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Chaotic Wrestling presents Breaking Point in Lowell this Friday night, May 18th!

Friday, May 18, 2007
Breaking Point
Polish American Veterans Club
200 Coburn Street
Lowell, MA
Doors open at 7:15PM
Show Starts at 8:00PM
Chaotic Wrestling returns to Lowell at the Polish American Veterans Club this Friday night, May 18th with Breaking Point! Doors open at 7:15pm and the show begins at 8:00pm. Tickets are $12 in advance (by e-mailing [email protected]), or $15 at the door. As always, kids under 10 are only $5.00.
This Friday night at Breaking Point, Cherry Payne has the chance to do something that no one has ever done in Chaotic Wrestling – control all the promotion’s championships. Can Brian Milonas, Alex Arion and Max Bauer fulfill this goal for their manager? Here’s a breakdown of their matches:

Alex Arion vs. Brian Fury for the CW New England Championship

Arion earned this title match by winning an over the top rope battle royal last time in Lowell. The Golden Greek had been eliminated earlier in the battle royal by Kid Mikaze, but the referees did not see this because they had their hands full with Max Bauer who was refusing to leave ringside after being eliminated himself. Can Arion defeat “Straight Edge” Brian Fury and bring home the final piece of the championship puzzle? Will having two matches at Breaking Point be too much for Arion?

Max Bauer & Alex Arion vs. Kid Mikaze & ??? for the CW Tag Team Championship

Ten more minutes. After battling for months and exchanging the CW Tag Team Championship between themselves, a frustrated Max Bauer made the challenge to Kid Mikaze – he has 10 minutes to win this match and the CW Tag Team Titles from Bauer and Arion. He has the option of tagging with Jason Blade, another partner or face the champions by himself. If he loses, however, he does not get another tag team title shot.

What will happen Friday night? Will he team with Jason Blade or another partner? Will Mikaze have to go for the tag team titles on his own? Find out at Breaking Point this Friday at the PAV!

Brian Milonas vs. Matt Logan for the CW Heavyweight Championship

After interfering in their matches a number of times, Bryan and Matt Logan had had enough of Brian Milonas’ antics. They turned their attention and their goals to the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Title. But, the monster of Cherry Payne’s stable had other ideas. If they wanted a title shot against him, they would have to earn it by facing each other. In a battle that could have gone either way, Matt Logan was able to score the pinfall victory over Bryan and earned the championship match against Milonas at Breaking Point. Will Matt be able to defeat Milonas in his hometown of Lowell? Will Cherry Payne and her stable leaving Breaking Point with all the gold or none at all?

Here’s what they think, in an exclusive interview for ChaoticWrestling.com.

VIEW VIDEO: Windows Media

A lot is at stake as Cherry Payne’s group looks to gain control of all of the gold in Chaotic. Find out what happens this Friday night at the PAV in Lowell! Don’t miss out – reserve your $12 discounted tickets now by e-mailing [email protected]! As always, kids under 10 are only $5!
Other matches signed for this Friday night in Lowell:
Meet John Cena on May 25th – for a Discount or FREE!

In addition, Breaking Point will be the ONLY PLACE you can purchase tickets in person for May 25th’s “Homecoming” event in Byfield, MA – featuring WWE’s John Cena and Eugene – and at a discount! Plus, everyone in attendence at Breaking Point will be entered in a raffle for two FREE tickets to the Homecoming Show and Autograph session!

Come to Lowell and see the action PLUS lock yourselves in for John Cena’s “Homecoming” the following week! Reserve your $12 discounted tickets now by e-mailing [email protected]! As always, kids under 10 are only $5!
Don’t miss your chance to see great Chaotic Wrestling action this Friday night at the Polish American Veterans Club on 200 Coburn Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. Order your tickets now at our online store — you can get tickets at a very special $12 discounted rate if you order online by 2pm on Friday afternoon. You can also reserve your $12 discounted tickets at the door by e-mailing [email protected] (be sure to include your name and number of tickets to reserve). Tickets will also be available at the door for the price of $15 at the time of the show. Don’t miss out!

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