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ChickFight 7 was filmed at the Marina Center in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England on January 14, 2007. ChickFight 8 was filmed at the Liquid Nightclub in Gloucester, England, on April 22, 2007.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.


NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
Week starting Monday 11th Feb.
Tuesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
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Monday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
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Sunday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208


This show has the final match from the ChickFight 7 Tournament, a bonus match from ChickFight 7, and the first match from the preliminary round of ChickFight 8. MavTV is starting a series of brand new episodes for US fans. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Cheerleader Melissa defeats “The Jezebel” Eden Black

Melissa starts off smirking at fan favorite Eden Black and refusing to lock up with her, perhaps as a psychological ploy. When they finally do lock up, Melissa palms the forehead of the much smaller Jezebel and back trips her down to the mat. Black bounces right back up and the women again circle each other warily. When they lock up again, Melissa immediately backs Black into a corner and scrubs her face with the tape on her forearm before the ref breaks it up.

Another tie up results in Melissa grabbing a side wrist lock and then yanking Jezebel’s arm to slam her onto the mat. Melissa keeps hold of Eden’s arm while delivering a series of hard elbows to her upper arm, continuing to work the shoulder. Then she drops down and uses all her body weight to whip Black’s arm back and stress the shoulder even more. Melissa springs back up and puts the boots to Eden, who tries to roll out of the ring to try to regroup, but is caught by Melissa.

The announcer mentions that Melissa had her first match on August 17, 1999 against Lexie Fyfe, as Melissa slaps on the wrist lock again, slapping Eden’s face as she rolls on the canvas and struggles to get free. Melissa again slams Black’s arm to the canvas, wrenching the shoulder. As Jez writhes in pain, the Cheerleader comes over and steps on her face, holding it until the ref makes her break. Jez tries to escape to the floor, but Melissa again pulls her back and begins to work the arm again, but Jez rolls over and fights to her feet. Melissa keeps hold of the arm, but Jez does a forward roll, then a backward roll to build momentum, and amazingly kips up to her feet at such an angle that she now has Melissa in a wrist lock.

Melissa goes to her knees with the pain, and Jez delivers a series of kicks to punish her further. Melissa powers back up to her feet, but Jez delivers an arm wringer to take her back down, and then drops the leg on her upper arm and shoulder while continuing to hold the wrist lock. Jez continues to wrench the arm, but eventually Melissa powers back up to her feet and sends Jez flying with a vicious palm strike. Melissa follows and puts the boots to her, then goes for the pin but gets two.

Melissa locks in a variation of the Indian deathlock and tries for a submission, but Jez manages to work her way over to the ropes for a break. Melissa drags her back to the center of the ring for an emphatic curb stomp, then goes over and stands on Eden’s face with both feet till the ref makes her break. Melissa pulls Jez up by her hair, and Jez answers with a series of punches to the midsection. Melissa answers with a hard blow to Eden’s back. Melissa tries for a a suplex, but Eden blocks it and rolls through for a rollup pin and gets a two count. Angry, Melissa comes right back and snaps off a suplex that leaves Eden rolling on the mat in pain. A pin attempt only gets two, however.

Melissa grabs Black by her red hair and pulls her to her feet, but Eden fights back with a series of hard forearms to the face. Melissa again overpowers the smaller girl and smashes her in the face with a forearm that sends her to the mat. Melissa pulls her back up and tosses her through the ropes to the floor, where she shoves her into some chairs, then picks her up sort of wheelbarrow fashion, with Eden’s legs going back in a waist lock body scissors. Melissa then uses her amazing strength to bash Black’s arms and shoulders into the steel ring steps five times, moving them several feet away from the ring in the process. Finally she dumps Jez on the floor, writhing and crying in pain.

Melissa goes back and steps on Black’s head as she lies on the floor, until the ref makes her break. Melissa rolls bak in and out of the ring as the ref asks Jez if she’s okay, and she says yes. Melissa grabs Black and shoves her back into the ring, delivering more blows on the way. Melissa takes her own time returning to the ring, and when she does, she drapes Jez over the center rope and then uses her knee to choke her on the rope, np breaking till the ref forces her to. She continues to punish Jez, raking her face and choking her more, then takes her to the center of the ring, where Jez breaks free and backs Melissa into a corner with a series of forearms, then hits her with a snap mare takeover and a vicious kick to the back.

Melissa fights back with a mean forearm to the face and goes for a pin, but Jez bridges out, so Melissa chops her in the stomach. The women go through a series of near falls, with Melissa maintaining the advantage, but Jez fighting back and refusing to give up.

