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Wanted to wish a speedy recovery to both Kirby Mack and Eddie Chastain, both of whom underwent surgery last week and are at home now.

8/18 NWA Anarchy Report by LARRY GOODMAN


In a major surprise, “The Universal Soldier” Shatter became the new NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion at the company’s bimonthly television taping in Cornelia last night.

Shatter wasn’t scheduled to be in the title match at all. It was Iceberg that had earned the shot at Ace Rockwell by eliminating Shatter to win the Rumble match at the last taping. But with Iceberg out of commission, Shatter took full advantage of his unexpected opportunity by defeating in an injured Ace Rockwell to bring the title home to Jeff G. Bailey’s NWA Elite.

It was another quality taping carried by the strength of great storylines. Everyone has a role and they all play them well.

I would rank last night’s show a notch below the recent tapings, mainly because the crowd reaction was down. And who could blame them? The record breaking heat wave that has gripped North Georgia over the last two weeks has taken a toll on everyone. They kept the air moving inside the NWA Arena as best they could, but 90 degrees is still 90 degrees. Even the Anarchy faithful, 165 strong, began to wilt as the evening wore on. The wrestling held up quite well, with standout performances by Slim J and Shatter in the main events.

The show opened with a 10 bell salute in honor of Karl Gotch. Todd Sexton said that with all the bad news in wrestling, the death of Gotch had not gotten its proper due. Sexton explained that Gotch was the originator of the German suplex (also the Scorpion Deathlock) and a pivotal figure in the development of the shoot style/MMA branch of pro wrestling. There’s a Gotch link to wrestling in Cornelia, from Boris Malenko through Tony Mamaluke and Jeremy Lopez to select members of the current roster.

Greg Hunter introduced “The Boss” Jerry Palmer. Palmer said this week reality had butted heads with wrestling. Palmer said he had three families: his biological family, his wrestling family, and the family of firefighters, his profession for 18 years. Palmer said that in the line of duty, Hall County firefighter Angie Roach had fallen through a floor, taken a 10 foot drop, and ended up pinned in the room where the fire originated. Palmer said Roach was in Grady Hospital recovering from severe second and third degree burns. Palmer then called four of the firefighters responsible for saving Roach’s life into the ring. The crowd gave them a standing ovation. Palmer told the men that they made him proud to wear the colors of the Hall County Fire Department. Palmer said that through the end of September $5 from every purchase of the Hostile Environment DVD would go to help injured firefighters. Palmer gave the firefighters a round of hugs and handshakes. Right to the heart. It’s moments like this that make wrestling in Cornelia so special.

(1) NWA Elite (Kory Chavis & Shatter & Abomination & Jeff Lewis with Jeff G. Bailey) dismantled Steven Walters & Chris King & Mike Pittman & Nick Halen in 5 minutes flat. This was a first class squash. The thing about it was that the Elite were ignoring Lewis and refusing to tag him into the match. Abomination gave “Oompah Loompah” Halen the Tree Slam, now known “Welcome to Auschwitz.” Lewis tagged in and immediately pinned Halen.

Bailey gave Lewis a tongue lashing. Lewis punched Bailey and he went airborne. Chavis gave Lewis the Spinesplitta and the beatdown was on. Dominous hit the ring and leveled Abomination with the kick of death, the first bump Abomination has taken in Anarchy. Dominous removed the mask to reveal Mikael Judas! A huge “welcome back” chant erupted. The place was buzzing. Judas squared off with Lewis. He gave Lewis a weird Satanic salute and exited out the front door. For his part, Lewis received a babyface response as he headed up the ramp. The postmatch was pretty much awesome.

On the big screen, Sexton was backstage with Wesley Grissom. Tony Santarelli interrupted and asked for another match. Sexton offered Santarelli a rematch against Grissom, but he would need a partner because he (Sexton) was teaming up with Grissom. Santarelli said he was a former Deep South Wrestling tag team champion so it was on. The camera followed Santarelli on his search for a partner. He encountered Anger Alliance. They said four was company and five was a crowd. In the next room, Santarelli found Terry Taylor. Taylor turned Santarelli down as well, but not before noting Santarelli’s added poundage. Santarelli said it was muscle bulk. Santarelli moved on to an area occupied by Andrew Pendleton III. Pendleton said he had been a tag team, but his partner left him high and dry. He accepted Santarelli’s offer. Santarelli threw his arm around Pendleton and started filling his head full of God only knows what, as they walked away. For low budget indie wrestling television, this was one hell of a tracking shot. Somewhere, Robert Altman is smiling.

(2) Jeremy Vain (with Mr. Adonis) beat Adrian Hawkins to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 9:32. Good pop for Hawkins. Vain was more aggressive than usual in the early going. Hawkins responded with a strong babyface flurry. Vain bailed after Hawkins scored a near fall with a flying body press. Adonis had words with referee Harold James. Vain did a nifty take over spot where he hung Hawkins out to dry on a dropkick, and then catapulted his throat in the bottom rope. Vain did a rolling reverse into a rear chinlock. Hawkins broke it with a jawbreaker that was sold beautifully by Vain. Hawkins got a slew of near falls here. Vain answered with a gordbuster for a near fall. Hawkins hit the Unprettier, and Adonis jumped up on the apron to distract. James made the count before tending to Adonis, so Vain kicked out of the finisher. I’m thinking it was not supposed to go like that. Adonis grabbed Hawkins leg to set up the finish –a VKO followed by the VDT. Good match. The fans were into Hawkins, although not to where they believed he was going home with the title.

