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ChickFight Episode 18 on Mav TV

ChickFight 9 was filmed at Orpington Halls in Kent, England, on June 17, 2007.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.

MavTV has been repeating old ChickFight episodes for a while, but now new episodes are back with a bang. Episode 18 has only one match, but wow, what a match! Melissa and Wesna pull out all the stops in this contest for the RQW British Women’s Championship held by Wesna.

Chynna Mai is the host. She reveals that the main event in the next show will be Cheerleader Melissa vs. Oliver John for the APW Championship. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers.

RQW British Women’s Championship Match
Cheerleader Melissa and Wesna (C) Go to a 45-Minute Time Limit Draw

This is a falls count anywhere street fight. “The Female Terminator” Melissa doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring before she attacks Wesna to kick off this grudge match. Widely thought to be among the top women wrestlers in the world, Wesna and Melissa have met twice before, with each winning one match. Wesna was the winner of ChickFight 8.

The women attack each other with fierce chops. Melissa goes from a front face lock into a pin, but Wesna quickly kicks out. Melissa grabs a headlock, but Wesna counters into a reverse hammerlock. Melissa goes to the mat and fights out of it.

They lock up in a test of strength that’s too even, so Wesna takes Melissa down with a leg sweep and forces Melissa into a pinning position, but Melissa forces her off with a beautiful bridge and some kicks, then gets to her feet with a backwards roll. A kick to Wesna’s gut and cradle roll from Melissa get a one count, so Melissa goes for a front face lock.

Wesna escapes and takes Melissa down with a spinning toehold, then locks in a reverse Figure Four, wrenching on Melissa’s leg. Melissa gets in a hair pull, but the ref catches it. Melissa swats at Wesna’s head, but still can’t escape. Wesna then goes for a side headlock, allowing Melissa to get part way to her feet, but Wesna retaliates with a side headlock takeover. Melissa takes that opportunity to lock in a leg scissors on Wesna’s throat, and she pushes herself up to work it even more.

Wesna forces a roll to allow her to do a headstand and escape. She grabs a headlock on Melissa and wrenches on it. Deadrich and Aragon comment on how evenly matched Wesna and Melissa are, and how similar in their wrestling styles and attitudes as well. Melissa fights to her feet and Wesna takes her over into a pin, but Melissa rolls into the ropes for the break. Wesna applies a front chinlock, but Melissa escapes and hits Wesna with her own bridging chinlock. The women struggle to their feet, where Wesna escapes the hold, and they struggle on in a test of strength.

Wesna locks in a guillotine choke on Melissa. Melissa forces a roll over, but that only allows Wesna to add a body scissors. Melissa manages to get her head loose, and begins hitting Wesna in the face with a series of vicious forearm shots. Finally the Croatian releases the leg scissors, and Melissa tries for a pin, but doesn’t get it. Melissa puts on a headlock, but Wesna reverses into a Northern Lights suplex and then grabs an arm bar.

Melissa gets her legs back and kicks Wesna in the head a couple of times, forcing her to break the hold. Then Melissa does a backward roll and suplexes Wesna, but only gets a two count. Melissa grabs a chinlock, and uses her taped wrist to rub Wesna’s own hair into her face. The fans get behind Wesna, who escapes and drives Melissa hard into a corner, follows with a splash, and then a slingshot into another corner. Wesna charges Melissa, but the Californian sidesteps, and Wesna’s shoulder hits the ring post at top speed, causing her to fall out of the ring to the floor. Melissa follows, yanking on the injured shoulder and slamming the arm to the floor three times. Melissa then grinds her foot into the injured left shoulder.

Melissa grabs a chair and throws it at Wesna’s shoulder repeatedly, then pulls Wesna to her feet and pounds repeatedly on the shoulder. Melissa throws Wesna into the ring and follows. She grabs both Wesna’s arms and flapjacks her onto the mat. Then she starts an Irish whip, but in the middle again slams Wesna to the mat, yanking on the injured shoulder. Melissa continues working the shoulder, but Wesna won’t give up. At last Wesna escapes, and they begin a brutal exchange of forearms, until Melissa grabs Wesna’s left arm again, and yanks it to slam Wesna face first into the mat. The fans seem to have no favorite in this match, just cheering the great action they are seeing.

Melissa continues to work Wesna’s shoulder, dropping her knee onto it repeatedly. Wesna struggles to get away, but Melissa maintains her hold on the injured arm and continues working that shoulder. Finally Wesna manages to escape, and puts a schoolboy rollup on Melissa for a two count. Melissa goes right back to the armbar, however. Wesna tries every way she can to escape, but Melissa keeps the hold, countering every move and shift of her opponent.

