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By Greg Oliver: Moose Morowski, who died on Saturday at age 81, knew that he was of different stock than most. “Us, we’re a different breed,” he said about professional wrestlers once.

He would certainly be one of the toughest.

“You know me, I don’t bullshit, because I’ve been everywhere, I’ve wrestled the toughest guys in the world, and I knew the best and the toughest,” he said in October 2011. “A lot of guys fabricate stories and that irritates me, when you listen to some of these guys.”

The late Dutch Savage, who always had the gift of gab, had great respect for Mad Dog Morowski, who he brought into Oregon to be led around on a chain attached to a dog collar. “He was just easy to work with. Do anything at all for you. Tougher than Kelsey’s get-out though. You didn’t mess with Moose too much.”

Morowski faced health issues for at least a dozen years that saw his body deteriorate following back surgery, from needing a walker to being bed-ridden for the last few months, reluctant to talk to or see any old wrestling buddies, lest they remember him as he was then instead of in his glory days.

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