Postmatch, Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) gave Hawkins a haircut. Alexander told Matthews to mess his face up with that wicked corner dropkick. Then, they laid him out with the Sheeny Curse. Alexander whipped out a pair of scissors and went to work. He was tossing clumps of Hawkins’ hair like confetti. He didn’t take all of it, but Hawkins is definitely in need of a shorter hairstyle.

(3) Todd Sexton & Wesley Grissom beat Tony Santarelli & Andrew Pendleton III in 5:38. Another great pop for Grissom. Santarelli was greeted with a “puke” chant because of the unfortunate incident two weeks ago. He sent Pendleton out to face Sexton, and it wasn’t long before Pendleton was scrambling for a ropes break to escape a cross armbreaker. Santarelli wanted Grissom. The little guy got a brief flurry, but Santareill overpowered him and twisted his arm into some sick positions. Grissom managed to shove Santarelli face first into the top turnbuckle. Both men tagged. Sexton kicked Pendleton in the mush for a near fall and tagged out to Grissom. Santarelli kneed Grissom in the back, and while the ref was admonishing Santarelli, Sexton superkicked Pendleton and pulled Santarelli off the apron. Grissom pinned Pendleton with a running SSP to score his first win in Anarchy. Santarelli threw a fit and blew Pendleton off.

Slim J intro got the biggest babyface pop thus far. J said he wanted Patrick Bentley pronto. “The Rev” Dan Wilson lead Devil’s Rejects to ringside. Wilson said said he could make J’s dreams come to life and then slay them. The Rev said J could have Bentley, but he would have to get by Azrael and Shawn Tempers first.

(4) Patrick Bentley pinned Slim J after J had run through the Devil’s Rejects gauntlet of Azrael & Shaun Tempers (with “The Rev” Dan Wilson) in 16:43. Azrael was first, so this part had to be good. J was like a demon on Azrael’s arm. A wild flurry led to wicked series of MMA knees by J. Azrael hit the Old Testament and shredded J’s chest with chops. Those were some ugly welts. Azrael applied a body scissors choke submission. J came back with his body scissors bomb. Both men down for a count of eight. J hit the Screwdriver on the Rocks, but only managed a one-armed cover. Azrael dropped J on the top of his head with a brainbuster suplex for a near fall. Azrael tried for the slit throat piledriver, and J countered with the Detox Driver for the pin at 8:12. Tempers was all over J. Slimmy looked done in. Tempers gave J a side arm toss by the neck and tried to twist his head off. Powerslam for a long two count by Tempers. Out of nowhere, J did a victory roll and started pulling pinning combinations out of his ass. A pair of roundhouse kick connected. Fishermanbustah~! But Tempers kicked out. J went to the top. Wilson crotched him and tossed his staff to Tempers, who brained J for the DQ at 12:45. J was bleeding. Wilson cackled with glee at the sight of it. Bentley smeared J’s blood across his chest. Bentley was there in body, but it looked like his mind was in another world as he zeroed in J’s remains. Out of the blue, J put Bentley on the deck with wild windmilling blows. He hit the flying reverse DDT for a near fall. But Bentley avoided a crazy aerial maneuver that sent J crashing into the turnbuckles. Bentley hit the Dark Driver and it was over. “Now my child of Belial, your soul has been cleansed of the plague that is Slim J,” said Wilson. Best match of the show. Seems like I’ve been saying that a lot about J’s matches lately.

Intermission. The Anarchy announce team of Greg Hunter and John Johnson hawked the final available copies of the Hostile Enviroment DVD until they were sold out. Fans donated about $100 in cash to the injured firefighters in addition to the contributions from the DVD purchases.

(5) Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) beat Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) & Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) via DQ due to Nemesis’ piss poor impulse control (11:11). In the early going, Chase saw the Montefisto coming from Creed and cowered in fear. Creed sent Chase looking for cover after a pair of dropkicks. A schmazz broke out at ringside, and Young did a wild flip dive into a pile of bodies. After a valiant effort to fight off interference by the Alliance, Young got flip bumped off the top. Alliance put heat on Young. An awkward sequence ended with Chase pouncing Young to cut off a tag attempt. Spinning enzuigiri by Young for the double down spot. Hot tag coming up. Jackson hit a spinebuster slam on Matthews for a short-lived advantage. The heels trapped Jackson in the corner and gave him a four-on-one beating. Nemesis couldn’t take it and slugged referee Ken Wallace for the DQ. Nemesis came to his partner’s rescue, but the match was lost. Nemesis reluctantly shook hands with Creed and Young, but he had that stone cold glare going. This match worked for me. The finish told the story, and the Alliance looked like they belonged against the two most over tag teams in Anarchy.

