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Bart 2

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed legendary wrestler Black Bart to IYH Wrestling Radio.  Bart is best known as being one half (along with Ron Bass) of the classic tag team The Long Riders.

Highlights included the following: 

How did his team with Ron Bass come about?

“I was in the Carolinas wrestling as Rick Harris.  Bass came in…I liked the dude, but a whole lot of people didn’t like Bass because Bass was the kind of guy he told you the way it was and if you didn’t like it you could try something and he’d whip you…Well, at the same time Dusty Rhodes had started coming in and out and I met Dusty and got to know Dusty and Dusty wanted to help me.  When Dusty went back to Florida (Tampa), I left and went to Pensacola, Florida…About six months went by…maybe a year…and Bass called me and told me to load my stuff up and come to Tampa, Florida; that Dusty Rhodes was going to put me and him together with J.J. Dillon as the Long Riders…The NWA World Straps were put on us…we left to go back to the Carolinas…and me and Bass wrestled together for almost six years.”

His thoughts on the psychology of wrestling a good match:

“See, when I beat George (South), it meant something.  All the young wrestlers out there, take heed.  When you go to the ring and you just beat the living piss out of somebody, then you fall on them 1-2-3, what have you beat?  Nothing.  But if you make them look like at any second, any minute, they can beat you, and then you beat them, you’ve accomplished something.  You know, I beat somebody that dadgum near beat me every time.  Every time I tried something he’d get a 1-2-3 on me and I’d have to kick out.  That’s called a good match, boys.”

Other topics include:

  • Why did he initially not go to the WWF during the 1980’s and how much money does he think it cost him?
  • Why does he believe he never got a world title shot in WCW against Ric Flair?
  • With what organization did he make the best money in his career?
  • What famous wrestling gimmick does he say was offered to him first but he was released before he had a chance to do it?
  • Where was the most dangerous place he ever wrestled?
  • Why did he leave the ring once during a match with Ronnie Garvin?

This interview is available for listening at: