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ChickFight 8 was filmed at the Liquid Nightclub in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, on April 22, 2007.


ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
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Episode 15 includes the semifinal and final matches of ChickFight 8, plus two bonus matches, one of which is for the Transatlantic Women’s Championship. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Wesna defeats Jade

Jade has her manager Kelly Adams in her corner. Wesna is the clear fan favorite here, as the fans start up several chants that upset Kelly and Jade. When the referee tries to start the match, Jade announces that she’s not ready, as she needs to stretch, but he has the timekeeper ring the bell for the start anyway. As the women begin to circle each other, Kelly tries to sneak into the ring, but the ref catches her; however, he does nothing about it. Jade and Kelly charge Wesna from opposite corners, but Wesna easily steps aside, and the run into each other instead. Wesna then grabs Kelly and easily tosses her out of the ring, and hits Jade with her CB4-Driver finisher for a quick win.

MsChif defeats Jetta

MsChif is the fan favorite here, despite the fact that she screams at the ref to keep him from checking her before the match. She screams at Jetta as well, rattling her nerves. They lock up for a test of strength, and Jetta gets the early advantage by forcing MsChif to arch backwards till the back of her head touches the mat, but she laughs too soon, as the Goth soon powers back up and again shrieks in the Brit’s face, sending Jetta flying backwards onto the canvas.

Jetta grabs a wristlock and keeps hold as MsChif struggles. MsChif flips to escape, but Jetta wrenches it right back in and keeps the hold until a series of three hard forearms to the face forces her to release it. Her green haired opponent hits her with one more and sends her to the mat. Jetta retreats to a corner and MsChif charges, but the Brit gets her feet up in time to fend her off, and then takes her down with a clothesline. Jetta follows up with a suplex, and then stands on MsChif’s long hair and twists her feet, kicking MsChif in the head, adding insult to injury. Jetta repeats that, then cinches in what she announces as the “Chinlock of Doom!”

After some struggles, MsChif escapes and twists Jetta into a pretzel with a combination chinlock and leg submission hold. When Jetta won’t submit, MsChif lifts her and then smashes her opponent over her knee, but that doesn’t get her a three count. After MsChif hits her with a series of chops to the chest, Jetta escapes to the outside. When MsChif tries to pull her back in, Jetta grabs her by the ankles and takes her down, then twice smashes her shoulder on the edge of the ring while yanking on her arm.

Jetta returns to the ring and continues to work the arm and shoulder by yanking on it, then locking in arm bar and twisting. MsChif reverses to roll Jetta up for a quick pin attempt, but gets only two, and then Jetta goes back to the arm bar until the ref makes her break because she’s in the ropes. She hits the shoulder with a drop kick and goes back to the arm bar, but this time MsChif gets to the ropes for the break.

Jetta tries for a suplex, but the American fights back with a series of knees to her midsection, and then hits her with a bulldog, getting a two count. MsChif follows a hard chop to Jetta’s chest with a moonsault, but still only gets two. Jetta goes for the Greco-Roman double eye poke to regain the advantage, and hits MsChif with a suplex, but can only get a two count. She grabs the Goth’s hands and goes behind, tying her arms up, but MsChif reverses and slams the Brit with a series of upper body shots followed by knees to her middle. A drop toe hold takes Jetta to the mat, where MsChif locks in a bow and arrow variation to get the submission win.

Pandora defeats Chelsea “Bubbles” Cartwright – Bonus Match

Chelsea starts off charging Pandora, only to get pie faced down onto her back. She bounces up and charges again, with pretty much the same result. A third try gets her a boot to the stomach and a suplex. Pandora goes for a halfhearted pin, only to pull Bubbles up by the hair at two, saying she’s not finished yet. She hits the girl with a devastating power bomb next, and again pulls her up at two. Finally, after an avalanche, she goes for the full three count and the win.

Wesna defeats MsChif to become the ChickFight 8 Champion

This time, the ref doesn’t even try to check MsChif; apparently he’s tired of being screamed at. This is a match of two fan favorites. They start out with a collar and elbow tie up, and Wesna goes for a waist lock that MsChif reverses into a full Nelson. Wesna escapes with an elbow to the Goth’s rib and cinches in a wrist lock. MsChif cartwheels to reverse the hold and put the wristlock on the lady from Serbo-Croatia. Wesna escapes with a somersault and then drops MsChif with a leg sweep and locks in an arm bar.

MsChif powers up to her feet, but it takes a couple of punches and forearms to Wesna’s middle to escape the arm bar. MsChif quickly grabs a wristlock and twist’s it behind her opponent’s back, but Wesna flips her over and to the mat, where she delivers a series of kicks to MsChif’s back, then side. She goes for a pin but gets two.

Next Wesna tries a headlock, but MsChif finally escapes by dropping to her knees and flipping Wesna to the canvas, where she cinches in a chinlock and drops Wesna to the center of the canvas. Wesna’s fans clap to rally her, and she powers to her feet and escapes by delivering several knees to MsChif’s stomach. They battle on with a series of reversals, till Wesna gets MsChif in a leg lock on the mat. MsChif slaps Wesna’s face, Wesna slaps back, and the women continue to exchange vicious slaps until they break and both are lying on the canvas holding their faces in pain.

