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Bob’s Random Ramblings

July 3, 2012

Rambling #1: First off, I want to talk about how badly Extreme Reunion went, according to reports. I also want to talk about how I don’t understand how people are at all surprised by this. So, Shane Douglas books an event featuring ECW talent that was, for the most part, pretty bad even thirteen or so years ago and people expected some kind of kick ass show full of excitement. That’s what all the ECW diehards were hoping for. I’ve never understood why people can’t let ECW die off. It’s never going to come back. There is never going to be another extreme revolution. What made that company, that movement so special, doesn’t exist. Back when ECW was popular there weren’t companies that provided hardcore matches or had a cutting edge feel. Now, nearly every independent company tries, at some point, to have that feeling. Instead hoping for ECW to return, how about you go and watch some PWG, ROH, AIW, 2CW, or some AAW.

Anyway, back to Extreme Reunion. I saw the video posted by Shane Douglas where he announced he would no longer compete in the ring for Extreme Reunion. That’s great and all because Douglas is just a bad wrestler nowadays. He rips on a guy like Flair for staying around too long and now he is doing the same exact thing. I actually can’t remember the last time he had a good match outside of his ECW days. I know his WCW run was pretty bad.

The main reason the event was a failure was because they didn’t use any new talent. Why not get guys like Sami Callihan or something? There had to have been talent around to provide some entertainment. Now, they have lost all their hype and are basically begging people to give them a second chance. Should people give them a second chance? I guess so. They need to cut out the guys clearly still attached to drugs or are in their late 40’s, which would be everyone. Well, I’d keep Jerry Lynn because he can still work like he is in his 20’s. Try to make it a new revolution and not just a rehashing of a revolution with guys that weren’t even major players in the first place.

Rambling #2: I’ve heard some rumblings that people think that Diamond Dallas Page should be elected into the WWE Hall of Fame. I may be a DDP fan, but he is NOT a HOF wrestler. There is just no way. He is not an elite talent, he held the world championship three times, but he was nothing more than a transitional champion. Yeah, he had some successful WCW United States Championship runs but really, he only was relevant from 1997 to 2001, at most. He didn’t do all that much in the WWE and washed out of there in two years. He was an entertaining character, but by no means a Hall of Famer.

Rambling #3: Lastly, I saw an interesting post made by DGUSA/EVOLVE promoter Gabe Sapolsky. He thinks that Fit Finlay should be regarded as the best ever… along with Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Bret Hart and others. Now, Finlay is a good worker and has his fair share of matches, but how in the world can someone make that statement? The best ever means being damn good in all the categories. It’s rather amusing to me that Finlay, a glorified midcarder in the United States, would be deemed by Gabe to be an elite wrestler. Obviously, it’s just an attempt to get some interest going in his company and since he is promoting Finlay in his companies, there is no harm in it. It just seemed to be a comical attempt to me to promote one of his guys.

That’s all the ramblings I have this time around. Feel free to share your opinions on these topics. You no longer need to register to leave a comment, since I didn’t notice that was the case prior!

Thanks for reading.

Bob is a guest columnist for OWW.  Follow him on Twitter at @bobcolling89.