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WWE NetworkEver wonder what it’s like to step behind the curtain at a WWE show? Wonder no more.

In WWE’s new interactive video, you are there behind the glitz and glamour, working to solve an impossible problem for a WWE Superstar with no time to spare in your first day on the job. The competitor in question? None other than Dolph Ziggler, himself. And what’s more, you get to choose the outcome of your trip. Each leg of the journey will be fraught with peril, wackiness and, in some cases, outright terror — and depending on whom you decide to trust along the way, you’ll either save Zig Man’s day … or find yourself out of a job.

So, head to your desktop, mobile users — or stay there if you’re already on one — and step into the world of WWE to give The Showoff a hand. You do want to help Dolph, don’t you?

NOTE: This journey is not compatible with mobile devices.