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Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik 

and http://alanwojcik.com 
On Friday, Feb 5th, 2010 Combat Championship Wrestling invaded the Advantage Village Academy Gym, 1201 22nd St South, St Petersburg, Florida.

(1) Los Ben Dejos defeated Moose Madison & “The Marquee” Bruce Santee (w/George Martel.)
Before the bell Los Ben Dejos challenged their opponents to a chicken fight but the offer was declined. Immediately it was the speed of the Mexican duo against the power of Santee & Madison. No shock to anyone when Santee hit the ring the momentum that Los Ben Dejos had came to a halt. But something was not right as Santee wanted to use some dirty tactics while Moose wanted to wrestle straight up. Martel paced around ringside yelling at Madison to get on the same page as Santee. Finally Santee tagged back in and it was straight up power moves. After talking to Martel, Madison tagged back in and was more aggressive towards his opponent. Martel got involved as well as the referee was distracted. Santee looked like he had the win after a standing suplex that he held for thirty seconds but his opponent kicked out. This only angered Santee who tagged Madison back into the match. There was a major miscommunication as Santee and Madison crashed mid-ring and Los Ben Dejos got their fresh man into the match and he took over on Santee, not letting him get his bearings. Martel yelled for Madison to get in and save Santee, instead he hit Santee with a powerslam and it allowed Los Ben Dejos to hit double swantons to finish off Santee.
(2) The Dynamite Death Monkiez (Titan, Ultra Boy & Illuminat) defeated 2 Jerks & Cuban National champion Cuban Assassin (w/Fantasy).
The Jerks and Cuban’s initial goal was to keep the 7 foot tall Titan on the apron and early on they achieved it, keeping Illuminat in the ring. The bad part was the Jerks spent their time in the ring with Illuminat on their asses as he had control. Ultra Boy tagged in and his near 400 pound frame squashed the competition. Cuban had enough and tagged himself into the match and demanded Titan tag in as well. He got his wish but the crowd’s USA chant was so loud Fantasy and Cuban were ready to call it a night, demanding they shut up. Of course the chant got louder but cooler heads prevailed and Titan locked up with a test of strength that nearly broke Cuban’s wrist. The Death Monkiez trio took turns working over Cuban’s arm but Ultra Boy got moved to the wrong side of the ring where The Jerks got involved and the fight was on. But the Jerks made the mistake of letting Ultra Boy get to his feet and he tagged Illuminat who used a Luchador attack, until his cross block was turned into a powerslam. It was only a matter of time before Fantasy got involved and she choked Illuminat with the bottom rope and then allowed Cuban to get extra leverage in an abdominal stretch by keeping the referee in a blind spot. The Jerks kept the attack going as Titan encouraged his partner to tag out and he finally did. Titan was the recipient and he leveled all three opponents with tons of powers but the matched ended with a top rope splash from Illuminat.
(3) TNA Superstar Jesse Neal defeated Sinn Bodhi via DQ.
This match was by far the most intriguing with the Team 3D trained Neal taking on the unorthodox Bodhi. Neal took an overhand wristlock and refused to let go no matter what Bodhi did to get away. Neal switched his attack to the left shoulder area and Bodhi had to pivot his weight to relieve the pressure applied. He did that by tossing Neal to the floor out of control. Bodhi followed and drove Neal’s back into the ring apron. When the fight came back to the ring, Bodhi focused his attack on Neal’s neck with a vise like submission hold. But Neal refused to quit and fought back only to be hit with a clothesline. Bodhi got close to the DQ when he used the ropes to choke out Neal. Bodhi slowed the match down with a head scissor with an eye rake. Bodhi sent Neal to a corner but his splash met Neal’s boot and Neal took over with several high impact moves. Just when it looked like it was over after a Neal spear, the referee was knocked down by Bodhi. This allowed Cuban Assassin to come out and attack Neal. From the locker room came former NWA World champion Barry Windham to even up the odds. Bodhi & Cuban wanted no part of the former Four Horseman member and slid to the floor.
(4) Sean Spears defeated Ricky Ortiz.
