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The American Fight League has signed former WWE wrestling star Bobby Lashley to a multi-fight contract, demarking the beginning of his mixed martial arts (MMA) career. The official announcement was made in front of a full crowd in Atlanta during the AFL: BulletProof event held at Philips Arena on Friday, May 30.



Since announcing his exit from professional wrestling there have been murmurs that the goliath-like Bobby Lashley would be making a move into MMA. Long anticipated and much speculated, the signing of Bobby Lashley to fight in the American Fight League will finally put all the rumors to rest. He will compete in the heavyweight division.

“I’ve been looking to switch to MMA for quite some time but wanted to make sure the move was with the right organization. It wasn’t until I started talking with the American Fight League that I found where I wanted to begin the next chapter in my career,” said Lashley. “I love the AFL’s vision. They aren’t interested in running a circus but rather want to produce quality MMA events with legitimate athletes. The more I spoke with BJ Santiago and Jon Hatton, the more I knew that the AFL would be the best outlet for me to show the world what I can do in the ring. I think we are going to be a great fit, and I am excited about my first fight.”

American Fight League CEO BJ Santiago could not be more pleased with the Lashley signing. “There’s no question that this is an enormous signing for the AFL,” said Santiago. “Bringing athletes like Bobby Lashley on board shows the world that we are very serious about signing top talent to our roster.”

Santiago added, “Bobby is an incredible competitor with a lot of star power and charisma. Fans love him. I believe he will be a great ambassador for the AFL and the sport of mixed martial arts.”

Joining the AFL will mark Lashley’s entrance into the sport of competitive MMA. With a long history in competitive wrestling, MMA is a natural progression for the championship level athlete. He attended Missouri Valley College where he was a three-time National Amateur Wrestling Champion and four-time All-American. Lashley went on to join the United States Army where he continued to wrestle and was a two-time Armed Forces Champion and a 2002 Silver Medalist at the Military World Championships.

In November 2003, Lashley began a career with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he stayed until early 2008. Lashley’s athleticism, magnetic personality and commanding presence quickly placed him as one of the WWE’s most popular wrestlers, garnering him a loyal worldwide fan base. He defeated numerous wrestling stars and earned two pro wrestling heavyweight titles.


Thanks to R. Dubriel