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Rambling #1: In case you haven’t heard, Spike Dudley is coming out of retirement. I believe he retired back in 2010 and was living a good life working as an accountant. He is married and has a child. I remember reading all of that when WWE did an article on where he was now. So, I’m kind of surprised that he is going to step back into the ring. Yeah, you can say that it’s very rare for a wrestler to stay retired, but it seemed like Spike had no reason to come back. Then again, I heard he attended the HOH show ran by Tommy Dreamer. I’m assuming he got the itch to return after attending that show. More power to him. He will wrestling for Squared Circle Wrestling in November to challenge ROH/2CW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen. Considering Spike Dudley is a crazy fella and goes all out, that could be a fun match to witness. Welcome back, Spike!

Rambling #2: Jim Cornette is no longer in charge of the booking for Ring of Honor. This can only be a positive thing. Cornette has forever been stuck in a late 1980?s or early 1990?s mindset when it comes to wrestling. His influence is clearly seen on the television show, which just feels outdated with how it’s presented. Sure, the wrestling is good but when it feels like an old SMW tape, it loses its appeal. I’m interested to see how Delirious (the head booker for ROH now) will manage with free reigns. Apparently, the last IPPV is getting some much praise.  Delirious and several other ROH wrestlers have stated that Cornette was out of touch with the audience. Now, it’s his time to show that he knows what the fans want. We shall see. I have faith that ROH can be interesting again.

Rambling #3: At Bound For Glory TNA revealed that Devon was a member of the Aces & Eights. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people who hated the reveal because, well, it’s Devon. I have to agree that Devon being a member is lackluster as he isn’t exactly a great wrestler or interesting. But, I feel like TNA did a good job with the surprise. Who honestly even thought of Devon? I sure didn’t. Besides, he is just a member and not the leader. You’ve got to remember that. It was a good advancement for the angle, but by no means the end of it. Also, I was not surprised that the Devon/Sting match sucked on Impact. That’s what you get with Devon. To think Hulk Hogan wanted him back so badly. I bet that was all part of the angle and his efforts to “work the fans.” Because he loves to do that.

Rambling #4: Ryback is going to be getting a WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell pay per view next Sunday. I don’t like the booking here by WWE. They have something good here with Ryback, and I can honestly see Ryback winning the championship sooner rather than later. He does have that Goldberg appeal in that people want him to destroy the top heel. But, at this point in time it doesn’t make sense for him to win. 2013 is going to be based around Punk, Cena and the Rock over the WWE Championship. A combination of the three will headline Rumble and Mania. It looks like Ryback will be losing here and I just hope it’s not too damaging.

Rambling #5: Jessie Godderz is the Hollywood boyfriend of Tara. It’s just an awful angle. I think Jessie can be a good heel for the company, but bringing him in this way is just bad. The guy is not famous. I mean, he is famous among the fan base of Big Brother. This is an attempt to get publicity and by the looks of it, it’s not working. I haven’t seen any media outlets like TMZ pick up the story that Jesse is wrestling on television now. Why? Because no one cares about him. I hope this angle is short lived.

That’s it for my ramblings this time around. I’ll try to make these more regular and not seemingly once a month anymore! Feel free to share your opinions on these ramblings, too!

Thanks for reading.

— Bob Colling