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ChickFight 9 was filmed at The Suncastle in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, on August 26, 2007.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.


NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
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Episode 16 includes the preliminary matches of ChickFight 9. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Blue Nikita defeats Jetta

Nikita, announced as being from Greece, is the clear fan favorite here, getting cheers as Jetta whines about the ring announcer’s statement of her won-lost record in ChickFight. An opening collar and elbow tie up turns into a test of strength that ends in a draw, with both women breaking away. They circle each other and go for another tie up, this time ending in Jetta getting a waist lock on Nikita. Nikita somersaults out and grabs a wristlock on Jetta. Jetta reverses that into a seated submission hold, but when that doesn’t work, she rises back to her feet with a wrist lock on Nikita. Nikita slides over Jetta’s back to reverse the hold and make it a wrist lock on Jetta instead.

The women continue reversing the hold on each other through a series of clever flips and twists until Jetta flips Nikita to the mat, puts her feet on the Greek’s shoulders, and pulls back on her arms to work the shoulders. Nikita keeps raising one shoulder to avoid a three count, until finally she flips over and pins Jetta, getting a two count.

The match picks up speed at this point, with the women trading forearms and chops, as well as some flips. Nikita gets a sunset flip pin on Jetta, again for two. Jetta goes for another shoulder submission hold, breaking off at times to stomp on Nikita’s shoulder to deliver more pain. Jetta also uses the ropes for more leverage, and keeps claiming to the ref that Nikita is really giving up, claiming that her “no’s” are really “yes in Greek.” Finally Jetta gives up and goes for a suplex, but that only gets her a two count.

Now Jetta goes for an arm bar type hold, and bites Nikita’s fingers every time the ref isn’t looking. When she breaks that hold, she goes for a knee to Nikita’s face and another near fall. This time, Nikita escapes and sends Jetta to the corner, where she punishes her with a knee to the face, and follows up with a suplex for a near fall.

Jetta regains the advantage and holds Nikita an a corner by pulling her hair a number of times, then bulldogs her out of the corner for two. The women battle on, with Jetta continuing to break the rules by pulling hair, choking Nikita in the ropes, etc, to maintain her advantage. Finally Nikita breaks out, and the women trade forearms and clotheslines through a series of near falls until Nikita goes up, hits Jetta in the face with a boot as she charges, and then scores a centon for the pin.

Skye and Chelsea “Bubbles” Cartwright go to no contest

So far, neither woman has a win in ChickFight. They start off with a collar and elbow tie up and Bubbles grabs a wristlock that Skye soon reverses on her. Skye turns it into a headlock and takes Bubbles to the mat. Bubbles fights to her feet and breaks the hold. The women run the ropes and Bubbles takes down Skye with a drop toe hold, then several clotheslines, but Skye keeps bouncing right back up till Bubbles hit her with an avalanche and a bulldog for a near fall.

Bubbles goes up, possibly for a moonsault, but Skye knocks her down into the tree of woe and climbs up herself to deliver several kicks to Bubbles’ knees, followed by a drop kick to her thighs, before finally releasing her. Skye continues working Bubbles’ thing and knee with elbow drops, submission stretches, kicks, and pulling her knee over the rope. The ref repeatedly warns her, but does nothing when she totally ignores him.

Finally Bubbles gets a foot up when Skye charges her in the corner, but that does little good, as Skye comes right back to pull on her foot and then snap her leg down to further punish the knee. Skye maintains her dominance, continuing to viciously work her opponent’s knee. Eventually she gets Bubbles in an STF variation, but still Bubbles won’t submit, so she goes back to working the knee. At this point, Bubbles can’t even stand on her left leg, and fans are yelling at the ref to stop the match, but he refuses. A pin attempt after a snap mare still gets only two.

Bubbles makes a sort of comeback by grabbing Skye’s leg and tripping her, then delivering a drop kick that barely gets any elevation due to her bad leg. They struggle on for another minute or two, until Cheerleader Melissa runs in and attacks both women, ending the match as a no contest. Melissa takes out Bubbles with a firemen’s carry slam, then runs off two male wrestlers with kicks and stomps. Another male wrestler runs in before Melissa can slam Skye, but Melissa takes him out with a low blow and a Kudo driver, and then leaves as the fans applaud.

“The Jezebel” Eden Black defeats Jade

Eden Black is the clear fan favorite here, and she also has an experience advantage over Jade. A fan chants, “Jez is gonna kill ya,” even though Black is smaller than Jade. They start with a collar and elbow tieup, but Jade breaks immediately, claiming that the Jezebel pulled her hair. She then slaps Eden’s face and gets a series of hard elbows to her own face in response. Jade manages to escape and bails to the floor. Jez follows and chases her around the ring, so she ducks back inside and tries to drop an elbow on Jez as she reenters. Black is too smart for that, and waits until Jade hits the mat before she goes back into the ring.

Black slams Jade to the mat several times with a series of arm drags, and then locks in an arm bar. Jade reverses it into a wrist lock, but Jez skillfully reverses it again into a wristlock on Jade, and adds some martial arts kicks as well. After another set of reversals, Eden locks in a full Nelson on Jade. Then she goes for a headlock and takes Jade down into a pin but gets two.

