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The Cauliflower Alley Club is pleased to announce 3 new award categories for the upcoming 2016 reunion, which will be held April 11-13, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV! Here is a description of the awards below:

The Lucha Libre Award  – The Lucha Libre Award is an honor given to an individual who has had a prominent career in the lucha libre style of professional wrestling. Any and all Lucha Libre Award nominees must have been considered an outstanding performer of “Latino” heritage or has trained or performed in Mexico and elsewhere in the lucha libre style. Any and all nominees must have been well known to the lucha fan base wherever they have performed. This award is not restricted to those who worked solely in Mexico, nor is it limited to masked wrestlers, but any wrestler who worked the lucha libre style in any part of the world is eligible for nomination.

The Danny Hodge Award  –  The Danny Hodge Award is an honor given to an individual who had a prominent career in two or more disciplines either in professional wrestling (being recognized by his or her peers as a hooker, shooter or being naturally tough), amateur wrestling, amateur or professional boxing, or any of the mixed martial arts / UFC styles including judo, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc.  Any and all nominees for the Danny Hodge Award must have held a championship in his or her field, or must have been recognized as a champion and/or considered a main event athlete or performer in his or her field.

The President’s Award  – The President’s Award is an honor given to an individual who is held in the very highest regard by his or her peers and for outwardly conveying the spirit of the Cauliflower Alley Club in both their charitable contributions (time and/or money) and community service. Hand selected by the CAC President under his or her own accord and approved by a majority of the CAC Executive Board, the President’s Award shall be given to an individual who has not only been considered a main event performer and/or a top box office draw in their field, but who has surpassed the notoriety of their industry and has achieved mainstream prominence.

NOTE: Prior to being selected, any and all nominees must agree to pay for their own transportation and hotel accommodation costs. If the nominee is selected by the Cauliflower Alley Club to receive an award, the CAC will provide two complimentary banquet tickets: one for the honoree and one that can be used for the honoree’s spouse, guest or presenter.

Want to nominate someone for one of these new awards, or one of the other big awards, please visit the website here!