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ChickFight 5 on Mav TV, Episode 3

Reported by Karen Belcher

 Chick Fight


Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA
ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.
This show has three matches: the finals of the ChickFight 5 tournament, a tag team match with Allison Danger and Simply Luscious vs Tanny Mouse and Sumie Sakai, and a NEO Pacific Ladies’ Championship match between Yoshiko Tamura (C) and MsChif.
Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Shane Stoli are the ringside announcers. ChickFight does an excellent job of making good women wrestlers look glamorous
Cheerleader Melissa defeats Jazz
In the semifinals, Melissa defeated Tamura, and Jazz defeated MsChif. Jazz starts off by telling Melissa that she wants to do this match ECW style, and Melissa responds that she’s going to do it San Francisco style, then attacks her opponent ferociously with forearms and stomps. It’s all Melissa in the opening minutes of this match, as she has her way with Jazz, slamming her head into the turnbuckles and bashing her. Finally “ECW!” cants from the fans revive Jazz, and she goes on the attack with forearms and knee lifts of her own, to the approval of the fans.
Finally Melissa escapes and goes to the outside, holding her nose as if she fears it’s broken, until Jazz comes after her with a flying body press from the ring apron. The ref comes out to check on both women, but they say they are okay. Jazz gets to her feet first, and gets the fans to shout her name. Melissa struggles to her knees and punches Jazz in the midsection, but the veteran comes back with a forearm across the back that knocks the Cheerleader back down. Then Jazz picks her up and bashes her head into the ring apron.
Melissa tries to escape, but Jazz pursues her and continues the punishment with chops to the chest and axehandles to the back: no matter which way Melissa turns, she can’t protect herself, so she turns the tables and comes back with chops and a head smash to the ring apron of her own. Then the San Franciscan Irish whips the ECW vet into the metal ring rail, followed by a knee to her throat. Jazz comes back with a shoulder to the mid section, and they continue their take no prisoners brawl around ringside. As this is now ECW style, the ref even counts a pinfall on the floor, but Jazz can only keep Melissa down for two.
Chairs soon come into play, and then the brawl spills over the ring rail into the crowd, where the women Irish whip and slam each other into chairs, the floor, and more in a back and forth battle that sees numerous near falls. These are two very strong women, and the way they carry and slam each other around is astonishing! Amazing Kong is causing quite a stir in TNA right now, but I am sure either of these ladies would be a match for her.
At last they battle back to the ring, where Melissa goes for her curb stomp and covers, but Jazz gets her foot in the ropes to stop the count. A vicious elbow drop by the Cheerleader gets two. By now both women are exhausted, and slug it out on their knees. Jazz goes for a cover after an especially hard forearm shot, but only gets two. She gets to her feet, pulling Melissa up by her hair, and hots her with several knees to the face, then a double knee to the face, followed by a drop kick, but now it’s Melissa’s turn to get her foot in the ropes.
Melissa surprises Jazz with a comeback, and the fight is back on as both women seem to get a second wind. After several quick exchanges, Melissa dodges Jazz’ splash attempt in the corner, and Jazz eats the turnbuckle, allowing Melissa to roll her up for a quick pin. The ChickFight 5 Champion is Cheerleader Melissa! The opponents hug, and Jazz raises Melissa’s hand in a sign of respect.
Allison Danger and Simply Luscious defeat Sumie Sakai and Tanny Mouse
The match starts off with Sumie and Luscious, and it looks like they are making this a comedy match, as Luscious and Danger have been acting silly starting with the introductions. After Luscious insincerely offers a handshake and then withdraws it, the women go through several quick exchanges, ending with each of them grabbing the other’s leg as each goes for a kick. They end up hopping around until they each agree to release the other’s leg, but Luscious takes advantage and sneaks in an eye poke/slap on Sumie.
Luscious backs Sumie into the ropes and delivers some chops, then goes for an Irish whip and some quick exchanges where Sumie gets in a serious of arm drag slams on her, until she scuttles over to Danger and tags her in, and some more not so funny silliness ensues. Meanwhile, Sumie has tagged in Tanny Mouse, who is waiting for Danger. After more stalling by Allison, they get down to business, with Danger delivering forearm shots to Mouse and getting head butts in return. Finally Mouse breaks out and delivers a series of stiff hand thrusts to Danger’s throat, then Irish whips her into the ropes but gets a clothesline back.
Danger goes for some more forearm shots, but gets powered into the Japanese corner, where Tanny hits her with a series of shoulder blocks to the chest. Sakai and Mouse double team Allison into the ropes, and Sumie catches her with a drop tie hold on her way back, allowing Mouse to head butt her in the small of the back and then straddle her and hold her head up by the hair while Sumie runs the ropes. Sakai then plants a big kiss on Danger before straddling Allison and grabbing her hair, then going for a chin lock as the ref runs over. She’s soon back to the hair, though, only letting go after the ref starts a count. Sumie goes back to the chin lock, but Luscious runs in and gives her a chop to the back, so Sumie stands up and stomps Danger’s back.
