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This week’s show features ChickFight matches that were part of APW shows in California.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.


Chynna Mai is the host. Jason Deadrich (ChickFight founder) and Nick Aragon are the ringside announcers. As Chynna Mai is greeting fans, she is interrupted by APW superstar Oliver John, who tells her his name is “Old School Oliver John,” and goes on to say, “I’m here to watch my match where I school Melissa about real professional wrestling, even if this crappy program doesn’t deserve to show me wrestle on it!”

Tracy Brooks Defeats Cheerleader Melissa

This match took place at the Bakersfield Dome in Bakersfield, CA, on March 24, 2007.

Before the match, Tracy insults the fans. They tie up to start, and Melissa forces Tracy into a corner, where the ref calls for a break. They go for another collar and elbow tie up, and this this Melissa shoves Tracy to the mat, so she bails to the floor as the fans cheer their approval. A frustrated Brooks kicks the ring rail and then hops up & down in pain as the fans laugh and jeer.

With Tracy back in the ring, Melissa gets her in a headlock, but Tracy reverses it into a hammerlock. Melissa then reverses into an arm bar, so Tracy grabs a handful of Melissa’s hair and throws her to the mat to escape. Another tie up, and Melissa takes Tracy to the mat with a side headlock takeover. Tracy rolls over to get Melissa into a pinning position for a one count, but Melissa brings it right back to the headlock. Melissa pulls Tracy to her feet, still holding on, and rolls her up for a pin attempt, but Tracy kicks out.

On their feet, Melissa grabs another headlock and goes for the side headlock takedown again, but this time Tracy reverses it into a head scissors on Melissa. Tracy pushes up with her arms to put extra pressure on Melissa’s throat. Melissa rolls to various positions until she finally escapes and tries for another pin, but Tracy kicks out. Melissa goes for the chin lock, but Tracy forces her way to her feet and grabs an arm bar on Melissa. Tracy twists the arm and then bites Melissa’s fingers.

Melissa somersaults out of the hold and locks her own arm bar on Tracy, then takes her down and slams the arm on the mat twice, wrenching Tracy’s left shoulder each time. Then she drops the leg on Tracy’s shoulder and goes back to the arm bar. Tracy forces her way to her feet and reverses the arm bar. Turnabout is fair play, as Tracy begins wrenching on Melissa’s arm. Melissa reverses again, and Tracy goes to the ropes for a break, then out to the floor.

While out on the floor, Tracy challenges Melissa to make it a hardcore match. Melissa goes out to give her reply, but when she takes the mic, she just smashes it into Tracy’s head, then throws her back into the ring. As Melissa stomps and kicks Tracy, she yells that she is hardcore, and that she’s wrestled men and beaten the crap out of them. Then she asks for a fall count anywhere match, and Tracy accepts.

Melissa scoop slams Tracy, then drops the elbow, but gets only a two count. Melissa hits Tracy with a couple of forearms, then whips her into the ropes trying for a clothesline, but Tracy turns it into a reverse neck breaker and gets two. Tracy goes for a knee to the gut and a backbreaker to get another two. Tracy throws Melissa to the floor, but instead of following, she wastes time mocking the fans. Melissa comes back in, gives Tracy a couple of forearms, and sends her to the floor.

Melissa slams Tracy on the floor, then unhooks a piece of the ring rail and slams it down on top of Tracy several times, but gets only two. Tracy rakes Melissa’s eyes and returns to the ring for a break. When Melissa returns to the ring, Tracy goes to her knees and begs for mercy. Melissa charges Tracy, who trips her up with a drop toe hold, and Melissa falls into the ropes. Tracy follows with a running knee to the back, then goes for a running clothesline, but Melissa ducks. Tracy hits the ref Tom Castor instead, knocking him out of the ring to the floor. Melissa grabs Tracy and hits her vertebreaker finisher, but there’s no one to count the pin.

Melissa looks around for the ref, then checks on him. He finally recovers and she helps him back into the ring, but by now Tracy has recovered, and Melissa only gets a two count. Tracy rolls to the floor. Melissa checks on the ref again and then follows, only to be Irish whipped into the steel steps by Tracy. Tracy then grabs one of Melissa’s pompoms and throws it at her. She follows with a boot to Melissa’s throat.

Brooks grabs the cheerleader by the hair and pulls her her hair around ringside, slamming her head into the ring rail and the edge of the ring, then choking her over the ring rail. Finally Melissa delivers a chop to the belly to get loose, scoops up Tracy, and drops her on top of the ring rail. They battle into the crowd and up the bleachers, with Tracy bashing Melissa’s head into the bleachers. Melissa replies with several forearms to Tracy’s face, and the brawl continues up the bleachers to the very top, where Melissa slams Tracy’s head into a window frame twice.

They brawl back down the risers, exchanging forearms and near falls. Once they reach the floor, Melissa drags Tracy by her hair to slam her head into a wall, and then drags her more by her feet. Melissa chokes Tracy, then grabs her by her hair again and drags her up another part of the bleachers to another window. This time, she tries smashing Tracy’s head into the window, but the TNA Knockout blocks it and slams Melissa’s head three times into the window.

