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Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA

ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

This show has one match from the second round of the tournament: Daizee Haze vs. Cheerleader Melissa, which is the last of the preliminary matches.

Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers.


Daizee Haze and Cheerleader Melissa go to a draw, time limit plus five minutes

In an age of 10 minute matches, this is a phenomenon, two women going the time limit plus five minutes, for a total of 35 minutes, in an all out amazing match. Daizee Haze has a flower child gimmick, and she goes around taking her time shaking hands with fans at ringside, the announcers point out that she’s bound to be a fan favorite in San Francisco , especially the Haight-Ashbury area. Not to be outdone, Cheerleader Melissa, whose father is wrestler Doug Anderson, enters shaking her pompoms, and makes the circuit to greet all the fans as well.

They start off circling each other for a bit, then go into a collar and elbow tie up that sees Melissa back Daizee into a corner and then make the clean break. Melissa clearly has a size and strength advantage over Haze, but Haze has a speed advantage. Daizee dances around playing to the crowd, and catches Melissa unaware with a quick go behind and takedown into a headlock, but Melissa just as quickly reverses it into a head scissors. They end up rolling around the mat as Haze tries to escape, but the Cheerleader holds on and even bridges up, making the hold even more painful.

Daizee escapes by doing a sort of headstand into a backwards roll, pinning her opponent for two. Haze slips around and cinches in another headlock. Melissa powers her over for a pin, but Haze forces a roll back before three. They go through numerous reversal attempts and keep the match flowing, but Haze hangs on to the headlock the whole time, even when they get to their feet and move around the ring. The series of moves is amazing, as they keep things active and animated while Haze works the headlock. This ain’t your father’s headlock! It’s no rest hold, it’s a clinic in scientific wrestling.

When Melissa finally shoots Daizee off her into the ropes, Haze jumps back over Melissa and locks the hold in again, getting admiring applause from the fans. When Melissa finally escapes and gets Haze in an armbar, she viciously yanks on the arm several times as repayment for that long headlock. Daizee eventually somersaults to escape the arm bar and as soon as she can, she goes right back to the headlock.

After a bit, Haze goes for an arm bar, but Melissa soon reverses that into an arm bar on the flower child, and then an emphatic arm wringer. Melissa goes to work on Daizee’s arm some more, perhaps to avoid future headlocks. Haze escapes one hold by biting the cheerleader’s fingers, but that only gets her taken down to the mat so that Melissa can drive a knee into Haze’s arm and lower back several times. Haze escapes and gets in a variety of holds while flipping and rolling around Melissa, until she gets the headlock on again.

Melissa starts going after Daizee’s leg and gets her in a submission hold, but Haze escapes and they go into a beautiful series of holds, rapid reversals and near falls that I’m not even going to try to catalog. This is great wrestling!

Eventually Melissa locks Daizee in a head scissors on the mat. Haze eventually escapes with a headstand, and goes for the headlock again, but Melissa escapes and gets her in a full Nelson variation that she uses to punish the flower child, even wrenching her back and forth to work on her back as well as her shoulders. Haze finally works up to her knees and reverses the hold into a bridging pin, but gets only two.

A big flying clothesline takes Melissa down, and Daizee follows up by going for a full Nelson, but she can’t seem to hold on with her weakened arms, so she goes for an arm drag takedown followed by a drop kick. She hits Melissa with some forearms and then a flying head scissors where she makes two rotations around Melissa. The cheerleader decides to go to the floor to regroup.

Haze waits for a bit and then goes out to the floor, chasing Melissa, who scoots back in and catches Haze when she reenters. Melissa overpowers Haze and goes for her trademark curb stomp. A pin attempt only gets 2. Melissa drags Daizee to a corner and bashes her face into the turnbuckle, then continues to punish her with a boot scrape on the face. Leaving the corner, Melissa continues to work over Haze, eventually throwing her out to the arena floor and then following.

She Irish whips Daizee face first into the guard rail, but then Haze holds on and resists being pulled away again, so Melissa hits her with a number of strikes to the face. Haze tries to go for what looked like a head scissors, but Melissa stopped it and they fell to the floor. Haze rolled into the ring to stop the ref’s count, and then back out, where she whips Melissa into the rail and then stomps her in the head a few times.

Haze returns to the ring and then launches herself off the top turnbuckle onto Melissa on the floor. She gets up and stomps Melissa a few times, but the cheerleader gets up to her knees and delivers several hard shots to Haze’s middle, followed by a big European uppercut to her jaw, and a forearm to the face, as Daizee was left draped across the ring rail. Melissa stuffed her under the rail, then stood on the bottom rung of the rail and pulled back on Haze’s shoulders, to punish her back and shoulders. Haze flailed her legs, but to no avail. Melissa stomped on her back as she got off the rail.

Melissa rolled into the ring to break the ref’s count, & when she came back out, Daizee had rolled over and kicked her in the legs. Now Haze came back with some chops to the chest, which Melissa answered with chops of her own. Melissa dumped Haze over the ring rail into the crowd, where she tried to get Haze into a German suplex, but was blocked. She then turned the hold into a wheelbarrow and slung Haze around like a rag doll, slamming her into the chairs and sending them sliding around the floor. I saw Melissa in person doing this to Allison Danger, and it’s one of the most impressive power moves I’ve ever seen from a woman wrestler.

When she was finally dumped on the floor, Haze clung to the referee for safety, but he let her go, and Melissa came with a chair to punish her some more, by laying it on top of her and then stepping on it. Haze Irish whips Melissa across the floor into some chairs, and the brawl continues across the floor and up into the bleachers, where they finally battle up to the doors and onto the street outside. They eventually brawl back to the floor and finally back into the ring, where Haze goes for a quick rollup and pin, but only gets two.

Melissa tries for her vertebreaker finisher, but Haze sneaks out and the women exchange forearms. Haze hits Melissa with a missile dropkick off the top, but gets one when she goes for the pin. Haze goes for her heart punch, but Melissa blocks it and hots her with a belly to back suplex and gets two. Melissa tries for another curb stomp, but Daizee wriggles out and turns it into a quick rollup that still gets just two.

Both women are close to exhaustion, but they battle on. Haze gets a top rope hurricanarana on Melissa, but Melissa grabs Haze and boosts her up onto her shoulders, where both women struggle until Melissa powerbombs Haze into a corner. The struggle continues, and the women end up on their knees exchanging forearms, chops, and fists, then rolling around the ring brawling, until the bell rings for the time limit draw.

The fans chant for five more minutes, and APW Commissioner Gabe Ramirez comes to ringside and grants the extra time. The women exchange several quick pin attempts, but neither gets three, and the announcement of time seems to have given the women an adrenaline rush, as the get to their feet with a second wind. Haze tries for a crucifix pin, but Melissa turns it into a Samoan drop. They battle on with near falls, but still when the five minutes expire, there is no winner. The referee signals no more time, and announces a time limit draw.

The fans chant their displeasure as they announce that Allison Danger will get a bye for the second round. Danger then comes out and delivers a gloating promo, taunting the fans and other wrestlers, and predicting that she is now the sure winner of the tournament. As she goes on and on, Gabe Ramirez becomes livid at her lack of respect. He takes the mic from her and announces that he is changing his mind, and Danger will now have to fight both Cheerleader Melissa and Daizee Haze in a three way match in the second round, instead of getting the bye.

Next week is the third episode of ChickFight 6.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com