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Yoshiko TamuraReported by Karen Belcher:


ChickFight 5 on Mav TV, Episode 2

Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, California – ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m. This show has two matches: the semifinals of the ChickFight 5 tournament.

Chynna Mai is the new host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Shane Stoli are the ringside announcers.
Cheerleader Melissa defeats Yoshiko Tamura
In the first round, Tamura defeated Allison Danger. Melissa bested Tanny Mouse.
Deadrich mentions that Tamura had a more difficult match in the first round, and less time to rest, so Melissa seems to have the advantage in this second round. He also mentions later that Melissa has been in all of the ChickFights so far, but has yet to win one.
The women begin with a test of strength; they appear to be equal in size and strength, but Tamura has the experience advantage, and she twists Melissa into an arm submission. Melissa manages to reverse it by getting a leg scissors around Tamura’s head and neck. Melissa sticks with mat wrestling and takes Tamura down with a single leg takedown attempt that is blocked by Tamura as Tamura cinches in a rear headlock. Tamura works on wearing down her oppponent, but the Cheerleader escapes with a beautiful bridge and returns the favor by bearing down on Tamura with some nice amateur holds. Tamura reverses again and makes a couple of pinning attempts, so she pulls Melissa up by her hair.
Tamura comes off the ropes with three double thrusts to the chest in a row, but still can’t keep Melissa down for three when she makes the pin attempt. Tamura goes back to the mat with a submission hold on Melissa’s leg. Finally Melissa reaches the rope for a break, but damage has clearly been done to her leg, as she rolls to the floor and is unable to stand at first.
The Joshi gives Melissa a little time to get back into the ring, but then she goes out herself and attacks Melissa’s leg some more with kicks, and then a slam into the guard rail. She grabs Melissa by the hair and drags her around, choking her on the rail and delivering more punishment and kicks to her legs before re-entering the ring to breaks the count of Referee Tom Castor. Melissa gets back into the ring and goes for Tamura’s legs, but the Joshi reverses it and gets another leglock on Melissa.
After a vicious struggle to get the hold broken, Melissa finally reaches the ropes to get the break, and Tamura goes right back to kicking her in the injured thigh. Tamura again grabs her by the hair and pulls Melissa up into a suplex and a bridging pin, but only gets one. Tamura follows with boots to the head of her opponent. When Tamura plays to the crowd, Melissa struggles to her feet and hits the Joshi with a big elbow, but Melissa’s leg gives out and she hits the mat again, so she’s late in trying for the pin and doesn’t get three.
Melissa rolls on top and punishes her opponent with a series of hard forearm shivers to the face, but still only gets two. Next she tries for the vertebreaker, but with her weakened legs, Tamura is able to break the hold and goes back to stomping on Melissa’s head. Next she locks in the figure four on Melissa, who screams in pain as Tamura works the hold in the center of the ring. Melissa slaps at Tamura’s legs until her opponent raises her boot, which Melissa grabs and twists in a sort of ankle lock, trying to power out. She manages to roll to the side, and Tamura breaks the hold, going back to her feet, kicking and stomping Melissa, who is unable to rise.
Tamura locks in a varitaion of the stump puller leg submission hold, but Melissa still won’t submit, and struggles to the ropes. As Melissa rolls out to the floor to recover, Shane mentions that Melissa has been able to keep going because of the great conditioning she gained by working out with men like APW’s Robert Thompson. Ref Tom Castor starts the count, but Tamura breaks it by interrupting him. Melissa rolls in and back out, but now Tamura goes out and attacks her.
They return to the ring. After a dropkick to Melissa’s knees, Tamura goes for a hammer vise stretch, then rolls into a pinning position, but Melissa kicks out as the fans encourage her. She blocks what looks like a suplex attempt and attacks Tamura with forearms to the face. She Irish whips the Joshi into a corner and follows up with two running forearms to the face, then hits her trademark curb stomp. She’s delayed again by her leg pain in making the cover, though, and doesn’t get three.
