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COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase!

 This Friday, February 19, 2010
Polish American Veterans Club
201 Coburn Street | Lowell, Massachusetts
Doors open at 7:15PM | Show Starts at 8:00PM
Ticket Information: www.chaoticwrestling.com


It’s time! Chaotic Wrestling returns to the Polish American Veterans Club this Friday night, February 19th for the biggest event in New England wrestling – COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase! This gigantic event has SOLD OUT every year, and this Friday night will be no exception. Tickets and commemorative t-shirt packages are available through Chaotic Wrestling’s online store. Visit chaoticwrestling.com for information and join us for the event of the year!


Chase Del Monte (champion)
“Kingpin” Brian Milonas (challenger)

It was one year ago that Chase Del Monte began his reign as Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion at COLD FURY 8: Infinite Possibilities. On that cold winter‘s night, he defeated “Golden Greek” Alex Arion and made his championship dreams come true. Over the course of 2009, Chase turned back numerous challenges from “Straight Edge” Brian Fury to Sledge to Max Bauer. On October 28th, 2009, the hardest working CW Champion officially became the longest-reigning champion in the history of the company. As opponents were stepping up and falling down over the course of that record reign, one potential opponent took a unique road to contendership.

The quest of “Kingpin” Brian Milonas began early last year when he announced that he was “campaigning” for a title shot. The seething animal of the past gave way to a kinder, gentler Milonas, as he asked for the fans’ support in getting a shot at the gold. While fans remained skeptical, and informal polls offered less than favorable results, they could not deny his results in the ring. Milonas spent the year ousting opponent after opponent – further building his case for a championship match. At NIGHT OF CHAOS in November, his campaign promise came true in the form of a TABLES MATCH against Del Monte.

True to his championship form, Chase was up to the challenge as he drove the 350-pound Milonas through a table for the first time in his career to win the match. With that defeat, the mild-mannered Milonas snapped and once again revealed the hated monster Chaotic fans have always known. He blamed the fans for his loss, physically dismantled his “security team”, and vowed not to be elected champion, but take the title by force. Soon after, he went on to defeat Alex Arion, Brian Fury and Demon Ortiz in 4-WAY WARFARE to become the number one contender for the title going into COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase.


Milonas comes into February 19th with two COLD FURY main events under his belt, including winning the CW Heavyweight Title from Thomas Penmanship (now known as Tommaso Ciampa) at COLD FURY 6: Into the Fire. Del Monte, of course, is no stranger to COLD FURY title matches either – and he won the championship last year on a night where he had TWO grueling bouts. On Friday, February 19th in Lowell, the longest-reigning Champion faces his biggest challenge. Milonas and Del Monte have had a rivalry that has lasted five years and at COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase, the next chapter will be written. Will The Kingpin’s chase end with championship gold, or will Chase’s reign remain never-ending? Find out live at the Polish American Veterans Club on Friday night, February 19th! Don’t be left out in the cold – order your tickets now and be there!


Handsome Johnny
“The Manliest Man” Biff Busick

No one in the history of Chaotic Wrestling has seen their star fall as quickly as Handsome Johnny. In the beginning, he wrestled in the opening matches, and slowly gained a following among Chaotic fans. The day he and his number one fan and friend Psycho won the CW Tag Team Titles in a LADDER MATCH at COLD FURY 4: An Eye 4 An Eye was the day his star was born. In the mid-2000s, Johnny was the flagbearer for Chaotic Wrestling. As CW Heavyweight Champion, he faced everyone from Mike Kruel and Thomas Penmanship to Charlie Haas and Low Ki. Through hard work and determination, Johnny became the standard to which every CW star was measured. But at COLD FURY 6: Into the Fire, when he inexplicably turned his back on Psycho, Johnny’s downward spiral began. He spent most of 2007 obsessing over the destruction of his Pretty Psycho partner, culminating in a brutal PSYCHO’S RULES match, which he lost. Then, after rebounding to win the CW Heavyweight Title a second time, he lost it almost as quickly to Bryan Logan at COLD FURY 7.