Jez finally manages to get Melissa in the tree of woe with a back cracker from the top turnbuckle, and takes the opportunity to deliver a series of three drop kicks to her foe as the crowd cheers. Then she tries for a pin, but gets only two. She goes up for a high cross body block, but again gets only two. Then she tries for her Blacksploitation crucifix bomb, but Melissa counters it into a fall away slam and gets two. The exhausted women continue to battle, until Melissa hits the kudo driver for the pin, and becomes the ChickFight 7 Champion. Melissa reminds fans that she has won two ChickFights in a row.

Destiny and Kharisma defeat The Norfolk Dolls (Britani and Melodi)

Destiny and Kharisma have the advantage in both size and experience over The Norfolk Dolls, who are 15 years old at the time of this match, and just starting out in wrestling. Britani Knight is the daughter of British wrestling legends Sweet Saraya and Rowdy Ricky Knight. This a World Association of Women’s Wrestling (WAWW) guest match in ChickFight 7.

As the Dolls try to get the fans going to cheer them on, the much larger Destiny and Kharisma attack them from behind and put the boots to the teens. Destiny tosses Britani to the outside, where she is helped to her feet by her younger brother, Zak Zodiac. Destiny works over Melodi with a wrist lock. Melodi tries to turn it into a headlock, but the much stronger Destiny refuses to left go and throws Melodi hard to the canvas. Destiny works her over, but Melodi kips up and goes underneath to reverse the wrist lock on her, sending Destiny to her knees. Destiny powers back up and slams Melodi with a fireman’s carry takedown, but the teen still holds on to the wrist lock.

Destiny goes under and reverses the wrist lock and delivers a blow to the back that sends Melodi down to the mat. Melodi tries a monkey flip to escape the wrist lock, but Destiny still holds on. They battle on, and Destiny tags in Kharisma, who puts the boots to Melodi, then power slams her three times, but only gets a two count. Kharisma cinches in a headlock. Melodi eventually frees herself with some elbows to the ribs, but Kharisma grabs her hair and yanks her down to the mat, where she hits the teen with a leg drop and again gets two.

Kharisma hit Melodi with two snap mares, but the second takes her close enough to her corner for her to finally tag in Britani, who rushes in, only to get cut off with a forearm to the back by Kharisma, who then stomps and suplexes the 15 year old. Kharisma Irish whips her into a corner, where Britani bounces up onto the bottom rope and uses her momentum to roll up the bigger woman for a two count. Kharisma backs Britani into her corner and then points across the ring, so the referee goes over there, allowing the heels to torture Britani.

Kharisma takes Britani down with a boot to the face, then goes over and grabs Melodi by the hair and pulls her into the ring. This allows the Dolls to double team Kharisma, launching her into the ropes and then hitting her with a double clothesline on the way back. Then they hit her with a double team elbow drop (with a sort of dance move in the middle), and follow up by “making a wish” with her legs.

Kharisma escapes to the floor as Destiny runs in and knocks down Melodi from behind, then beats down Britani and throws her to the outside, where her brother comes over to check on her. Melodi takes Destiny down with a cross body and then follows her out of the ring and stomps her, while Kharisma runs over and stomps Britani. It breaks down into a brawl with all four women outside the ring.

The Dolls make it back into the ring first, and when their opponents return, they hit them with a double baseball slide, to the delight of the fans. They end up with Destiny and Britani in the ring, where Destiny hits the teen with an avalanche and then a tombstone piledriver. Apparently this was done while the ref was distracted, because the announcer says the move is illegal in the WAWW. Britani is rolled out of the ring, and her father and brother look after her, while Destiny next hits Melodi with an avalanche, while Kharisma picks up her WAWW title belt. Destiny goes for another tombstone, but this time the ref stops her. While they are arguing, Kharisma hits Melodi in the head with the belt, and Destiny covers her for the pin.

Wesna defeats Pandora

Pandora is hesitant to lock up with Wesna at first, but when they do, they jostle a bit and then release, and Wesna says, “Strong!” approvingly. Next Wesna asks for a test of strength, which ends up a draw. They continue sizing each other up, trading a series of chops to the chest, followed by a series of forearms to the face. A couple of running clotheslines by Wesna don’t have much effect, and nether does a kick. Pandora body slams Wesna and follows up with a leg drop, but gets only a two count.

Pandora straddles Wesna’s back and pulls up on her, raking her face until the ref makes her break. She hits Wesna with an avalanche, Irish whips her and tries for a second, but Wesna escapes to the outside, where she grabs Pandora’s head and pounds her face with a series of forearms. Finally, she knocks her onto her back, goes up and hits Pandora with a beautiful flying elbow. Wesna picks her up and hits her with a couple of forearms, but misses with a super kick and gets kicked herself. Pandora suplexes Wesna but gets only two. Next she Irish whips Wesna across the ring and goes for an avalanche, but this time Wesna escapes and hits the super kick and gets the pin.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com