Palmer was on the big screen talking about the Mysterious Benefactor Tag Team Tournament, which will start on 9/1. Alliance said they should be the number one contenders for the tag titles after winning the 8 man. Palmer told them that if needed to win the tournament to become the number one contenders. Parham showed up, as obnoxious as ever. He said nobody cared about this crap, because the people paid to see him, and he wanted his NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title back. Truitt Fields showed up wanting a shot at the TV title. Palmer made a match between them with the winner getting their title shot.

Al Getz came out with Melissa Coates to issue another challenge. Instant “She’s a man” chant. Getz said the people couldn’t stand it because for once Anarchy had a strong, confident, beautiful woman that kicks ass. Getz said the people were looking at their next champion in the undefeated Coates.

(6) Melissa Coates destroyed Billy Buck in 5:18. Anarchy has done a great job of exploiting Coates’ unique transgender qualities to book her as a larger-than-life attraction. There’s a freakish Sports Entertainment element to these segments. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. When it comes to wrestling in Cornelia, variety is spice of life. This match added to Coates’ credibility against male wrestlers. Buck did a great job in his role. Buck isn’t tall, but he is thickly built, and he looked overmatched in the power and strength department. Coates destroyed him with power moves. Then she gave him a nutshot with a reverse atomic drop and stomped him in the kibbles and bits. Coates nailed Buck with a corner lariat and paused for a set of push ups. Coates chopped Buck. But Buck couldn’t bring himself to strike a woman. Coates took a boob bump into the buckles, and Buck rolled her up but only for a one count. Coates hit a power slam and finished the job with a sitout facebuster. Coates and Getz made a charming couple, as they circled the ring taunting the crowd to the sounds of “New York, New York.” Well done.

(7) Truitt Fields beat Chad Parham at 8:16 to earn a shot at the NWA Anarchy Television Title. Fields got a great pop, but not what it would have been under more normal conditions.

Parham rolled the apron after absorbing a shoulder block and looked stunned by Field’s explosive power. Fields did a gorilla press slam. Parham took a TO with Fields in hot pursuit. Parham turned the tide with a whip into the ring steps. Back inside the ring, Parham used the senton back splash and the back suplex for near falls. Parham applied a camel clutch. Hot comeback time. Parham made Fields look like a million bucks. Fields hit a powerslam to set up his finisher, but Parham blocked it. Parham fired back with stiff chops. Parham went for his jumping piledriver, and Fields countered with the Truitt Slam (sitout uranage) to pin the two-time former NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion clean in the middle. The finish got the big pop. It might have been even better without the glitch in the count.

Wilson entered with the Rejects for the title match. He told the fans that Iceberg wasn’t there for reasons that were none of their business, so Tempers was taking his place. Bailey came out with Shatter. He said that Shatter was the last man in the Rumble except for the fluke elimination by Iceberg, so he deserved the title shot. Palmer came to ringside. He said he hated to side with either the Elite or the Rejects, but fair was fair. He told Wilson to either produce Iceberg or take a hike. Wilson was sputtering and growling as he led the Rejects toward the back entrance.

(8) Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey) pinned Ace Rockwell to become the new NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion in 9:28. The crowd wasn’t as amped as usual for Rockwell. He was limping noticeably as he approached the ring due to a legit knee injury. “There ain’t no fear in these eyes,” said Rockwell. Shatter pregnant dog slapped Rockwell. He got a receipt and charged at Rockwell, who pulled the ropes down to spill him over. Shatter teased taking the bump off the apron that eliminated him from the Rumble, except this time, he landed on his feet and caught Rockwell’s pescado. Back inside the ring, Shatter crushed Rockwell with a spinebuster. He pulled Rockwell up after a fallaway slam. Shattter hit a powerslam and pulled him up again. Rockwell landed on a seriously bad angle, and it looked like a sure neck injury, but thankfully not. Rockwell had no mobility on the comeback, so he fired off a barrage of punches and then a standing dropkick to the knee. Rockwell slowly made his way to the top for a flying bodypress. Shatter kicked out. Shatter went for the dreaded powerbomb, and Rockwell bit him in the knee. Rockwell hit the Aces High, but Shatter kicked out. The handwriting was on the wall for the champ. In desperation, Rockwell tried the Aces High off the ropes, but Shatter turned it into a power bomb straight to hell for the 1-2-3. Rockwell was out cold. The Elite celebrated victory. The match could only be so good, due to Rockwell’s injury. Shatter was the monster he needed to be.

Mikael Judas appeared on the ramp for a stare down with Shatter, who showed no fear whatsoever. Judas gave Shatter the thumbs down and departed.

NOTES: Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to Iceberg, who missed the show because he was hospitalized for treatment of an infection…Rockwell has tears in both the PCL and MCL. Since it’s not a complete tear, he’s going to try to rehab the knee, which will keep him out of action for several months…The 9/1 Anarchy TV taping will feature the opening matches of the Mysterious Benefactor Tag Team Tournament…Fright Night ’07 is going to be at the NWA Arena on 9/29…Salvatore Rinauro and Seth Delay worked the FIP shows in Crystal River and Arcadia, Fl this weekend…Roach’s injury was a freak accident. She had no way of knowing that she was perched on a small section of unusually thin flooring, which gave way due to the heat from below. The Hall County Fire Department is providing a round-the-clock guard for Roach during her hospitalization…MAXW returns to Williamston, SC on 9/8…The heat wave has been a blow to APW. Their crowds have fallen off badly due to the steam bath-like conditions inside the Royston Gym. For 8/24 APW has Jackson defending the APW title against Adonis, Buck & King (c) vs. Matthews & Vain, and the latest “Talent Show (as in J. T. Talent)” contestant.



