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That’s right; Kenny King is the second competitor in the Milano Collection A.T. bracket to have to miss the 2007 Jeff Peterson Cup because of a knee injury. He joins “Unreal” Michael Elgin on the injured list.  Word quickly started to spread among wrestlers in Florida. While the JPC committee was searching out a replacement, we received several offers to take his place. However, this e-mail stood out the most.

“Upon hearing the nasty rumor that Mr. Kenneth King was injured at the Hands of the Heartbreak Express in FIP, I decided to play the opportunist.You see, this knee injury Kenneth is suffering from will prevent him from competing in the MOST PRESTIGIOUS TOURNAMENT IN WRESTLING!! The Jeff Peterson Cup 2007.

I have decided to throw my name in the mix. Of course people are gonna talk “Is it really fair that a 6’4″, 285lbs athletically gifted and powerful man enter this tournament”. You damn right its fair. You see its not my fault that I am talented, its not my fault that I am entertaining. Most of all, its not my fault that I am going to become a HUGE STAR!

Well, technically it is my fault.

With me replacing Mr. King, that gives me a first round matchup with TJ Mack. Just for the record, I like TJ, hell he was one of the members of the nationally acclaimed British pop trio BB Mak, which gave us such Hits as “Still on your side” and “Back Here”. I know BB Mak ran their course, so TJ decided it was his time to pursue wrestling. He has made a bit of a name for himself. He is in tremendous shape, and can hang with some of the best. First round of Peterson, he is going to be in there with THE BEST,” the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Since I like TJ, and respect his musical talent, I will make sure that he can at least walk after I run roughshot through him. Then maybe he can return to England

and the recording studio and record some new hits for my listening pleasure.Match by match, I plan on picking my opponent’s apart. I already have The mental edge. This is the indies, these guys have NEVER seen a man as big, quick, powerful, and technically sound as myself. In a predominantly cruiserweight field, I am a man among boys. I have said it before and I will say it again, this sport revolves around heavyweights! If anyone thinks for one minute that I am going to allow any of these little cruiserweights to make a name for themselves at my expense, you have another thing coming!!

Obviously me in the tournament throws a huge wrench into the mix. The Odds have changed tremendously. The favorite obviously becomes myself, and I promise all my Mark-ees that I will not let you down. I am the

Florida Bruiserweight Champion, I am the King of Florida, and after Saturday, I will be the 5th JPC winner.And that’s a goddamn shoot.

Bruce Santee

Friday July 13, 2007

Downtown Orlando Recreation Center

W. Livingston Street
Orlando, FL USA

 Meet & Greet doors 6:30pm, Pre-show 7:30, 8pm Main Show

 Opening Round of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Reckless Youth BracketAPW-GA’s “Kool” Seth Delay vs. NWA Indiana’s “Pure Dynamite” Billy RocGOUGE’s Krazy K vs. Shimmer Allison Danger  

Justice BracketNWA-FSM’s Trik Davis vs CZW/ROH star Chris HeroFIP Florida Heritage champion Erick Stevens vs. FPWA’s Nooie Lee Chris Sabin BracketEWA’s Chi Chi Cruz vs. YRR member Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance Maryland Championship Wrestling’s Adam Flash vs. ACW’s Sideshow  

Milano Collection AT BracketYRR member Sal Rinauro vs. ROH’s “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross Former IPW World/NWA Florida Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee vs. AWA’s TJ Mack  Night 1 Main Event:
Rage in the Cage battle royal!!!!!!! 20+ person come as you are, bring your own weapons! Entrants announced so far include: “the Shooter” Vordell Walker, Snow, The Sheik, Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean and “Fabulous” Phil Davis), Francisco Ciatso, Naphtali, “Irish Destroyer” Heater, Dany Only, Pretty Fly, Leon Scott, Havoc, Bug, Dr. Heresy, Kory Chavis, Craig Classic, Lifeguards (Wade Koverly & Daron Smythe) and Mister Saint Laurent.

Roderick & Sedrick Strong vs. former NWA World Tag Team champions the New Heavenly Bodies (“Classy” Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci) Matches Just Added:TAG TEAM CHALLENGE MATCH
In May of 2002, Frankie Capone (Francisco Ciatso) and Python, along with Pete Cannon defeated Wrongful Death for the IPW Tag Team Championship. Wrongful Death took the titles back from them in a match that literally went to the streets of
St. Petersburg outside of the famed WrestlePlex complex. The two teams are back for more, but this time, its Ciatso and Cannon teaming up, forming the Original Double Deuce to take on Naphtali and Dagon Briggs on Night 1 of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. Ciatso holds several singles titles in and out of Florida, and Cannon hasn’t competed for some time. Wrongful Death hasn’t teamed in over a year, but has proven they are always a successful team no matter how long the absence.

Jeff Peterson was never more successful than when he was beating multiple opponents in a single night. That is why on July 13th, we are going to give you a


CrazyFest. Among those competitors is former NWA WORLD Junior Heavyweight champion and JPC competitor Jerrelle Clark.

Clark will have his hands full with three other competitors, including former IPW Television champion Dr. Reginald Heresy. Heresy makes his Florida return for this great event for the first time since the IPW Reunion show. Another competitor making his return to the ring is the Low-Flying superstar BUG! That is right, the Bug is making his return to the ring on Night 1. But these three wrestlers will also have to compete with NWA-Anarchy and FIP star Kory Chavis. Chavis has spent more time in Georgia rings than Florida rings lately, but is looking to make a statement and show Florida fans what they are missing.
Mister Saint Laurent has put together what he calls a SuperGroup of his allies that he knows will carry him to the top. MSL has called the JPC office and left a 23 minute message about how he was going to make a name for himself during this signature event. He mentioned something about Rage in the Cage and showing his dominance in
Florida. So MSL has put together a team of four and has issued a challenge to anyone to answer it on July 13th. MSL’s team consists of Leon Scott and former FIP Tag Team Champions, the Heartbreak Xpress.

 Saturday July 14, 2007
Jewish Community Center

Scenic Drive
Port Richey, FL USAOn Day 2 of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Chris Hero will be offering a seminar during the day. It will take place before the Event starts in Port Richey.All wrestlers interested in taking this seminar from independent star Chris Hero, please contact Naphtali either by myspace, or via e-mail at [email protected] for all the pricing and details. 

Meet & Greet doors between 6:30pm, Pre-show 7:30pm, 8:00pm Main Show Second round matches in each bracket. Semi-Finals will see Sabin Winner vs Milano Collection Winner and Justice Winner vs. Reckless Youth Winner 

Tag Team RESPECT Match
“The New Heavenly Bodies” Chris Nelson and Vito DeNucci vs Lex Lovett and “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine
 Plus matches involving the JPC competitors who were eliminated Friday night.

JPC Tickets now available via paypal to [email protected]If you buy via PayPal, please specify if you would like your tickets sent to you, or available at Will Call the day of the shows.
Ticket information
Night 1
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance
Day of show, all tickets $2 more
Night 2
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance, Day of show, all tickets $2 more


VIP ticket includes early entrance into the event and allows you to pick your seat before the General Admission lets in. VIP also includes a Meet & Greet with the competitors of the JPC and Rage in the Cage!!!!

For more information:
call (727)512-0071

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