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Bragging Rights was a disaster of a pay-per-view. There was no build up, hype and the “Smackdown Vs Raw” theme wasn’t even present.

Not many WWE fans were keen of this pay-per-view concept from the beginning. However, we all know that we shouldn’t judge things from the way they look. So many fans gave Bragging Rights a shot. The result? A very weak and unhyped PPV to say the least.

Non of the matches delivered in any aspect. Especially the main event match. WWE is using that DQ ending in their matches far too often now and it’s a very lazy and poor way to end the main event. Not only that, the next night, WWE revealed that Wade Barrett would be re-challenging Orton for the title again at Survivor Series. John Cena is the special guest referee. The stipulation for this match is that if Barrett wins, Cena is free from Nexus but if he loses, Cena is fired.

The outcome of this match is fairly obvious unless WWE pulls another swerve.

The PPV is titled “Bragging Rights.” Meaning that which ever brand wins gets bragging rights over the other brand. Well that concept was completely ignored. There was no real hype or build up towards the Smackdown Vs Raw match and the competetive edge wasn’ t there either. WWE spent little to no effort in making this match seem important. As a result, the audience didn’t care at all. WWE didn’t exactly make it easier for the fans to decide who they should cheer for.

Bragging Rights this year was a disaster. It failed in every aspect. From the in-ring performances to the actual match build ups, WWE failed. Hopefully they come back stronger next year.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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