Following that loss, Handsome struggled with his identity, his confidence, and his health. Unbeknownst to his fans and even most of his colleagues, Johnny had been wrestling for years with a fractured vertebra in his spine, which meant sometimes excruciating pain in his upper back and neck. The injury originated from a violent attack by Mike Kruel, but Handsome braved the pain to wrestle and defeat Kruel in a STEEL CAGE MATCH at COLD FURY 5: Five Years of Fury. Once he got through that bout, he simply never stopped. After years of progressive discomfort in the ring, the aches and pains finally became too much to bear. When a doctor’s visit led to him being told that one wrong move in the ring could mean paralysis, Johnny finally stopped and reevaluated everything. With his long-term health in mind, Handsome Johnny quietly walked away from wrestling on February 16th, 2009.

During his time away from Chaotic Wrestling, a number of stars began to rise in the ranks, including Mike Nice, Elia Markopoulos and “The Manliest Man” Biff Busick. It was Busick, a brash loudmouth with an ego the size of Handsome Johnny’s resume, that forced Johnny to reevaluate his life one more time.

In December of last year, Chaotic Wrestling Management announced that The Handsome One would be inducted into the Chaotic Wrestling Hall of Fame at COLD FURY 9 on February 19th. When Handsome appeared to accept his nomination, “The Manliest Man” interrupted the proceedings. Taking this honor as a shot to his own ego, Biff called Johnny a “has-been” and a “quitter” – and said that if he was any sort of a man, Handsome would face him in the ring. Due to his physical ailments, Handsome had no choice but to decline. Biff responded by spitting in his face. Before Handsome could respond with physicality, Psycho ran in and defended his old friend. Busick sought revenge in a match with Psycho, but Handsome arrived at the PAV and stopped any post-match attack from happening. Johnny was stopped moments later when Busick cracked him across the forehead with a video camera. Biff stood smugly over the fallen Handsome One with pieces of the camera scattered across the ring.


Last month in Lawrence, Busick attempted to further humiliate Handsome by hiring a Handsome Johnny imposter to “face him” in the ring. The real Johnny answered by spin-kicking the imposter in the head, tearing up his Hall of Fame invitation, and declaring that he wanted Biff Busick at COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase. Against his doctor’s orders, Johnny signed a waiver saying that Chaotic Wrestling cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to him in the ring. So The Mayor of Mantown finally gets what he wants – to prove his manliness against one of Chaotic Wrestling’s all-time best! Handsome Johnny returns to the squared circle live on Friday, February 19th at COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase! Join us in Lowell for this historic event – reserve your seats early!


The Logan Brothers (Bryan & Matt) (champions)
“The Enforcer” Max Bauer & Mike Nice (w/ Tommaso Ciampa) (challengers)

The bad blood between CW Tag Team Champions The Logan Brothers and Intellectual Properties dates back at least five years. Bryan and Matt Logan traded the CW Tag Team Titles with the team of “The Enforcer” Max Bauer and CW Hall of Famer “Intellectual” Arch Kincaid way back in 2005 and 2006. Once Kincaid faded from the scene, the I-Props did as well – until original member Tommaso Ciampa returned to Chaotic Wrestling. At COLD FURY 8: Infinite Possibilities, the Properties were back – complete with a special appearance by their mentor Arch to endorse the reunion.

This time around, however, the team had the fans behind them.

Likewise, the Logans, who returned to Chaotic to win the CW Tag Team Titles for the third time, were wowing crowds in their hometown of Lowell and elsewhere. The four co-existed peacefully, until youngest Logan brother Nick beat Tommaso in the finals of the prestigious 2009 Super 8 Tournament in Delaware. The frustrated Ciampa snapped, attacking Nick at the PAV. Bryan and Matt intervened, and then Max Bauer was there to back up his old friend. Years later, it was like nothing had ever changed. The Logans, Bauer, and Ciampa seemed to be on a collision course as we inched towards COLD FURY 9. Then, in a tag team match against Mark Bourne and CW Heavyweight Champion Chase Del Monte, Tommaso was injured. It was another frustrating turn for the former Thomas Penmanship, but this time, instead of lashing out, he took the “intellectual” approach.

His arm in a sling, he joined Max Bauer at ringside last month in Woburn as Max was set to face Mike Nice (accompanied by Psycho) one-on-one. Before the bout could take place, a subdued Ciampa got on the microphone. Check out this exclusive video from Woburn to find out what took place:


So Mike Nice will take the place of the injured Tommaso Ciampa as he teams with Max Bauer to challenge The Logans for the CW Tag Team Championship! Can Bryan and Matt measure up to one of the most physically imposing teams in Chaotic Wrestling history? Will Max and Mike be able to gel as a team and wrest the championships from the greatest tag team in CW history? It all goes down at COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase, this Friday night, February 19th at the Polish American Veterans Club in Lowell! Time is running out – reserve your seats before you get to the PAV! You do not want to get locked out. Get ready for COLD FURY 9!