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War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, & Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480×360


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SATURDAY 12-30-06


















NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 76
August 13, 2006

Welcome to another edition of the NWA Anarchy thesuperstation.net ITV Report. I have to offer up my apologies for the lateness of this week’s report due to moving from Virginia to South Dakota. The nice thing, I’ll have super high speed Internet service in the middle of nowhere, once it’s turned on. After next week, TV reports should return to normal schedule.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Last week on Anarchy TV, Jeremy Vain weaseled his way to a time limit draw with Truitt Fields to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title. Johnson laughs because Fields couldn’t be Vain in ten minutes. Also, Seth Delay played mind games with Patrick Bentley, which lead to Slim embarrassing and humiliating him. The main event for Hostile Environment was announced with the NWA Elite taking on the Devil’s Rejects in War Games, the Match Beyond. This week, two time NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad Parham takes on former two time NWA Virginia Heavyweight Champion Damien Wayne in the opening round of the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

1. Luke Hawx pinned Steve Anthony.
Once known as the Altar Boy, Hawx has returned from the now defunct WSX, where the average match was less than UFC round. Anthony proclaims himself the master of the 450, which I believe Juvy Juice and Austin Aries would take clear exception. Anthony takes over with an uranage slam and a chop. WHOO! After commercial, the ladies in the audience chant for their hero and he responds with a STO. Hawx mounts a huge comeback with several kicks for a two count. The crowd pops as Hawx catches Anthony with a Tazplex variation. Hawkins escapes a turnbuckle charge and plants Hawx with a sit down slam. Hawkins heads to the High Rent District and misses the 450. Juventud Guerrera would be pissed. Hawx shows him how it’s down and finishes the sucker off with a truly Southern move, the Cornelia Jam. Bobby Eaton and Psicosis would be proud.
2. Austin Creed pinned Andrew Alexander.
Alexander is befuddled as to why the crowd is chanting “USA” when he is in fact, from the USA. DUH! Johnson brags about Alexander riding with a certain coke head out of Hollywood, CA. Meanwhile, the fans continue to chant “USA” while Creed applies a headlock. Johnson calls him a suntan sideshow. LOL~! Creed dazzles Alexander with amazing speed and agility. Alexander takes a dip to the outside where his tag team partner. Unfortunately for them, Creed sneaks to ringside and literally allows the Brunettes to have a meeting of the minds. The fans demand Creed to crack their skulls one more time and he happily obliges to prove he is the #1 Headbussa in Cornelia. Creed raises Alexander’s hand in victory and cold thingys his tag partner with his casted arm. In the ring, Creed lands a flying forearm and leaping bulldog for a near fall. Alexander slips out of a suplex, but Creed rolls him up. Alexander kicks out and Creed’s momentum carries him to the floor as Matthews holds down the middle rope. Matthews stomps a mudhole in Creed before tossing his carcass back into the ring. After commercial, Creed lands the rolling clothesline for a two count. Meanwhile, Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins head out to enjoy the festivities. Delay believes he is the King of the NWA Arena by sitting on top of the ladder. Alexander forearm smashes Creed for a two count. Alexander ducks a second rolling clothesline and lands a dropkick in the corner for a pair of near falls. Alexander forgot to hook the trunks. Creed no sells chops and torches Alexander’s chest with several of his own. After a docey-do, Alexander nails Creed with his cast. After another docey-do, Creed rolls up Alexander for the win. Afterwards, Delay & Hawkins launch an all out assault on Matthews. Creed climbs the ladder and wipes out everyone to the crowd’s delight, including my own. Okay, now you can cue up the music from the Rocky IV soundtrack. I live in AMERICA~! Long live James Brown.

3. Shadow “I Can’t Spell Mississippi Because I Have Only One Eye” Jackson pinned JT Tallent
Johnson delights in the fact that Shadow is a legitimate one-armed bandit. This match followed a great storyline: Tallent working over Shadow’s eye and Shadow stiffing the living piss out of Tallent. Shadow wins with the belly to belly suplex. Unfortunately for Shadow, he may have won the match, but he got his ass hung in the end. Jerry Palmer heads out and commands Al Getz to get his pathetic carcass out of the ring. Getz has other ideas and appears with Mikki Free on the Wrestle Tron 7800. Getz laughs that Justice Served has issues with each other and is the only man who knows where Nemesis is. Getz poses the question, what is going to happen to Jackson when he only has one eye? He introduces his weapon of choice, a dog collar with a 97 foot chain. Getz promises that Free will stand victorious over Jackson. Getz doesn’t want to wait, which cues Free to run through the front door. Free nails Jackson and Palmer with a chain. Getz hands Free a logging chain and he promptly hangs Jackson. Bill Behrens orders Getz and Free back to the dressing room. These two will meet again at Hostile Environment.

