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That’s right.  He’s the red faced demon who wormed his way into your hearts. Now, after months of rumors, “The Boogeyman” Marty Wright joins ClubWWI.com to set the record straight and shoot down false rumors…in his first shoot interview…EVER!


With a career in World Wrestling Entertainment that many fans will never forget, Marty’s story doesn’t end there. In fact, it was just beginning. Hounded by speculation about his recent “disappearance,” Wright has plenty to talk about life after WWE, people who represented him, his view on WWE, TNA, and tons more including: The False Reports of His “Disappearance,” Why He Was MIA, Going To TNA, Creating The Boogeyman Gimmick, False Stories of His Worm Eating, Why Booker T Deserves Credit For Their WrestleMania Match, Being Busted For Lying About His Age At Tough Enough Try-Outs, WWE’s Goal For His Character, Why That Didn’t Work Out, Being a “Former Actor” When He Debuted, The Wrestler He Prays To Work With, Scaring a Kid To Teach Her a Lesson, Losing His Teeth, The Boogeyman Voice, Kurt Angle, Team 3D, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant, and More


People have been clamoring for answers from Marty “Boogeyman” Wright ever since agent Scott Epstein sent out an email to websites explaining that he could not get in contact with him.  Scott apologized for Wright’s “no-shows” and pleaded with him to be more professional in handling his bookings.  During his ClubWWI.com shoot, James Guttman asked the former Boogeyman about this situation and the story was quite different than fans may have thought:


“Well, that whole story…I’m not gonna bury anyone.  That’s not what this interview is all about.  But Scott Epstein definitely buried me.”


James asks him about the confusion regarding bookings.  Had Marty accepted and then disappeared?  Wright explains to ClubWWI.com listeners:


“I had spoke with Scott Epstein prior, at one point in time.  OK?  And told him I did not want to do anything in the month of October because there was a possibility – a slight possibility – but a chance that I might be going back to WWE for a Halloween special that month.  That idea was brought to my attention so I wanted to leave the month of October open in case that does happen.  That didn’t happen and Scott took it upon himself to make all these bookings – not once confirming with me those dates.  And I had already told him I didn’t want to do anything for the month of October.  So for all those people that he said that I committed to, I want to apologize for any inconvenience that Scott put you in, because I certainly didn’t agree to those particular date.  It’s sad enough that my name had to be dragged through the dirt to raise another person’s image….I never once, and God is my witness, ever confirmed any dates that Scott said I was supposed to  be at.”


Marty goes on to discuss life on the Indies, “agents,” the new character he would use on the Independent scene, not getting paid from Scott, and more. 


One question that leads to is TNA.  ClubWWI.com listeners have wondered it and fans across the world ask him.  What about Total Nonstop Action?  Could we see the worms make an appearance?


“TNA is another organization with many friends from WWE who have been in the business for a long time.  Bubba and Devon – Team 3D.  Kurt Angle.  They even have Bobby Lashley over there at this point in time.  Again., hats off to those guys.  As far as me going to TNA, you can never really know what the future holds.  But I can tell you this, you will see my face on that TV screen soon enough.”


He was The Boogeyman! And he’s comin’ to getcha! But you can get to him first…by logging on to ClubWWI.com right now for his first interview since leaving WWE!


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