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Adam PearceHappy Labor Day!!!!

 Adam Pearce won the vacant NWA World Heavyweight title. Pearce defeated Brent Albright in Puerto Rico on 9/1 at an IWA show to claim the championship.


JEFF G BAILEY with SHATTER, KORY CHAVIS, & ABOMINATION in ring promo. MIKAL JUDAS responds on big screen



JOHN JOHNSON with JERRY PALMER aired on the big screen. HOLLYWOOD BRUNETTES requested a bye in the tournament since ADRIAN HAWKINS was not there. Palmer order a singles match with one of tem against SETH DELAY. JOHN JOHNSON read a letter from CHAD PARHAM to JERRY PALMER.

SETH DELAY def ANDREW ALEXANDER w/KYLE MATTHEWS by DQ (Delay attacked in post match)


PATRICK BENTLEY W/THE REV def CHRIS KING, SLIM J appeared on the big screen to address Bentley


On the big screen TONY SANTARELLI discovers MELISSA COATES in a room having “broken up” with AL GETZ whose body is seen on the floor. SANTARELLI asks COATES to help him.


JEFF LEWIS def KORY CHAVIS by DQ when LEWIS was attacked by SHATTER & ABOMINATION. DOMINOUS appeared in the crowd and ABOMINATION went after him. Lights dimmed and MIKAL JUDAS appeared on the entrance ramp, taking out CHAVIS with a kick, then SHATTER with a choke slam. JUDAS held up the Anarchy Title belt, laid it down and left through the front door


Mysterious Benefactor Tournament Matches

Anger Alliance (Adam Roberts & Don Matthews)  vs  Steven Walters & Derrik Driver

Hollywood Brunettes            vs          The World’s Prettiest Tag Team

(Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander)    (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins)


Kory Chavis & Shatter w/Jeff G Bailey  vs  Mikal Judas & Jeff Lewis

JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton III   vs   Billy Buck & Chris King

For the NWA ANARCHY TV TITLE-Special 15 minute time limit ordered by JERRY PALMER


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The Wargames and Season’s Beatings 06 have been taken down. The Wargames show may go back up as a VCD

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SHOW #79











Show is now available in the standard 352×240 screen size

NWA Anarchy TV Report by Ca$hFlowX
Episode 78
August 27, 2007

We begin this week’s report with a moment of silence for Dewey Robertson, aka the Missing Link, who recently passed away.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

– Welcome to another edition of NWA Anarchy TV, this is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING~! We are one week away from Hostile Environment in Gainesville, GA. Last week, the Anger Alliance proved themselves to be the Enforcers of NWA Anarchy by doing Sal Rinauro’s and Chad Parham’s dirty work. Unfortunately for Chad, he sabotaged Adam Roberts’ opportunity to put Ace Rockwell away. Patrick “the Wizard of Oz” Bentley finally showed heart and determination by pulling off the upset on Slim J and knotting their series up at 2 apiece. They will settle their differences in the fifth and decisive fall at HE. Also, Todd Sexton battles Sal Rinauro, NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad “I’m a god” Parham defends against Ace Rockwell and Truitt Fields is in a rematch with NWA Anarchy TV Champion Jeremy Vain. This week, the Awesome Attraction take on the Hollywood Brunettes, and Azreal and Kory Chavis duke it out to determine if the NWA Elite or the Devil’s Rejects gain the advantage at War Games.

1. Anger Alliance (Brody Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix) defeated Sex & Money (Kaleb Konley & Andrew Pendleton III)
According to Wikipedia, Anger Alliance is a reincarnation of Hot Stuff International. According to Wikipedia on Sunday, Aberdeen, South Dakota is in the middle of nowhere. Well, that’s partly true, but it’s also in the middle of a frog swamp! Sex & Money dominate the offense, including a nice slingshot legdrop by Konley across Pendleton’s knee. Phoenix gets tired of Konley’s shenanigans and takes him down with the STO. Brody Ray tags in and lives up to his reputation by tossing Konley around like Paper Mache. After commercial, Konley takes down Phoenix with a scissors kick. The crowd trades dualing chants between Konley & Brandon. Pendleton receives the hot tag and cleans house. As soon as it appears Sex & Money has the match won, Adam Roberts & Don Matthews head out to make the save. Phoenix takes down Konley with a standing STO and Matthews destroys Pendleton with the Lariat of Doom. My God, look at the carnage in the ring. It’s like Devastation Incorporated minus Skandar Akbar.