– The light is always shining on Chad Parham and tonight they are shining are little bit brighter. Damien Wayne wants everyone to stop because you are looking at greatness. He wants Parham to know that he is just ß–à much better than him.

4. “The King of Cornelia” Chad Parham pinned “The New Jack of the Guillotine Legdrop” Damien Wayne to advance to second round of the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.
Early on, the crowd heavily favors Parham, and how can you blame the locals, Chad runs this pregnant dog. Johnson greets Ace Rockwell to the announcer’s booth by calling him a pathetic excuse for a human being. They chain wrestle for the opening moments until Damien hiptosses Parham over the top rope to the floor. To the floor they go as Parham lights up Damien’s chest. However, Damien fires back with chops, a guardrail smash and a nasty punch. Back in the ring, Damien scores a two count with a top rope fistdrop. Johnson calls it a snuck attack. Damien sets up for his patented guillotine legdrop and lands gluteus first on the apron. Parham guardrail whips Damien and scores a one count with a Chris Jericho foot cover. Parham follows up a back suplex for a two count. Parham applies a chinlock as the crowd chant “Chad’s a wussie.” Parham applies a cobra to wear down Damien. The crowd rallies behind Damien to an extent. After releasing the hold, Parham stomps Damien’s hand. Awesome! Parham rakes Damien’s back and applies a chokehold in the corner. Johnson proclaims that anyone can win the NWA Title since Ronnie Garvin did. Parham applies a chinlock. Damien fights out and catches Parham with a slingshot into the top turnbuckle. Damien back suplexes Parham for a two count. Damien heads to the top rope and lands his patented Elbow Drop of Doom. He makes the cover, but Parham wisely places his foot on the bottom rope. Side note: Damien is known for the Legdrop of Doom from the Rafters not the Elbow Drop of Doom. Parham urgently backdrops his way out of a piledriver. Parham lands a senton with a beautiful near fall. Johnson proclaims Parham as the Czar of the Piledriver. That’s true, but Preston Quinn is the Lord of the Piledriver. Nobody has a better brainbuster or piledriver than PQ. Parham signals for the piledriver, but Damien sits him on top. After a right hand, Damien catches Parham with a delayed superplex. Parham sold that like a million bucks. Damien heads back to the High Rent District, but Parham shoves the referee into the ropes. It looks like Damien third limb won’t be making any children tonight. Parham quickly finishes off Damien with the piledriver. Parham grabs the microphone and begins to insult Ace Rockwell. Rockwell heads to the ring with his neckbrace on. Parham says he doesn’t allow cripples in the ring. To Parham’s amazement, Rockwell pulls his neckbrace off and embarrasses Parham. Who knows maybe Ace Rockwell will soon be the King of Cornelia.

OVERALL: The show was just as fun as the television tapings.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html


Charlotte, NC (August 18, 2007) – Tonight in Vancouver BC, “The
American Dragon” Bryan Danielson pinned “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce when
Pearce went for a figure-four leg lock and Danielson countered with a
small package in 22:00. The results of this match sets the
Championship match for September 1, 2007 against “Shooter” Brent
Albright in Puerto Rico.

Later this week NWA Executive Director Robert K. Trobich will have
full details on the venue and comments on the future of the National
Wrestling Alliance.

For more information please visit www.nwawrestling.com and www.iwapr.tv


Opening Match for the NWA Portion of the card:

1. National Champion Chance Prophet defeated ‘Pure Talent’ Chris Escobar via pinfall.

2. Damien Wayne defeated NWA Virginia State Heavyweight Champion Pharaoh by pinfall following an elbow from the top rope. Damien Wayne will receive a shot at North American Champion Dru Onyx on Saturday, Aug. 18 in Richmond!

3. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Mike Quackenbush defeated Chad Parham via submission to retain his title!

4. The Old School Empire with Shy [‘Simply Perfect’ Preston Quinn & ‘Big Time’ Mike Booth] defeated ‘Heatmiser’ Scotty Blaze & ‘Superstar’ Scotty Rocker w/Erotica D’Vine via decapitator on Rocker! Shy and D’Vine got into an argument at ringside which led to Preston Quinn PUNCHED Erotica to distract Blaze, who was then hit himself by Quinn while Blaze checked on his manager/wife! Baby Doll was sitting ringside and went absolutely ballistic while this was going on!

NEW NWA North American Tag Team Champions: Preston Quinn and Mike Booth w/Shy!

5. ‘The Geordie Bulldog’ Sean Denny defeated Brian Danielson via pinfall! Danielson dominated this match, with brief offensive flurries from Denny. Danielson slapped on his finisher, the Cattle Mutilation, but Denny flipped through it and Danielson’s shoulders were pinned for the three count!

6. For the right to advance to the FINALS of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Brent Albright defeated Claudio Castiglioni to advance to Puerto Rico and the FINALS!

A FANTASTIC night of NWA Professional wrestling!