At last Wesna escapes and mounts a ferocious offense of forearms, kicks, and a Northern Lights suplex, but her great bridging pin gets only a two count. She goes for an Irish whip, but Melissa counters into another arm bar. The fans try to encourage Wesna, and she eventually gets her foot on the ropes for the break. Melissa hits her with a suplex and goes right back to the armbar, this time almost a Fujiwara armbar. Wesna forces her to roll over, and keeps rolling under the ropes to the floor, but still Melissa does not break the hold. Still, Wesna will not submit.

At last Wesna escapes after using her right arm to punch Melissa several times. Melissa grabs her arm & pulls Wesna into her over and over for a series of shoulder blocks into her injured arm. Next she jams Wesna into the steel ring post, and follows by scouring Wesna’s face with one of her pompoms, and then throwing the pompom into the ref’s face. After stepping on Wesna’s shoulder, she pulls the Croatian to her feet and forces her arm though a steel tower lighting truss at ringside, then uses her leg for leverage to pull on the arm wedged into the steel truss. Still Wesna will not submit, so Melissa snaps the arm inside the truss.

After releasing Wesna from the tower, Melissa shoves her hard and sends her flying into some chairs in the back of the floor. As fans go for cover, Melissa hurls a several chairs at Wesna as well. After she uncovers Wesna, she goes for a hammerlock, and then power slams Wesna on the bare floor.

Wesna comes back by Irish whipping Melissa into some chairs, and then slamming a chair onto Melissa’s head. This leaves Melissa draped over a chair, seemingly unconscious. Wesna hauls Melissa up onto a row of chairs and tries for a suplex, but Melissa blocks it and hits her own vertical suplex on top of the chairs. As the fans chant, “This is awesome!” the ref checks on both women. Melissa gets to her feet first and throws another chair at Wesna. Then she drags Wesna across the hall and whips her into the doors. Melissa grabs a table & throws it onto Wesna, then sets it up at ringside. Next she argues with the cameraman and grabs the video camera from him, holding it for a close-up as she stomps Wesna and grinds her foot into Wesna’s throat. Finally, she gives the camera back.

The delay allows Wesna to make a comeback, and she stuffs Melissa into an equipment box at ringside, then sits on it, trying to close the lid on Melissa. Melissa uses her feet to push the lid off her, so Wesna hits Melissa in the head with the lid. When Melissa tries to get out, Wesna slams her in the head with the lid again, but Melissa has found a metal pipe inside the box, and she whacks Wesna in the gut with it. They brawl around ringside, using walls, soda cans, and anything else they can find as weapons.

Wesna shoves Melissa through the doors and into the street, then goes after her with a chair, which she throws at her. A small crowd gathers to watch as Melissa hits Wesna with a series of forearms to the face, and then slams her arm over a metal railing. They brawl back into the building, where Wesna forces Melissa into a chair and then kicks her in the head, sending her backwards. The brawl continues through the concession tables and around ringside until Melissa throws Wesna back into the ring.

The women battle on the ring apron until Melissa manages to get the advantage and slam Wesna onto the table she earlier set up at ringside. Both are now clearly exhausted from the long struggle as they return to the ring, where Melissa suplexes Wesna into a bridging pin for two. They are slow to rise now, and stay on their knees exchanging chops and slaps to the face. Then they start kicking each other in the face and upper body from seated positions, as the fans applaud and one yells, “ChickFight rules!”

The women struggle to their feet, and Wesna charges with a clothesline, but Melissa counters into a German suplex for two. They brawl, and then Wesna hits a Death Valley Driver for two. Melissa blocks a suplex attempt by Wesna and delivers her own – two. Melissa goes for her vertebreaker, but Wesna counters out and hits a Tiger bomb – two. Wesna tries to go up top, but Melissa escapes and they exchange forearms, slaps, kicks, and punches with Wesna sitting perched on the top turnbuckle and Melissa standing on the mat.

They return to brawling in the ring, until Melissa goes up top and comes off for a double stomp on Wesna’s stomach, but again it’s two. Wesna reverses another vertebreaker attempt and hits Melissa with her sunset driver finisher, yet again it’s only two. Melissa scores with her vertebreaker finisher, but she gets only two. Melissa goes back to the armbar. The bell rings, and the ring announcer declares that the 45 minute time limit has expired, so the match is a draw, and Wesna retains her title.

As Chynna Mai delivers the closing, they break in with a phone call from Oliver John, who says that next week he’s going to teach Melissa a lesson, and women don’t belong in wrestling, the sport of kings.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher

Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com