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Courtesy of CAC Board Member and 2014 honoree Ron Hutchison after catching up with 2 of our upcoming honorees Fidel Sierra and Tokyo Monster Kahagas this past weekend in Orlando, FL:

In 26 days I’ll be in Vegas.

As soon as I get rid of my “WrestleMania hangover” my plan is to touch base with all of my seminar panelists in an attempt to make sure everything is on track and we’re all ready to have a blast.

Looking forward to seeing you all at this year’s CAC reunion. As great as Mania is, it’s not the CAC Reunion, and the beer flows 24/ 7 at the CAC!

Besides that, it’ll be great catching up with and toasting to these two gentlemen again – two of this year’s CAC honorees, Fidel Sierra and Tokyo Monster Kahagas!

This picture was only taken 3 days ago in Florida and, as you can see, they’re in fighting form here! There’s a couple of 12 ounce weights missing in it though. Our next photo together will rectify that situation! ;-)

Please join me in congratulating Fidel, Tokyo and all of our 2017 CAC award winners as we get ready to honor them and their contributions to our business at the CAC reunion.

See you soon friends!

Note: This was a big weekend for Ron personally as one of his most famous students and fellow CAC honoree, Beth Phoenix, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.