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 Guests of the popular shoot-style series “YouShoot” must know they’re in for an evening unlike any other.  When you’re in the spotlight for a living, there’s an accepted degree of guff you’ll be expected to take from the general public.  When you agree to answer any and all uncensored questions from that public you might be in for a rough night. 

Stiff a few guys in your lifetime?  Gonna be worse, Jack.
Bob Holly took the hotseat in the latest edition of Kayfabe Commentaries’ popular and irreverent series “YouShoot,” which has gone onsale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.  The nearly two-hour show features some rough material aimed at Mr. Holly, but also some sincere and insightful questions and dialogue.  But what fun is that?!
The shoot-style series gained rapid popularity as wrestling’s stars were forced to answer the searching, difficult questions, but also the ridiculous and critical.  That menagerie makes the show a hit says Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver.  “The public has been given a forum, and direct access to the stars of the sport, in this case Bob Holly,” says Oliver.  “And although there are some really serious, interesting questions that Bob fields, we all know the ones that will get the rewind button.”
Holly answers questions (and challenges!) covering a wide range of wrestling material, from his early unsuccessful gimmicks, to his superstar run as Hardcore Holly.  Also covered are the Matt Cappotelli incident and Holly’s reputation as a tough guy.
Serious, sublime, or silly, Bob answers them all as the YouShoot oath dictates.  The DVD can be purchased at www.kayfabecommentaries.com, and you can also view a couple of trailers of the show.