– Last week, it was Jeff G Bailey who delivered his State of the Union address for the NWA Elite and now it’s time for Dan Wilson to do likewise. Tonight, Wilson is not speaking to Bailey, but to all Anarchy fans. Eminent war is upon us in Anarchy and at GMC, HE 2007, it’ll mark the 20th Anniversary of War Games. It’s only fitting that the most sadistic individuals in NWA history will compete in a human massacre. Not even a snuff film could outdo what the Rejects are going to do to the Elite. Yep, they will battle their mortal enemies in a 14 foot high steal cage. That brings us to the NWA Elite. Bailey believes the Elite are a family because they roasted marshmallows at a campfire. The Rejects live and kill together. It won’t be like those phony ultimate fights, it’ll be a bloody massacre to the end without any judges. The match continues until one man can no longer continue. The Rejects have been to the War Games, but Bailey hasn’t been since the Braves have been in the World Series. It’ll probably be twice as long before the Mayor Doug Wilder, Richmond Council and Richmond Metropolitan Authority replace the dilapidated Diamond for the Braves AAA affiliate. ROTFLMAO! The Rejects are fresh off last year’s War Games. They lost last year, but Jerry Palmer was carted off in an ambulance. Bailey is a TRUST FUND BABY~! Wilson is the salt of the earth and was summoned to lead the Rejects. There’s no excuse for Bailey not being at War Games, even if he is jail. Why? If Bailey is in jail, then he better break out. This will be the most violent war in the history of professional wrestling because there will be buckets of blood and organs lying everywhere. It will be a true massacre just like tonight. The Soul Assassin has gotten soft and is no longer a thug. Tonight, the Rejects gain the advantage in War Games and on the 23rd the revenge for Tank will come full circle. On June 23, Jeff better pick out his most expensive Armani suit because it will be the one he will buried in.

2. Mikki Free w/ “Mr. Representation” Al Getz squashed Billy “I Sell Like A Million” Buck.
Free delivered a beating and Billy sold it like a million bucks.

– After commercial, Free prepares to demonstrate what will happen to Shadow Jackson on poor old Billy Buck. This is when Jason Justice magically appears out of a poof of smoke. Getz asks Justice where the hell he has been for the past month. Justice took a leave of absence to do some soul searching until Jerry Palmer called, whose name draws a pop from all the ladies in the crowd. Palmer brought them in to do the right thing and wants Free to look at himself. Justice proclaims themselves the most dominant tag team in Anarchy until Mr. Representation showed up. The crowd loudly pops as Justice trashes Getz. Getz dares Justice to say it to his face and calls him a quitter and a loser. Justice grabs Getz by the collar, but Free clobbers him from behind. Justice no sells and fights fire with fire. Getz grabs the dog collar and nails Justice form behind. Free takes Justice down with a pump handle powerslam. Getz asks, “Who do you think you are?” Getz wants Free to show his true colors by hanging Justice. Well, Shadow and Palmer has had enough and they clean the ring of the bootleg thugs. A man shows up at ringside wearing a hood and folds his arms across high chest like a Beastie Boy. Palmer tells Getz that he has crossed the line and Shadow will kill the cracker by hanging. Palmer sweetens the ante and puts up creative control of the company. Getz will have complete dominance of creative control if Free beats Shadow. Getz relishes the thought of gaining creative control, but pisses in his pants when Palmer announces that if Shadow wins, he gets five minutes with him. This was a good segment, but what was with the dude with the hood all about?

– Well, this was supposed to be non-title action between the Awesome Attraction and the Brunettes, but Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins rudely interrupt the action and launch an all out assault on the Brunettes. The Awesome Attraction has an alternate plan and commandeers a ladder. Creed mounts the top turnbuckle and Young climbs the ladder and they wipe all four men. The crowd goes Buck Wild as they celebrate their beloved tag champions. Eddie Rich announces that all three teams will compete in a three way dance ladder match for the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles at HE.

3. “The Son of Satan” and “the Satanic Pyromaniac” Azreal defeated “the Soul Assassin” Kory Chavis in a coin toss match.
This match has major implications: the winner will give his team the advantage at War Games. What makes this match even more special, Azreal & Chavis are former NWA Wildside Tag Team Champions. Chavis stiffs Azreal early on, but he reverses the Spinesplitta with a cutter variation. Azreal attacks Chavis at ringside. Chavis attempts a moonsault, but Azreal raises his knees. Ouch, that hurt. Azreal makes a nonchalant cover and Chavis kicks out at two. Meanwhile, the Best d**n Announcing Team Period reflect upon the Rejects vs. Elite feud and how the respective leaders have played the human game of One Upmanship. After commercial, they trade fistacuffs and Chavis takes advantage with a spinning faceplant. Azreal fights back with a sitout powerbomb variation for a near fall. The crowd rallies behind the Soul Assassin and he responds by reversing a suplex with the Spinesplitta. Chavis struggles to make the cover and Azreal kicks out at 2½. Jeff G Bailey has the bright idea to introduce baby powder, but the referee catches him white handed. As Bailey argues with the referee, Azreal crushes Chavis’s throat with the Staff of Righteousness~! d**n, that had to hurt. Azreal finishes off Chavis. Shaun Tempters & Azreal attempt to gain the early advantage by going after Chavis. However, Jeff Lewis and Phil Shatter make the save. Both teams brawl at ringside. Bailey slides a table into the ring while Tempers fires back at Shatter at ringside. Dominous eliminates Chavis from the picture, which allows the managers an opportunity to meet mano y mano in mid ring. They back into each other, turn around and prepare for war. Bailey loosens his tie up while Wilson pulls his jacket off. They trade fire until Dominous attacks Bailey. As he prepares to put Bailey through the table, Abomination makes the save. They club each other until Abomination takes over with a series of headbutts. Abomination botches a table spot with the two armed chokeslam. The crowd chants “one more time” and Abomination obliges. Abomination succeeds on the second try and tumbles right on Dominous. That was bad. The Elite head back into the ring to reclaim their turf while the Rejects retreat back to the locker room. Holy Gotham Batman that finish was an abomination. Just kidding, it wasn’t an abomination, but it came across as oofish. Overall, everything was great leading up to the battle of the big men.

OVERALL: This episode was great all around, but it almost shot itself in the foot on two instances. First, the hooded individual didn’t look right standing beside Al Getz with his arms crossed across his chest. He came across more of a joke than an intimidating unknown figure. Even Palmer ignored the hooded individual. Second, Abomination failing to put Dominous through a table and then falling on him on the second attempt was embarrassing. On the flip side, the interview with Dan Wilson was awesome (what else do you expect from Anarchy managers), Mikki Free squash and subsequent turn on Justice and Hunter & Johnson discussion about War Games. The announcers provided a good history between the warring factions, the experience factor and how determined the leaders were to destroy the other.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html
NOTES: Damien Wayne captured the NWA North American Heavyweight Title from Dru Onyx in Sin City on August 25.

NWA Empire News

In This Issue:

1. Two More Matches Announced for NWA Empire Juiced

2. Puma Speaks Out

3. Updated Info for NWA Empire Juiced on September

4. NWA Upstate Presents New Indy-Tational Tournament
on September 29th


NWA Empire owner Hellcat recently announced via a
posting on the official NWA Empire and NWA Upstate
message board
(http://z6.invisionfree.com/nwaempirefanclub) that two
additional matches have been announced for NWA
Empire’s next show, NWA Empire’s Juiced, which will be
taking place on Saturday evening September 15, 2007 at
St. Johnsburg Firehall at 7165 Ward Road (Route
NY-429) in North Tonawanda, NY.