“Blowout Boy” Danny E. (w/ Alexxis) (champion)
Winner of the “Chaotic Countdown” Battle Royal (challenger)

Ever since his shocking last-minute victory at NIGHT OF CHAOS in November 2009, Danny E. has had a death-grip on the coveted Chaotic Wrestling New England Title. On that night, his sneaky pinfall in the New England Championship Scramble Match that included Demon Ortiz, Scott Reed, Psycho, “Golden Greek” Alex Arion and Elia Markopoulos had him escaping with the title before anyone knew what hit them. Since then, he has eeked out wins against many of CW’s finest to hold onto the belt.

At COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase on February 19th in Lowell, Danny will have those that felt robbed in the Scramble and most of the CW roster breathing down his neck. He will be forced to defend the belt he has proclaimed the “New York Championship” against the winner of a “Chaotic Countdown” Battle Royal. In this match, two random Chaotic competitors start the match, and every sixty seconds, another will enter the ring. Twenty contenders will enter the bout based on a random draw. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and have both feet hit the PAV floor. The last man standing will be deemed the number one contender and face Danny E. for the CW New England Title later that night at COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase.

This is sure to be one of the most gut-wrenching evenings of Danny E.’s life as he watches twenty men battle for the right to challenge him for his title. How will the Blowout Boy and his main squeeze Alexxis handle the pressure on Chaotic Wrestling’s biggest night of the year? Reserve your seats now to find out! A “Chaotic Countdown” Battle Royal and a New England Championship bout all in one night at COLD FURY 9 – Friday, February 19th at Lowell’s Polish American Veterans Club! See you on Friday!


“Golden Greek” Alex Arion, Elia Markopoulos & “American Sasuke” Mikaze
The Empire (“Straight Edge” Brian Fury, Scott Reed & Sean Gorman)

The self-proclaimed “Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman is Chaotic Wrestling’s ultimate instigator. It was Gorman’s twisted mind that planted the seeds in “Straight Edge” Brian Fury’s head, hatching the doublecross of “American Sasuke” Mikaze and the subsequent rivalry that has been festering for nine months. While the CW Tag Team Championship team imploded in front of him, he just sat back and laughed. As the months have progressed, however, the slight-of-frame manager has become more and more physically involved in his charges’ affairs. In fact, last month in Lowell, Gorman was the one weilding the nunchucks, using them to crack Mikaze in the skull while Fury and Scott Reed restrained him. “Golden Greek” Alex Arion and Elia Markopoulos arrived on the scene before too much damage was done, and The Empire escaped. Once again, the “Manager of Champions” got away unscathed.

Sick of this supposed manager throwing his unsubstantial weight around, Arion, Elia, and Mikaze hatched a plan of their own – get their hands on Gorman, and make it legal. As mentioned in the ChaoticWrestling.com featured column The Power of Negative Thinking, the plan worked. At COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase, Gorman will be more involved in Chaotic Wrestling than ever before. How did this come about? Find out by checking out this exclusive footage from Lawrence, MA below:


Gorman joins Brian Fury and Scott Reed in the ring to face Alex Arion, Elia Markopoulos, and Mikaze in six-man tag team action this Friday, February 19th in Lowell. You have never seen Sean Gorman like this! Get your seats reserved now and be there live for COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase!


“Chaotic Countdown” Battle Royal
For a shot at Danny E.’s CW New England Championship

Chaotic Wrestling Hall of Famer Demon Ortiz
Former CW Tag Team and New England Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury
Triple Crown Winner “Golden Greek” Alex Arion
“The Manliest Man” Biff Busick
Former CW New England Champion “Head of Security” Tony Omega
“The Immortal” Dan Murphy
Former CW Tag Team and New England Champion Psycho
And many more!


Chase vs. Milonas! Handsome Johnny returns! A “Chaotic Countdown” Battle Royal and so much more! See all the action from Chaotic Wrestling live at the Polish American Veterans Club in Lowell this Friday, February 19th at 8PM! Don’t miss out on the premier event in New England wrestling – COLD FURY 9: The Never-Ending Chase! This huge event has sold-out every year, so be sure to visit chaoticwrestling.com to purchase your tickets in advance! Join us for the biggest pro wrestling event of the year, this Friday night at the PAV in Lowell!

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