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html

I thought this piece by Jerry Jarrett was very well written and accurate.  I don’t agree with Jerry’s statement about wrestling being a “negative influence on children”.   I became a wrestling fan when I was in 4th or 5th grade.   

Jerry writes:

“The wrestling of today is advertised as sports entertainment and not sport. This seems to make the business more kin to theater than competitive sports. If we follow logic, professional wrestling should be held to the standards of the movie industry or theater rather than professional sports.

My position is not to condone steroid use. I have done all in my power to caution and explain the negative effects of any drug use to my own family as well as the wrestlers that worked for me.

My point is that if the government is going to hold the professional wrestling business to the standards of pro-sports, the government must also investigate the movie and theater industry. The recent drug bust of top movie stars should at least be a signal to congress that drug use is going on in Hollywood. What are the drug testing policy of Fox Studios, Paramount and Time Warner. Should congress ask Rupert Murdock to supply the same information they have requested from Vince McMahon?

Another point I wish to make concerns the single investigation of WWE from the business of professional wrestling business. Our laws are based on fairness and the premise that we are all equal under the law. Is the WWE being singled out because of their success? Should companies that are successful be held to a different standard than those who are not profitable? Is the WWE penalized because of their size? Should the company that promotes twelve events per year be less accountable than the company that promotes a thousand events each year? Should congress mandate a steroid testing policy for only promoters who hold 500 events or more each year? Should congress mandate a steroid testing policy for only promoters who show a profit at the end of each year.

If this sounds like I’m a WWE fan, you are greatly mistaken. I encourage my children to not let their children, my grandchildren, watch either TNA or WWE. I think the content of both shows are a negative influence on children. I do hope our congress will be fair in the investigation of the industry.

The first thing Congress must do is to determine if they are investigating fish or fowl. They must decide if professional wrestling is true sport or theater. At that point, they must investigate everyone in the industry. It appears to be a grasp for headlines to single out WWE and no other professional wrestling company. It is also a safe area for politicians to investigate WWE and not take on the movie industry. WWE is financially successful but they are a sheep compared to the lion that is the movie industry.

Jerry Jarrett

Wrestling Legends Return to Charlotte, North Carolina;
3-Day Fanfest Features More Than 50 Wrestling Superstars!

The NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest, featuring wrestling’s legendary heroes and villains alongside a bevy of today’s top superstars and future legends, takes place next weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 10-12, 2007 at the Hilton University Place Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of the greatest names associated with professional wrestling in the past forty years will be here, not only to renew old friendships (and rivalries), but to meet and greet and talk over old times with their fans.

The NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest is a three-day weekend of fun; a “dream come true” for any old-school wrestling enthusiast. The weekend affords us an opportunity to meet, chat with and get autographs from the legendary performers from our childhood, photo opportunities with all of the wrestlers, question-and-answer sessions, two nights of live wrestling action showcasing some of today’s top talents and future legends, and an exhibitors area with every kind of wrestling memorabilia imagineable; basically, “everything under the sun” that a wrestling fan could want.

Featured guests include Ole Anderson, Tommy Angel, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, “Baby Doll” Nickla Roberts, Penny Banner, Joe Blanchard, Tully Blanchard, Dennis Condrey, Jim Cornette, Barry Darsow (aka Krusher Kruschev and Demolition Smash,) Ted Dibiase, James J. Dillon, Bill Eadie (aka Masked Superstar and Demolition Ax,) Bobby Eaton, Ron Garvin, Robert Gibson, Gary Hart, Rip Hawk, Nikita Koloff, Stan Lane, Lex Luger, Magnum TA, Judy Martin, Ricky Morton, The Mulkeys, Dustin Rhodes, Tommy Rich, George Scott, George South, Rick Steiner, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Tommy Young.

Bill Apter, Bob Caudle, Chris Cruise and members of the Crockett family will also be on hand and participating in the weekend’s activities.

VIP-only Question-and Answer sessions will showcase former wrestling superstar Ted Dibiase and the Horsemen tri! o of Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard and James J. Dillon.

Additionally, many exhibitors will have “booth guests,” including “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, Honky Tonk Man, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, Sgt. Slaughter, TNA divas Christy Hemme and Traci Brooks, Talia Madison, One Man Gang, “Outlaw” Ron Bass, Warlord, Barbarian, Les Thatcher, “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez, Skandor Akbar, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Black Bart, Boris Zhukov, Terry Taylor, Koko B. Ware, Corporal Kirschner and many, many more.

Two huge nights of live wrestling matches will be showcased at this year’s fanfest weekend. On Saturday night, Dustin Rhodes will square off against Tully Blanchard in a matchup that is likely to be the final bout in the long illustrious career of the original Horseman. Manager James J. Dillon and “The Perfect 10” Baby Doll will be accompanying Blanchard to the ring in this final encounter. Joe Blanchard, Tully’s dad, will also be on hand for the big main event.

Saturday night’s card will also include a TNA three-way pitting Christian Cage vs. A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe, and TNA divas Christy Hemme and Traci Brooks will go at each other, with special referee the equally hot Talia Madison!

Sunday night’s card will feature Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, and a semifinal matchup in the tournament to crown a new NWA World champion: Brent Albright vs. Claudio Castognoli.

VIP All Access Pass holders will have early admission each day, first access to all autograph signings and photo sessions, exclusive admission to the two awesome Question-and-Answer sessions, and a reserved Ringside seat for Saturday night’s live wrestling matches! Throw in a free t-shirt commemorating fanfest weekend, a copy of the weekend’s souvenir program and a VIP All Access Pass with neck lanyard and you have the V! IP hook up!

The VIP All Access Pass is just $149. Advance tickets are on sale now! There is also a $39 Single-Day pass available for either Friday, Saturday or Sunday’s events.

You may purchase advance tickets online or at our Registration Booth at fanest.

Visit the Fanfest Forum to join up with other fanfest attendees, and introduce yourself as we get ready for an incredible weekend in Charlotte! Many folks that have been with us at previous fanfest weekends will be happy to share some insight and help you get everything possible out of a weekend you won’t soon forget!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a truly special weekend and celebrate wrestling tradition in the heart of one the greatest wrestling territories ever.

Exhibitor Listing:

This is a complete list of exhibitors that have confirmed booth space for this year’s fanfest weekend:

MAIN EVENT WRESTLING will have a couple booth guests, including “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and wrestling diva Talia Madison.

The original member of the world famous Four Horsemen will be taking photos with fans from 1-2 p.m. on Friday, August 10, and signing autographs from 2-4 p.m.

Talia will be at Main Event Wrestling’s booth all three days, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Talia will also be the special referee in Saturday night’s TNA Divas matchup pitting Traci Brooks vs. Christy Hemme.

Arn Anderson Pricing is as follows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $10 each,
Autographed Arn Anderson Classic Wrestling Figure $20 each,
Your Items $10 each,
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Arn $20 each (includes free autograph.)

Talia Madison Pricing is as follows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos Price TBA,
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Talia $10 each (includes free autograph.)

Questions please email [email protected]
Crowbar Press is the largest publisher of books, magazines, and newsletters about professional wrestling. Scott Teal, the owner, has been in and around the business since 1969, and the focus of his company is the history of the sport. Since 1993, Crowbar Press has produced some of the best, all-original material in more than 130 books, magazines and DVDs, including biographies with Ole Anderson, J.J. Dillon, Jody “The Assassin” Hamilton and Ivan Koloff, as well as a book about Bruiser Brody. Upcoming ventures includes bi! os on To ny Atlas and Stan Hansen. Shooting with the Legends, a DVD series featuring shoot interviews with the legends, have been produced with Don Fargo, The Great Mephisto, Ole Anderson, and Bob Roop.
Wrestle Warehouse will have all the merchandise you need for the weekend as well as your home collections! Action Figures, Wrestling Masks, DVD’s, T-Shirts, Gear!
Legends Of The Ring will have booth guests, including Corporal Kirchner/Leatherface (Noon-4 p.m. Friday,) One Man Gang (10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday,) Ron Bass (1-4 p.m. Saturday,) and Honkytonk Man (Noon-3 p.m. Sunday.)

Cpl. Kirchner, One Man Gang and Ron Bass Pricing is as follows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $13 each,
Your Items $10 each,
Your Camera Photo $10 each
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Wrestler $20 each (includes free autograph. We highly recommend you get your photo taken during the first hour of the appearance so the wrestler can autograph it before the appearance is over.)

Honkytonk Man Pricing is as follows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $18 each,
Your Items $15 each,
Your Camera Photo of You and Honkytonk Man $15 each
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Honkytonk Man $20 each (includes free autograph. We highly recommend you get your photo taken during the first hour of the appearance so the wrestler can autograph it before the appearance is over.)

Questions please email [email protected]
Chris Swisher’s Classic Wrestling Photos will have a large selection of photos, programs and magazines. Several thousand to choose from.

CarolinaIndependentWrestling.com your source for independent wrestling news in the Carolinas, will have a booth with t-shirts, DVD’s, trading cards and many other products as well as information on the local independent scene here in the Carolinas.
K & S Promotions will be at fanfest with a large selection of T shirts, DVDs, autographed figures and 8x10s, classic figures , rare hasbro and LJN figures and so much more. They will also have several booth guests over the weekend, including Manny Fernandez (10 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday,) The Powers of Pain (2-5 p.m Friday,) Paul Orndorff (12:30-3:30 p.m. Saturday,) Terry Taylor (3-6 p.m. Saturday,) Black Bart (10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday,) and Skandor Akbar (Noon-3 p.m. Sunday.)

