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Filmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA


ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m.,
Saturdays at 1PM & 6PM | Sundays at 10PM | Mondays at 2AM.


This show has the final match from the tournament, plus two bonus matches and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amazing Kong, from APW Gym Wars.

Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers.

Daizee Haze defeated Kaoru to become the ChickFight 6 Champion

Kaoru makes a spectacularly haughty entrance wearing a gorgeous ring robe. Daizee goes around and greets all her fans. The women circle each other warily, then lock up, and Daizee gets an arm bar on Kaoru and takes it behind her. Kaoru tries to escape, and Haze biels her over onto the mat, where she puts her into a submission hold, again working the arms.

Kaoru escapes and gets Daizee into an arm bar, then brings a vicious elbow down on Haze’s arm. She repeats that before bieling Haze over onto the mat, where she gets Haze into a submission hold, again working the arms and shoulders. Haze powers up and out, locking in an arm bar on Kaoru and twisting it. They struggle, and then Daizee hits a flying head scissors and takes down her opponent.

They exchange forearms, elbows and kicks until Kaoru grabs Daisy by the hair and biels her hard to the mat, getting loud boos from the fans. She repeats the hair biel, and then starts choking Haze in the ropes, as Kaoru’s fans cheer their approval for the rule breaker. She breaks for the ref’s count, but just takes Haze over to the other side of the ring and repeats choking her there, as the ref again begins his count. Breaking again, she plants Haze face first into the mat, and then rolls her over so she can grab her by the hair and pound her head repeatedly into the mat, as the ref again counts.

After an emphatic suplex, she goes to the outside, yells at the fans chanting “USA!” to shut up, and grabs a chair. When she tries to enter the ring with it, Daizee drop kicks the chair into her face. When she gets up and tries to reenter the ring, Daizee charges and flies through the ropes onto her. She hits Kaoru with some chops, but then gets Irish whipped into the guard rail and flips over it into the crowd, as Kaoru laughs. Haze comes back, only to get her face slammed into the rail. Kaoru chokes her with a boot to the throat, slams her head onto the ring apron, and then rolls her back into the ring.

Kaoru punishes Haze with kicks and knees and a couple of German suplexes, taking time out to give the booing fans the finger with both hands. After a two count, she whipped Haze into the ropes and tried to go for what may have been some kind of flip, but Haze countered and planted Kaoru face first into the mat. The ref counted both women, and Haze was the first to her feet. They traded vicious forearms until Haze took down Kaoru with a running forearm, but she still got only two.

Haze missed with a missile drop kick off the top, but Kaoru hit with a beautiful moonsault off the top. Haze kicked out at two, though. After trading several more near falls, Kaoru attempted a suplex, but Haze escaped and rolled her up for a quick pin to become the ChickFight 6 Champion. She kissed the trophy. Kaoru gave her a gracious hug, and Haze raised Kaoru’s hand before leaving with her trophy.

Frankie defeated Johnny LaRocca with E.G.O.

Johnny LaRocca is a manager, not a wrestler, and he brings his male tag team E.G.O. Derek Sanders and Nathan Rulez to the ring with him to face neophyte women’s wrestler Frankie. Frankie bounces out alone and greets all her fans. LaRocca’s men start off by grabbing Frankie’s foot before the match even starts. She makes the mistake of going to the outside, where they grab her and bash her back into the ring post, then toss her back into the ring.

The referee ejects them from ringside, but the damage is done, and Johnny dominates the injured Frankie, first putting the boots to her, and then choking her in the ropes. After the ref makes him break, he goes after Frankie with more kicks and tries a punch, but she blocks it and then decks him with a few forearms to the face, as the fans cheer.

Frankie puts the boots to him, but then she’s distracted when E.G.O. return, and LaRocca gets her from behind. He hits her with a closed fist, but she comes back with a head butt, so his next move is to rake her eyes and blind her.

Finally, the other women in the tournament have had enough, and Cheerleader Melissa, Allison Danger, Hailey Hatred, MsChif and Tiana Ringer all come out and get into the ring, where they and Frankie surround LaRocca. Each woman gives him a chop or forearm shot until he gets to MsChif, who sprays him in the eyes with her green mist as the fans cheer. Then they all hold him down while Frankie puts one boot on him and gets the pin. To celebrate her victory, Frankie pulls off her tank top to reveal a bustier, and she swings the top around above her head as LaRocca scrambles to escape to the floor.

Hailey Hatred defeated Allison Danger, MsChif, and Tiana Ringer

This match is announced as being an elimination match under lucha rules, meaning no tags are necessary. The winner will be the first entrant into ChickFight 7. All four start off the match, with Hailey and Allison pummeling MsChif and Tiana respectively with forearms, and then whipping them into the ropes. They try and miss with clotheslines, and MsChif and Ringer hit them both with flying head scissors and send them out of the ring. MsChif and Tiana follow up the very cool opening sequence by charging the ropes as if they are going to fly out onto their opponents on the floor, but instead they do handstands, bounce off the ropes and do backward rolls to end up back on their feet!

After that, they go at each other with forearms followed by arm drags on each other, and the other two get up to the ring apron. They continue the synchronized acrobatics with a joint cartwheel, as MsChif tries to escape a waist lock. I wouldn’t want to see every match on a card be like this, but it makes a refreshing change from the brawling in the earlier matches. They continue with quick exchanges and reversals until Danger grabs Ringer’s feet and pulls her out to the floor, where she beats her down.