Tamura whips Melissa to the corner & climbs up the rope to deliver a very quick series of knees to her face, followed by a vicious diamond cutter, but still gets only two when Melissa bridges out of the pin. Tamura follows up with more kicks and stomps, but Melissa escapes and hits her with a big boot to the neck. An elbow drop only gets Melissa a two. She tries for a back drop, but her legs give out and Tamura reverses it for another close fall.
Melissa appears to have her second wind as the women battle, exchanging blows, holds, and near falls. The women battle on and Tamura becomes more and more frustrated at Melissa’s refusal to be beaten. Finally, Melissa reverses an attempted full nelson slam into a rollup and gets the pin.
Jazz defeated MsChif
In the first round, Jazz got the better of Simply Luscious, and MsChif beat Sumie Sakai. MsChif is the ChickFight 4 Champion.
Jazz looks so much prettier here (and elsewhere) than she ever did in WWE, that I have to wonder if they made her up to look less attractive when she was there. Ms Chif starts off with her trademark scream, but that’s not going to intimidate an experienced wrestler like Jazz. They lock up and Jazz goes right to a headlock on the Goth Queen. She takes MsChif over and cinches in the headlock on the mat, but the green haired beauty reverses it into a head scissors, which Jazz manages to reverse into a Boston crab.
Jason points out that Jazz had an easier match in the first round, while Sumie Sakai, who is now also working in women’s UFC, gave MsChif a real fight. The crowd is solidly behind Jazz in this match, and she also has advantages in experience, size, and strength. The Goth breaks the crab by getting to the ropes, and McChif goes to work on Jazz’s arm. Jazz reverses and returns the favor. They continue chain wrestling, reversing each others’ holds and getting several near falls. Referee Tom Castor is as good as always, right there to count each pin attempt.
Jazz punishes her opponent with a series of elbows and forearm shots to the upper back, wearing her down. MsChif makes a comeback and goes after Jazz with forearm shots and chops to the face and chest, but the wily veteran gets back with a Greco-Roman eye poke, followed by some chops and a flying cross body that gets only two. Kneelifts and a rollup only get her two again, so she goes to a headlock. MsChif tries to fight out with elbow shots to her opponent’s ribs, but they don’t work till she powers up to her feet and twists around to face Jazz.
Once she escapes, the Goth follows up with an Irish whip to the corner and a gorgeous rollup to a bridging pin, but she gets a two. Jazz replies with a cartwheel and a vicious series of spinning kicks to send MsChif to the mat, but she takes to long to make the pin and fails to get three. She tosses the Goth to the floor and punishes her there with stomps. She slams MsChif’s head into the mat and drags her over by the hair to slam her head into a chair. MsChif escapes and manages to slam Jazz hard into the ring rail, then applies a backbreaker over the back of a chair.
They return to the ring, MsChif continues punishing Jazz’s back and chest with chops and forearms. She applies a submission hold, but Jazz rolls over and reverses it into a pinning situation and gets two. Jazz hits her with a knee lift and then three double underhook suplexes in a row for another near fall. Jazz locks in a unique bridging variation on the cobra clutch, but the Goth struggles to the ropes. Jazz continues working on MsChif’s back, wearing her opponent down. When they come back, both women are out on the mat, and they mention some mistake made by Jazz, but it was unfortunately cut out in editting: this is the first real problem I’ve noticed with the production values.
McChif fights Jazz into a corner & comes down with a series of double foot stomps to her back, followed by a chop and then a running knee to her chest. A pin attempt gets two, so she tries for a sort of abdominal stretch submission. Jazz starts to power out and gets a clubbing forearm to the chest but kicks out at two.
MsChif misses with a lionsault, and Jazz taunts MsChif, urging her to gets to her feet. She hits the Goth with a series of nice jabs to the face, knocking her back down to the canvas. Big leg drop gets only two. Jazz catches MsChif’s attempt at a big boot and reverses it into a corkscrew leg sweep, then the STF, but MsChif gets to the ropes. She drags the Goth to the center of the ring and applies the STF again, this time getting the submission.
Next week is the finals of ChickFight 5, with Jazz vs Cheerleader Melissa.
ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/
— Karen Belcher