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Want a Pro Wrestler at Your Live Event?

It’s Wrestler’s Rescue to the Rescue!

Our Industry Contacts include nearly EVERY Wrestler, Manager, Valet & other Wrestling Personality, Past or Present!

 With Wrestler’s Rescue You Get:

*** OVERSEAS Tour Availability

*** 24/7, 365 Days a Year Availability

*** FREE Website Advertising on Our Site

*** Zero-Tolerance & Full-Refund Policy for No-Shows

*** We Handle the Travel Arrangements for the Performer

*** Your Price is the Same as Contacting the Performer Directly

*** Confidence of Booking Through a Trusted, Respected Source

Here at Wrestler’s Rescue it’s not just about everything you get.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help Wrestlers in their lives & careers.

When you Book Your Event through us, you’re contributing to the livelihood of these Spectacular Performers AND assisting them in getting booked at future events due to the popularity of our Organization!

So, how do you book Brutus Beefcake, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Scott Hall, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Brother Love, The Iron Sheik or the hundreds of other Wrestlers we have on Speed-Dial?

It’s Easy! Just email:

[email protected]  OR Call 908-565-0388 Today for all the Details!

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