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Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA


ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

This show has the two semifinal matches from the tournament. They have added glamour videos of some of the ChickFight regulars to this series, which adds some polish to the shows.

Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers.

Kaoru defeated MsChif

Kaoru opens the match by extending her hand to MsChif, but the resident of the Inferno must have been watching Kaoru’s first round match, because her reply is to scream in the rule breaker’s face. Kaoru bows and again extends her hand, so this time MsChif cautiously reaches out her own hand, and her devious opponent immediately grabs her hand and bites it. Then she wraps the Goth’s arm around the top rope and kicks her numerous times in the midsection as the ref counts.

After the break, MsChif whips Kaoru into the ropes and screams at her. Kaoru stops and screams back at the green haired one, who screams yet again. This time, Kaoru kicks her in the face as she is screaming, and lays her out. When MsChif gets up, Kaoru grabs her green hair and biel throws her over onto the mat, where she begins to choke the Goth with a sleeper hold. MsChif gets to the ropes quickly and gets the break, then slaps her own sleeper hold on.

Kaoru gets to the ropes for the break, then goes to the floor for a rest. Each time she tries to get back into the ring, MsChif screams at her, so finally Kaoru grabs her boot and pulls her to the floor, where she drags the Goth around by her hair, slamming her head into the ring floor and a table, then goes to punishing her with kicks. When she misses with a careless chair shot, MsChif grabs her chance to come back and starts pummeling her with forearms.

They brawl around ringside until Kaoru rolls MsChif into the ring and follows with a chair. When ref Christina McGraw tries to take the chair away, she is accidentally bumped by MsChif and goes down. Kaoru goes to hit the green haired one with the chair, but when MsChif dodges, the chair hits the ropes and bounces back, so she ends up hitting herself in the head. MsChif pins Kaoru, but then has to go over and try to revive the ref.

By the time the ref is back up, so is Kaoru, so MsChif twines her into an unusual submission hold, then slams her face first into the mat, but she can only get a two count. An arm wrench and a big clothesline gets another two for the Goth. Next she tries a chop and a gorgeous standing moonsault, but this time Kaoru elegantly bridges out of the pin and gets to her feet. She takes down MsChif with a drop kick into her braced knee, then goes to work on the weak knee with leg drops, stomps and kicks.

MsChif escapes by bringing the knee up into Kaoru’s face, but then she has to rest on the ropes and can’t capitalize on her opponent being down. Kaoru comes back with two German suplexes, then pins MsChif with her elbow digging into MsChif’s ear and the side of her neck, but she only gets two. Next she tries for what looks to be a suplex, but the green haired one rolls her up for a quick pin attempt – again two.

They battle some more, but MsChif has to favor her knee. Kaoru takes too long climbing up in the corner, allowing MsChif to catch her in a firemen’s carry and slam her off the second rope, but again only a two count. Both women are down, and a groggy Kaoru goes out to beg a member of APW security to help her. MsChif comes up and tries to spray her opponent with her green mist, but she hits the hapless security man instead.

As soon as they get back into the ring, a revived Kaoru hits MsChif with an emphatic hurricanarana to get the pin and go on to the finals. Kaoru celebrates as she returns to the locker room.

Daizee Haze defeated Cheerleader Melissa and Allison Danger in a Three-Way Dance

This is a three-way dance because Cheerleader Melissa and Daizee Haze went to a time limit draw in their preliminary match. Danger would have gotten a bye if she had not come out to taunt the other wrestlers and mock the fans. Daizee Haze takes her time and chats with fans on her way to the ring. Cheerleader Melissa makes a big entrance shaking her pompoms and talks to fans too.

Allison Danger immediately bails to the floor, but Melissa and Daizee chase her back in. She hits Daizee with some forearms, but Melissa is soon back in the ring and takes Danger off her feet with a big clothesline. She follow with some forearms and then a brutal curb stomp on Danger. Haze runs in and tries to steal the pin, but the Cheerleader pulls her off and has words with her, then throws her face first into the bottom rope and shoves her out to the floor.

Melissa follows and picks up Haze, slamming her into the ring post and the guardrails. Allison tries to sneak up on her, but Melissa smashes a forearm into her face and then drags her around ringside, punishing Danger with forearms and scraping her face on the ring rail before rolling back into the ring to break the ref’s count. This allows Daizee to run up and punish Allison herself. Then Melissa takes over again, and finally they end up with Danger bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball between them as they take turns chopping her, while the fans cheer, “Whoo!”

Eventually Allison drops to the floor. Melissa hits Daizee with some chops, then picks her up and drops her, with her throat hitting the guard rail. Then she stretches Haze backwards over the guard rail before pulling her over and into the crowd, where she flings Daizee into the chairs, and Haze actually bounces around and tumbles over some chairs before sliding to a stop.

Allison comes up behind Melissa and hits her with a forearm to the back, then another to her chest. Danger whips Melissa into some other chairs and then sets a chair over Melissa’s face and throat and sits on it to choke her. Daizee comes up from behind and sits on the chair as well, putting a dragon sleeper on Allison, who finally stands up to break the hold, and ref Tom Castor takes the chair off Melissa.

The three women continue their amazing brawl through the arena and up into the bleachers, where they use the bleachers themselves as weapons. These women are as brutal as any male wrestlers as they continue the war up into the lobby and even through a door to the outside, using the walls, doors, trash cans and tables as weapons. Allison and Melissa fight back outside, and Allison throws Melissa over a railing into some bushes. When she goes back into the building, Daizee pops out from behind a door and slams her with a clothesline, then jumps up and down in delight.

Daizee cinches in a headlock and drags Allison back down to ringside. Melissa follows, clearly looking for pay back. Daizee slams Allison into the ring rails and punishes her some more. Melissa comes in and begins putting the boots to Allison on the floor, stomping the proverbial mud hole in Danger, and walking it dry. Daizee is bouncing around back in the ring, but Melissa just rolls in to break the count and goes back out again, acting like she’s going back after Danger.

Haze then starts to climb up to the top rope, apparently planning to dive onto the other two, but Melissa slips into the ring and pulls Haze back down onto the top turnbuckle. They trade forearms as Melissa climbs up to the second rope, where it looks like she plans a fisherman’s suplex, but Allison Danger sneaks up behind them and superplexes both women off the ropes.

The ref counts as all three women are now down. Allison is the first up, and she pulls up Melissa, who springs at her with a flurry of forearms and forces her into a corner. When Melissa turns around, Daizee slams her face first into the mat, then runs at Danger, but gets slammed to the mat by a clothesline from Allison. Allison then tries for a pin on Melissa, but only gets two. Then she tries to pin Daizee, but gets only one.

Melissa and Allison square off in the center of the ring, and then Melissa unloads another flurry of forearms to Danger’s face. She then charges Allison, but a drop toe hold from Allison sends her face first into the ropes, and her nose smashes into the second rope. Danger follows up with a boot to the back of the head as Melissa is draped over the bottom rope.

Daizee attacks Danger with forearms, and Melissa rolls to the outside, holding her nose. Haze hits Danger with an emphatic snapmare and gets the pin to become the ChickFight 6 Champion.

A jubilant Daizee bounces up and down on her knees, then gets to her feet and jumps up and down to celebrate some more. Finally she leaves the ring and goes over to check on Melissa, whose nose appears to have some blood on it. They hug and Melissa raises Daizee’s hand, then they go to the locker room together.

Next week is the fourth episode of ChickFight 6, with the Finals and some bonus matches, including Cheerleader Melissa facing off against Amazing Kong, from April 14, 2007. This show includes some clips from that match, and it looks amazing.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher