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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My Breaking Point Predictions
Our resident philosopher breaks out the crystal ball, tea leaves, and lucky coin to try and determine the outcomes (and future effects) of the newest of the WWE Pay-Per-Views.Breaking Point.

WWE rolls out, yet another, PPV. This time around, it’s all submissions. Great concept…lousy matches. This has to be one of the weakest PPVs in a long time. Out of the seven matches, only one has really captured the fans’ attention (‘Taker v Punk). I’ll do my best to remain positive as I sift through the sludge that looks to be

The Great Khali v Kane
Singapore Cane Match

Backstory: This horrible feud began over 2 years ago. This lumbering train wreck has started and stopped, multiple times. I wish it would just stop…period. Kane recently kidnapped Khali’s little brother and defeated him at Summerslam.

Prediction: In a card filled with “Who Cares? matches, this one’s the absolute worst. Give two over-sized mid-carders big sticks to blith-whap the daylights out of each other. As clumsy as they both are, expect them to drop the canes, at least a dozen times. Since Kane won the last battle, Khali should get this one to even the score. Of course, that would require suffering through a third match between these two.

Predicted Winner: Khali
Predicted Grade: F

John Morrison v Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship

Backstory: Rey Mysterio gets busted for failing the Wellness Program and gets himself a nice little 30-day suspension. John Morrison gets tapped to take the strap off Rey Rey. Dolph Ziggler, who was originally set to battle Rey at this PPV, whined and complained about deserving a title shot. Morrison got tired of the whining and granted the match.

Prediction: I can’t imagine putting the strap on Morrison, only to have him drop it to Ziggler. Ziggler just isn’t championship material. He so reminds me of those flash-in-the-pan types of the 1980s (Berserker, Doink, Crush , etc…). Morrison has so many different moves that I’m sure that there is a submission move hidden away in there, somewhere. Dolph is going to tap like Aiden Quinn in Annie.

Predicted Winner: John Morrison
Predicted Grade: B

Mark Henry and MVP v Big Show and Chris Jericho
Unified Tag Team title match

Backstory: After Cryme Tyme failed to win the belts, a challenge was issued for new competition. MVP and Mark Henry answered the call. The four men have traded various singles wins over each other, including an amazing Bodyslam Challenge where Mark slammed Show.

Prediction: This one should be a pretty decent match. Henry and Show equal out, as do MVP and Jericho. I just don’t think that Show and Jericho have held the belts quite long enough. I figure Show will slap the Colossal Clutch on one of the challengers to end this one.

Predicted Winner: Big Show and Chris Jericho
Predicted Grade: B

William Regal v Christian
ECW Championship Match

Backstory: Regal was the first to go after Christian, once Christian finished the program with Tommy Dreamer. Regal has aligned himself with Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov. The trio, known as the Tormentors, has been making life Hell for numerous jobbers and a few regular roster members on Tuesday nights.

Prediction; Does Christian ever have a submission move in his arsenal? I went through various tapes and online searches to see if he ever used one. I pretty much came up blank.. Regal has the Regal Stretch, which he’s used a lot, recently. I have a funny feeling Kozlov and Jackson may get involved and Regal will connect with the Knee Trembler and slap on the Regal Stretch to take the title.

Predicted Winner: William Regal (new champion)
Predicted Grade: C+

D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) v Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)
Submissions Count Anywhere Match
Randy Orton v John Cena
“I Quit” match for the WWE championship

Backstory: Randy Orton sent Rhodes and DiBiase to take out Triple H. HHH then decided to bring in his old running buddy, Shawn Michaels, to even the sides. D-X tore it up at Summerslam, taking out Legacy and making the opening segment a constant laugh fest. This time around, D-X and Legacy are heading for a Submissions Count Anywhere match.

Prediction: Legacy is due a win to keep the feud going. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Triple H has recently taken to using the Figure Four, while Shawn keeps using the Sharpshooter. While Rhodes and DiBiase have a pair of great finishers, they really haven’t used submission moves, all that much. Rhodes does know how to slap on a Figure Four but he’s no master with it. DiBiase, obviously, knows his father’s finisher, the Million Dollar Dream. I have an odd feeling that HHH and Shawn will administer a good old-fashioned spanking to the cocky youngsters and then use their respective finishers to hand Legacy a devastating defeat.

Predicted Winners: Triple H and Shawn Michaels
Predicted Grade: B


Backstory: And still the saga continues… Cena, Batistia, Orton and HHH have traded the Raw title back and forth for close to a year and a half. Batista is out with the injury and HHH is doing his D-X thing, so Orton and Cena get the continued push. After a chaotic finish at Summerslam, Orton kept his title. This rematch is set under “I Quit” rules.

Prediction: It’s past time for Orton to drop the belt. I think this match just might finish driving the wedge between Orton and Rhodes/DiBiase. Rhodes was stunned when Orton hit the R-K-O on his dad, Dusty. Cody did come back to accept what Randy did. Ted wasn’t thrilled when Orton yelled at Brett, Ted’s little brother. I think Brett is going to be the key to this one. Cena is going to catch Orton in the STF. He’ll hold it for an extended period of time. Brett will pull an Arnold Skaaland and toss in the towel. Brett will start yelling “He quits!” The ref will abandon the traditional rules, since Orton will be semi-comatose from the move and allow the proxy submission. Orton will then go after Brett, which will bring Ted, Jr. on the run. Ted and Randy will then duke it out. Cody will rush out to help Orton, despite what Randy did to his daddy. The Brothers DiBiase will then feud with Orton and Rhodes. I could even see Ted, Sr. return to manage his boys. That would be awesome.

Predicted Winner: John Cena (new champion)
Predicted Grade: A-

C.M. Punk v Undertaker
World Championship Match under Submission-only Rules

Backstory: Punk has turned heel, in recent months. He’s gone on a “holier-than-thou” kick where he disses everyone for their anti-social and self-destructive behavior. At Summerslam, Punk took out Jeff Hardy. Suddenly, the Undertaker returned after a multiple month sabbatical. This battle will be an Anaconda Vise v Devil’s Gate submission match.

Prediction: This match is going to be a Match of the Year contender. Both men have great finishers and superb submission moves. I almost hate matches like this, because they are so darn tough to call. This has to be one of Undertaker’s final runs as an active competitor. My heart pushes me to go with Undertaker. My brain is screaming for Punk. Punk is so much younger and faster than Undertaker. ‘Taker has also been sitting at home for the better part of six months, so there just has to be some ring rust. On the other hand, I just can’t begin to imagine Undertaker tapping out to anyone. I dug out the lucky coin, tea leaves and tried to find Miss Cleo’s phone number for this one. If Punk were to beat ‘Taker, it would push him to near-Legend status. If Taker wins, Punk would only fall a little bit from his lofty perch. Unless Creative pulls some kind of screw-job finish, I just think Undertaker is going to force Punk to tap.

Predicted Winner: Undertaker (new champion)
Predicted Grade: A+ (only because there isn’t a higher grade).

Final Grade: B
Final Thoughts: This is looking to be at the level of a decent Smackdown or Raw show. It’s definitely not worth $40+. WWE might toss in a few twists and turns to try and kick off this new PPV. I fall back on something I’ve said in various columns, for months: WWE is running far too many PPVs. This one just might prove my point.


— Jay Shannon
[email protected]