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Rambling #1: Earlier today it was announced that former WCW and WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. will be wrestling for Total Non-Stop Action starting next Thursday. Am I supposed to be excited about 41-year old wrestler who was made to look like a fool in the WWE at the end of his run there? I’m hoping that Chavo isn’t being brought in for a huge push but rather as a man who can make the young studs in the company look good and put on quality matches. I feel like it would be a step in the wrong direction of Chavo is inserted into a top feud. He isn’t a top name and the last time fans really cared for him was maybe 2009. It should be interesting to see Chavo wrestle guys like Styles, James Storm, and Austin Aries. I feel like those match ups are the most interesting. Again, I wouldn’t pay to see them but I would tune into a free television match. That is basically what Chavo is offering the company, a guy who will provide entertaining television matches. Just don’t try to headline him on a pay per view, please?

Rambling #2: With Kenny King deciding that TNA would offer him a better opportunity to showcase his talents, he left his now former tag team partner Rhett Titus in a bad situation. It didn’t take Titus long to get his career back on track. Recently, Titus attacked ROH World Champion Kevin Steen and is looking like he is going to try and be the man to take the title of Steen and save ROH from Steen’s destruction. I’m having a hard time buying into Titus in a main event role. I get why ROH decided to put Titus in the main event scene as a way to keep him happy and to also take advantage of the interest in Titus now that King bailed on the company and their ROH World Tag Team Championship reign. I can appreciate ROH’s attempt to make Titus a bigger star. That is the type of thing you need to do when your talent begins to leave to go elsewhere. But, Titus hasn’t ever done anything in a singles role and to just skyrocket into the main event scene and to be taken seriously as a threat to Steen’s championship seems to be rushed quite a bit. I’ll be rooting for Titus to prove me wrong and become a sensation in ROH, but I just don’t see it happening. At least not right now.

Rambling #3: Recently Total Non-Stop Action has developed an angle involving masked guys who attacked Sting a few weeks ago and have decided to threaten Hulk Hogan. According to reports, TNA actually didn’t even know the purpose of the angle and were going week by week. That’s smart. Anyway, people have been wondering just who could the men be in the masks. I’m starting to like the idea of it being guys from Ring Ka King. The idea that I could see working is having the men led by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is the founder of TNA and loss a lot of power when Hogan and Bischoff came into the company two years ago. Along with Jarrett, I wouldn’t mind seeing Harry Smith, Chris Masters and Luke Gallows playing the roles of henchmen and whatnot. I’m always a fan of invasion type of angles and I’m interested to see who the men are and to see where the angle goes from here.

Rambling #4: Later this year Tommy Dreamer will be presenting a wrestling promotion named House Of Hardcore. Already announced to be part of the company are Rhino, Sami Callihan, Chris Masters, Luke Gallows, Shawn Daviari, Jazz and the Sandman. Aside from the Sandman, that is some quality talent. I’ve watched several of Dreamer’s shoot interviews and one where he talked to CZW guys about his knowledge of the business. He seems to know what he is talking about and has an eye for good talent. It’s not like Dreamer doesn’t have experience when it comes to running a show. He had to do that in WWE and did the same for the original ECW. The first show isn’t until October 6th. Personally, I think this will be better than Extreme Rising. I’m going to be checking it out.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these ramblings!

Thanks for reading.

— Bob Colling

Bob is a guest columnist for OWW.  Follow him on Twitter at @bobcolling89.