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For those who would like to help, we have written a TV movie and TV series and I need you. My Space is doing a contest and the winner gets a Developmental Contract with Fox.   Here is what I need you to do. Watch the Trailer we filmed and vote. Yes its that simple. (The voting button is labeled “Booyah”)

MySpace Video

(Video can also be seen at my Website, but you have to vote on MySpace)

As Sally Struthers might say, “Won’t someone please help”?

If you don’t have a MySpace, please sign up and vote. If you do, please vote and then send a Bulletin to all your friends. I need your support to take this to the next level.

Let me know if you like the Clip or not. (Please don’t watch from work). It is called “Vital Idol” and is about a guy named Mike Trash, who many of you know as my alter Ego.

Please show how the wrestling community will stand together and help us win this contest. I’m sorry if you would classify this as spam but I am in need of your support. I also believe we have a very fresh product.

Spread the word, Unite & Thanks in advance,
Mike Trash