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Random Rumblings

Ten guys who would’ve been worked well in the original Extreme Championship Wrestling.

CM Punk
Without a doubt CM Punk would have been a staple of ECW television for many years had Extreme Championship Wrestling continued on. The idea of a Punk/RVD feud in 2001 would surely be a money maker for the company and would probably produce matches that we would all remember for years to come. Punk’s ability in the ring and ability to get himself over on the microphone makes him the perfect guy for Paul Heyman to push ECW forward.

Low Ki
Personally, I feel like Low Ki could have been similar to what Taz was for ECW in the mid-1990s. Taz was a force not to be reckoned with in ECW during the peak years for the company. Ki is similar in the sense of how he carries himself. Taz as a submission guy with suplexes, which Ki also possesses. However, Ki also has ridiculous stiff kicks in his offense. His wrestling ability would be perfect for ECW diehard fans.

Trent Acid
Acid never made it to the big time during his time in the ring, but anyone who had watched Acid on the independent scene would likely say he was a hidden gem on the independents. Acid had some great matches with Teddy Hart in CZW. Acid’s ability to garner heat from the crowd could have produced riots for ECW. I truly don’t think that would be out of reality. Try to check out some of Acid’s stuff in CZW or ROH from 2002 to 2004. Sadly, Acid is no longer with us. He passed away a few years ago due to a drug overdose. RIP, Trent Acid.

When I thought of ECW, it’s obviously a hardcore promotion. At least, that’s how the company made its name for itself. Homicide came to mind. His feud with Steve Corino in ROH showed me how well he would fit in the company had ECW remained going forward. I see Homicide as a fan favorite in ECW who would tear heels apart and give the fans they want…broken bodies and blood. A match between Homicide and Sabu when Sabu was healthy and at his peak would’ve been one hell of a match.

Michael Shane
Shane actually had a few matches in ECW prior to its closing but I don’t see anything about Michael being on ECW television so to a certain extent it doesn’t count. Shane being related to Shawn Michaels would probably immediately give heel heat to Michael Shane. The pretty boy look and offense similar to a WWF guy? ECW fans would’ve eaten that up.

He seems like a perfect fit to be a big man for group led by Sinister Minster who had Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck by his side. So, not only do you have a group of guys in the tag division but possibly have a monster in Masada. Masada isn’t afraid of anything, as you can see in his CZW matches.

Sami Callihan
A character similar to Raven? Perhaps Sami could have fit that role. A loner who could possibly brainwash other people. Sami is a great wrestler and considering ECW fans appreciate great wrestlers, Sami would have fit in perfect. Sami ability to cut a promo as well has to be seen as a positive.

Jon Moxley
Better known as Dean Ambrose, I believe that Jon Moxley would have been a huge guy to work with in ECW. Next to CM Punk, Moxley would have to be the next top guy in the company. Punk as a heel and Moxley as a babyface after RVD is faded out of television? That is several years of Punk/Moxley in ECW and me enjoying every bit of it. Heck, we could still get that in WWE. We can only dream.

Kevin Steen
Considering how big Steen is some of the things he is capable of doing amazes me. He takes any of the big spots and puts on a hell of a show each time. Steen has developed into a fabulous talker and never seems to fail at delivering top quality matches. I’m sure the ECW fans would be ruthless with how Steen looks physically but Steen would probably shut them up with his talents in the ring.

Brodie Lee
There haven’t been a lot of “big guys” in ECW who had much success. Bam-Bam Bigelow and Mike Awesome come to mind, but that’s really about it. Lee is an exceptional big man wrestler. I remember seeing Brodie Lee hit a running hurricanrana. If he pulls that off on WWE television that will be the talk of wrestling. Brodie is a likeable guy and would have been a great midcarder or upper midcarder for Paul Heyman.

These are some of the independent guys that came to mind that would’ve done well in ECW. Who do you think would have been a good fit for ECW? Leave your opinions below!

Thanks for reading.

— Bob Colling


Random Rumblings