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Bushwhacker LukeBushwhacker Luke RecapThe host Jim Boy Star welcomes Bushwhacker Luke on the show and Luke says hello to all the fans and talks about being in New Jersey and licking people’s heads in NJ and then talks briefly about licking Lillian Garcia’s head at Wrestlemania X-7.

The host then talks to Luke about the 1989 house show series where the Bushwhackers fought the Bolshelviks in front of their home town in New Zealand. Luke recalls that show and gives his feelings on that match.


The host switches gears and talks about the Bushwhackers appearance at Wrestlemania 6 when they crashed Rhythm and Blues’ performance. Luke recalls this and gives his thoughts.

As the interview continues to go through some things in Luke career, they discuss Survivor 1993 when the Bushwhackers teamed with Men on a Mission (all dressed like Doinks) vs Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger, and the Headshrinkers.

Luke says one of his favorite matches he participated in was on Summerslam 1992, Bushwhackers and Jim Duggan vs The Mountie and The Nasty Boys.

Jim Boy Star asks Luke about rumors about WCW trying to sign the Luke and Butch in 1994. Luke states “People say in 1994 that we left WWE. We didn’t leave WWE, we were on the payroll still. We were doing all the prepromotions around the world for WWE”

The two then talk about the Bushwhacker Luke’s appearance on TNA’s Christmas special. This topic also leads into talking about the details of a WWE Legends Contract. Luke explains how he could be under a type of WWE contract but yet still be able to appear on TNA TV.

Luke then talks about how the Bushwhackers were hardcore before there was hardcore and before there was an ECW.

The host then asks Luke his thoughts on Ring of Honor, in which he highly praises them. Luke states “It’s something that’s going to explode when they get television”. Luke puts over Ring of Honor, and more specifically the shows that just happened in Orlando Floriday on Wrestlemania Weekend.

Jim Boy Star and Luke then talk some Wrestlemania 24 and compares the buildup to Wrestlemania 23. Luke calls Trump vs McMahon from Wrestlemania 23 “A winner from day one”.

Luke talks about the success Wrestlemania and wrestling in general in Orlando for Wrestlemania 24.

“The tag team era is gone” Luke said when asked about the tag team division of today.

Luke gives his information if you want to book him and the host thanks him for his time.

You can listen to the Bushwhacker Luke interview at www.sunsetflipshow.com or www.steelecage-radio.con as well as other interviews done by the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show. Every Sunday 6pm-8pm.

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