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The 146th edition of JG’s Radio Free Insanity is on the air and available right now at WorldWrestlingInsanity.com (Flash and MP3 download). This week’s show features former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley.

Lashley joined James Guttman on ClubWWI.com for a 36 minute uncut shoot interview that will leave you with a new understanding of the former WrestleMania main eventer. In a business where some people never get out, Bobby did just that. He walked out while still on top and left many wondering about his feelings regarding World Wrestling Entertainment and the industry as a whole. Now he sets the record straight.


Among the many topics Bobby Lashley talks about on ClubWWI.com include: The Bank Robbery That Lead To His Pro Wrestling Debut, Alternate Gimmicks WWE Offered, TNA Possibilities, Working With Donald Trump, Assumptions That He’s Anti-Wrestling, What Would Have Made His Match Against John Cena Better, The Two Toughest People in WWE, Wanting To Turn Heel, Why He Wasn’t Given a Manager, “Paying Dues,” Leaving WWE, Being Stripped of The ECW Title, Who He Wishes Was His Only MMA Sponsor, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Booker T, Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle, Dr. Tom Prichard, and More.


James speaks about some of the past guests on ClubWWI and how different each one is from one another. Last week, it was Lance Cade. This week, it’s Bobby Lashley. And…the next uncut shoot interview. 40 minutes with a former World Heavyweight Champion. Who is it? You won’t have to wait long to find out. The new uncut shoot goes up today (1/15/09). In fact, it might even be up by the time you read this.


With that, JG cues up clips from Lashley’s 36 minute shoot.



James Guttman kicks things off by welcoming Bobby Lashley to the show and asks the customary opening questions. How are things in his world?


“Well the world of Bobby Lshley is great right now. I’ve taken a lot of the right steps I needed to take.”


Bobby says he’s training for his next MMA fight on February 5th outside of Fresno. It’s what he’s been working towards.




James mentions Bobby’s ECW Title feud with Vince and Shane McMahon. He says that he has the same question for any guest who works with a McMahon. How stressful is it to make sure you don’t break the boss – or his kid – in half?


“Yes…The thing is those two are probably, I would say, two of the toughest people in the sport right now. ‘Cause when I wrestled them and had to go against them, they don’t take shots. I mean, they want to brawl. Especially Shane. Shane wants to brawl. ‘Grab me! Throw me across the ring, dude!’ It wasn’t…they didn’t want you to take care of them and be all light and everything like that. They wanted to go out there and brawl. Of course, you’re going to have to take care of them. I was scared the first time I had to grab Vince and hit him with my finish. I was like, Oh man. If I kill him – I’m done!”




In progress, Bobby says that he still watches WWE. To put it down is to degrade the guys who are there. They’re guys he supports. Guttman agrees and says that even if you move on to sometime else, WWE is always going to be one of the biggest parts of your bio. To cut it down only hurts you in the long run.


Bobby says that people can condemn wrestling and say, “Oh. You were in professional wrestling.” That doesn’t bother him though.


“You know what I wish would happen? I wish I would drop all my sponsors and they were my only sponsor I would have WWE. I’d put “WWE” on the back of my shorts and go out there and if they got a problem with it, they got to beat me. And if you can’t beat me, you’re just gonna have to deal with it”.



Remember, the new uncut shoot goes up on ClubWWI.com today. Check there or WorldWrestlingInsanity.com for the announcement!


Aside from Bobby Lashley over 125 star interviews are available on ClubWWI.com for less than five dollars a month. Among the other guests you can hear from are: Jesse Ventura, Terry Funk, Jerry Lawler, Vince Russo, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Eric Bischoff, Nikita Koloff, Nunzio, Jim Mitchell, Ahmed Johnson, Bobby Heenan, Terri Runnels, Kevin Nash, The Iron Sheik, Balls Mahoney, Sid Vicious, Paul Bearer, Brian Knobbs, Bruno Sammartino, Bryan Clark, Sean Mooney, Scott D’Amore, Tito Santana, Al Snow, Tod Gordon, JJ Dillon, Charlie Haas, Tom Prichard, Jacques Rougeau, Paul Roma, Jim Powers, Tammy Sytch, Too Cold Scorpio, The Honky Tonk Man, Ole Anderson, Kid Kash, Ivan Koloff, Jackie Gayda, Mr. Hughes, Scotty 2 Hotty, Dawn Marie, John Heidenreich, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Valiant, Rick Martel, Bad News Brown, Nick Bockwinkel, Dory Funk Jr, Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Mike Bucci, Samu, Erik Watts, Buff Bagwell, Christian Cage, Jazz, Demolition Ax and Smash, Koko B. Ware, Ricky Morton, Lance Russell, Bruce Hart, Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes, Damian Demento, Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, Justin Credible, Cpl. Kirchner, One Man Gang, Scott Steiner, Shawn Stasiak, Ted DiBiase, Ivory, Chris Masters, Elix Skipper, Kamala, Samoa Joe, Giant Bernard, Bill DeMott, Juvi “Juice” Guerrera, Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald, Nick Dinsmore, Harley Race, Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, Road Warrior Animal, Missing Link, Rikishi, Slick, Nidia, George Steele, Christy Hemme, Disco Inferno, Paul Ellering, Vito, Steve Blackman, Bushwhacker Luke, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Dennis Stamp, Shawn Daivari, Kevin Sullivan, B.G. James, Ron Killings, Zach Gowan, Dan Severn, Earl and Dave Hebner, Baron Von Raschke, Spike Dudley, Rodney Mack, Downtown Bruno, Larry Zybszko, Rick Steiner, Mae Young, and many, more.


James Guttman’s second book, “World Wrestling Insanity Presents: Shoot First…Ask Questions Later,” is available at BarnesandNoble.com or wherever books or sold.