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All the TNA Bound for Glory results and action from the University of California Irvine’s Bren Events Center.




The preshow is opened by Jeremy Borash and Joey Fatone (yes, the guy from ‘N Sync), who run down tonight’s card and introduce video promos for the matches. Then they send us to the ring for the preshow match. Fatone and many of the wrestlers are wearing pink armbands for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
Lethal Consequences, Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed

Mike Tenay and Taz announce that D’Angelo Dinero was called away for a family emergency, so the winners of this match will win Dinero’s spot in the Ultimate X Match tonight, and a shot at the X Division title. Tenay mentions Taz’ reaction to the Ultimate X structure, and Taz affirms that when he saw it, he said, “Holy shit!”

This is a high action, high risk match, with both teams pulling out all the stops for a huge payoff in TNA’s biggest PPV of the year. The finish comes when Sabin takes out Lethal with a springboard tornado DDT, and the Guns hit Creed with dual kicks. Shelley follows up with a cross body on Consequences to get the pin. The Motor City Machine Guns advance to the Ultimate X Match. I would have preferred a longer match, but since the Guns have to wrestle again immediately in Ultimate X, I can see why they kept this short.

After more video, Borash and Fatone introduce TNA President Dixie Carter, who talks about the Fan Interaction and the PPV.

After more videos, Lauren interviews Team 3D, who say they are very excited about a shot at the TNA Tag Team titles and the IWGP Tag Team Titles, and then put over the rest of the card. They close saying, “Tables and ladders and chairs, oh my!” and Devon adds, “Oh my brother, testify!”

Jeremy and Joey are at ringside, where Joey has climbed part way up one of the Ultimate X towers, and they hype tonight’s matches.

The PPV opens with a video with the theme of sacrifice, determination, discipline and focus, showing clips of the events leading up to the PPV. It includes photos of Sting early in his career, echoing the theme that tonight may be Sting’s last match.

Guitarist Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society plays the National Anthem in hard rock style, against a backdrop of patriotic images.

After a pyro display, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the PPV.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship
Amazing Red (C)
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Christopher Daniels

Taz says Homicide is his pick to win tonight, and Tenay says that TNA management hasn’t been able to control him since he joined the World Elite. The match starts off with everyone heading for the towers to try to climb and stop others from climbing. High risk action is everywhere in this match, and there are a series of spectacular dives over and through the ropes early on.

Homicide nearly gets to the belt, but Suicide springs off the ropes and across the ring to take him down. The Guns team up against the others very effectively. Homicide tries again, but Daniels pulls him off into a Death Valley Driver. Red makes a try, but Suicide comes off the ropes to drop kick Red to the mat. Daniels and Sabin reach the belt at the same time and exchange kicks until both fall.

Suicide, Daniels, and Red all go to the top of the scaffolding, and the crowd chants, “Please don’t die!” Daniels and Suicide slug it out at the center as Red hangs back. Finally Daniels works his way to the wires, but Suicide follows and takes him down to the mat. Sabin and Shelley climb up to try to stop Red, who has the support of the crowd. Sabin makes it to the center and kicks at Red, but he’s too late, as Red unhooks the belt and retains his title. Taz sounds truly amazed at the action throughout the match.

Lauren tries to interview The Beautiful People, but they just make fun of her. Finally they claim that the Tag Team belts were created to reward them for the “de-skankification” of TNA, and Sarita and Taylor don’t deserve them. Lacey says, “Even though we lost our Love, I’m going to show TNA that a little bit of Lace can be beautiful.”

Jeremy Borash interviews Sarita and Taylor Wilde, Taylor says they are ready for any team, any time. Sarita says they are much prettier, much better, and more beautiful than the Beautiful People.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Taylor Wilde & Sarita (C)
The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne with Lacey Von Erich

I have no idea why Lacey isn’t wrestling in this match, but it can’t possibly be because Velvet Sky is a better wrestler – the only Knockout who was a worse wrestler than Velvet was Rhaka Khan. And no, I’m not saying this because I think Lacey’s that good; it’s because I know Velvet isn’t that good. Velvet’s best move is when she waggles her rear end as she enters the ring.