NWA: Main Event Wrestling
Saturday, August 11, 2007
Freddie’s Auction House in Columbia, TN

Match 1
Syndicate Crew (LA Player & D’Angelo) def “Mr, Impact
JT Quest w/ Xstacy & YT w/ Miss Opium. After a series
of back and forth action, which included YT and the
ref getting nipple twisters, LA Player & D’Angelo took
control of the match. JT Quest got his team back into
it, but a huge double team “screw you” to YT ended
this match with a Crew victory.

The “other Syndicate Crew” made their way to the ring.
Tommy Capone’s music hit as he entered Freddies. What
was Capone’s partner?

Enter CHRIS CHAMPION! The four men had a huge stand
off that the ref barely broke up.
Match 2
Tommy Capone & Chris Champion def Syndicate Crew
(Psycho Medic & Karnage) via a super kick. This match
see the strength of Capone and the experience of
Champion come through. Medic mounted a comeback after
Karnage took some punishment but got a Super Kick from
Capone for his efforts. Capone covered for the pin

Match 3
Lani Ki Aloha def Rick Muligan w/Precious. The
talkative Muligan thought he would have an easy time
with the shoeless islander, Ki Aloha. Muligan worked
over Ki Aloha’s injuried left knee. Lani mounted a
come back that finished with a diving head butt from
the top rope.

Teddy Tender and Paul Adams made their way to the
ring. Paul Adams got on the mike and offered some of
Tenders singing skills for the Columbia crowd. The
crowd was not digging Tender’s vocal styling. Adams
issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. The
music hit and Randy Whitehead answered that challenge.

Match 4
Randy Whitehead def Sweet Teddy Tender w/ Paul Adams
via a roll up. Whitehead took some major punishment at
the hands of Tender. Plus Paul Adams was able to
distract the ref and get a lot of cheap shots in.
Tender went to lift Whitehead out of the corner for a
slam but Randy countered and was able to roll Tender
up for the pin.

Match 5 (Semi-Main Event)
Brandon Stone & “The Ice Man” Chris Eckos def Cody
Whitehead & Micheal White via DQ in a Kendo Stick on a
Pole Match. This brutal match saw control switch
between teams and the action fall to the outside of
the ring numberous times. First team to get to the
kendo stick and use it wins. Cody Whitehead exited
Freddie’s and return with a 2×4 that he smashed into
the back of Brandon Stone. The ref called for the
bell, but White and Whitehead took both the stick and
board to Eckos and Stone leaving them laid out in the

Main Event – Grudge Match

AC/DC hit and Matt Boyce made his way to the ring. He
had turned on Antonio two weeks ago, and now Antonio
Cathey was looking for some revenge.

Matt Boyce def Antonio Cathey via pinfall after use of
a chain. Both wrestlers were pushed to the limit with
drop kicks and clotheslines back and forth. Antonio
finally got the upper hand with a side effect. Bert
Prentice jumped on the ring apron to comfront the ref
and slide a chain into Boyce behind the ref’s back.
Antonio, who was confronting Prentice as well, caught
a face full of chain and was knocked out allowing
Boyce to get the pinfall. Boyce and Prentice left
Freddie’s in a matter of seconds before the referee or
Mike Porter could confront either of them. This Grudge
is FAR from OVER!

August 11, 2007 NWA Quebec Pro Wrestling returned to the Recreatheque in
Chomedey Laval Quebec Canada for “Courage 2007”

Dan Paysan defeated Mathieu St. Jacques
21ST Century Fox & Shayne Hawke defeated Stefany Sinclair & Justin White
Tank defeated Handsome JF
2.0 defeated, Trauma Unit & Jihad Squad
Excess defeated X-ODE by submission
Damien& Drake Styles (Aftershock) defeated Jake Matthews & Michael Von Payton
NWA North American Champion Dru Onyx successfully defended his title
against Manuel Vegas


Friday night, August 24th will mark the third
appearance of NWA Pro Wrestling at the Orleans Arena
in Las Vegas. As with previous events held at the
Orleans, we have assembled a diverse roster of
extraordinary international talent for the 24th

From bottom to top …

“The Queen Of The Ring” Cassandro vs Cobra II

Peter Goodman & Nelson Creed vs Mikey Nicholls & Babi

Technico Mexicano vs Rudo Americano
Sicodelico Jr & Incognito vs “Hardcore Inc” Al Katrazz
& Aaron Aguilera

NWA North American Title Match
Dru Onyx (c) vs Damien Wayne

Tag Team Challenge Match!
Vets vs Rookies
Billy Kidman & Rob Conway vs The Young Bucks

Lucha Especial!
Mascara Sagrada & Electroshock vs Misterioso &

Semi Main Event
Steel Cage Match!
NWA World Tag Team Championship
Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson (c) vs Los Luchas, Pheonix
Star & Zokre

Main Event – Super Estrella Tag Team Extravaganza!
Blue Demon, Jr & The Original Psicosis vs L.A. Park &

Plus Just Added!
Direct From IWA Puerto Rico!
Vampiro vs Glamour Boy Shane



We are proud to announce that tonight’s benefit show
for Matt Sinister raised over $1,700 to aid in his
hospital bills and medical expenses! The Empire
Wrestling Federation would like to thank all the
wrestlers who showed up and donated their time in
support of Matt. We would also like to thank the
Celebration City Church and staff in San Bernardino
for providing the venue and for their help. Most of
all, we would like to thank our great EWF fans who
showed up and lifted Matt’s spirits. This could not
have been done without all of you!