One match will see NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion
Jimmy Olsen taking on former NWA Empire Lord of the
Dance Champion “Mastiff” Will Christianson. No word
has been received as of yet on whether or not Jimmy
Olsen’s NWA Upstate title will be on the line.

The other match recently signed for NWA Empire Juiced
will see the return of masked “Mexican” wrestling
legend Stargazer, who will be taking on another masked
competitor in the form of the Super Assassin. The
Super Assassin debuted at NWA Empire’s last show Red,
White & Bruised in a losing effort against J.P. Hawke.

These two matches join the previously announced main
event, pitting popular NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion
Pepper Parks against long-time NWA Empire standout
Jonny Puma in a non-title match.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to Jonny Puma
about his actions at Red, White & Bruised and his
upcoming non-title match with Pepper Parks. As those
of you who attended Red, White & Bruised will
remember, Puma turned on young Tommy Mandrake, then
proceeded to defeat Tommy in an unscheduled match.

The Empire fans in attendance at Red, White and
Bruised seemed to be mixed on Puma’s actions, with an
almost even mix of boos and cheers. Here are some
excerpts from the comments that Jonny made during our

*On why he turned on Tommy Mandrake at the last NWA
Empire show:

“Why did I hit Tommy Mandrake? Because Tommy Mandrake
stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong, that’s why!
I specifically asked for time to address the fans and
talk about my match Marc Mandrake at the last show,
when all of sudden here comes little Tommy with a chip
on his should about how I forced his brother out of
New York State. Hey, I didn’t put a gun to Marc
Mandrake’s head to force him to wrestle me in a Loser
Leaves New York match. Marc did that on his own when
Hellcat waved some dollars in front of his face. And
if Tommy was paying any attention to that match, he’ll
remember that Marc and I buried the hatchet after the
match and left the ring as friends. So Tommy comes
out and takes issue with me beating Marc. Now what
did Tommy really think that HE could do about it?
Everyone who saw my match with Marc Mandrake knows
that I beat Marc into a bloody mess, and he did the
same to me. But Tommy has never, let me repeat that,
NEVER ever beaten his own brother Marc, no even once!
So how in the hell does he think he’d have a chance
against the guy that ended Marc’s career in New York
State? Someone had to slap some sense into that
little punk.”

*On his non-title match with Pepper Parks:

“This Pepper Parks is starting to piss me off. Why?
I’ll tell you why. I’ve been busting my a**in both
NWA Empire and in ESW before that to get where I am.
Now here comes this guy Pepper Parks. He waltzes into
the company six months ago, wins just two matches, and
all of sudden he’s the golden boy getting a shot at
Brodie Lee for the title! That ain’t right! He’s
here for six months while I’m busting my hump for four
friggin’ years? Uh, uh, I don’t think so. Pepper
Parks is going to find out real quickly that NWA
Empire is House That Puma Built! And after I humble
this upstart in this non-title match on September
15th, I’ll be nice and tuned up to go ahead and
complete the lesson somewhere down the road when I
take that NWA Empire title from him!”

On the fans who booed Puma at Red, White & Bruised
when he turned on Tommy Mandrake:

“You know I really don’t care about those fans.
Honestly, I don’t. The ones that cheered me last
show, they proved that they are true Jonny Puma fans,
and those are the ones I’m going to kick Pepper Parks
a** for at NWA Empire Juiced on September 15th. The
ones who booed me? Fine, go ahead and boo me if you
want to. That’s your prerogative. But it ain’t going
to effect me one way or the other. I ain’t in this
match with Pepper Parks to win some popularity
contest. I’m in it to show Pepper Parks him that I am
Jonny “Friggin’” Puma, and that Jonny “Friggin’ Puma
is THE MAN in NWA Empire, no matter who happens to be
wearing that NWA Empire belt”


Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc., in sanction with the
National Wrestling Alliance, proudly presents:


Date: Saturday September 15th, 2007
Place: St. Johnsburg Fire Hall — 7165 Ward Road —
North Tonawanda, NY
Time: Doors Open at 5:30 PM – Pre-show 6:00 PM – Main
show at 6:30 PM
Tickets Prices: Pre-sale $10 — Adults, day of show
$12 — Kids (9 and under) $5
For presale ticket information, call 585-621-4293

NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks vs
Jonny Puma

NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen vs
“Mastiff” Will Christianson

“Mexican” wrestling legend Stargazer vs The Super

More Matches to be announced in the coming weeks.
Keep Checking nwaempire.com for details!