Referee Jamie Tucker tries to send Lacey to the back, but she kisses him, so instead he gets her a chair and tells her to sit at ringside. Senior Official Earl Hebner comes out and Lacey kisses him too, but he sends her to the back anyway.

This is another short match. Rayne and Sarita start out with the advantage, but then the Beautiful People isolate Sarita and double team her for a while. The finish comes when Sarita drop kicks Madison, and Taylor Wilde takes her over into a bridging pin to score the win for her team. Taylor and Sarita retain the titles. It looks like Taylor’s nose may have been injured, as we see her holding it, and the ref and Sarita come over to check on her before they leave.

Lauren interviews Eric Young and Kevin Nash. Eric Young says that he negotiated with Kevin Nash to band together and beat Hernandez. Lauren mentions that Eric is paying Nash $60,000. Nash says it’s a win-win for him, since he gets the money and he keeps his belt, while Eric gets to walk out unscathed.

TNA Legends Championship
Kevin Nash (C)
Eric Young

Mike Tenay mentions that Kevin Nash turned down Kurt Angle’s offer of $30,000 to take out Eric Young, since Young offered him $60,000. There has been no explanation of how Eric Young has $60,000. Hernandez opens the match by going after Eric Young, then knocking out Nash, and going back after Young. Hernandez beats up Eric until Nash recovers, and then it becomes two on one. Nash and Young take turns working over Hernandez in what is basically a handicap match.

Hernandez makes a comeback, but they double team him again, until Eric goes for a pin on Hernandez, in spite of promising Nash he would keep his belt. Young claims it was instinctive, but Nash doesn’t quite trust him. Hernandez livens up this power match with an impressive flying dive over the ropes onto Eric on the floor. Hernandez makes a strong showing, but two on one is just too much.

In the end, Nash is setting up Hernandez for a jack knife power bomb, but Eric Young double crosses Nash and low blows him by shoving Hernandez and ramming his head into Nash. Young then pins Nash to steal the Legends title.

They cut to Beer Money, Steiner and Booker, and British Invasion brawling as Atlas Security tries to keep them separated. Lauren is trying to interview them, but Doug Williams steals the mic and says that they should all team up against Team 3D, since 3D has the advantage in any match with tables, ladders, and chairs. The heels leave, while Beer Money stand there and say nothing.

Full Metal Mayhem for The TNA Tag Team Championship
Scott Steiner & Booker T (C)
Beer Money, Robert Roode & James Storm
Team 3D, Brother Ray & Devon
British Invasion, Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams

The IWGP Tag Team Titles are also at stake in this match. As Team 3D enter, Zakk Wylde, who is at ringside, gives Ray a hug. The match immediately starts off with a brawl as they all gang up on Devon and Ray. That only lasts until everyone goes to the floor except for Magnus and Williams, who go straight for the ladders and the belts. Beer Money spot them, return to the ring, and attack.

Finally Booker and Steiner return to the ring, leaving 3D temporarily knocked out on the floor. The brawl continues, and Booker T claims to be injured on the floor. Sharmell comes out and screams for help, so they bring out a stretcher and a gurney for him and take him to the back. My guess is this has more to do with Booker’s reported recent decision to leave TNA and his refusal to lose matches than it does with any actual injury. No one mentions Booker’s “injury” or asks about him after he is taken away.

Finally Team 3D reenter the match, bringing chairs with them, and clean house. As Ray and Doug Williams battle around ringside, Zakk Wilde throws his beer into Doug’s face and slams him with a chair. Devon puts Doug through a table, and the fans call for more tables. Ray and Devon set up three tables in the ring, then slam Beer Money through the tables. Scott Steiner comes up from behind and slams Ray and Devon with a chair.