Hatred enters the ring to go after MsChif, but the Goth grabs her clothesline attempt and turns it into a lock on her arm, as she pummels Hailey with forearms and knees. Then she tosses Hatred to the floor, where Ringer has made a comeback and is taking it to Danger. Ringer dishes out vicious chops to both rule breakers until MsChif flies off the top onto all three of them. Danger is up first and puts the boots to everyone, then grabs the Goth by her green hair and returns to the ring with her.

They slug it out with forearms, chops and knees, until Allison goes out to the floor and brings back a chair. The ref is distracted with the other two wrestlers on the floor. Danger tries to hit MsChif with it, but misses. Then she notices the ref returning, so she puts the chair over her own head and falls to the mat. The ref sees Allison lying on the mat with the chair and leaps to the mistaken conclusion that MsChif hit her with it, and disqualifies the Goth as the fans protest loudly. It takes five men from security to remove MsChif from the ring.

As Allison tries to get the ref’s sympathy by complaining that her head hurts, Tiana Ringer comes up behind her and gets the pin with a quick rollup, so now it’s down to Tiana Ringer vs Hailey Hatred.

Hatred charges in and attacks Ringer with forearms, elbows and finally a Perfect plex, but she gets only two. More forearms and a suplex still get only two. Ringer comes back with forearms and a series of kicks and a snap mare suplex, but she can’t get the pin either. Ringer goes for a cross body off the top, but Hatred rolls through and pins her for the win.

Amazing Kong defeated Cheerleader Melissa

This match is from APW Gym Wars, where it was the ChickFight Special Attraction. It’s the first time these two powerful women faced each other. Kong has a great Japanese Godzilla video for her entrance, and she stalks around the ring glowering at fans. In contrast, Melissa comes out shaking her pompoms and plays to the fans. The announcers are APW’s regular announcer and “The Mafia Princess” Tiffany. They state that Kong is the AWA Women’s World CHampion in Japan.

Kong is several inches taller than Melissa and clearly outweighs her. As they circle each other, Kong screams in Melissa’s face trying to intimidate her, but Melissa, who has often beaten men in wrestling matches, promptly slaps Kong’s face. Melissa tries a series of shoulder blocks, but she can’t take Kong down, and finally Kong bumps her back, knocking Melissa to the mat.

Next Melissa tries a series of forearm chops, but Kong just keeps walking forward until she backs the Cheerleader into a corner, where she delivers a massive chop to Melissa’s chest, sending her reeling. She chops Melissa again and sends her into the opposite corner, where she flattens her with a King Kong Bundy style avalanche. Melissa drops to the mat, and Kong hits her with a big splash, but Melissa manages to get her shoulder up at two.

Kong grabs Melissa by the hair and biels her clear across the ring, then goes over and chokes her with a boot on her throat. She breaks that for the ref’s count, and then stands on Melissa’s neck and stomach! It hurts just watching that!

Kong breaks again for the ref’s count, glaring at him, and then grabs Melissa by the hair and pulls her up. Kong continues to abuse Melissa as the fans chant for the Cheerleader. When she charges, Melissa pulls down the top rope and Kong goes flying over to the floor as the crowd scatters.

Melissa follows and puts the boots to Kong, then launches her at the doors and out into the parking lot. Kong comes back and grabs Melissa by the throat, throwing her into the side of the ring. Kong smashes Melissa with a chair, then throws her into a bunch of chairs on the floor. They go out to the parking lot, where it’s dark and difficult to see, but I could barely make out that they were smashing each other with chairs.

Kong returns to the ring, and Melissa throws some chairs at her, calling her back out to the floor. Kong just opens up one of the chairs and sits down to wait for her opponent to return to the ring. Melissa charges Kong and peppers her with forearms, finally taking her down with a big kick. Cheerleader throws the chair to the floor and jumps and sits on Kong twice, then hits her with a leg drop on the back of her head. She tries for a pin, but barely gets one.

Melissa cinches in a headlock, but Kong easily powers out and takes Melissa down with a huge clothesline. Kong follows with a leg drop but gets only two. An astonished Kong yells at the ref, then launches Melissa into a corner, where she hits her with another avalanche. Melissa comes back with a series of shots to Kong’s chest and face, then finally takes her down with three flying forearms. The pin attempt only gets two though.

Melissa tries more forearms, but Kong takes her down with two hard chops. Melissa tries for a sunset flip, but Kong just sits on her. Somehow, Melissa manages to bridge out at two. Kong tries for another avalanche, but a groggy Melissa manages to escape, and Kong hits the ring post. Melissa gets her with a series of kicks and punches to the midsection, then after a struggle, manages to propel Kong across to the opposite corner, where she lands another flying forearm. Melissa then attempts to suplex Kong, but Kong instead slams her and goes up to the second turnbuckle. She takes her time, and that allows Melissa to recover and roll out of the way, so Kong’s splash just hits empty canvas.

They battle on, and Melissa hits Kong with a gorgeous missile drop kick off the top, but Kong just gets right back up and screams. She charges Melissa, who hits her with a reverse Russian leg sweep, so she falls on her face. Melissa hits her curb stomp finisher twice and rolls Kong over for the pin, but still gets only two. Kong recovers and they exchange blows until Kong hits Melissa with a Pedigree, but still gets only two.

Kong goes for her power bomb, but Melissa turns it into a hurricanarana. She still gets only two. Melissa tries to lock in a cloverleaf type submission, but Kong’s legs are too massive. Both women are exhausted, but they battle on. Finally, Kong hits her sit out power bomb and gets the pin. This brutal contest rivals any men’s match, and is a must see for wrestling fans. Kong grabs the mic and returns to the ring, where she says something to Melissa in Japanese (Kong is actually from California), then raises her hand in admiration and hugs her.

Next week is the preliminary round of ChickFight 7, which was held in the UK.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com