The ref begins a count and both rise at three and go at each other till MsChif slams Wesna to the canvas with a waist scissors and locks in her Gates of Hell II submission hold. Wesna drags herself to the ropes to break the hold, but MsChif hits her with a couple of blows to the back and then a standing moonsault onto her back as well, before locking in another innovative and painful submission hold, this one involving a combination of a chicken wing and bending Wesna backward in a kneeling position. Finally she releases that and goes for a rollup into a pin, but gets only two.

The women speed things up and battle on. Wesna hits a fireman carry slam and a back drop onto MsChif, but gets only two, so she tosses MsCHif to the floor, where she tries a submission hold, but MsChif escapes and the women brawl around ringside, to the delight of the fans. Both make creative use of various railings, counters, bar implements, and other fixtures in the club to abuse each other as the ref pleads with them to return to the ring.

Eventually Wesna throws MsChif back into the ring and hauls a massive metal extension ladder out from under it. She props the ladder up horizontally between the ring edge and the ring rail, which is an impressive feat in itself, considering the size and weight of the 3-decker ladder. As Wesna tries to reenter the ring, MsChif charges her twice and knocks her backwards onto the ladder. Wesna rolls off, so MsChif hauls her back into the ring, then goes over to the sound and video guy and demands that he get up. When he just looks at her, she shrieks in his face and he quickly leaves, allowing MsChif to grab his chair. It’s an office type swivel chair with wheels, and she heaves it into the ring.

By this time, Wesna has recovered and forces MsChif into the chair, where she delivers a series of kicks to her chest. Wesna then goes up to the top and flips off onto MsChif on the chair. That looks to be just as painful for Wesna as MsChif, but she goes for the pin and gets two. She throws the chair to the floor and advances on MsChif, who goes for the green mist, but sprays the ref instead when Wesna ducks. She hits Wesna with her Code Green (leg trap sunset flip powerbomb), but there’s no one to count the pin, as the ref is still struggling with the green mist in his eyes. She tries for a second Code Green, but this time Wesna blocks it and pile drives MsChif to get the pin and the ChickFight 8 Championship when a second referee runs out to the ring.

Cheerleader Melissa defeats Wesna to retain the Transatlantic Women’s Championship

Melissa doesn’t wait for the ring announcer or the bell to start off this match! As Wesna enters the ring, the Cheerleader charges and takes her down with vicious stomping kicks first to her knees, & then, as Wesna sinks down in the corner, to her body and shoulders. The match is announced and the bell rings as Melissa stomps away. Looking to make short work of the woman from Serbo-Croatia, she follows up her attack with a fireman’s carry slam and goes for the pin, but she fails to cinch in the legs and gets only two, as Wesna kicks out.

The American then adds insult to injury by first standing on and walking over Wesna’s head, and then kneeling with one calf across her throat, breaking only for the ref’s count. After dropping the knee across Wesna’s neck and shoulder a few more times, she goes for another pin but gets two. Now Melissa picks up Wesna by her hair, but Wesna steps back and answers with a forearm shot to the face. Melissa answers with one of her own, and they continue to trade shots until Melissa runs back and charges coming off the ropes, right into a big boot from Wesna.

Wesna pauses, holding her head, as Melissa rolls out of the ring. As the ref tries to get Melissa to return, Wesna follows her around a corner, only to have a metal step ladder thrown into her face by Melissa. The Cheerleader then throws the step ladder on top of Wesna, and follows up by lifting and slamming it onto Wesna three times, as the ref pleads with her to return to the ring.

Melissa rolls into the ring and right back out, then drags Wesna to another area, where she hoists her up onto one shoulder, spins her around, and then slams her to the floor – an impressive display of strength, as Wesna is actually a little bit bigger than Melissa (one inch taller, and a few pounds heavier). As Wesna tries to get up, Melissa chokes her with what appears to be a napkin from the club while rapidly kicking her numerous in the back, as the fans yell for the referee to do something.

Melissa grabs Wesna by the hair to lead her to another part of the club, but Wesna escapes and slams Melissa into a wall. Turnabout is fair play as Wesna stomps the American, grabs her by the hair, and delivers her own series of brutal kicks to Melissa’s back.

Wesna grabs Melissa by the hair and leads her back to the ring, but she escapes and whips Wesna into the metal extension ladder that was still propped up between the ring and the rail from the previous match between Wesna and MsChif. Melissa suplexes Wesna onto a sort of counter and then climbs up onto it with her. Both women remain there on their knees, trading a long series of hard forearm shots and chops. At last an exhausted Wesna climbs down, and Melissa follows, but they still don’t heed the ref’s pleas to return to the ring. They continue to brawl around ringside, using weapons including a plastic bucket, bar stools, and the metal ladder.

Finally they return to the ring, where Wesna’s Perfect Plex gets a two count. The brawl continues with the women exchanging vicious forearm shots and chops. A big boot followed by a sit out powerbomb from Wesna gets only a two count, and a belly-to-back suplex into a bridging pin by Melissa gets the same. The exhausted women struggle on through more near falls, and the ref goes to check on Melissa after a piledriver by Wesna. Behind his and Melissa’s backs, MsChif runs out and spits her green mist into Wesna’s face. Melissa gets up and hits Wesna with a Kudo driver for the win, retaining the Transatlantic Women’s Title.

There is no play by play announcer now, but you get to hear all of the fan reaction and everything the wrestlers and the ref say, so it’s more like the experience of being at the match in person.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com