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School June

By Erica Bray, name.kitchen writer:

Think you have what it takes to be the next Hulk Hogan or The Rock? First pass the curriculum at Xtreme Wrestling Center (XWC) in Kansas City, Mo.

The center is training the next generation of professional wrestlers. Founded in 2014 by Marine Corps combat veteran Jordan ‘Smiley’ Rogers and professional wrestlers ‘Smooth as Satin’ David Cattin and Adam Houck, it’s not your typical sports training center.

Rogers, general manager of XWC, describes professional wrestling as “theater, meets athleticism, meets gymnastics.” The center accepts candidates 16 years or older, but only after passing an initial physical evaluation. Then the real work begins.

Name.Kitchen spoke with Rogers about what students can expect and why he’s so passionate about XWC’s domain name: ‘prowrestling.training.’ Disclaimer: Rogers has a degree in computer science, so geeking out over domains comes as naturally to him as critiquing a body slam.

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