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The Cauliflower Alley Club is proud to announce that Bambi Weavil is our new Communications & Marketing Consultant. She will lead our efforts for developing communication strategies that help advance the CAC’s efforts to financially assisting those in need, whom have made their living in the Wrestling Industry. These strategies include media outreach, web marketing, social media, membership marketing and more.

Bambi is also the founder of Founder of Masters Of Ring Entertainment. Bambi is responsible for leading Master of Ring Entertainment’s efforts in event production, business operations and marketing. Bambi serves as the company’s President of Marketing & PR and works with Masters Of Ring Entertainment’s marketing team to support key growth initiatives.

Prior to Masters Of Ring Entertainment, Bambi was the Director of Marketing for EscapeArtist International. In addition, Bambi was the Director of Marketing for Passion & Purpose and YoPro Global.

For over 10 years, Bambi has lead companies and non-profits to forge and implement strategic communications and growth in traditional marketing and social media marketing campaigns by advising, developing, implementing and leading winning marketing strategies in fast-paced environments. Her industry expertise and passion includes social media, cause-related marketing, sports entertainment marketing and media relations. Her efforts have resulted in transforming brands, events and marketing campaigns into increased awareness, visibility, brand recognition and sales.

In 2012, she moved to NYC from Wilmington, NC to become the Digital Marketing and PR Manager for MetSchools, Inc. She returned to Wilmington in 2015.  Bambi is currently the Marketing Manager for ACME Growth Co.

Bambi began her pro wrestling career through journalism, writing for the popular SCOOPS Wrestling through the leadership of Al Issacs, as their first female wrestling columnist writer. She also wrote regularly for InsidePulse.com/PulseWrestling.com and Pro Wrestling Daily. Bambi also started with Greg Ragland, popular internet wrestling sites, MarkingOut.com and Squared Circle Magazine.

Bambi has also worked in pro wrestling radio as a online pro wrestling personality in Pro Wrestling 24/7 in 2011-12.

Bambi for the last 7 years has ran Out Impact Productions, a sports-entertainment talent agency representing various and popular pro wrestling talent over the years previously in the WWE, ECW and WCW. In 2012, Bambi proudly worked with long-time friend “Diamond” Dallas Page in leading marketing and social media efforts on promoting DDPYOGA.

Bambi is excited about working for CAC and continue to share her passion of the sport and art of pro wrestling through special events for fans worldwide.