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Charlotte makes a case for the WWE Women’s Championship, and more in this interesting interview.

By Alfred Konuwa:

Charlotte’s origin story is one that seemed destined to transpire under her father’s shadow.

It’s almost impossible to hear a sentence about Charlotte on WWE programming without a mention of the legendary Ric Flair soon after.

Still, even with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time by her side, Charlotte has been able to carve out a growing niche as one of the top pure heels in WWE. I spoke with the reigning champion ahead of the biggest match of her career.

Here are some highlights:

On Not Allowing Ric Flair to outshine her:

For one, he’s my parent in crime, that’s what I labeled him as, but when I heard they were going to pair him with me, I really kind of got nervous.

I looked at my dad as one of the greatest talkers of all time, and I was like ‘oh no they’re putting with him, and I need a mouthpiece,’ and obviously I have to share the stage every week with, in my eyes, the greatest of all time. People are probably like ‘she’s just thinking [she’s] walking out there with [her] dad.’

At work, I don’t see dad, I see him as my manager and he’s my co-worker. I don’t want him to steal my spotlight, so it really forced me to get deep and own this heel turn that has really just given me life on the main roster and separated me from the Divas Revolution when I first started as just kind of a babyface, Ric’s daughter.  I really took it as a challenge, and wanted to get better in all aspects and I’ve always felt more comfortable being a heel to begin with.

On Bringing back the Women’s Championship:

I think changing it to Women’s Championship would be great. It’s 2016 now. We’ve had the Divas Championship for how long now? And I just think NXT is the Women’s Championship, I find no reason why the main roster couldn’t change it

Obviously there’s a lot of branding that goes along with it we’ve had the Butterfly belt. The term Divas is special to WWE, and the fact that, for instance  myself, I wouldn’t look at myself as your typical Diva. Strong, athletic—strong is the new skinny, however you want to look at it—being able to have all these attributes as an athlete and be called a Diva I think it’s great but I would like the name Women’s Championship.

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