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Bruno Sammartino & Larry ZbyszkoBruno Sammartino & Larry Zbyzsko on 8/28 TTRS

Last week we had on New Jack.  Check him out in the archives.

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Bruno Sammartino
He was an international superstar. He ws one of the most respected wrestlers in history. He is back again for as a regular on the Birthday show. He was one of the longest running champions and was a 2 time WWWF champion for Vince McMahon SR. There is a new documentary coming out on this guy and we will once again open the floor to him.

Larry Zbyzsko
He was AWA Champion amongst other things.  He was very controversial and once his mentor retired became the Living Legend.  He is still working in the Indy’s as well as helping some of the younger guys learn the old school.
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Brother Runt Matt Hyson
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