ChickFight 6 on Mav TV, Episode 1 Recap

Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA:


ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m.,
Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., Mondays at 2 a.m.

This show has three matches from the first round of the tournament:
MsChif vs, Hailey Hatred, Kaoru vs. Tiana Ringer, Allison Danger vs. Frankie.

Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers. ChickFight does an excellent job of making good women wrestlers look glamorous.

MsChif defeats Hailey Hatred

Hailey enters first and does a short promo talking about how much she hates San Francisco and the fans, but she is cut off when MsChif runs out. The Goth Princess starts off fast, taking Hatred down and then pounding away on her with forearms to the face, all before the opening bell. As the bell sounds, she hits Hailey with a moonsault. Hailey bails out of the ring, but MsChif hits her with a baseball slide kick and then begins to punish her outside the ring, to the delight of the fans.

Finally Hailey gets control by Irish whipping MsChif into the ring rail. Then she pushes the Goth under the rail, stands on top, bends over it and pulls up on MsChif’s hair and head. When MsChif escapes into the crowd, Hatred grabs a chair from an unwilling fan and starts to follow her, then changes her mind and rolls back into the ring to stop the ref’s count.

When Hatred rolls out and goes back to the rail, she catches the returning MsChif, hoists her up into a firemen’s carry, and rams her shoulders and back into the ring post. Then she carries her over to the ring rail and slams her head into that. Finally she dumps the Goth into the ring and starts choking her out on the mat, possibly raking her eyes as well. She keeps on punishing the amazingly flexible MsChif’s back in between choking her and pulling her hair.

Finally she goes for a hanging brain buster suplex, but the pin attempt is lazy and MsChif grabs the ropes. She continues with chops and illegal moves until she tries for a side slam and MsChif goes up for a head scissors and locks it in for a submission hold on the standing Hailey. She makes it over to the ropes and collapses, so MsChif hits her with a knee and some forearms, then goes for leg scissors around her waist, and flips it over into a bridging pin, but can’t hold it.

Hailey grabs MsChif with a choke, lifts her and throws her into a corner. She follows up with an elbow and a suplex, but only gets two, as both women are very tired by now. She sends MsChif to a corner and hits her with European uppercuts. When she charges, however, MsChif dodges and takes her down with a nice drop toe hold, so her head hits the bottom turnbuckle. MsChif climbs up and jumps off the middle ropes onto her back three times, then drags her to the center of the ring, but a pin attempt only gets two.

Hatred goes for another lift and choke, but this time MsChif hits her with the green mist, scissors her legs around Hailey’s waist, and then arches backward until she brings her opponent down to the mat. There she gets Hatred into an arching submission hold, and Hailey is quick to tap out. MsChif goes on to round two.

Kaoru defeats Tiana Ringer

Kaoru is a well respected Japanese veteran and she is facing a relative rookie in Tiana Ringer. Both women are very popular with the fans. They go for the collar and elbow tie up, but Kaoru soon breaks it with a couple of boots to the midsection, followed by a hard elbow to the back of Ringer. Tiana responds with a European uppercut, then a forearm shot, and gets chops and forearms back.

Kaoru whips Tiana into the ropes and looks to be going for a side slam, but Ringer gets her in a head scissors instead, then follows up with two drop kicks, but misses when she tries for a third. Kaoru puts the boots to her fallen opponent, then straddles her and bashes her head on the mat repeatedly. After the ref breaks that up, she shoves him and gives the now disapproving fans the finger. Then she grabs Tiana by her hair and biel throws her hard onto the mat.

Next Kaoru pushes Ringer up against the ropes and chokes her as the ref counts. After she breaks, she ties Ringer up in the ropes and gets another choke hold on her as the ref counts again. After that break, she climbs the ropes and uses her leg to choke Ringer, who is still tied up in the ropes. She throws Ringer into a corner, where she continues to punish her with kicks and chops, and then a boot to the throat. As the fans chant angrily at her, she laughs.

The USA chants seem to inspire Ringer even though she’s from Canada (as Jason points out), and she comes back with some stinging chops as the women exchange blows. Kaoru whips her into a corner, but she climbs the ropes and comes back with a nice armdrag take down off the top. She follows up with another armdrag take down and then a scoop slam, but only gets two. Kaoru springs up and stomps Ringer in the back, then sits on her and pulls her head up by the hair for an illegal version of the camel clutch, as the ref counts again. When the ref forces the break, she slams Tiana’s head into the mat and then goes right back into the illegal hold.

