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Blackball’d Wrestling Organization returned to Phoenixville PA for “Heatwave 07.

Results were:
Antonio Blanca over Smash Machine and Rob Van Dunce
Shane Hagadorn/Rhett Titus over Alex Payne/Mitch Franklin. (Titus is a must see in the ring for hilarity)
Louis G. Rich over Mikey X in a Dress Up Like A Bitch Match. Mikey X did put a dress on and when the beatdown started, Massive Mike ran in for the save setting up another match later on.
Pelle Primeau over Kid Kaos in a Respect Match. EXCELLENT match that went 15 minutes. At the end as Kaos was shaking Primeau’s hand, Antonio Blanca ran in and both he and Kaos beat on Pelle until the ROH workers came to his rescue.
Massive Mike beat Alan Cross with Ashley Ugly in a Handicap match. This match saw Louis Rich sent to the back along with Blahdeggo and Chris Brown, banned from ringside. It also saw Massive Mike give Ugly a spanking.
Hard Candy (Bazooka Joe and Chris Wylde) over KFC (Kory Castle and Rick Feinberg) w/Roxie Cotton to retain the tag team titles. During the match, Chris Wylde alluded to the fact that Rockin Rebel wasn’t in the building and used a Rebelizer leg drop.
Blahdeggo/Chris Brown over Arkham/Din Mak (managed by Twisted Tate) for the #1 contendership to the tag titles.
Bazooka Joe over Shawn Fury to retain the heavyweight title. Rockin Rebel and Sargeant Smith made a run in and Rebel said he’s heard about the remarks made and challenged Joe for the title next month.
Sgt. Smith won the Battle Royal.
Next show is August 25th with a 7:30 belltime.