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“Hello CZW faithful.  I have been working hard to ensure that our next two shows will be as amazing as I am.  To answer many of the popular questions on fan message boards and emails sent to me, stay tunned to the CZW videos on this page and soon you will hear from the participants in TOD Fast Forward as well as Homicide’s response to Joker’s challenge.  Fear not, disciples of Mavenism, you will hear from me as promised soon. 

I am pleased to announce that despite the interference of other members of the non existent CZW management team, I have been able to negotiate deals that will change the landscape of CZW.  Fans present at our last show were treated to Homicde’s return to CZW and the New Alhambra.  Fans will be treated to another return this month, as I opened up my Palm Pilot and searched through my friends to see who I could bring back to their home.  I am proud to announce that through no work of John Zandig or Lobo’s, Spike Dudley will be returning to the corner of Swanson and Ritner Sts at the Chris Ca$h memorial show.  I will be negotiating the terms of his appearance and opponent soon.  Until next time send your checks directly to me because somebody has to pay!” -   DISCUSS SIGNING HERE!