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Congratulations to Santana Garrett for winning multiple titles this past weekend.

Saturday, she competed in front of 20,000+ at the Earthday Birthday 23 event in Orlando where she became the inaugural EDBD Women’s Champion. She competed in four matches and won the title defeating Chelsea Durden. Sunday, Santana Garrett won the main event 10 person over the top rope battle of the Belleview Pro Wrestling event to become the new BPW Heavyweight Champion. Previous champion, Tim Zbyszko, moved out of state and was unable to appear. Santana Garrett last eliminated the first BPW Heavyweight Champion Chico Adams to become the third champion.

Santana now leaves for her third tour of Japan. She’s the current Wonder of Stardom Champion. Santana will also be competing in England, Spain, and France following Japan. She return to the states and has future tours coming up such as Mexico in June, Canada in July, and her third trip to Chile in August for Hugo Savinovich’s Wrestling Superstar where defeated Taya Valkyrie last week to become the first Women’s Champion.
Photo from Earthday Birthday by Modern Myth.