Pricing is as follows and is the same for each guest:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $13 each,
Your Items $10 each,
Your Camera Photo $10 each
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Wrestler $20 each (includes free autograph. We highly recommend you get your photo taken during the first hour of the appearance so the wrestler can autograph it before the appearance is over.)

John Mills will be selling photos and will have booth guest Greg “The Hammer” Valentine on Saturday and Sunday.
The History of WWE
Top Rope Belts
PINNACLE PROMOTIONS will have booth guests, including Les Thatcher (Noon-5 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m.-Noon Saturday,) and Butch Reed (Noon-5 p.m. Saturday.)

Les Thatcher Pricing is as fol! lows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $13 each,
Your Items $10 each, or 2 for $15
Your Camera Photo of You and Les Thatcher $10 each
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Les Thatcher $15 each (includes free autograph. We highly recommend you get your photo taken during the first hour of the appearance so Les can autograph it before the appearance is over.)

Butch Reed Pricing is as follows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $13 each,
Your Items $10 each, or 2 for $15
Your Camera Photo of You and Butch Reed $10 each
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Butch Reed $20 each (includes free autograph. We highly recommend you get your photo taken during the first hour of the appearance so Butch can autograph it before the appearance is over.)

Baddass Wrestle Wear: The Best Source for Wrestling Attire will be displaying wresting attire, retro and exotic masks, wrestling souvenirs and collectibles.
CWA Pro Wrestling
BILL PALEY will have Sgt. Slaughter, the WWE Hall of Famer, at his booth. Sarge wwill be taking photos with fans from Noon-1 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, and signing autographs from 1-3 p.m.

Sgt. Slaughter Pricing is as follows:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $20 each,
Your Items $20 each,
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Sarge $25 each (includes free autograph. We highly recommend you get your photo taken during the first hour of the appearance so the wrestler can autograph it before the appearance is over.)

Questions please call (908) 377-8199.
RF Videos
Roanoke! Wrestli ng Relics
BBrown Video/Mayfield Mayhem/King of Old School DVD’s Will be on hand, specializing in old school videos, posters, figures, magazines.
ACW/NICW American Championship Wrestling and National Independent Championship Wrestling will have dvds, tshirts and photos and will have Boris Zhukov/Pvt. Jim Nelson signing autographs and taking pictures with fans all three days. They will also be accepting donations for Zhukov’s son, Wayne, who many of you know was involved in a serious auto accident. Any and all donations will be accepted.
Indy wrestling star STAN LEE will be vending again at this year’s fanfest.
CAROLINA WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT will have booth guests, including “The Beastmaster” RICK LINK (All day Saturday,) and Cowboy Willie Watts (Noon-4 p.m. Sunday.)

Pricing is as follows and is the same for each guest:
Autographed 8″ x 10″ Photos $5 each,
8″ x 10″ Photo of You and Wrestler $10 each (includes free autograph.)

SAM’S SLOBBERKNOCKIN’ SWAG returns to Fanfest for the 6th time with lots of magazines, DVDs/Tapes, figures, and more memorabilia.
NATIONAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE will be represented and will have several booth guests that will be wrestling in Sunday night’s wrestling matches.

Three Charity Raffles at Fanfest!

We have three fantastic items available this year with 100% of the monies raised going directly to the worthwhile causes. Please help us assist these people. This is your opportunity to pick up some great, one-of-a-kind wrestling memorabilia and help someone at the same time.

Raffle tickets are just $5 each and will be available throughout fanfest weekend.

Our first item is a beautiful, custom-made ring bell plaque that will be hand-signed by all the wrestling guests at fanfest.

This plaque will make a tremendous showpiece for someone’s home or office. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and we hope to have a photo of it on the website soon.
All monies collected from the raffle of this item will go to our friend and longtime fanfest volunteer Shane Falco. Shane, who’s been busting his hump trying to make it in the indies, broke both of his heels during a match this past February in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

All of the money raised from this raffle will go to Shane, to assist in his ongoing medical treatment. Your help and support of this raffle is much appreciated.

Our second and third raffles are for ring-worn Masked Superstar masks and the rare 2-pack Demolition action figures. Each prize package will include one of the masks and one of the figure 2-packs, raffled separately, with 100% of the monies raised going to the Inner Harbour Hospital.