They struggle back to their feet with Jez maintaining the headlock. Jade escapes with some blows to Eden’s ribs and goes for the wrist lock again.
She jerks on Black’s arm to take her to the mat and then viciously kicks the arm as she holds it. She goes back to the wrist lock and then an arm bar, and starts biting Black’s fingers. Jade gets a waist lock on Jez, who forces her back into a pin, but Jade forces her back up at two. Black then resorts to rolling around the ring in a circle to try to break the waist lock. Jade resorts to hair pulling, but the ref catches her this time, and Jez again forces her back into a pin, but she pushes back up at two and grabs handfuls of Eden’s hair and pulls, screaming at her to give up.

Jez attacks Jade with elbows. Jade makes the mistake of rolling over to try to pin Jez, but Jez sits up and grabs Jade’s wrists, pulling her back into a bow and arrow. Then Black brings up one leg and kicks Jade in the back of the head several times. Finally Eden goes for the pin but gets two. They stand up and Black gets a side headlock on Jade, then hip tosses her to the mat, still keeping the head lock on. Jade escapes by pulling Black’s hair again, and gets a head scissors hold on Black. With the fans clapping encouragement, Eden rolls up into a headstand and escapes, slapping Jade’s face hard as she does.

The women trade chops to the face, and go to brawling. Jade gets Black on the mat and stomps her a number of times, then chokes her in the ropes till the ref makes her break. She pushes Jez to the corner and chokes her till Jez fights out with some kicks to the midsection and legs. followed by forearm shots to the face. After some wild, tumbling brawling, Jez locks in an arm bar, but Jade gets into the ropes. Jez holds on and drags her back to the center of the ring and locks in the arm bar again. Jade pushes Jez back into a pin and forces the break. Jade goes for a sunset flip, but Jezebel sits on her and gets the pin to go on to the second round.

Amazing Kong defeats Blue Nikita

This is the first of the semifinal matches. Kong had a bye in the preliminary round. The referee opens the match by telling Nikita, “May God have mercy on your soul.” Nikita doesn’t seem daunted by the fact huge size advantage Kong has over her, and gives this match her all.

The women circle each other warily at first, sizing each other up. Kong asks for a test of strength, but Nikita declines. Kong insists, so Nikita approaches tentatively, then thinks better of it and chops Kong on the chest and tries to lift her for perhaps a slam, but gets nowhere. Nikita tries the chop an lift again, still getting nowhere. A third chop is answered by Kong picking Nikita up like a rag doll and slamming her hard to the mat. Kong goes to pick her up by the hair, but Nikita slips between her legs and goes behind to apparently try to suplex Kong, again with no success. Even when Nikita pulls herself up and hangs on to Kong’s back, Kong strolls casually around as if carrying a backpack.

Kong pushes Nikita off, shrugs off a charge by shoving Nikita to the mat, and then splashes her for a pin attempt, but gets only two. Kong pulls Nikita up by her hair, twists it, and then biels her across the ring by her hair. Kong follows that up with a knee into the corner and then a foot to Nikita’s throat, broken only because of the ref’s count. Nikita fights back with some slaps that don’t appear to have much affect, and Kong answers with a loud chop to her chest. That is repeated, and then Kong knocks Nikita to the mat with a forearm shot and follows up with a leg drop. The pin attempt again gets two, and Kong warns the ref to count faster.

Kong straddles Nikita and chokes her several times, breaking each time at the ref’s count. Then she applies an odd submission move, apparently smothering Nikita by using a headlock to press Nikita’s face into her chest. Finally Nikita gets her foot into the ropes and the ref forces a break. Kong whips Nikita into a corner and follows with an avalanche. Nikita falls to the may and Kong stands on her hair, pulling up on her arms till the ref forces a break.

Back on their feet, Nikita kicks Kong and then tries foolishly for a sunset flip, allowing Kong to just sit on her. Nikita manages to get a shoulder up at two. Kong picks her up and then sends her back down with a vicious blow to her back. Kong sets Nikita on the top turnbuckle and charges, but Nikita kicks her, then comes off the top and hits a hurricanarana on Kong, to the cheers of the fans. Nikita goes back up and takes Kong down again with a missile drop kick, but then Kong knocks her down with a clothesline.

Kong drapes Nikita across the ropes and hots her with a chop, then a running clothesline. Kong goes for another charge, but this time Nikita steps aside and pulls down the rope, sending Kong to the floor. She next goes up top and back flips onto Kong on the floor. Next she climbs up the lighting rig and leaps off onto Kong. She chops Kong a number of times and tells the fans to get out of their chairs, but it’s Kong who sends Nikita into the chairs with a spinning back fist. After a couple of kicks, Kong drags Nikita back to the ring by her hair. Kong lifts Nikita for a power bomb, but Nikita instead gets in a head scissors takeover and goes up top, but Kong catches her and delivers an implant buster. After picking Nikita back up and spinning her around, Kong gets the pin with a brutal sit out powerbomb.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com