Steiner sets up a ladder and climbs it, but Ray and Devon pull him down and through a table. They set up a ladder and Devon gets down the IWGP belt, but Rhino runs in and slams them both repeatedly with a chair. Williams and Magnus come back and set up ladders and climb, but Beer Money pull down Williams and then suplex Magnus off the ladders. Beer Money and the Brits battle on until Rob Terry runs in, slams Robert Roode through a table, and helps Doug Williams take down the TNA belt. Team 3D are the new IWGP Tag Champions, and British Invasion are the TNA Tag Champs.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Awesome Kong

Tara and ODB start off teaming up against the powerful Kong, but Kong soon gets the advantage on both of them. Tara and ODB take back control, but the partnership breaks down briefly when they go to try to pin Kong. This match combines fast action with power moves to great effect. Tara and ODB fight each other whenever Kong is down, but they team up again when she returns.

Suddenly, for some reason that is never explained, a blonde woman in the crowd (who looks like MMA fighter Kim Couture) attacks Tara, and Atlas Security breaks it up and takes Tara to the back. Kong and ODB watch briefly, then continue the match. Eventually, Tara comes back, only to be punched and kicked to the floor by Kong. Kong and ODB battle on, as ODB is on the receiving end of a vicious implant buster.

Raisha Saeed comes down to ringside and slides in a chair, but Kong kicks it away. Saeed slides it back, but Kong rejects it again. Saeed slides it back again. ODB takes advantage of the distraction and reverses a power bomb attempt into a face buster, slamming Kong’s head into the chair to get the pin and retain. Saeed is shaking and horrified at the result, as Kong glares at her. This looks like a way to end the Raisha Saeed character and let Melissa be Alissa Flash full time.

Lauren interviews Matt Morgan, who says Kurt Angle is smart, but he is smart too, and he will beat Angle tonight.

“The Boss” Bobby Lashley
Samoa Joe

Bobby Lashley comes out with his ribs taped, selling the sneak attack on him by Rhino on iMPACT! Lashley very impressively leap frogs over Joe to avoid his charge. Bobby Lashley’s wife Crystal is shown in the crowd. This is a submission match, so they stay mainly on the mat and go for submission holds, and add some power moves. Joe has one small but vocal segment of the crowd cheering for him, and some others cheer for Lashley, but most of the crowd can be seen sitting silent and unmoving throughout the match. For the finish, Lashley blocks a uranage from Joe with an outer leg sweep, slamming Joe backward to the mat, and locks on an arm hold. Referee Earl Hebner declares Lashley the winner when he finds Joe to be unconscious.

Borash interviews Mick Foley, who says if Abyss manages to win tonight, he’s going to have to earn it.

Monster’s Ball: Hardcore Extreme
“The Monster” Abyss
Mick Foley

Dr. Stevie is the special referee. Abyss is not allowed to use thumbtacks in the match.

As Abyss enters, Foley runs up behind him and slams him in the back of the head with a barbed wire bat. Still on the ramp, Foley climbs up a lighting truss, and Abyss follows. They fight, and Foley finally knocks Abyss off and through a section of the entrance ramp. Then he gets the barbed wire bat and dives off onto Abyss with it. Stevie helps Foley climb back up, and they walk down the ramp to the ring together.

Abyss climbs out on his own and heads down the ramp. Foley charges him, but Abyss slams him down. Abyss then props up a barbed wire board between the ring edge and the rail. He and Mick start brawling in the ring, using the trash can and the weapons in it. Stevie acts as Foley’s partner in the ring, helping him beat up Abyss.

Abyss slams Foley into a barbed wire board, but Stevie helps Foley sandwich Abyss between two barbed wire boards and pound on him. Even after all that, and a quick count, Mick can only get two. Mick brings in a bag of thumb tacks, but Stevie tells Abyss he can’t slam Foley into them or he loses. Abyss takes out Stevie with the shock treatment back breaker. Daffney runs out and gives Mick a taser which he uses on Abyss, but when a second ref comes out, he only gets a two count.

Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and some barbed wire, but Abyss uses a drop toe hold to slam Foley into the barbed wire board. Daffney sneaks into the ring, so Abyss choke slams her through the barbed wire boards propped on the ring edge and she ends up stuck between them. Stevie comes back in, rips off his referee shirt, and starts beating on Abyss. Abyss Black Hole Slams Stevie into the thumb tacks. Foley gets up, Abyss choke slams Foley onto the barbed wire board, and uses Stevie’s hand to count three and get the win.

Jeremy Borash asks Kurt Angle if he’s underestimating Matt Morgan tonight. Angle claims he had AJ Styles beat except the time limit expired, and he will win the TNA Championship after he beats Matt Morgan tonight.

Wrestling’s Best vs. Wrestling’s Future
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan

Morgan overpowers Kurt, so Angle goes to the outside to slow things down. Angle keeps using the strategy of going to the outside whenever Morgan gets an advantage, but Matt doesn’t follow him and fall into his trap. Morgan had mentioned on his Twitter account that he had been in a lot of pain due to a staph infection in his back, but that he felt much better after icing it. He looks fine in this intense match, which is an excellent mix of psychology, power, and science.

Angle works Morgan’s legs, setting him up for the ankle lock. Angle hits the three Germans, but Morgan escapes the Angle slam. Carbon Footprint gets two. Morgan escapes the ankle lock, and escapes it again. Hellavator gets two and a half. Matt goes for a tombstone, but Angle reverses into an ankle lock. Morgan manages to escape again. Morgan goes up top, but Angle reverses into the Angle slam and follows with the frog splash for two. Angle goes up and Morgan hoists Kurt onto his shoulders, but Angle reverses it and wins with a victory roll. After the match, Kurt Angle shakes Matt Morgan’s hand in respect.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles (C)

TNA has been heavily promoting this as possibly Sting’s last match. Sting gets a huge pop from his hometown crowd as he walks to the ring. AJ Styles also gets a huge chant of “AJ! AJ!” as he makes his entrance. AJ’s tights are a tribute to Breast Cancer awareness month; remember, men can get breast cancer too.

Both men give it their all in this precisely executed and well planned face vs. face match. It’s a finely tuned combination of power, mat wrestling, psychology, and high flying moves. My favorite part of this PPV is when Sting looks appreciatively as AJ executes a flawless series of moves and says, “Wow!” You don’t often get to see a moment that pure and convincing in a wrestling match, and it’s a great testament to both men that they pulled it off so well.

A series of near falls builds the tension, and gets a chant of “This is wrestling!” from the fans. Sting gets AJ in the Scorpion Death Lock, but AJ escapes. Sting sets AJ on the top turnbuckle, but AJ head butts him off. AJ hits the Pelé from the ring apron and takes down Sting with a springboard off the ropes. AJ Styles pins Sting to retain the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Sting and AJ shake hands and hug. Sting leaves, but AJ calls him back, saying “You’ve entertained these fans for 23 years. This is your home state of California, and this ring is your spotlight!” Sting returns as the fans chant, “Please don’t go!” He tries to get AJ to stay, but AJ insists, “This is your time now!” and leaves. Sting says he didn’t expect to be back in the ring now, but if he’s going to lose, he’s glad it’s to someone like AJ Styles. The fans chant, “You’ve still got it!” and “One more year!” Sounding close to tears, Sting says he was not prepared to give an answer tonight, but the way the fans are acting makes him want to stay forever.

This was an excellent PPV with a genuinely emotional finish and not one bad match. It’s well worth buying the replay.

TNA’s next PPV is Turning Point on November 15 at Orlando, FL.

— Karen Belcher

Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com