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British Indy Wrestler Richard Batt (AKA Jayson Mayson Pop Sensation) is set to make his first wrestling appearance in a over a year at Great British Wrestling’s event Carnage on the 13th of September.  Richard is promoting his upcoming book “How to make £1 Million in 9 months” and is appearing at the event as promotion for the book.
Richard is a comedian and writer and currently has a kickstarter campaign which finishes on the 12th of September (http://bit.ly/htm1mks) which currently stands at £27 as part of his ongoing quest to make 1 Million pounds by his 30th birthday on the 27th of May 2015.
It would be fantastic if you could cover this story, Richard is a former Wrestler for a number of British Promotions.  His campaign is a story which is receiving a decent amount of media coverage on a number of internet sites and is shaping up to be a very interesting story when the book is released next year.