NWA Empire’s sister fed NWA Upstate, which operates
out of Rochester, New York, has announced a change in
their traditional late summer show. For the past
three years, late summer in Rochester has meant NWA
Upstate’s Upstate-8 Tag Team Tournament. However,
this year NWA Upstate management has decided to put
the Upstate-8 Tournament on hiatus. In it’s place
this year will be a one-night, six man tournament that
NWA Upstate management has dubbed the Indy-Tational
Tournament. The tournament will be part of NWA
Upstate’s September show, which is being held at
Minett Hall, which is located at 2695 E. Henrietta
Road in Henrietta, New York.

NWA Upstate’s Indy-Tational Tournament will have a
somewhat unusual set-up, so far as the tournament
bracketing goes. The tournament will feature six men,
with two first round matches being determined by luck
of the draw. The two names not drawn for first round
matches will receive a bye into the second round,
where they will face winners of the two round one
matches. The winners of the two second round matches
will then square off in the tournament final match.

In addition to the prestige that goes with winning a
tournament such as this, the victor will be receiving
an open contract to book himself into any NWA Upstate
match of his choice, at any time. This means that the
winner could demand a match that very night, or show
up at some future NWA Upstate show and demand a match.
Its’ totally in the winner’s control.

Names thus far signed to compete in the NWA Upstate
Indy-Tational tournament on September 29th are NWA
Upstate’s own Jimmy Olsen, WSX’s Ruckus, indy standout
Judas Young, and Star Foundation members Sterling
James Keenan and “Fabulous” John McChesney. The sixth
and final tournament competitor will be announced in
the upcoming weeks. Keep checking http://nwaupny.com
to find out who that sixth man will be, as well as
what other great matches you will be seeing on
September 29th at one of Western New York’s two top
professional wrestling promotions, NWA Upstate.


Al Katrazz defeated Lil’ Cholo, Karl Anderson & The
Plague to retain the AWS Heavyweight Championship in
the main event of Thursday night’s AWS show. Also on
the show, The Young Bucks defeated The Ballard
Brothers to retain the AWS Tag Team Championship. For
complete results, click below.

AWS Shop
City Of Industry, CA
The Cutler Brothers defeated Willie Mack & ???

Johnny Paradise defeated Ronin

Los Chivos (Enigma De Oro & Kayam) defeated Sonny
Samson & Randy Rocket

TJ Perkins defeated Sexy Chino to retain the AWS
Lightheavyweight Championship

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) defeated The
Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard) to retain
the AWS Tag Team Championship

Al Katrazz defeated Lil’ Cholo, Karl Anderson & The
Plague to retain the AWS Heavyweight Championship


Another hot crowd as the ICW fans filled the Sports
Connection. ICW treated the fans with surprise
appearances by The Soul Shooters and JCW World
Champion Corporal Robinson!!!
Here are some quick results till after the holiday.

Jason Hades Defeated Bobby V with The Killswitch

Jason Dukes Defeated Chase,Priebe and The Ninja

Fire and Rice Defeated The Exctasy Express to retain
there ICW Tag Team titles.

The Exctasy Express called out any team in the back to
prove that it was a fluke loss which led into…

The Soul Shootes Defeated The Exctasy Express

Silas Young Defeated Jayson Cash

Chriz Black Defeated TC Washington

Esteban Molina and Troy Walters Defeated Arya Daivari
and Dysfunction

Justin Dredd Defeated Mickey Mccoy for the ICW Midwest

Corporal Robinson and Super Mario Defeated Steve Stone
and Brandon Blaze

Big Brody Hoofer Defeated The Skull Krusher to become
a 2 time ICW Heavyweight Champion and ended the fued