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Back in February, Handsome Johnny shocked Chaotic Wrestling with a devestating attack on his former tag team partner and best friend, Psycho. For eight months, Handsome has begged Psycho to step in the ring with him so he can finish the Chaotic Favorite once and for all.

On September 28th, Handsome Johnny finally gets his wish – but not in the way he wanted. After finally pushing Psycho too far, Handsome has brought out a previously unseen viscous side in his former friend. Now, the two will face each other in a “Psycho’s Rules” match!

In the match, Psycho himself will dictate 5 rules of the match with the Chaotic fans adding the last rule. In the last “Psycho’s Rules” match, rules ranged from a “Milk and Cookies Break” to “Both men must be barefoot” to “All chairs must be wrapped in bubble wrap.” Chaotic Wrestling will begin annoucing the rules later this week.

If you would like to suggest a rule for the match email us at [email protected].

Don’t miss out! Reserve your discounted tickets now for Friday, September 28th at 8pm in Lowell by e-mailing [email protected]! As always, kids under 10 are only $5.00. For more information, visit www.chaoticwrestling.com.