Here’s a note from The Masked Superstar:

I just want to take a few minutes of your valuable time to let you know that the promoters of the upcoming NWA Legends event have been kind enough to help again this year with my fund drive effort. Most of you know that for the past nine years I have been working with Kid’s At Risk in Georgia. For the past four years I have been working with a non-profit Hospital, Inner Harbour. Our aim is to permit the kids we deal with an opportunity to receive treatment and to return to mainstream society as positive functioning members of the community. For many this is the last stop before jail.

As was the case last year, ALL MONEY made from the raffle of the items will be donated to the general operating fund of INNER HARBOUR HOSPITAL, The Springs Campus in Rockmart, Georgia.

I hope to see you all at the upcoming event. Please stop by and visit with me and please help us out this year. Purchase a ticket, purchase two, any help will be greatly appreciated. To all that donated last year, thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate your giving. I hope this year will provide even better results.

Thanks to all in advance.


If you can’t make it to fanfest but would still like to donate money towards a raffle ticket, drop us an email at [email protected] with the details.

Please make plans now to be with us for 3 HUGE DAYS celebrating wrestling tradition!

This will make a great summer vacation!

NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 10-12, 2007
Hilton University Place Hotel; Charlotte, North Carolina
Tickets on sale now at http://www.NWALegends.com

Discuss pro wrestling tradition at our Fanfest Forum. Meet and get to know many other folks like yourself that share a similar passion for wrestling’s past. Go to http://www.NWALegends.com/fanfestforum

NWA East.

Our next show is Saturday, August 25th at the Jacob
Woll Pavillion in McKeesport, PA inside Renzi Park(it
is an actual building and not outside).

On the card is the NWA-East’s AWC Heavyweight Champion
Chris Taylor defending against former NWA North
American and AWC’s namesake Paul Atlas as Taylor
closes in on one year as heavyweight champion.

Plus, NWA National Champion Chance Prophet returns for
the second straight show to defend his title and the
NWA-East’s AWC Three Rivers Title will be on the line
as champion The Blue Dragon defends against Guido
Corleone in a “High Stakes Match” in which the winner
walks away with the title and the loser must walk away
from the NWA-East and AWC for good.

NWA Pro/Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero
“Survival Quest”
August 3, 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah

Radical Ricky defeated Cassidy (w/Dallas Murdock) by
–After the match Cassidy & Murdock double teamed
Ricky until Derrick Jannetty hit the ring, which led

Dallas Murdock (w/Cassidy) pinned Derrick Jannetty
–Murdock & Cassidy double teamed Jannetty after the
match until Radical Ricky came back to the ring with a
kendo stick. He turned on Jannetty, using the kendo
stick on him and beating him down.

Tristan Gallo pinned UCW-Zero Heavyweight champion
Validus (w/UCW-Zero CEO Stevie Slick) to regain the
title he lost at the last show

Los Mochis (Paco & Damien) defeated Kaos & Khan
Kussion when Paco pinned Kaos

Alex Brady defeated UCW-Zero Ultra X champion Jeff
Orcut, Kid Cade, Chip, and Junior X in a five-way
elimination match to win the title
–Kid Cade pinned Orcut
–Chip pinned Kid Cade–Junior X pinned Chip
–Brady pinned Junior X

Guerrero Azteca pinned Blitz

Commissioner Mike & Marty Jannetty defeated UCW-Zero
CEO Stevie Slick & Devan Payne when Mike pinned Payne

NWA PRO/High Risk Wrestling ran at Hesperia High School on
Saturday night. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
& Marty Jannetty defeated Joey Ryan, Karl Anderson, &
Diablo in the main event. Also on the show, The
Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) defeated
Killer Tsunami (Ronnie Tsunami & CK) to become the new
HRW Tag Team Champions. For complete results, click

Hersperia High School
Hesperia, CA
Lil’ Cholo defeated Markus Riot

Ron Kilbourn & Hook Bomberry defeated Ryan Taylor &
Ryan Mason

Steven Andrews defeated Shawn Bateman

TJ Perkins defeated Johnny Paradise in a Street Fight
to become the new HRW Hi-Desert Champion

Sonny Samson defeated Scott Lost & Ronin

The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard)
defeated Killer Tsunami (Ronnie Tsunami & CK) to
become the new HRW Tag Team Champions

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) & Marty Jannetty
defeated Joey Ryan, Karl Anderson, & Diablo

Results of the NWA Carolinas Pro Wrestling Annual
Meeting on August 5, 2007 in Pfafftown, NC.

Commissioner Ken Spence has been named NWA Carolinas
General Manager.

The new NWA Carolinas Assistant General Manager is Ms.

Mr. Steve Frye has been named the NWA Carolinas

Next NWA Carolinas show is August 25, 2007 in Elkin,
NC at the National Guard Armory.