August 18, 2007
Celebration City Church
San Bernadino, CA

Featured Attraction & Mad MacIntosh defeated Vizzion,
Angelas & Tony Raze

Bino Gambino pinned Jeremy “Top Shelf” Jaeger

Dave The Bruiser pinned “Marvelous” Max Martin

Hook Bomberry defeated Joey Harder

“Iceman” Webster Dauphiney defeated El Gallinero #4

Hero defeated Kevin Braveheart by submission

La Ola Del Mal defeated Aggravated Assault, Mikey
Nicholls & Jamie Stirling and Terex & Sonny Samson in
an 8-Man Team Elimination Match

Cotton Candy defeated Kitana Vera

Mr. Excitement defeated Ronin

EWF Cruiserweight Champion defeated JT Blackstar by
submission to retain his title

Brandon Nitro pinned Johnny Paradise

TARO defeated Disco Machine

EWF Heavyweight Champion Dan “The Man” Kobrick pinned
Bino Gambino

Here are the results from NWA Indiana on 8/12 in
Lafayette, Indiana at Riehle Brothers Sports Complex
in front of 202 fans on a day where temperatures
reached 96 degrees!!

Guy Lombardo defeated Chris Cardio in a pre-show match

PT Hussla & March Houston defeated Kenneth James & Rob

Devon Fury defeated Damien Pain

Johnny Rich defeated Luis Rojas

Billy Bart defeated Brian Roberts

Billy Roc defeated Jeremy Hadley

Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous defeated Chase Richards
& Scotty Murray to win the Indiana Heritage tag team

The Metal Master defeated Dustin Lillard to win the
vacant NWA Indiana State Title

Guy Lombardo defeated Don Basher by disqualification
in a steel chain match

NWA Indiana returns to Lafayette, Indiana on 9/16

Log onto nwaindiana.com for more info

Here are the results from the two NWA/ECCW shows 8/17 in Nanaimo, BC as part of the VIEX:

3:00pm Show :
1. DK Roc pinned KId Xtreme
2. MIXED TAG: La Sombra & Veronika Vice defeated Ice & Nikki Matthews (Veronikia pinned Nikki).
3. Sid Sylum defeated El Phantasmo and Kyle O’Riley, by pinning Phantasmo.
4. HARDCORE TITLE: Scotty Mac pinned Marty Sugar, to remain champion.
5. ECCW TITLE: Aaron Idol defeated Cremator by disqualification (ChillTown came out and attacked first Idol, then Cremator), to remain champion.

7:00pm Show:
1. Kid Xtreme pinned Antwang.
6. MIXED TAG: Aaron Idol & Veronika Vice defeated Nikki Matthews & Scotty Mac, when Veronika pinned Scotty after a huge enzuigiri from Idol.
For more information, please visit www.ECCW.com.

Here are the results from Saturday night’s NWA/ECCW show in North Vancouver, BC in front of 150 fans:

Abbadon over DK Roc

Ice over Billy Suede and Azeem the Dream and Sid Sylum

Cole Bishop over Fast Freddy Funk
– Bishop remains NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion

Veronika Vice over La Supra Chica
– Veronika remains SuperGirls Champion

Scotty Mac over Cremator
– Scotty remain ECCW Hardcore Champion

Ice over Kyle O’Reilly
– Ice is the new NWA Canadian Jr Heavyweight Champion

Aaron Idol over Kurt Sterling
– Idol remains NWA/ECCW Champion

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson over “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (match of the night)
– Danielson advances to the finals of the NWA Heavyweight Title Tournament



It was a hot crowd at the Sports Connection for
another night of ICW. Jason Hades and Chandler Mcclure
were unable to make it so a few matches were changed
up but here are the results.

“Simply Amazing” Justin Dredd Defeated Bobby Valentino
with the Simply Amazing from the top to retain his
Cruiserweight Title

Jayson Cash Defeated The Ninja with the Cash Bomb.
After the match Cash tried to lay Emily out but Dys
and Arya ran out with chairs and chopped down the huge
monster. They Destroyed his leg only to have Val
attempt a save. Val laid on top on Cash only for them
both to get two magic carpet rides for there trouble

The Excstasy Express(Jared Johnsonville and Rock
Shaun)w/ Carri Lynn Defeated the team of Mark Priebe
and Chase Mccoy with a suplex frog splash combination

Kody Rice and Mase Morgan Defeated Keepin It Gangsta
and won the ICW Tag Team Titles with the Fire and Rice
Attack. After the match Chriz ran down the crowd and
argued with TC. They shook hands and were going to
leave till TC turned on Chriz and laid him out with
the ICW fans on his side.

Silas Young,Arya Daivari and Dysfunction Defeated
Esteban Molina,Mickey Mccoy and Troy Walters after
Silas hit Mccoy with the Zero Gravity.