The women brawl across the top of the bleachers, back down to the floor, and around the floor past the merchandise tables, where they start using the chairs as weapons. The battle continues up onto the entrance ramp, where they have a big screen projector and some other equipment set up. Melissa tries for another vertebreaker, but Tracy blocks it and shoves Melissa off the platform and face first into the side of the ring.

Tracy shoves the ring announcer aside, takes his chair, and puts it on the ring entrance. Then she grabs Melissa by the hair and slams her face into the entrance ramp and pulls her back up onto it. Melissa tries for another vertebreaker, but Tracy fights out and shoves Melissa into the chair. Then Brooks hits Melissa with a running clothesline, knocking her and the chair backwards. Then Tracy sets the chair on top of Melissa and uses it to cinch in an extra painful camel clutch. Finally, Melissa taps out. After the match, Tracy raises Melissa’s hand in a show of respect.

Chynna Mai says it’s nice to see a show of respect. Oliver John tells her to shut up, and says no one cares about “those two Jezebels” Melissa and Tracy. Chynna says she doesn’t get paid enough for this, gives the mic to Oliver, and leaves. Oliver John says women are just too emotional, and then announces that we’re going to see him kick Melissa’s teeth down her throat in this match.

APW Universal Heavyweight Title Match

Oliver John (C) Defeats Cheerleader Melissa

This match is from May 5, 2007, at the APW Garage in Hayward, CA. It is called by John Roberts and Jason Deadrich.

The muscular “Old School” Oliver John is several inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier than Melissa. Both get cheers from the fans. John starts off with a promo, saying that a lot of people claimed he’d never wrestle a woman, but Melissa has been all over the world, wrestling both women and men, and based on her heart and desire, she deserves a shot at his belt. Oliver adds, “There ain’t no way in hell you’re gonna win this belt,” and that he’s going to wipe the mat with her as pay back for missing some of his APW Boot Camp wrestling classes.

A collar and elbow tie up begins the match, and John shoves Melissa to the mat, displaying his huge size and strength advantage. He keeps breaking off to jaw with the fans, apparently not taking the match very seriously, and the fans start chanting, “Shut up and wrestle!” Finally they go for another collar and elbow tie up, and Oliver immediately goes to the side headlock takeover to fling Melissa to the mat and grind away on that headlock. Melissa tries for a head scissors, but he bats her away and goes for a pin attempt that gets two. As that get to their feet, he starts giving Melissa advice, as if this is just another wrestling class.

John uses another lockup to drive Melissa straight into a corner, again showing off his huge power and size advantage. He holds her there till the ref’s count forces a break, then gives her more instruction. Another tie up leads to Melissa grabbing a quick side headlock, but Oliver rolls her up for a two count. Melissa rolls to the side without breaking the hold. They stand, and this time Melissa gets the side headlock takeover on John, maintaining the hold even as he struggles to get loose. “Old School” forces Melissa to her feet and into a corner for the ref break, then slaps her face as he backs up, telling her she should have put her guard up. “That was just a slap! If I wanted to, I could have knocked you the hell out!” he warns.

Another tie up, and Melissa goes behind and settles for a waist lock when her suplex attempt fails. John struggles and rolls all over the mat, but Melissa hangs on until he backs her into the corner for another ref break. He goes for a back elbow, but this time Melissa has her guard up. She blocks him and delivers a forearm to his back, then rakes his back with her nails. He turns to face her and gets a series of forearms to the face, finally sending him reeling over the top rope to the floor.

Fans scramble for safety as Melissa pursues him with more stomps, kicks, and forearms. She suplexes John on the concrete, then grabs a soda and smashes him in the head with it. After another kick, she grabs a chair and slams John in the head. The chair shot only infuriates John, who slams Melissa’s head into the ring apron and then slaps her rear end twice before turning her around and chopping her chest. Next he Irish whips Melissa into a souvenir stand outside the APW garage, then slams her onto a chair on the cement floor.

John tries to get the fans behind him, but they chant for Melissa instead. “Old School” flings Melissa like a rag doll, then stomps on her head. He looks around and comes back with a soda of his own to smash into her head. Oliver tosses a limp Melissa into the ring, but argues with fans and takes his time going back in. John pulls Melissa to her feet, then turns his back on her while looking for something. That allows the cheerleader to kick a sort of “field goal,” sending the big man to his knees in pain. Melissa tries for a pin but gets only two. Melissa hits a curb stomp, but John won’t roll over, so she hits another one. This time she’s able to roll him over, but he kicks out at two, sending her flying.

John goes for a punch, but Melissa takes him down with kicks and forearms for another two count. Melissa gets up and charges John, but he knocks her out with a huge clothesline. “Old School” Oliver John gets the pin to retain his APW Universal Heavyweight Title.

Back in the studio, John gloats about his clothesline, “I almost took her head off!” Then he grudgingly admits to having some respect for Melissa, but says her place is with everyone else, beneath him. He informs the fans that they can see more of him on ClickWrestle.com. John is ready to take over ChickFight TV and make it “Old School TV,” but the crew informs him they are out of time, so he says he says they don’t pay him enough either and leaves.

APW’s website is http://www.AllProWrestling.com

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com