This was a battle of former WWE superstars and they didn’t disappoint. The match began with some chain wrestling and was eventually controlled by Ortiz who took Spears down with an armbar. Spears got free and slapped Ortiz before retreating to the floor. Spears flexed his arm before re-entering the match only to be taken into a hammerlock. On the corner break Spears smacked Ortiz again and retreated to the floor as the angered Ortiz was held back by the referee. Spears enjoyed each second of the referee’s ten count before engaging Ortiz again. Spears tried to make nice but Ortiz wanted none of it, spitting in his hand as a handshake was offered. Spears was followed onto the floor by Ortiz and he had his back driven into the ring apron. Ortiz went up top and hit Spears with an in-ring body block. Ortiz went to work on the left arm and shoulder as Spears yelled out he was sorry. Ortiz let the hold go and paid for it when Spears kicked him in the face and sent him to the floor. Spears followed out as he tried to get the blood flowing in the injured arm. Spears evened the pain level by driving Ortiz’s shoulder into the ring post, trying to win via countout. But Ortiz beat the count and Spears had to attack once more. Spears grounded Ortiz with a camel clutch but Ortiz fought out, only to have Spears’ knee driven into his back. Spears let the hold go just to hit a chest chop and a kick to the lower abdominal region. The momentum stayed with Spears as he avoided an Ortiz dropkick and he went back to the submission holds. Ortiz fought to his feet once more but this time he hit Spears with a powerslam for two. Both men struggled to their feet and it was Ortiz who went up top. But Spears cut him off and the duo fought for position and it was Spears who hit a superplex. But Spears was also injured and only got two on his pin attempt. With Ortiz on the mat, Spears slid to the floor and argued with a fan. Ortiz saw this and followed him out to jump Spears. Ortiz tossed Spears back in the ring and went on the attack. Ortiz hit a powerslam but got two. Spears slid to the ring apron but Ortiz tossed him over the ropes into a hip toss followed by a Samoan Drop. Ortiz questioned the referee and it cost him as Spears hit a DDT for two. Spears went up top to try and end Ortiz but he was countered into a spinebuster followed by a shoulder block only to have Spears’ drape his foot on the bottom rope. Ortiz’s frustration over this cost him as Spears slid out of an F5 to roll up Ortiz with the bottom ropes for leverage.
(5) The Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean & “Fabulous” Phil Davis) defeated The Highwaymen (“The Suicide Messiah” Marc Mandrake and Butch Long w/Star Stevens & Ferrari.)
This was a rematch from previous bloody matches across Florida and it began with all four men fighting, well anywhere but in the ring. The Express took over using chairs, the building walls, coke cans and Stevens’ neck chain. But Ferrari raked Phil’s eyes and this allowed Mandrake to get control with a chair shot. Sean was split open by the chair and bled all over the building as he fought to keep Mandrake away. Sean fired back with the same chair and he cut Mandrake’s forehead open as Long was hiptossed to the floor by Phil. Sean and Mandrake fought into the bleachers as Phil disposed of Long for a moment. That moment ended when Long tagged Phil in the back with a chair shot. Finally the match came back to the ring where Phil countered a power bomb and backdropped Long into two folding chairs. Phil decked both men and Stevens with a ladder. The HBX double team in the ring backfired and Sean fell to the floor. The Highwaymen took turns beating down Phil with weapons but they took their focus off Phil with David Mercury came to ringside. Phil used this distraction to roll up Long. Star Stevens was not happy and he demanded an immediate rematch from CCW officials.
(6) Awesome Kong defeated Cookie Bates.
The former TNA Knockouts and Tag Team champion’s introduction was interrupted by Shooter Storm, who proclaimed himself the “Largest Man in Professional Wrestling.” The problem is Storm is barely 5 ft 5 inches tall. Kong felt Storm had enough spotlight and deposited him on the mat with a double underhook piledriver. Finally the match was started and Bates began to try and our run Kong. Bates tried for a waistlock but couldn’t get her arms around Kong, so she hit some forearms that had zero effect. Kong decked Bates and laid several kicks before tossing her across the ring with both ponytails in hand. Kong nearly killed the ring with a corner splash and somehow Bates kicked out of the pin. All this did was make Kong angry as she locked Bates in a camel clutch, turning her to each side of the ring so people could snap photos. Kong let the hold go and scooped up Bates for a slam but Bates slid over into a sleeper. But Kong fell back into a corner and the hold was broken. Kong locked in a sleeper of her own as she swung Bates around the ring. Kong went to the mat and attack Bates’ left knee. Bates got free with several forearms to the back and she went back to the sleeper. But Kong got to her feet and threw Bates to the mat. Bates was propped on the top rope as Kong went for a forearm but Bates caught the arm and dropped over the ropes causing Kong’s elbow to hyperextend. This allowed Bates to get on the attack with a bronco buster and facewash. But she couldn’t drag Kong out of the corner for the pin attempt, so she hit several dropkicks getting two. Bates used a back heel trip to get Kong back on the mat but when she came off the top, Kong was waiting and she caught Bates and ended the match with an Awesome Bomb.

Sinn Bodhi wants your help. Twitter “TNAneedsKizarny”to TNA President Dixie Carter’s account @TNADixie. CCW will return to the Academy Gym on February 26th. CCW will be launching a website in the near future, but please see www.floridawrestlingfans.com in the coming days for event information.