The Le Royale was crazy as usual with Dys busting open
Mccoy with a Pizza Cutter. The Final 4 were Mason
Quinn,Jared Johnsonville,TC Washington and Esteban
Molina. Quinn was the #2 entrant and out lasted
everyone and became the new #1 Contendender.

Super Mario Defeated Steve Stone with a roll up out of
no where.

The Skull Krusher Defeated Brody Hoofer with a running
stop sign shot off the apron and became a 2time ICW
Heavyweight Champion. Quinn came out after and let
Skull know he is cashing in his title shot on OCT 27TH
at the Insane 8

Results from NWA Hawaii’s “Dawn of Destruction”

Match #1: Lucha Libre 5-man Battle Royal (Masked
Custodian, Super Typhoon, El Guapo, Major Glory, and
Bushido X)

All five masked wrestlers came out to the ring,
however, when the bell rang, Bushido X decided to sit
at the announce table and do some commentary with
G.M. Rich Miyamoto. That left the other 4 to do
battle. El Guapo and Major Glory worked together early
but that quickly changed. Masked Custodian
was the first to be eliminated followed by Major
Glory a few minutes later. El Guapo and Super Typhoon
went at it for a while, and it looked like Typhoon
was going to win the match, as he had El Guapo nearly
over the top rope. At this point, Bushido X decided to
get involved in the match, sliding into the ring and
pushing Super Typhoon and El Guapo out of the ring.

Bushido X, thinking he had won, started mocking
Miyamoto. What he did’nt realize was that El Guapo’s
feet had not touched the ground and re-entered
the ring. When BX turned around, he was met with a
kick which sent him outside the ring and to the

Winner: El Guapo

After the Battle Royal, Bushido X protested the
outcome and demanded a match against El Guapo. The
General Manager granted BX his wish….but it was
for the title!!!

Match #2: NWA Hawaii Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Bushido X [c] vs. El Guapo

Bushido seemed more concerned about the crowd than El
Guapo to start the match, but when they locked up, the
action was back and forth. BX went outside to the
announcers table and grabbed the championship belt and
brought to the ring. G.M. Miyamoto also entered the
ring and along with referee Scott Stryker got into a
tug of war against BX for the belt.
Miyamoto managed to get the belt away, but accidently
nailed El Guapo in the gut with it and left the ring.
(Stryker never saw what happened as he was admonishing
BX). Bushido took advantage of the situation for the
pinfall to retain the title.

Winner: Bushido X

Match #3: Tui vs. The Masked Custodian

Tui continued his path of destruction in the NWA
Hawaii as he totally dominated the match. Finished the
match with a Boston Crab submission.

Winner: Tui

Bushido X came out before the intermission with both
the Jr. Heavyweight belt and an X-Division style belt.
Bushido told Rich Miyamoto that the new “X” belt will
represent the Jr. Heavyweight championship from now
Bushido X’s music and out came……Bushido X?!? The
two Bushido’s were talking when all of a sudden the
2nd BX nailed the Thunderbolt on the 1st BX. The 2nd
BX unmasked….it’s Ricky Thunder!!!


Match #4: J.T. Wolfen vs. TLA (impromptu)

Wolfen came out and told the crowd that he came to
wrestle for them, but had no one to challenge. He told
the crowd to make some noise to get someone
with guts to come out and challenge him. TLA’s music
started playing. He came out to the ring and told
Wolfen he had the guts.

TLA continues to improve in each match and looked
impressive against Wolfen. However, TLA couldn’t avoid
Wolfen’s moonsault and was pinned.

Winner: J.T. Wolfen

Match #5: Sulu Afi vs. Kapu

A rematch from the July 4th show in which Afi got the
upset victory in his pro debut. Both contestants
controlled the match at various points, but Kapu’s
power proved to be the difference as he punished Afi’s
back. Kapu got the win the “300% Elbow”.

Although Afi lost, the poise he showed in just his
second match could be a sign of great things to come.
Keep an eye on him.

Winner: Kapu

Match #6: NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship
Sickdog [c] vs. “Hotsauce” Jody Lopez

Lopez tried every trick in the book, put couldn’t keep
the champion down. Sickdog gained control of the match
with his patented arsenal, including the
Missle Dropkick from the top rope, but the challenger
kicked out each time.
Sickdog attempted his Sickdog Drop, but Lopez somehow
got out of the move and caught Sickdog in a roll-up
and got the pin with a handful of trunks!!!

Winner and new NWA Hawaii Heavyweight champion:
“Hotsauce” Jody Lopez

After the match, Lopez grabbed the mic and bragged
that he was the best wrestler around and would take on
anyone, anywhere, anytime. With that, G.M.
Miyamoto said very well…your first title defense
will be against Sickdog…RIGHT NOW!!!

Match #7 NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship
“Hotsauce” Jody Lopez [c] vs. Sickdog

The “rematch” lasted less than 3 minutes as Lopez fell
victim to the Sickdog Drop.

Winner and new NWA Hawaii Heavyweight champion:
Bill Behrens
TNA Bookings
Show Business, Inc
PO Box 941787
Atlanta, GA 31141