She switches that to a choke hold, and Ringer starts rising up to all fours, trying to escape. She manages to fight up to her feet, but then gets grabbed by her hair again and thrown to the mat. Kaoru again grabs her hair and plants her face first into the mat, then puts her feet on Tiana’s shoulders and again starts pulling her hair.

Finally Ringer makes a comeback with several forearms, but soon gets taken down with a clothesline. Kaoru walks around gloating, taunting Tiana to stand up, and finally she does, only to get hit with another clothesline. A lazy pin attempt gets only one. They go to the outside, where both women brawl. Kaoru lifts Tiana and rams the small of her back into a ring post. When they return to the ring, Tiana easily kicks out of another pin attempt.

Tiana clotheslines Kaoru over the top rope to the floor and follows up by launching herself over the top and onto her opponent. Ringer uses this opportunity to punish Kaoru as much as possible, slamming her head into the ring floor and the announce table before returning to the ring, where a leg drop into a pin gets only two. A couple of running kicks still gets only two,

Kaoru blocks the next move with her elbows and goes back to work on Ringer with a 619 that didn’t quite make it, and then a second 619 that did. Another lazy pin gets only two, and she starts arguing with the ref, even shoving him, then stomps Ringer. A moonsault misses when Tiana rolls out of the way, and both women takes a while to get to their feet.

Ringer drop kicks the Joshi three times and can’t knock her down, so she goes for four European uppercuts, then head butts Kaoru while she brings her left foot up from the back to kick her in the back of the head. She picks up Kaoru and then slams her down with authority, but still gets only two.

Kaoru comes back with a knee lift, then a scoop slam, and follows with a moonsault for two. She follows two German suplexes and a piledriver with a rear naked choke, and the ref actually checks to make sure it’s legal! Maybe he should go teach the TNA refs how to do that! He checks Tiana by lifting her arm three times, and it falls each time, so he calls he match in favor of Kaoru, as Ringer is unconscious. Kaoru shows disrespect to the fans and then goes back and beats on Tiana some more before she leaves.

Allison Danger defeats Frankie

Allison argues with several fans on her way out, as she’s not a fan favorite here. Frankie, who is loved by the crowd, is a rookie who has trained at the Inoki Dojo and worked some shows in Southern California. The hood on Frankie’s ring outfit seems like an invitation for another wrestler to grab it.

They start with a collar and elbow tie-up and Frankie starts to work Allison’s arm with a wristlock, but the veteran quickly takes her down and straddles her to lock in an armbar submission, and rubbing her face into the canvas. She picks Frankie up only to sweep her back down again.

Frankie bounces back up and goes for another wristlock, this time kicking Danger’s legs out from under her to take her down, but Allison manages to reverse it into a hammerlock. Frankie escapes and gets a hammerlock on Allison, but Danger toys with Frankie as she easily reverses it into a wristlock of her own. Allison turns it into a fireman’s carry takeover and slams Frankie to the mat.

They lock up again and this time Frankie maneuvers into a top wristlock. Allison tells the ref that Frankie pulled her hair, and when the ref goes to check, Allison escapes by pulling Frankie’s hair. An angry Frankie grabs Allison’s leg and scoops her down, then goes for the fireman’s carry slam on Allison, and finally hits her with a clothesline. Danger scoots out to the floor and tries to get security to help her, but he refuses.

Allison finally rolls in to break the ref’s count. Then she asks Frankie to shake hands, but instead slaps her across the face. She follows that with a series of ferocious forearms to the face, then throws Frankie out to the floor, where she puts the boots to the rookie. She sends Frankie back into the ring, but the lazy pin doesn’t do it. She continues to pound on Frankie, but the rookie comes back with a quick go behind into a Russian leg sweep.

Frankie hits Danger with a head butt followed by two chops and a DDT., but she gets two. Allison comes back by slamming Frankie into the mat, then hitting her with some kicks and knees to the face. This time she is serious about the pin and wins the match.

Next week is the second episode of ChickFight 6.

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