Sumie pulls Danger up by the hair and goes for an Irish whip, but Allison reverses it into a bulldog on Sumie. She goes for the cover but only gets two. Now it’s their turn to double team Sumie, as Allison drags her over to their corner and they hits her with chops. Luscious gets Sumie in the ropes and goes for the boot to the throat, but the ref breaks that up. Luscious goes for a choke on the ropes, then double knees to Sakai’s back while she’s in the ropes. After a warning by the ref she goes for a pin, but only gets two.
An easily frustrated Luscious goes for a choke, then stands on Sakai’s hair while pulling her up by the arms. After the ref breaks that up, she drags Sumie back to her corner and tags in Danger again. As Luscious holds Sakai in the corner, Danger delivers a series of kicks to her middle, then goes for the boot to the throat when Sakai falls. After more double teaming while the ref is only paying attention to Tanny Mouse, Luscious comes back in and tries for three suplexes in a row, but Sakai reverses the third one into a bulldog and finally manages to tag in Mouse, who runs in like the proverbial house afire.
She scoots between the legs of Allison Danger and delivers the Poke of Doom to her rear end, then does the same to Luscious, who runs in to save Danger. Then she whips Danger into a corner and delvers a running headbutt to her belly, sending her to a seated position in the corner. When Luscious runs in, Mouse gets her with a drop toe hold and she lands face first in Danger’s privates. Luscious runs off, and Mouse positions Danger in the center of the ring and prances across the ring three times before delivering a head butt to Allison’s middle. Danger kicks out of a one finger pin. Danger gets a JYD style head butt on all fours from Tanny, and this time Luscious breaks up the pin attempt.
Danger makes a comeback and drops Tanny over her knee, but Sumie makes the save. Luscious runs in and she and Danger try to Irish whip their opponents, but Mouse and Sakai do si do instead and come back with drop kicks. Tanny holds Danger for Sumie’s drop kick, but Allison ducks and Sumie hits her partner by mistake. Luscious holds Sumie while Danger gets a quick rollup and the pin on Tanny.
Yoshiko Tamura defeats MsChif and retains her NEO Pacific Championship
MsChif started off with her trademark scream, but the veteran Tamura just shrugged, unimpressed. The women circled, sizing each other up, until Tamura asked for and won a test of strength. Then she kicked the Goth in the knee, grabbed her by her green hair and flipped her to the mat. She kept control of MsChif by grabbing her hair and again used it to flip her hard to the mat.
MsChif fought back with forearms to Tamura’s face, then held onto her opponent while she drop kicked her in the midsection. She followed up with smashing forearms to Yoshiko’s back, then bent her opponent backwards over her knee in a submission hold, but Tamura would not yield, so she went back to her feet.
Tamura came back with three flying forearms in a row, but only got two when she went for a pin. Tamura cinched in a headlock, and then when MsChif would not submit, she put her into a surfboard, lifting her high into the air to get the maximum effect from the punishing hold. When she still wouldn’t submit, Yoshiko changed up into a chinlock, scrubbing her leather and studded wristbands across the Goth’s face to add to her pain.
When she still didn’t get the desired submission, Tamura stood up and began putting the boots to her opponent, then lifted her by her hair and Irish whipped her into the ropes, catching her with a running boot to the belly and a hard bulldog, which she followed up with an unusual submission hold, again working the back and neck. She finally rolled that over into a pin, but got only two.
She shot MsChif into the ropes again, but this time when she came back, the Goth Princess caught her and reversed it into a slam, but got only two when she tried for a pin. Now it was MsChif’s turn to apply the chinlock to Tamura, but she wouldn’t submit either, so MsChif turned it around and locked her legs around Tamura’s arms, with her ankles crossed behind the NEO Pacific Title holder’s neck. When they came back from commercial, Tamura was kicking out of a pin.
Yoshiko whipped MsChif into a corner, then climbed up and hit her with a ferocious flurry of knees to the face. She followed that up with a bulldog, but still got only two. MsChif blocked a bulldog attempt, a they struggled until Tamura hit her with another strong bulldog. She pulled the Goth up by the hair and slammed her with a gorgeous Perfect Plex, but still it was just two.
MsChif fought back with knees and a series of clotheslines, but all she could get was two. A back flip onto Tamura still got only two. Suplex into a pin again got two for MsChif. They continued trading near falls as the suspense mounted. Tamura hit MsChif with a series of forearms and spinning elbows to the face, and then an emphatic choke slam to get the pin and retain her Championship.
Next week is the first round of ChickFight 6.
ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/
— Karen Belcher
[email protected]