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Filmed at the Marina Center in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England on January 14, 2007

ChickFight appears on MavTV On Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.


This show has the second round of matches for the ChickFight 7 Tournament: the last one from the preliminaries, and the two semifinal matches. Even though they have changed the venue, this is another entertaining show with the top quality wrestling we expect from ChickFight.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Daizee Haze defeated Skye

Skye is announced as the first British woman to receive a tryout for WWE; she was trained by William Regal and Chris Benoit, among others. The women tie up and go through a nice series of technical wrestling holds and reversals. Skye gets Haze in a top wristlock, so Haze goes back into a bridge, and then powers her way back up, forcing Skye to bridge backwards. Skye rolls through into a hammerlock and then a full Nelson, but Haze breaks the Nelson and rolls through into a headlock. Skye eventually scoops Haze from behind into a schoolgirl rollup, but Haze escapes, and they continue with the mat wrestling clinic.

Skye wrenches Daizee’s leg, but Haze uses her other leg to roll Skye back onto the mat, and gets an arm hold, which Skye counters into a head scissors. They continue with the holds and reversals, with neither woman getting a clear advantage. Frustrated, both go to kicks, and Haze hits Skye with a Mafia kick to the back of her head, but only gets two. Skye retaliates with a stalling suplex, but she can’t get three either. Skye gets Daizee in a body scissors, then traps her arms into a full Nelson. Daizee tries to roll back and pin Skye, but Skye switches into a Behind Bars submission hold. Screaming, Haze uses her extreme flexibility and counters by arching backwards to get Skye into a pinning position, so Skye breaks the hold.

Skye continues wearing down Haze, but finally Haze counters a scoop slam into a tornado DDT, giving her a chance to recover. Skye retaliates with forearms, and Haze answers in kind. Haze hits Skye with a top rope missile drop kick, but can only get two. Haze tries for her heart punch, but Skye dodges and hoists Haze up to her shoulders. Haze escapes that, and goes for a front face drop, but Skye escapes and rolls her up into a majistral cradle and gets two. Skye hits a fisherman’s suplex, but Haze gets her foot in the ropes.

Skye lifts Daizee up to her shoulders again, but Haze reverses into a sunset flip, getting a two count. Haze hits the heart punch, followed by the Mafia kick, and gets the pin to advance to the semifinals.

Cheerleader Melissa defeated MsChif

This is the first of the semifinal matches. MsChif starts with her usual scream and then gets a headlock on Melissa, using a side headlock takedown to go to the mat and wrench that hold tight. Melissa reverses it into a leg scissors on MsChif’s head, and every time the Goth tries to bridge out, Melissa punches her in the gut. Melissa then rolls and really twists the head scissors to punish her green haired opponent.

MsChif finally rolls through and escapes, then goes back to a headlock. Melissa powers up to her feet, then escapes by punching MsChif several times in the ribs. Melissa Irish whips the Goth, who ducks the clothesline and rolls the cheerleader up for a near fall. MsChif hits her with forearms, and then goes for a clothesline, but Melissa catches it and goes for an armbar, then takes it underneath to hoist up MsChif and slam her face first to the mat.

Snapmare takedown on MsChif gets two. MsChif comes back with forearms and elbows, then gets Melissa into a camel clutch. When Melissa won’t submit, she hits her in the back of her head and tries for a pin, but only gets two. Melissa delivers a series of vicious knees to her ribs, then gets up and delivers more knees to MsChif’s head. MsChif reverses an Irish whip attempt and sends Melissa into the turnbuckle, where MsChif goes up and then stomps twice on Melissa’s back.

They brawl to the floor. The ref tries to get them back into the ring, but MsChif keeps rolling back in and then out again to break the count. She Irish whips Melissa into the metal ring steps. As Melissa gets up, MsChif moonsaults off the ring apron onto her. This time, when MsChif goes over to Melissa, she is surprised by some solid offense, including a snap suplex and some stomps. By now, the ref gives up on trying to get the women back into the ring by counting, and he follows them to the floor, where Melissa locks MsChif in a reverse Texas cloverleaf, bending her so far over that her foot is hitting her in her own head.

Finally, they return to the ring, with MsChif barely making it before the count is up. Melissa punishes her with forearms and chops, then goes for an Irish whip. MsChif counters and locks Melissa into an arching submission hold that looks to be a Boston Crab variation. The damage that’s been done to MsChif’s back makes her break the hold before Melissa submits. Melissa goes for the Air Raid Crush, but MsChif escapes and hits her Desecrator finisher, but Melissa kicks out at two. MsChif assaults Melissa with a series of forearms, but Melissa pushes her off and hits her with a series of elbow drops. Melissa hits her Air Raid Crush for the win.

“The Jezebel” Eden Black defeated Daizee Haze

Daizee Haze is the ChickFight 6 champion. The women start off with a test of strength which is ended when they begin to kick each other. They go through a series of mat wrestling holds and reversals. Black gets Haze in a step over toehold then turns it into a submission hold with Haze’s legs twisted like a pretzel, but Daizee makes it to the ropes for the break.

The announcer says that Jezebel broke her toe in her first round match against Lacey, so he’s wrestling with a handicap. The women go through a beautiful series of leg scissors holds and reversals till Haze gets Black into a variation of the Indian deathlock, then eventually rolls through and gets a two count. Black gets an arm bar, and they roll through various positions with her maintaining the hold. Haze finally escapes and gets a leg scissors on Black’s arms, rolls over and twists it.

They go to the outside briefly, and when they return, Haze gets Black in an Oklahoma roll, but again it’s a two count. Haze tries a series of pin attempts, but can’t get the three, so Haze goes to a variation of a triangle choke on Black, trying to wear her down. Jezebel tries for a victory roll, but they land n the ropes. Haze hits Black with a snap suplex and rolls through into a sort of butterfly lock, but Jezebel gets her foot on the ropes, so Haze tries for another pin, again getting two.

Haze double stomps Black twice, then applies a waist lock. She rolls over and gets another near fall. Haze goes up top, but Black shoves her from behind and she lands seated on the top turnbuckle, allowing Black to hot her with a neck breaker, followed by a vicious back cracker. With Haze still hanging in the corner, Black hits her with a drop kick. The ref frees Daizee, and Black gets a near fall. Jezebel follows up a snap mare with a kick to the back. Haze hits the heart punch and the Mafia kick, but Black rolls out of the ring to the floor. Haze returns Black to the ring, and very nearly gets the three count. As Haze argues with the ref, Black gets her in the Garden of Eden submission hold, and Daizee taps out. Eden Black advances to face Cheerleader Melissa in the finals.

The next new episode will feature the finals of ChickFight 7, with Cheerleader Melissa facing “The Jezebel” Eden Black. There will also be a bonus tag team match, Destiny and Kharisma vs. The Norfolk Dolls (Britani and Melodi), and the first match from the ChickFight 8 quarterfinals, Wesna vs. Pandora.

That episode is expected to begin this week, on Wednesday night’s ChickFight episode on MavTV.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher