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Rambling #1: I don’t know about anyone else, but I think the booking of Ryback has been rather poor as of late. What made Goldberg so popular back in the late 1990?s was the fact that he dominated his opponents and had a lengthy win streak. Yes, Ryback is still undefeated but at a certain point the fans will begin to lose faith in Ryback. It appears that the WWE is going to be going in the direction of a Ryback/Punk match at TLC in December. That just marks another opportunity for Ryback to not win the championship. I would believe that the trio of guys (Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns) would cost Ryback the match. I’d just go with a Punk/Mick Foley match, but that’s just me. Ryback shouldn’t be in the main event scene if he is just going to lose matches. His popularity is based purely on his ability to win matches. You take that away and he just becomes another guy on the roster.

Rambling #2: Now that Linda McMahon has lost her bid to be on the US Senate, people are thinking that the WWE of old will return. I think it is wishful thinking to think that some blood and cursing will turn the product around. The issue for the WWE is their inability to write a good show. Yes, I would have to believe that WWE PG could very well be a good program if they had writers who knew what they were doing. They have their restrictions but cussing and bleeding will not turn around an overall poor product. I’m sounding like an old man right now, but it’s true.

Rambling #3: Ya know, TNA is making it really difficult for me to get behind James Storm. The guy is always on the brink of pulling through and then they snatch it away from him. I’m starting to think that when he finally gets a lengthy run with the gold that people will simply not care. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not overly interested in a match between Roode and Hardy again.

Rambling #4: A local promotion based on of Syracuse, New York that I have mentioned a few times and have a second dedicated to their show reviews on here, will be having their first internet pay per view on April 20th from Watertown, New York. Watertown is their biggest market and they regularly get 700+ at that venue. Now, I’m sure most of the people reading this haven’t ever heard of the company, but they announced two big matches for the internet pay per view. Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy will square off against Sami Callihan! Plus, John Morrison will meet current ROH superstar, Eddie Edwards! I’m slightly confused how they got Callihan and Edwards to appear on IPPV since they have contracts with Evolve and ROH respectively, but I won’t complain about it. They have a group of solid local talent and it is surely going to be the biggest show in the promotion’s seven year history. I’ll keep you all updated on that show and pitch it strong in the coming months.

Those are my ramblings for this week, feel free to share your opinions on these topics below too!

Thanks for reading.

— Bob Colling